Give My Heart A Break

I'm Gonna Make It Up To Him, The Guys

"Oh my god, I can't believe it." said Emma, eyes wide.

Mr Shue had just told her everything that Blaine had said that day. "I know." he sighed trying to hide how angry he was but Emma noticed.

"Are you okay Will?" she asked.

"I'm such an idiot..." Emma raised her eyebrow slightly. "2 years ago, that's when he started acting like an ass and started acting out. I mean he was always quite aggressive and even a little cocky... but he always seemed to care about school and... well, people. Then he changed and everyone, including myself, thought he was just a selfish, heartless badass who didn't care about anyone or anything... I was there when all this crap started and all I did was make it worse for him."

"It's not your fault." Emma tried to reassure him.

"But, I could have helped him and now I'm gonna find a way to make it up to him."

"Hi." smiled Kurt as he walked into the kitchen where Burt, Finn and Carole were.

"Sup, little brother." grinned Finn.

Kurt smiled back and looked over at Burt and Carole. Carole seemed happy and worried and Burt looked a mixture between worried and pissed. "You guys okay?"

"Where were you last night?" asked Burt.

"I-" Have I got an excuse? yeah... "I was with Rachel."

Both Finn and Carole looked at Burt who was just sat there with raised eyebrows. "Can you guys give us a sec?" he asked Carole and Finn as Kurt's eyebrows shot up. They just nodded and left the room after they had gone Burt turned to his son who was stood awkwardly at the kitchen sink. "Sit down Kurt." Kurt sat down on the chair next to him. "I can tell when your lying to me." Kurt bit his lip slightly. "You were with this 'Blaine' kid weren't you." He stated seeing right through the boy. Kurt looked at his dad and nodded. "Kurt," he sighed.

"What, dad?" Kurt asked.

"Okay, I need you to ask me before you sleep over." Kurt raised at eyebrow at him. "Otherwise I wont know where you are, who your with and what your..." he suddenly became a little awkward. "...doing."

"We were fully clothed the entire time..." Kurt explained. "Blaine took me to a river bank and we fell asleep... nothing happened." Burt just looked at his son and then stood up and went to the fridge without a word. "Dad, what do you want from this?"

"I want you to apologize for being inappropriate and not asking me first... and I want you to promise it wont happen again."

"Alright fine... I'm sorry for not calling you and I promise it won't happen again." Kurt rolled his eyes. "Happy now...?" he sighed.

"Kurt..." Burt started and waited for Kurt to look at him to carry on. "You know I'm only doing this because I care about you... I just don't want you to do anything you'll regret... I don't want you to get hurt. Remember what I told you the last time we had to talk like this?" Kurt shivered at the memory of the 'sex talk'. "You matter, Kurt."

"I know, thanks Dad." Kurt sighed and gave him a hug. "I love you."

"I love you too, kiddo."

It was Saturday and Blaine got woken up by knocking on the door at 8am. What the hell..? He went downstairs to answer it and was greeted by a massive hug from his favorite blonde cheerleader. "Blaine!" smiled Brittany.

"Hi Britt." He smiled.

"Hey!" grinned Kurt from the doorway.

"Hey. What are you two doing here?" He asked.

"We just came to see you." smiled Brittany

"At 8 am?"

"Blaine... its like, noon." stated Kurt.

"What?" said Blaine running up the stairs and into Aimee's room to see she was fast asleep.

"Just kidding." grinned Kurt coming up behind him.

Blaine just smiled and shook his head at him. "Where's Britt?" chuckled Blaine.

"Downstairs..." Kurt whispered into his ear.

"Mmm..." Blaine leaned in and kissed his beautiful boyfriend sweetly on the lips.

"Aww!" Gushed a familiar voice from inside the bedroom. Both boys looked over to the bed to see Aimee smiling at them. She got out of the bed and ran up to them and hugged their legs. "good morning Blainey and Kurtie."

"Good morning Little Darlin'!" grinned Blaine.

"Hi." Kurt said, smiling at his sweet nickname and getting a huge grin from her.

"Blaine, i'm hungry..!" grinned Aimee.

"Oh yeah?" Blaine laughed tickling her belly, making her giggle. He put her down and they went down stairs to see Brittany and make some food.

"Hi!" grinned Brittany.

"Hey..." Aimee smiled shyly.

"I'm Brittany." Brittany was still grinning from ear to ear. She knelt down on the floor so she was eye-level with Aimee. "What's your name?"


"That's a pretty name." Brittany smiled.

Kurt and Blaine looked down at them happily as Kurt said. "Okay, what do you want for breakfast Aimee?"

"Lucky Charms please!" she grinned making Brittany's face light up, she loved lucky charms.

Kurt opened the cupboard and took out the Cereal and a bowl. "What about you, B?"

"I'm fine, thanks." Stated Blaine as he hugged the him from behind and put his chin onto is shoulder. Kurt shivered slightly as he began placing kisses against his neck. After Kurt had finished making Aimee's breakfast, he got out of Blaine's grip, making the curly haired boy pout and gave the lucky charms to Aimee. Aimee gave him a quick thank you and began eating. Kurt turned around to see Blaine still pouting and placed a kiss onto it making Blaine smile. "So, what do you guy's wanna do today?" he asked.

"We could go to the mall..?" Asked Brittany.

"Yeah!" agreed Aimee with her mouthful, spitting out marshmallow in the process.

Everyone started laughing as Blaine rolled his eyes and cleaned it up. "I'm up for it." smiled Kurt after laughing.

"Alright then." stated Blaine as he picked up Aimee's now empty bowl. "Let's get ready Little Darlin'!"

"Okay!" And with that she ran upstairs.

"Be right back." Blaine kissed Brittany on the cheek and then Kurt swiftly on the lips.

Blaine looked in the mirror once more. He was wearing his usual leather jacket, plain white shirt and black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knee. He walked into the bathroom to see Aimee stood brushing her teeth wearing a cute 'Hello Kitty' top, a pair of black knee-length leggings and a pink tutu. He chuckled and shook his head at the tutu, she loved it. He walked into the room and began to brush his teeth with her. "So, do you like Brittany?"

"Yes!" she grinned. "And Kurtie!"

Blaine smiled at how sweet that was. "Are you excited about going to the mall?"

"Yeah! Please can I buy a new tutu?"

"Of course we can."

She smiled widely and hugged his legs. "Yay, thank you Blainey."

"It's okay." They finished brushing their teeth and Blaine was now watching Aimee trying to find her shoes when his phone started vibrating in his pocket. He grabbed it and answered it without checking to see who it was. "Hello?"

"Blainers!" he listened as a few other guys said hi. "Your on speaker, It's me, David and Jeff."

"Oh my god, Wes!" Blaine smiled. "I haven't heard from you guys in ages..! How are you?"

"Were good."

"We just really need to talk to you in person Blainers." said David. "What are you doing today?"

"I was going to the mall with a few friends... why?"

"Were all in Lima... can we come meet you?"

"I donno..."

"Please Blainers..? We'll be good."

"Okay..." Blaine sighed. "Meet you there in half an hour."

"Will do! Bye Blaine!" They shouted.

Blaine just rolled his eyes and waled downstairs to see Brittany putting Aimee's hair into a high pony like hers. "Look Blainey! Brittany did my hair!"

"And you look beautiful." he grinned poking her nose. "Lets go."

Blaine chewed on his lip the entire ride there. To be honest, he was quite nervous... The guys only told him something in person when it was serious. Kurt parked the car and locket it once everyone was out. Blaine looked up to see the guys stood there, drinking coffee, waiting for him. They wear all wearing something similar to Blaine. Wes was wearing a pair of ripped, black baggy jeans, a plain black shirt and a leather jacket. David was wearing a pair of black jeans, a plain red shirt and a sleeveless leather jacket. And Jeff was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a studded leather jacket. They were all smiling slightly as they were happy to see him. Blaine took Kurt's hand and watched as Aimee noticed them. "Jeff!" she practically screamed as she ran up to him giving him a massive hug.


"Who are they?" asked Kurt.

"Just a few friends who rang saying they needed to talk to me. Don't worry, they'll love you both." Blaine smiled at both Kurt and Brittany.

Once they got close enough Wes and David pounced onto him giving him hugs. "Blainers!"

"Hi guys." he smiled. They let go of him and looked over at Kurt and Brittany. Blaine followed their eyes and said. "Wes, David, Jeff. This is Brittany..." he smiled gesturing to her. "... and this is Kurt, my boyfriend." David, who was drinking at the time, almost chocked and others just stood there shocked. Kurt and Brittany looked confused and Blaine stood there.

"Okay... were gonna go inside." stated Kurt giving Blaine a chaste kiss on the lips and walking inside with Brittany. The rest of them following behind them.

"Boyfriend?" asked Wes. "Like... dating?"


"Wait a sec, let me just get my head around this... you, Blaine Anderson. Has an actual boyfriend... not just a fuck buddy?" asked David, receiving a smack round the head for bad language in front of Aimee, who was getting carried by Jeff.

"Yes... is that so hard to believe?" asked Blaine rolling his eyes.

"Honestly... yes." Admitted Jeff. "Wow, you must really like him." The boys watched as Aimee whispered something into the blonde's ear. He raised his eyebrows and smiled knowingly at him making Blaine raise an eyebrow.

"What?" asked Wes.

"Our little Blainers is in love!" he gushed.

"Aww..!" they all just rolled his eyes but couldn't stop the blush that crawled onto his cheeks. He turned away hoping they didn't notice. But, guess what? they did.

"Aw! Your blushing!" giggled David.

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!" they laughed.

"Kurt and Blaine, sitting in a tree," Jeff began to sing and giggled as the others joined in. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G." they were practically shouting now... people were staring. They decided to sing even louder when Kurt started listening. "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage!"

"Although... Kurt's a dude." said Wes, still shouting for everyone to hear. "so that probably wouldn't work."

Blaine face palmed and made a mental note to kick their asses later. "Shut up guys..."

"Aw, are we embarrassing you Blainey?" asked Aimee cheekily.

Blaine rolled is eyes once again and decided to change the subject. "So, what did you guys need to talk to me about?"

They're faces seemed to drop as they realized that there was a reason why they had actually come. Wes and David gulped hard as Jeff told Aimee to go see Kurt and Brittany so they could talk to her older brother for a bit.

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