Give My Heart A Break


"I'll wait here if you want?" Asked Brittany as Blaine walked through the principal's office door."Why would you want to do that?" Blaine asked confused.

"I do it for all my friends!" she smiled. Blaine smiled at her innocence.

"Well," Friends? That's sweet. "Okay." He then walked into the office.

Blaine walked in to see a sort of oldish man sat at a desk. "Alright, names Blaine Anderson, I'm new, just started today and I need my classes sheet crap." shrugged Blaine. The man looked up at him and said "Hello Blaine, My name is Principal Figgins and your lucky I let you in so less of the language. And yes I've got your lessons on here." He looked up at Blaine and handed him a sheet of paper. He noticed Brittany stood outside. "What's Brittany S. Pierce doing outside?"

"Shes waiting for me, shes gonna take me to my class."

"Oh is she? Get her in here." Blaine walked over to the door and got Brittany to come inside. She smiled. "Hi Principal Figgins."

"Hello Brittany, Blaine's told me your taking him to his next class...?"


"Well how would you feel about hanging out with him for a few days. you know show him around and stuff?"

"Err yeah I guess if that's cool with Blaine?" She turned to look at Blaine and he said "Err" He looked at her. Well she is the only friend I've got so far... and shes really nice. "Okay, it's cool with me." Brittany's face lit up and she gave him a huge hug and he hugged him new friend back.

"Alright then... well go on then." Said Principal Figgins. Both Blaine and Brittany left the room.

Kurt Hummel walked into the Spanish classroom with his best friend Mercedes Jones. They sat down at the back of their class behind a Santana Lopez a beautiful, bitchy cheerleader that their in Glee Club with. Both Kurt and Mercedes love her though, because she's a good friend at heart. "Hey Lady Hummel do you know where Britt is?" said Santana. Kurt just rolled his eyes at her and said "No, i thought she was with you, you don't think she got lost again do you?"

"Nah, she'll be fine!" replied Mercedes.

"Oh my god, did you see the new guy this morning? he's really hot!" asked Santana. Kurt and Mercedes shook their heads as Mr Schue walked in. "Sorry I'm late guys! Ok lets make a start. When I call your names out raise you hand and say he-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah we know the drill!" interupted Noah Puckerman (well he gets called Puck) on the table next to Santana sat next to his best friend Finn Hudson, Kurts stepbrother.

"Alright well, Artie Abrams?"

"Here!" said Artie at the front of the class.

"Rachel Berry?"

"Here!" Shouted Rachel sat in front of her boyfriend Finn. As Mr Schue was calling out everyone's names Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, Finn and Puck were talking about the new boy...

"He's a badass too, I can tell!" whispered Santana.

"oooh Puck! looks like might have a bit of competition there!" laughed Mercedes.

"Ha! Yeah right! Everyone knows I'm badass no.1!" shouted Puck. Which made everyone laugh.

"Brittany S. Pierce?" asked Mr Schue. Just as Brittany walked through the door.

"Here!" she smiled, Blaine then walked in moments behind her and leaned in the door way as Brittany went and sat in her seat next to Santana, everyone was silent and stared at Blaine. Mr Schue's bottom jaw dropped once again.

"Oh my god its him!" Santana said turning round back to Kurt, Mercedes, Finn and Puck. They all turned to look at him. holy crap he's gorgeous! Kurt thought to himself biting his lip staring at him.

"Hello again. It turns out I'm staying!" he chuckled.

"Oh my god... you have gotta be kidding me!" Mr Schue sighed. Blaine just laughed at his face again.

"Nice to see ya so happy about it then!" laughed Blaine as he walked to the back of the class and stood behind the table next to Kurt's.

"Alright everyone meet Blaine Anderson, it wont take you long to realize he's all mouth!" Everyone looked back at Blaine. Blaine raised his eyebrows and said "Why do you hate me so much Will?"

"Okay two things Anderson, first of all I've already told you it's Mr Schue! And second, why did you set fire to my car?" When Mr Schue said that everyone except Puck turned around to face Blaine with wide eyes and their bottom jaw on the floor. Puck just gave him a high five and said "Wow dudee!"

"You can't prove I did that!" he grinned slowly shaking his head. Mr Schue glared at him, stood up and said "Right everyone get on with the worksheet on your desk. And you get outside." Blaine looked behind his back and then pointed at himself sarcastically. Then he stood up, noticed Kurt looking at him and gave him a wink which made Kurt blush. And walked out the room with Mr Schue. Santana turned to Brittany and asked "How come you came in with him? Did you make out with him?!" Puck, Mercedes and Kurt turned so they were facing her.

"Nope! Principal Figgins told me to show him to his classes and stuff..."

"Why didn't you make out with him?"

"He's Gay..." Everyone looked at Brittany as if she was crazy. Then Blaine came back and sat in the seat behind Puck. They all turned to Blaine and Puck said "Hey dude, are you gay?"

"Yeah, why?" Kurt's heart started racing when he found out it was true, the hottest guy in school is gay, oh my god! Kurt thought to himself, biting his lip.

"Wanky…" smirked Santana.

"Britt just said you were, just making sure…" answered Mercedes.

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