Give My Heart A Break

Your Eyes Always Tell Me the Truth

"I'm pregnant." Admitted Emma.

Will's eyes grew wide and the next thing she knew he had picked her up and spun her around. "Emma this is amazing!"

"I know!" she grinned and looked over at Blaine and Aimee who were just grinning from ear to ear.

"Congratulations!" they exclaimed and gave them a huge hug.

Later that night Blaine laid in bad and looked up at the ceiling and tried to sort out his thoughts. He eventually came to the conclusion that he needed to find Aimee and himself a new place... they couldn't stay there with a new baby on the way.

The next morning, Kurt was ready or school and was laid on his bed, listening to music when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. He walked towards it and opened it to see Blaine stood there in the hall. "Hi."

"Bye." Kurt shut the door and walked back over to his bed.

"What the hell was that for?" asked Blaine as he opened the door and came into the room.

"Why didn't you tell me that you and Aimee were in trouble?"

"Oh... that."

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Kurt yelled. "I'm supposed to be your boyfriend... why didn't you call me?!"

"I didn't want to worry about me!" Blaine shouted back.

"You didn't want me to worry about you!?"

"That's right! I didn't want you to worry even more then you already do!" Kurt sighed in frustration as Blaine carried on. "And don't give me any bullshit about you being fine with everything, I know just how much you worry about me! I can see it in your eyes. Your lips and face may say one thing, but your eyes always tell me the truth!"

"Well sorry!" Kurt screamed. "Sorry for worrying about one of the most important people in my life! The one person that truly understands me! But your right Blaine! I do worry... But that's what you do when your so in love with that person, it hurts!" He ran his fingers through his hair and didn't care about getting it messy, he was pissed. "And I do Blaine! I love you so freaking muc-"

Kurt was interrupted by Blaine's lips on his and suddenly all that anger turned into passion as he deepened the kiss. Neither boys wanted to stop but had to pull apart for oxygen. "I love you so much." sighed Blaine looking into the boys eyes. "I'm sorry, Kurt."

"It's okay." he smiled slightly. "Just talk to me next time."



"Promise." Blaine smiled giving him a chaste kiss on the lips. "Let's go to school."

Finn, Kurt and Blaine got out of Kurt's car and walked towards the school. "White boy!" Called Mercedes from the door. She was stood with Brittany, Santana and Quinn.

"Hi girls!" He grinned and ran over to them as Finn walked over to Rachel.

Blaine just smiled and suddenly got an arm around his shoulder. "Sup Anderson." Grinned Puck.

"Hey." He smiled and turned to first bump him. They walked over to Kurt and the girls and Blaine automatically put his arm around the boys waist. Puck stood next to him with a smirk on his face and Blaine couldn't help but notice how Noah looked at Quinn. After some small talk between everyone the bell went and everyone went inside.

The morning went by slowly for Blaine until he finally had Spanish with Kurt and practically all of the New Directions for some reason. He walked inside and sat at the back in his usual seat. He was quite early for some reason so he watched as everyone walked in and sat in their usual seats well apart from Noah who came and sat next to Blaine which was - coincidentally - behind Quinn. Eventually Mr Schue came in and began the register. "Kurt Hummel?" But for some reason Kurt wasn't there. Everyone turned to Blaine who just shrugged. He grabbed his phone and began to text him.

Where are you babe?- Blaine xx

It really worried him how long he had to wait for a reply but he eventually got one.

I'm just late. On my way now - Kurt xx

And that was that. A couple of minuets later Kurt entered the classroom. "Sorry I'm late."

"Kurt, where have you been?" asked Mr Schue. He glanced at Blaine who was obviously waiting for an answer too.

"I didn't feel well." He lied. "I went to the nurses office."

"Okay." Smiled Mr Schue. Everyone could tell he was lying but didn't want to get into it at that very moment. Well everyone except Blaine.

"So, Where were you really?" He asked.

"I just said... I was at the nurs-" he attempted to lie with a forced smile that Blaine noticed.

"I know... but like I said, your mouth says one thing and your eyes say another." Blaine looked into his eyes and watched as Kurt's face fell and began to match them. "Kurt..?"

"Can we talk about it later?" he asked, quite desperately.

"Okay." Blaine smiled and put a comforting arm around his shoulder. Then kissed the boy's head as he rested it on his shoulder.

The rest of the day went by in a blur Blaine was just wondering about what happened to Kurt earlier. But eventually it was time for Glee Club. He walked in with Santana and Brittany and sat down with Kurt.

"Hey, everybody shut up!" shouted Santana. "Britt has something to say."

"Thanks Santana." she smiled as she walked over to her. They linked pinkies and Brittany seemed really excited. "Okay, well..." she grinned. " older sister is coming home to get married!"

"Britt, that's awesome!" smiled Quinn along with everyone who was smiling at her, even Noah was smirking.

"Yep!" Brittany carried on. "And your all invited!"

A lot of 'yay's and 'awesome's where shouted. Everybody must really like weddings... or her sister. Blaine just smiled at Kurt's enthusiasm. He turned to Noah who was actually sat behind him. "Hey, what's so amazing?"

"I don't know... but her sister is hot." he smirked. "I had sex with her once..."

"Okay..." Blaine laughed. "So, you going to take Quinn?" he whispered and couldn't help but grin knowingly when Puckerman's eyes went wide.

"I have no idea what your talking about." Blaine just raised an eyebrow at him. "Shut up." He grinned and punched him in the arm. "Asshole."

"Sorry I'm late!" exclaimed Mr Schue as he walked through the door with Emma to see everyone smiling, laughing and hugging. "Did I miss something?"

"Brittany's older sister is getting married and were all invited!" Smiled Artie.

"Yeah! That includes you guys." Grinned Brittany, then she turned to Blaine. "And Aimee!" Blaine nodded and smiled.

"That's amazing Brittany..." smiled Mr Schue. "We have an announcement too." He took his fiancé hand and kissed it.

"I'm pregnant." She smiled.

Kurt and Blaine went back to Kurt's after school to watch a couple of Disney movies but Blaine's mind always drifted back to Kurt's eyes and how desperate he looked to change the subject earlier. Time to ask. "Kurt..?"

"Mm?" He looked up at him.

"It's later..." Blaine kissed him swiftly on the lips when he saw the taller boy's face fall.

Kurt took a deep breath. "It's nothing to worry about." he sighed. "I was just late because I got thrown into a dumpster... don't stress."

Blaine could see there was more. "Are you going to tell me what else happened..?"

"Don't get pissed." Kurt looked into his eyes and Blaine nodded. "Before I got thrown into the dumpster, they slushied me and pushed me around a bit."

Blaine's eyes narrowed - he knew by Kurt's eyes that it was a little more that 'a bit' - but he kept calm. "Who?"

"Why does that matter?" Blaine raised an eyebrow at him. It matters. "The football team."

Blaine was pissed but managed to hide it. "Anything else." He watched as Kurt's mouth opened and closed. "Kurt..."

"Karofsky said to blame you... which I don't." He promised. "... And he said that they won't stop harassing me until they got you." He sighed as he looked at Blaine's eyes. Pissed. "Blaine..." Blaine looked back into his eyes. "Promise me you won't do anything." He watched Blaine let out a frustrated sigh."Promise me, please."

"I..." can't. "Fine."

A couple of days later, Kurt, Aimee, Quinn and Santana were all waiting patiently at the mall for Brittany and her sister, Brooke. "Brittany!" smiled Santana to get Brittany's attention once she saw her.

"Hi guys!" she grinned as she ran over. "You all know my sister, Brooke." She gestured over to Brooke who was walking towards them. She was very beautiful - like Brittany - she was blonde, very intelligent, fair skin, blue eyes and was quite thin. Kurt remembered how she used to be lead cheerleader, in glee club and many other clubs before she graduated. She was pretty good - not as good as Brittany - but she was good... she was more of an academic kind of girl and she loved fashion, which is mainly what she and Kurt bonded over.

"This is Aimee. Smiled Quinn gesturing to Aimee behind Kurt.

"Aimee?" Brooke asked. "I don't think we've met, sweetheart."

Aimee smiled slightly and shook her head. "I'm Blaine's sister."

"Who's Blaine?"

"Kurt's boyfriend." giggled Brittany.

"Mm... boyfriend, hey?" grinned Brooke as Kurt rolled his eyes and blushed. Brooke hugged him and smiled when he hugged her back. "I've missed you, Kurt."

"I've missed you too." he smiled.

She pulled away and hugged everyone else. "Let's do this!" she laughed as they all walked towards the shop to search for something to wear to the wedding.

"What about this one?" asked Brooke as she walked out of the changing room wearing - the 6th dress she had tried on - a simple but elegant, strapless, A-line wedding dress that actually looked stunning on her. She looked into the mirror and turned to everyone who had raised eyebrows. Aimee was sat on the floor looking up at her with wide eyes.

"You look like a princess!" grinned Aimee.

"Really?" she asked looking at everyone. Quinn and Brittany nodded as Kurt and Aimee complemented her.

"You look beautiful." smiled Santana, gaining a smile from Brittany, who was sat next to her. Kurt looked over at them and smirked slightly. Then noticed a new bracelet on Brittany's wrist.

"Guys?" said Brooke as she came back out of the changing room in her normal clothes. "I want you to be my bridesmaids." She pointed at Quinn and Santana."Along with Daniel's sister, Phoebe." She keeled down to Aimee. "And thank goodness I met you." she tapped her on the nose. "Because I didn't have a flower girl." Aimee's eye's lit up and she gave her a hug. "So, I'll take that as a yes?"

"Yes!" she smiled.

Brooke nodded, stood up and made her way to Brittany. "And... I want you to be my maid of honor." she grinned as Brittany hugged her.

"Yes!" she giggled.

"Okay, well let's find you guys some dresses!" she laughed lightly.

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