Give My Heart A Break

Maybe This Kid Isn't That Bad

Wes, David and Jeff walked over to Blaine and dragged him in for a hug. "We love you Blainers!"

"Love you too." laughed Blaine.

"I love you too!" shouted Aimee running up to them. They all lifted her into the air and hugged her. Kurt just laughed and walked over to the car with Brittany, after a day of shopping you get pretty tired. They got into the car and waved when they heard Wes, David and Jeff say goodbye. Aimee jumped into the back seat next to Brittany and Blaine sat in the passenger side. Before they left the car park, Kurt put on the radio and couldn't help but grin when a Britney Spears song came on and everyone started singing along.

"So, what do you guys wanna do?" asked Brittany.

"I don't know... do you want to come round to mine?" Kurt smiled.

Aimee looked up at them and grinned sweetly. "Yes, please!" she shouted.

Blaine rolled his eyes and laughed lightly along with the others. "Okay." smiled Kurt as they drove along his street. They reached his house and stopped the car. They all jumped out and waited for Kurt to lock the took Blaine's hand and couldn't stop smiling, as usual.

"Were back!" called Kurt as he opened the door and walked into the kitchen.

"Hi Carole." Smiled Brittany as she noticed her sat at the table drinking coffee.

"Hi, guys." She smiled then noticed Blaine stood at the doorway. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Blaine, Kurt's boyfriend." Grinned Brittany.

"And this..." Kurt picked up Aimee for Carole to see. "...Is Aimee, his little sister."

"Hi." Aimee smiled shyly.

"Hi there sweetheart." Smiled Carole. "Nice to meet you, Blaine."

"Nice to meet you too." smiled Blaine.

"So, are you all staying for dinner?" asked Carole.

"Oh, no. We cant impose." said Blaine.

"You wouldn't be imposing..." She chuckled. "Anyway, It's Kurt's turn to cook tonight!"

"Can we please, Blainey?" asked Aimee with her best 'puppy dog eyes' that only her and himself can master.

"Listen to your sister, Blaine!" laughed Finn as he walked into the room.

"You sure it's okay?" asked Blaine.

"Of course." said Kurt and Carole in unison.

"Okay." agreed Blaine. "But, only if I can help."

"Good luck trying to get Kurt to agree to that!" Finn scoffed.

Blaine just smirked and walked over to Kurt who was stood with a raised eyebrow. Kurt looked at him and watched as he took his hand and began to pout. "Kurt..?" Kurt held back a laugh and shook his head making Blaine do the whole 'puppy dog eyes' while everyone just watched to see if Kurt would give in.

"Aw, come on Kurt... look at that face!" laughed Carole.

"Please..?" asked Blaine looking him right in the eyes.

Kurt just rolled his eyes. "Fine!" He chuckled giving the pout a quick kiss.

Aimee and Brittany were in the living room coloring while Carole was watching TV and Finn was out with Rachel. "So, what do you want me to do?" asked Blaine as he went into the kitchen to help with dinner.

"Errm..." smiled Kurt as he watched Blaine look around the room to see that he had practically already finished. "You can help with desert."

Blaine just rolled his eyes playfully and pulled him in for a kiss. "Okay."

"Good because Aimee decided that we are going to bake cupcakes."

"Oh, sorry about that..." Blaine chuckled. "She doesn't really get that she can make all of the decisions... I mean she practical-"

He was interrupted with Kurt's lips on his. "You were rambling." Blaine just laughed lightly. "We're baking cupcakes."

"Okay." he laughed as Kurt got all of the ingredients out and preheated the oven. "Let's do this."

Kurt put the butter and sugar into the bowl and handed him the bowl. "Beat them until light and fluffy."

"Okay..." he smiled and did as he was told. "Is that okay?"

"Yep, haven't you ever made cupcakes before?"

"Not really... I mean my Mum used to and I would help a little."

Kurt smiled and handed him an egg to crack. "That's sweet." Blaine smiled at him and broke the egg. They added the milk and flour and mixed it together, talking about anything and everything that came into their heads. "do you want to put them in the oven?" Kurt asked gesturing to the tray of filled cases.

"Yeah... no." Blaine laughed. "I cant do ovens."

Kurt rolled his eyes playfully, put them into the oven and looked around the kitchen. "Let's clean up a little." He said before turning around to Blaine and receiving a handful of flour in his face. "Blaine!" he laughed lightly as he wiped the flour from his eyes and grabbed some, doing the same to him. Blaine grabbed the bag and threw some over the boy's head. "My hair!" Shrieked Kurt grabbing an egg and cracking it onto his head.

"Oh my god!" laughed Blaine as a full on food fight began to take place.

"Oh my goodness!" Giggled Aimee from the doorway. Both boy's turned around to see Finn, Aimee, Rachel, Carole and Brittany stood at the door.

"Boys!" laughed Carole.

"I'm home!" called Burt as - as if on cue - he walked into the house. He looked into the kitchen and his eyes widened.

"Dad!" smiled Kurt and he began to walk past Blaine towards him but accidentally slipping on a broken egg and falling backwards onto Blaine making them both fall onto the floor.

"Ow." Blaine laughed lightly as he got out from under Kurt and helped him up. "Are you okay?"

Kurt nodded but then looked down at his clothes... they were both completely covered in lour and eggs. "He started it!" he laughed pointing at Blaine.

Blaine just laughed and held his hands up in surrender. "Okay, yes... Sorry, I'll clean it up." he smiled at Carole and then to Burt who was looking at him as if he was trying to figure something out.

"Go clean yourselves up." smiled Carole.

Kurt nodded and grabbed Blaine's hand leading him to his room. "Go shower and You can borrow something of mine." Kurt stated as he raided his closet. Blaine did as he was asked and came back in with a towel wrapped around his waist. Kurt grabbed a pair of bright red skinny jeans and a white polo. "Here you g-" Kurt stopped straight away once he saw Blaine's muscly chest and perfectly toned abs.

"Thanks." grinned Blaine knowingly as he took the clothes from the boy who was scanning his body.

"Your welcome." smiled Kurt forcing himself to look away from the boys arms and back into the closet. Blaine began to put on the clothes and was happy with Kurt's reaction. "I'm going to get a shower."

He looked in the mirror and saw the skin tight jeans that made his ass look amazing - not as good as Kurt's - but still amazing. He laid down on Kurt's bed and took out his phone to play 'Flappy Birds' until Kurt came out of the shower. "You like?" He stood up and wiggled his eyebrows flirtatiously when he caught Kurt staring at his ass. "'Cos it's all yours."

"Oh, shut up!" Kurt blushed. He grabbed an outfit and began to change. Blaine looked back over to see him in new jeans and scanned his body biting his lip when he saw his arms. He walked over to him and kissed his neck until Kurt pulled his head up to give him a kiss. Kurt wrapped his arms around him as he made the kiss deeper and more heated.

"Kurt!" called Finn from downstairs. "Your cupcakes are ready."

"Lets go ice them." sighed Kurt, pulling away from the shorted boy and putting a shirt on. They went downstairs and took the cooling cupcakes. They iced them, put on some sprinkles and the placed them on the side. "Done!"

"Time for dinner!" Called Kurt from the kitchen. Blaine had just finished setting the table as everyone came in and sat down. Kurt served the plates and eventually sat down next to Blaine.

Aimee sat on the other side of Blaine and was grinning from ear to ear. "Thank you Kurtie!"

"Its'okay..." He smiled. "But Blaine helped too!"

Aimee frowned slightly and raised an eyebrow. "Really..." Everyone just watched her smiling slightly. "He cooked?! Is it safe?"

Blaine looked over at her with fake offended face as everyone laughed. He rolled his eyes and tapped her on the nose. "I didn't really help cook, but I helped make cupcakes!"

"Good, 'cos I've tasted your cooking Blainey... It's not very nice." she shook her head and began to eat. "I just hope your good at cupcakes." she stated with her mouthful.

"Don't speak with your mouthful." he laughed lightly.

Practically everyone heard Aimee gulp it down. "Sorry."


There was a rather awkward silence as they ate but Burt - wanting to know about the curly haired boy - broke it. "So, Blaine." Blaine looked up at him with raised eyebrows. "What are your plans for after high school?"

"Oh, I don't know..."

"Really?" asked Burt a little concerned. "You haven't thought about collage?"

"Well, to be honest... I don't think any college is going to take me with both my grades and records." Blaine explained as everyone on the table was staring at him. "... And plus, I've got to stay and look after Aimee." He gestured to her as both her and Brittany looked slightly confused.

"But, that's not your job." stated Burt. "What about your parents...?"

Blaine automatically tensed up at the thought of his parents and Kurt noticed. Aimee looked up at him, he had the same expression on his face that he does when she mentions mom. She gulped hard and rested her head on his arm as Kurt took his hand swiftly and was about to speak when Blaine said. "Can I be excused for a minute?" He got up immediately and everyone watched him worriedly. Blaine ran grabbed his jacket and sat on the curb outside. He grabbed a cigarette, lit it up and took a huge drag attempting to release his tense shoulders.

"I'll go talk to him." sighed Kurt.

"No, let me." said Burt as he stood up and walked outside. He spotted Blaine on the curb and walked over to him. Blaine felt eyes on him and eventually looked up at him. "Can I join you?" Blaine shrugged and smiled politely. "And that..." Burt gestured at the cigarette in his mouth. "Is bod for your health." Blaine nodded slightly and put it out as Burt sat next to him. They sat in silence for a little bit as they tried to figure out what to say. "I'm sorry, Blaine." Blaine looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "I didn't know about... them."

"Who told you?" asked Blaine staring out at the rode.

"Kurt, he took Carole and I into the living room." Burt sighed. Blaine just nodded and stayed silent. "I understand why you try to hide it, I really do. But, if you need help, were here."

"Thank you." smiled Blaine.

"Anytime, kid." Burt smiled approvingly. Maybe this kid wasn't that bad.

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