Give My Heart A Break

Blaine's Story

Blaine woke up to see Aimee laid next to him, she was wide awake, which wasn't surprising considering all the noise coming from Mom's room and looked as if she had been crying. "Are you okay Little Darlin'?" He whispered. She just shook her head and threw her arms around his neck giving him a hug. "What's wrong?"

"I had a bad dream..."

He sat up with her on his lap and she suddenly burst out crying. "Hey, it's okay... what happened?"

"D-dad was h-hitting Y-you and he threw M-mom and s-slapped her and h-he was g-going to h-hurt m-me but..." she seemed to calm down a little but she was still crying. " got in the way." she looked up at Blaine and hugged him again... as if to say thank you.

"It's gonna be okay..." I held back my tears and promised. "I'll never let anyone hurt you."

Kurt was sat eating breakfast when Finn walked in after just waking up. "Morning little bro." He smiled.

"Morning." said Kurt.

"What are you doing up so early? It's Sunday..."

Kurt looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. "Finn... It's Monday."

"Yeah right... I'm not falling for that one again!" Finn sighed grabbing a piece of toast.

"Finn, why aren't you ready for school?!" Asked Carole walking into the room.

"It's Sunday..."

"No... it's Monday and it's time to go to school!" she laughed as Finn's eyes went wide. He shoved his toast in his mouth and ran upstairs.

"Bye Carole." Smiled Kurt.

"Bye sweetie, have a good day."

Nobody had seen or heard from Blaine that day until after lunch, during math class Kurt's phone started vibrating in his pocket. He grabbed it under the table and smiled when he saw Blaine's name on the screen.

Meet me at your car? I need to take you somewhere.-Blaine ox

Right now?-Kurt ox

Please? it's really important to me.-Blaine ox

Okay... but I better not get into trouble!-Kurt ox

Kurt looked over at the teacher who was stood telling them her life story... yep... she's one of those kinda teachers. He packed up his stuff, stood up and walked out of the room completely ignoring her when she asked where he was going. He walked outside to see Blaine, cute as ever, stood leaning against his car. "Hi there." He chuckled unlocking the car.

"Hey." Smiled Blaine. "Lets go..." He opened the car door making Kurt blush crimson as he jumped inside. Blaine ran round the other side and hopped into the driver's seat.

"So are you going to tell me where were going?" Kurt asked.

"Nope..." he grinned, aw... Kurt thought to himself. After a 15 minute drive Blaine stopped the car on the side of a random road that Kurt had never seen before. Blaine got out of the car and opened Kurt's door for him again.

"Thanks." blushed Kurt.

Blaine took Kurt's hand and led him down a pathway into the woods next to the parked car. After a short walk on the path Blaine took them off track and led him further into the wood. They walked a little further until they reached the river. Kurt looked around and saw a manmade swing hanging from a large tree next to the river and Blaine walked him over to it and they sat on the swing as if he had read his mind. The swing was actually quite high up so Kurt had no idea how they were going to get down but he didn't care because he was with Blaine. He looked at down at the water thinking about how amazing it was. "The water looks beautiful." He smiled.

"Not as beautiful as you." Blaine gushed.

Kurt just blushed and bit his lip driving Blaine crazy. "So, what's with this place?"

"My mom always used to bring me here... Just the two of us. We were out here one day and we got lost but then found this place, we make this swing and we decided to make this our little secret place. We did everything here... i mean, this is where she taught me how to play the guitar and inspired me to sing and be myself." He smiled slightly at the memory. "This place is special... I've never actually brought anyone here before..."

"So, how come you brought me here?"

"Because... Your special to me and I 'm not one of those kinda people who trust easily... but I trust you. So I've decided to tell you about, Well...everything."

"Look Blaine you don't have to..."

"I want to." He took a deep breath and Kurt could obviously see how nervous he was about this but he let him carry on. "Okay, well... 2 years ago I figured out that i'm gay and one night i decided to come out and tell my family..."

** Flashback **

Blaine sat down on the sofa nervously, he had no idea how they would react. His older brother sat down next to him while Aimee was sat, smiling up at him, playing on the floor. "Were home!" called his mom and father walking into the room and sitting down in their usual seats. His father, James, started talking to Cooper about anything and everything while his Mom, Jessica, said hi to Aimee an then turned to Blaine. "Are you okay sweetie?" she asked.

He just nodded and said "I'm okay... I just need to talk to you guys."

"Okay..." she smiled and got everyone's attention. "Go ahead Blaine."

"I, I..."

"Spit it out honey." she gave him an encouraging smile.

"I'm... Gay." he finally stated looking down at the floor.

"Cooper... Go upstairs." said James. Cooper did as he was asked and Blaine finally looked up to his mom who had her eyes on his father, biting her lip. He looked at his father and he knew he had disappointed him. He gulped loudly making James look at him intensely.


"Don't call me that..." he spat.

"James..." sighed Jessica.

"No." he shouted keeping his eyes on Blaine, making Jessica back away a little. "You are not..." he was finding it hard to get the word out.

"Gay?" Blaine said quietly. "Yeah... I am. I like guys, like i'm supposed to like girls."

"No." he shouted standing up and towering over him. "If you're... that. Then you're not my son." he said harshly.

Blaine stood up and said "Why can't you just except me the way I am?!"

But then regretted it when he grabbed his neck, pulling him up to his height. "Because the way you are is disgusting!" he stated while Aimee suddenly started screaming at the sight of Blaine getting hurt.

Blaine tried to get lose but his father was stronger. "Your hurting me." he whimpered.

"James!" screamed Jessica attempting to get him off of Blaine. James just thew her to the floor and she actually ended up on the other side of the room. "This is all your fault!" he screamed slapping her face. "You made him a freakin' Fag."

"Stop!" Blaine cried grabbing his arm while holding his own tears back. James turned around and smacked him in the face making him fall to the floor then he began kicking him with all his strength. Blaine was just lied there on the floor while James was getting stressed out and even more angry because of Aimee's screaming.

Aimee suddenly started screaming more making Blaine look up to see his Father walking towards her with clenched fists. "Shut up!" he shouted through gritted teeth. She didn't stop and he just got more pissed off. Blaine stood up as quickly as he could just as James went to hit her and grabbed Aimee getting in the way of his fathers punch. Blaine turned around and smacked him with his free hand. It must have been pretty hard because James nearly fell over. Aimee cried on Blaine's shoulder and held on to him as tight as possible. Blaine hated how scared she was he let a tear fall and winced as it hit a cut on his cheek.

James turned to face him and grabbed his hair. "You are no longer my son." he looked from Blaine and Aimee to Jessica and sarcastically said "Have a nice life." he let go of him, smacked him in the stomach and walked out of the room. Later that night he left and took Cooper with him.

**End of Flashback**

"... And we haven't heard from either of them since." Blaine glanced at Kurt to see that he was crying and then he realized he was crying too but he hadn't finished... "And since then my mom started becoming depressed but turned to a vodka bottle instead of going to the doctor... and now she's an alcoholic with major depression who watches her random one night stands beat me up before they go... and hates me for making my father leave."

"No." Kurt argued sweetly, holding his hand. "That was not your fault."

"He abandoned us and since that night I've been responsible for both her and Aimee. I look after Aimee and I do what I can for my Mom... which is basically getting her anti-depressants and Vodka." Blaine looked over at Kurt who was just staring at him with tears in his eyes. Shit. Does he still like me? Please tell me he still likes me... Kurt was silent and Blaine suddenly tensed but melted as Kurt wrapped his arms around him.

"Your the most amazing, strong person I know." he whispered into Blaine's ear.

"Do you really think that?" asked Blaine looking into his eyes. Kurt just smiled slightly and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips that soon turned passionate. Neither boy wanted to pull apart but they needed oxygen... Blaine let a tear drop again.

"Are you crying?"

Blaine just smiled to show that he was okay... which he was for the first time in 2 years. They got off the swing and sat against the tree for what seemed like forever and Kurt eventually fell asleep on Blaine's chest. Blaine kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. "I love you."

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