Give My Heart A Break

I Need You To Do Me a Favor

"I don't know who that boy thinks he is!" shouted Mr Anderson as he unlocked the door to their hotel suite. Cooper sighed as he watched Joe, a member of staff, attempt to carry their luggage inside. He winced as Joe dropped a bag on his toe. Cooper looked over at his father who was already sat down onto the couch ranting on and on about how Blaine disrespected him. Cooper shook his head at him and smiled at Joe as he helped take the bags inside.

"Thank you, Joe." Cooper grinned as the man left the room. He turned to see his father looking up at him. He gave him a questioning look implying his father to speak.

"Aimee should be with us, not with him and your distressed mother." Mr Anderson stated as he stood up and walked over to the window. Cooper waited for him to think for a little, silently wishing that he wouldn't do anything stupid.

"I've been raising Aimee on my own and I've looked after our now depressed and alcoholic mom who doesn't actually mind watching her random one night stands hit me a few times before they leave."

Mr Anderson smirked slightly and Cooper could practically see the light bulb on top of his head. "Blaine is only 17." he continued. "He's not yet and adult. So, really Blaine shouldn't be 'Raising' a 4 year old girl." Cooper raised his eyebrow at the man Where is he going with this? "Cooper, I need you to do me a favor."

"Hey Dad." smiled Kurt walking into the living room.

"Hi Burt!" Brittany grinned following behind him.

Burt looked up at them as they sat on the sofa, they both seemed little sad. "Hey, are you two okay?" Kurt nodded and Brittany just looked at him. She smiled sadly and leaned onto his shoulder. "Okay." he said simply. Kurt didn't want to talk about it and Brittany didn't want to upset him anymore then he already was. He knew that one of them would talk to him about it at some point and decided not to pry.

"Can Britt sleepover tonight, Dad?" asked Kurt.

"Of course." he smiled. "As long as it's okay with her mother." He nodded and Brittany smiled, Kurt took her hand and they both sat there looking at the floor. Carole came in and sat down next to Brittany, she looked at them and then to Burt who just shrugged and shook his head. She nodded knowingly and smiled at them. After a bit of an awkward silence Kurt and Brittany went into the kitchen for some hot chocolate.

"I don't know dude..." said Finn as he walked inside with Puck following him. They both came into the living room and just stood there, they both looked sad and slightly shocked. "Hi guys."

"Hello boys." Carole smiled.

"You guys okay?" asked Burt watching as they just shrugged. "I ask because both Kurt and Brittany just came in with the exact same expression on their faces."

Puck looked over to Finn and watched as he just shrugged at him. "Lets just say... In glee club we found out a little bit more about Blaine."

I can't believe i'm doing this. Cooper thought to himself as he got out of the car. He walked round the corner and over to the house he knew so well. He looked at his phone to see that it was 1:30 in the morning. He yawned thinking about his bed at the hotel. He should be asleep, it was Saturday morning for gods sake. He watched as the last light went off and stood up. He walked closer to the house and walked round the back. He was surprised to see that the door was unlocked. Cooper held back another yawn as he silently made his way into the kitchen. He did as he had been instructed to do, looking everywhere for how much food and stuff they had. He thought about what he was actually doing, he knew that his father must have a plan in mind. He just didn't no what. All he knew was that he wanted to know how their living conditions where... which isn't that bad. Maybe he just wanted to help... yeah, no. He had something planned, it was probably going to end up making their lives miserable. He hated this. He didn't want to help his father... especially after finding out what had happened that night. He felt a pang on guilt go through his chest. I should have helped. He thought Blaine needed me and I fucked up. He hated the fact that he never told Blaine that he still loved him no matter what and that he would be there for him. But he didn't and he wasn't. He just let his dad take him away without saying goodbye. He let him erase them out of their lives. He should have replied to his texts and emails even though his father had forbidden it. He should have stood up for him when Mr Anderson ranted on about him and Mom. But he didn't because something always stopped him.

Brittany looked over to the alarm clock on Kurt's bedside table. 2 am. It was 2 am and she couldn't sleep. She turned to Kurt who was facing the other way. She smiled sadly, she couldn't stop thinking about Blaine. She didn't fully understand what had happened, but she knew that he was sad... and she hates it when one of her unicorns were sad. Well, now both of them were. She could tell that Kurt was hurting too... he loved him and was worried about him. "Kurt?" She breathed staring at the clock as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Yeah?" asked Kurt, wide awake, staring at the wall on the other side of the room.

"Is Blaine gonna be okay..?" She sniffled. Kurt just stayed silent. "Kurt?" she repeated a little louder.

Kurt turned to her and kissed her cheek. "Of course he is." he sighed.

"How do you know?"

"It's Blaine Anderson..." he smiled slightly. "...There's nothing he cant handle." he frowned slightly as he heard Brittany sigh. "And he doesn't have to deal with everything on his own..."

"He has us." she smiled slightly brushing away her tears. "We can help him because we love him."

"Yes we do." he smiled hugging her from behind.

Cooper's heart was beating out of his chest as he slowly made his way up the stairs. He quietly looked around the bathroom and took a few photo's of the room, just like he had done downstairs. He tip toed over to the next room and silently opened the door to see his mother passed out on the bed, vodka bottle in hand. He looked around the incredibly disgusting room and felt that horrible pang of guilt go through his chest again. He took a couple of photos and quickly, but quietly, let the room. He sighed as he did the same to Aimee's room. It wasn't messy but he still felt guilty as he looked around. She hardly had anything other than her wardrobe, bed and desk. He looked at her walls to see her drawings. There were lots of rainbows and unicorns, but there was also a couple of Blaine, his mother and herself. He looked over at the ones on her desk and smiled slightly, most of them were of her, Blaine and himself. One was of Kurt and Blaine and the last one made Cooper tear up slightly, it was a crayon drawing of the whole family under a rainbow. He glanced around the room again and stopped when he saw something sticking out from under her pillow. He walked over to it and slowly slipped it out from under her pillow, it was an amazing photo from 2 years ago. He smiled at the memory...

**Flash Back**

"Have it Blaine." said Cooper.


"Blaine... It's your birthday, you might as well." Cooper smiled as he watched Blaine sigh in defeat and gulp down the last slice of pizza on the table.

"Oh goodness... are you full yet guys?" asked Jessica, grinning at her boys. "'Cos we do still have Blaine's birthday cake."

"Were never full!" stated Cooper, receiving a high five from Blaine.

"Cake!" giggled Aimee from her high chair making their smiles grow even wider.

"Oka-" Jessica paused as her phone went off. She grabbed it and said sorry as she went outside to answer it. Cooper, Blaine and Aimee just sat there smiling at each other.

Cooper glanced around the restaurant smiling at anyone who he got eye contact with and his eyes eventually landed on his little brother. "You okay Squirt?" He just nodded and smiled causing Cooper to eye him suspiciously. "Blaine..." he started. "...Tell me whats up."

"I, I..." he stuttered receiving a slight frown from Cooper. "The thing is Coop, I'm..." Gay.Cooper watched as the birthday boy's breath hitched. "... Just a little disappointed that Dad's not here."

What a lie. Cooper thought to himself. "Really? 'Cos you never seemed to care before..?" asked Cooper cautiously.

"Yeah... I, I mean he's never here for my birthday, but he's always there for yours and Aimee's..." That's true. "He hasn't even said Happy Birthday to me yet."

Cooper licked his lips as he thought about what to say. He knew that his hurt him, but he also knew that he was hiding something. Cooper, being the amazing brother he is, already knew what it was. He could tell that his little Blainey was gay, he was just waiting for him to tell him. "Well, you know how dad is..." he joked. "... He's an asshole." Blaine smiled sadly. "But hey, you've got your friend's Nick and Jeff, Aimee, Mom and Me no matter what. Always."

The younger boy looked up at him and said. "Promise?"

"Promise." Grinned Cooper. "We love you squirt."

"I love you guys too." Blaine smiled giving him a hug.

"Aw, I love you boys." gushed Jessica as she sat back down with the cake.

"We love you too, Mom." Cooper chuckled. "Who was on the phone?"

"Your father." she sighed. "He called to say he'd be working late." she started to go through her bag and grinned once she found what she was looking for. "Now... lets light this cake." She put a '15' candle on top of it and lit it with her lighter. "But first, lets get a photo!" She laughed, picking up Aimee and giving her to Cooper. She took out her camera and squeezed up next to Blaine.

"Cheese!" grinned Aimee, as Jessica took the photo of them all.

"Now make a wish, Squirt!" instructed Cooper. Blaine rolled his eyes mockingly but still silently made a wish.

**End of Flash Back**

"And I still don't know what you wished for." Cooper whispered to the boy in photo. He sighed as he rubbed away a tear that he didn't even know was there... He really had failed him.

"'ve got your friend's Nick and Jeff, Aimee, Mom and Me no matter what. Always."



Cooper sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. Fuck. He put the photo down onto the bed and kissed Aimee's forehead. "I love you." He then left the room and took a deep breath before entering Blaine's room. He let out a huge sigh of relief when he saw that he was fast asleep. He glanced around the room to see that his own bed was still there and it was exactly how he left it. The rest of the room looked about the same except that there was no TV, games, DVD's or anything electrical other than his phone and charger. He frowned as he looked over at the windowsill next to Blaine's bed. There was half empty bottle of Vodka and a couple of empty cigarette packets. He took a few photos and shoved his phone in his pocket. He looked at the walls to see that ll the photo's of the family were nowhere to be seen. "Squirt." he sighed, walking over to him. "I'm so sorry. I love you so much little brother." he whispered, kissing him on the forehead. He glanced around the room one last time and noticed a photo of Nick, Jeff and Blaine. He stood there staring at it as all of his thoughts about the situation went through his head and that's when he realized what his father had planned. oh my god. He couldn't believe that he hadn't realized before, it was pretty obvious. He wanted to help, but he knew that once Mr Anderson's mind was made up, it was made up. But, I have to at least try to make things right. He grabbed Blaine's phone off of his bed and looked through his contacts, Oh thank god. He thought once he found the name he had been looking for. He took out his phone and copied the number. After putting Blaine's phone back he left the house and got into his car.

He dialed the number and breathed a sigh of relief when someone answered it. "Hello?" said a recognizable, sleepy voice on the other end of the call.

"Hi Jeff."

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