Give My Heart A Break

You Could Do Worse

"See you later." Grinned Blaine getting a kiss off Kurt as he got out of the car with Aimee.

"Bye Kurtie!" she grinned giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye!" He laughed lightly as he drove off.

Blaine turned to the house, he hadn't looked at it properly since everything was okay, before he came out and his Dad and Cooper left. It used to be all clean and beautiful but now its not really. The garden used to be full of amazing flowers and the house was never messy. He took Aimee's hand and walked towards the front door. He opened it and walked inside but stopped dead in his tracks when he heard giggling from inside the living room. He looked through the crack of the door to see his mother and a random guy she must have slept with. He looked over at Aimee who was looking at him curiously. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it when Blaine put a finger over his lips, telling her to be quiet. He motioned over to the stairs and mouthed 'Go to your room'. Aimee frowned slightly but trusted him and nodded making her way over to the stairs and quietly disappearing to her room. He let out a sigh of relief and walked into the kitchen, he looked into the cupboards to see that there was hardly anything in there anymore. His eyebrows furrowed as he searched the kitchen Where the fuck is all the food?. He sighed as he walked back towards the living room to peer inside again. Bingo. There was all the food even the Lucky Charms were being shoved into the guy's mouth. He stood up angrily and walked inside the room. The guy - lets call him asshole - and his mom looked up at him. Asshole was looking at him both pissed off and confused meanwhile his mom rolled her eyes annoyingly. "What do you want, Blaine?" she asked.

Oh, she still remembers my name. Blaine just looked at her and the food. "I got this food two weeks ago..."

"Yeah, whats your point?" she asked taking a swig of her vodka.

"It's nearly all gone!" he stated. "It's supposed to last another two weeks. This asshole, and any other for that matter, is eating it all!" he motioned over to the asshole on his father's chair.

"How dare you!" he yelled getting up and walking towards him.

"Stop!" shouted his mother lighting a cigarette. Blaine looked over at her is shock, is she going to stand up for me? "Blaine, pack your bags and go." nope.

"But, mom... What about Aimee?!" he yelled.

"Not my problem." she shrugged.

"What will we do? Where are we supposed to go?" he asked.

"Hey. You heard her man, get out." said Asshole.

"This isn't your house, man."Blaine spat.

"John, don't." sighed Jessica.

"You disrespecting me?" Asked 'John'.

"You didn't earn my respect..." stated Blaine. "Now, why don't you leave and stop fucking around with my mom." and that, earned him a smack round the face from 'John'. He hit him back to receive another and got thrown across the room.

"You know what?" shouted Jessica as she stood between them. "You." she pointed at Blaine. "Just go already." And with that, he ran up the stairs and shoved all of his stuff into a bag and did the same to Aimee's.

She got off her bed and frowned at him. "Where are we going?"

"Away." he answered simply, she just nodded and grabbed her unicorn teddy and photo from her pillow. She took Blaine's hand and watched as he walked her towards the front door.

"Bye, faggot!" laughed Asshole as he and Jessica walked into the hallway.

Aimee's eyes widened as she watched her mother gulp down a load of vodka and Blaine noticed. He covered her eyes and lifted her up letting her rest her head on his chest and ran outside. Aimee held onto Blaine as she was in shock and eventually got put down when they were far away from the house. "Are you okay, Aimee?" asked Blaine as he crouched down beside her. She just shook her head and started crying onto his shoulder. He rested his head on hers and looked around. They had somehow ended up in the park near the supermarket and it was getting dark. He sat them down on the nearest bench and grabbed his phone to check the time. 7 pm, that's not that late. But just because it's not that late didn't mean he didn't need to find a place to stay. He sorted his options... he tried calling Jeff but there was no answer. He then tried the rest of the guys but there was either no answer or they really could't take them. He debated on whether or not to ask Kurt but then decided against it, he didn't want Kurt to worry anymore then he already was. Kurt may never tell Blaine how worried he is but he didn't have to because Blaine could tell. He kept scrolling through his contacts but then stopped when he read a name...

"And hey, give me your phone." Blaine did as he said and watched Mr Schue type in his number. "If you ever need to talk or you need someone to listen to you or just if you need anything really... Call me."

Blaine debated it in his head but eventually just decided to call him, what did they have to lose? He held the phone to his ear and waited for an answer. "Hello?" said Will.

Blaine took a deep breath and bit his lip slightly. "Will..? It's Blaine."

"You could do worse." called Will as he drove up to them. Aimee was fast asleep so Blaine scooped her up into his arms and placed her in the car. He grabbed the bags. shoved them into the boot and got in the passenger side. He rested his head on the window and they all stayed silent for most of the car ride.

"This is a pretty nice car, didn't know teacher's make that much money." Blaine smirked.

"Oh, we don't." stated Will. "I just bought it with some of our savings after someone set fire to my old one." he laughed and Blaine couldn't help but grin. They pulled up outside a pretty nice house and they both undid their seat belts. They got out of the car and grabbed the bags along with Aimee and took them inside. Will took them into the living room and sat Blaine down and put Aimee laid on the couch. "I'll be back in a sec." Blaine nodded and watched him leave the room and go into the kitchen.

"You brought them home?" stated Emma. "This is not a couple of stray puppy's, Will."

"I know, Emma." said Will. "But it's only for a little while until they can figure stuff out."

"Well, I'm worried. I mean you once told me how Blaine set fire to your car and he's been excluded from his past few schools..."

"Maybe he has a reason for being like this...maybe he needs someone to be there for him." said Will as he looked into her eyes. "That's what you told me."

"I know." she sighed as she walked towards the door to the living room.

"Where you going?"

"Well their going to need fresh sheets, towels and a toothbrush." she smiled. "Just be glad that we have two spare rooms."

"Thank you." he grinned as he followed her into the living room.

"Hi Blaine." she smiled.

"Hi." he smiled slightly.

"Follow me."

Will picked up the bags as Blaine picked up Aimee and followed Emma upstairs to an empty guest room. He looked around the room and - even thought he knew that Emma has OCD - was actually pretty impressed with how tidy it was. It was medium sized and was very pink. It had a wardrobe, a nightstand with a lamp on it, a chest of drawers and a decent sized bed that was in the middle of the room along with a large window that gave a view of the back garden. "This is were Aimee can sleep." she smiled as Blaine nodded and laid her down on the bed.

Will put down her bag and began to walk out the room with Emma until he saw that Blaine was placing a pillow on the floor. "Blaine, what are you doing..?" Blaine looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "Come on..." Blaine put the pillow back and followed them to the next room. It was the same as the last one except it was a light blue color - much like Kurt's eyes - and the window overlooked the front garden. Will placed the bag down next to the bed and turned to Blaine. "If you or Aimee need anything, anything at all, just ask."

"Thank you." Blaine smiled. "Thanks so much."

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