Give My Heart A Break

Best Christmas Ever

24th December

Christmas Eve


"Blainey!" shouted Aimee as she ran into his room. He looked over at the clock and rolled his eyes 6 am.

"What's up?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

"It's Christmas eve!"

"I know..." He smiled as she yawned. "...still tired?"

She nodded and climbed into his bed. They laid there and nearly fall asleep when Aimee spoke. "Blainey?" she whispered.

"Yes, Little Darlin'?" He copied her volume.

"Are you be happy this year?" she asked softly.

He frowned slightly but then smiled softly and kissed her on the head. "Yeah, are you?"

"Yes." She yawned and fell asleep.

An hour later, Blaine and Aimee eventually got up and went downstairs. Aimee took his hand and walked him into the living room where the decorations were up and looked amazing. They looked around to see no one else was awake. His phone started ringing so he grabbed it and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey," smiled Kurt. "Oh, one sec let me put you on speaker..." There was a pause. "Okay, hey!"

"Hi." Laughed Blaine.

"You up?" He asked


"Good." Then he hung up.

"Who was that?" Asked Aimee.

"Kur-" Blaine started but was then interrupted by a knock at the door. They walked over to the door and opened it to see the New Directions stood at the doorway. "Wha-?"

"It's freezing!" Santana barged inside with Brittany, followed by everyone.

"Come on in..." Laughed Blaine.

"Hey." Grinned Kurt, giving him an amazing kiss on the lips.

"Hello..." he smiled.

"What are you all doing here?" asked Aimee.

"Just thought we would come to see you." chuckled Finn, picking her up. Aimee and Blaine had gotten quite close to everyone in the New Directions by now. "Where's Mr Schue and Ms Pillsbury?"

"Bed... it's 7 am." laughed Aimee.

"Where's the beer?!" called Noah from the fridge. "Never mind!" He found one and went to sit in the living room, along with Tina, Mike, Finn, Quinn, Artie and Rachel.

"Do you wanna make cookies?" Asked Kurt.

"Yes, please!" grinned Aimee and Brittany.

Blaine laughed lightly and went to the cupboard to grab the box of Lucky Charms. "Eat your breakfast first!"

"Okay." Aimee smiled as he poured her a bowl. She ate them and forbid Blaine from going near the oven while they were baking, gaining a laugh from the others. Kurt, Aimee and Brittany began to make cookies, doing whatever Kurt said while Blaine and Santana sat on the side watching and talking.

"Hey, Anderson!" Called Noah from the living room.

"What's up?" asked Blaine as he walked into the room.

"How about a beer and a chat?" He asked, walking up to him and handing him a beer.

"Okay." He laughed. They drank their beer and talked about anything and everything. A little while later the cookies were ready and Will and Emma were walking downstairs.

"Blaine, what's with all the noise?" asked Will, half asleep. "Oh, hi everyone."

"Morning!" grinned Aimee as she ran up to him and jumped into his arms. Noah and Blaine quietly shoved the cans of beer into the bin as Aimee was talking. "Kurt, Brittany and me have been baking Christmas cookies! But don't worry, there safe. Blaine didn't help bake 'em!" She giggled, making everyone - other than Blaine - burst into laughter. Blaine rolled his eyes and messed up her hair even more then it already was. "Hey!"

"So, what are you all doing today?" Asked Emma. Everyone started talking about going to the mall or whatever until Sam shushed them.

"I think we should go to the homeless shelter..." stated Sam. "You know: help out, sing to the kids - spread the Christmas cheer."

"What's the point?!" Noah asked, gaining a glare from a few people. "... I mean, singing isn't going to help them very much." He looked over at Blaine who was smirking at him.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

"I agree with Puck." stated Blaine.

"We should raise money." They smirked and fist-bumped.

"Since when did Puckerman want to help people?" asked Santana.

"Shut up, Satan." He glared. "Maybe I'm just trying to be a good person..." Blaine smirked as he watched the boy glance at Quinn.

They all split up into groups and went to different parts of Lima. Kurt, Noah, Quinn, Aimee and Blaine were at the mall. Kurt ran up to the piano with Aimee while the other set up microphones and puck got out his guitar. Once they were done Blaine looked up at Kurt to start playing along with Puck and they began to play any songs that came to mind. After a while they looked to see how much money they got... not much. Around $50. Puck told Blaine to sing with him and went around using his intimidation and their skills to get a lot more money. Before they were about to leave Quinn stood up and looked at Noah. "Hey Puck, I'll sing with you." smiled Quinn taking his hand and walking him to the microphone after she whispered the song into Kurt's ear. Kurt began to play the song and Quinn began to sing - still holing Puck's hand.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,Let your heart be lightFrom now on,Our troubles will be out of sightPuck smiled and sang looking straight at her.Have yourself a merry little Christmas,Make the Yule-tide gay,From now on,Our troubles will be miles away.Blaine joined in and began to walk around getting a few people to notice them more.Here we are as in olden days,Happy golden days of yore.Faithful friends who are dear to usGather near to us once more.Quinn and Puck stopped singing and watched as Kurt and Blaine sung to each other.Through the yearsWe all will be together,If the Fates allowHang a shining star upon the highest bough.And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.People were either walking past and putting money in the case or actually watching and joining in until everyone quietened down and Aimee ran up to Noah and began to sing - quite well actually... definitely Blaine's sister.Faithful friends who are dear to usGather near to us once more.Everyone joined in again and belted out the last part.Through the yearsWe all will be together,If the Fates allowHang a shining star upon the highest bough.And have yourself A merry little Christmas now.

People around them began to clap and put money in and a couple actually cheered. "That was amazing!" Grinned Kurt from the piano as Aimee ran up to him and gave him a hug and Quinn smiled softly at Noah before she walked over to them.

"You too are cute." Gushed Blaine, nudging him on the arm, receiving a smack in the stomach. "Ow!"

They went back to Will's too see everyone else already there counting the money they got. Puck threw all the money they got onto the table and watched as Artie counted it all. "How much did we make?" asked Blaine.

"$896." grinned Artie. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and cheered. They ate some cookies and watched TV until it was an appropriate time to go to the shelter. Will and Emma met them there and their eyes went wide when they saw Sue there.

"Couch Sue!" smiled Quinn. "What are you doing here?"

"I come every year, Q." she informed her. "What are you all doing here?"

"We came to help and sing to the kids."

"And donate money." Informed Noah.

"How much?" she asked.

"$896." Aimee smiled.

"Alright, well go give it to that guy over there." she pointed to a bald guy who was apparently the manager or something. He thanked them and wished them a merry Christmas. They helped make and serve food and as the night progressed, they started to sing. They finished with a pretty slow song and most of the kids were asleep.

Kurt, Aimee and Blaine went back to Mr Schue's for a bit and did whatever came to mind. And at around 8:00 before Kurt was about to leave, Aimee spoke up as she sat on Kurt's lap. "Blainey, can you sing one more song?"

"Sure." he smiled. "which one?"

"Christmas is Coming." she grinned as he got out his guitar and began to play.

Oh oh Christmas is comingThose elves and reindeer are runningAnd I just want you by my sideHe smiled, glancing at Kurt.Santa, is coming to townAnd you're not gonna be aroundThis snow, is bringing me downKurt began to harmonize with him and they stared at each other as they sang.

'Cause tomorrow's gonna be a big dayAnd you're worlds away

I'd give anythingIf we'd could singFa la la la La la la la la la la

Oh oh Christmas is comingThose elves and reindeer are runningAnd I just want you by my side

This year, the season is crazySnow globes, that somebody's shakenThat's what makes it Christmas time

Presents, under the treeCould never mean as much to meAs you herehat's why I believeThat when I see Santa's sleighHeading this way

He's gonna hear my wishesAnd know I miss yaFa la la la La la la la la la la

Oh oh Christmas is comingThose elves and reindeer are runningAnd I just want you by my side

This year, the season is crazySnow globes, that somebody's shakenThat's what makes it Christmas time

If we could all be togetherIn crazy Christmas sweatersI know that Santa hears meLoud and clearDon't ya hear me now

Oh oh Christmas is comingThose elves and reindeer are runningAnd I just want you by my side

This year, the season is crazySnow globes, that somebody's shakenThat's what makes it Christmas time [x2]

Oh o woahOh o whoah ohThat's what makes it, makes it Christmas time

"Yay!" Grinned Aimee.

"I'll see you both tomorrow." Smiled Kurt as he got up, He kissed Aimee on the cheek and gave Blaine a deep, passionate kiss on the lips. "Merry Christmas, I love you."

"I love you too." And with that, he left. Aimee and Blaine got changed and were finishing some hot chocolate as Will and Emma came in.

Blaine cleaned up their mugs and walked into the living room. "Night." They smiled and hugged them.

"We got something for you." Grinned Will as he pointed at two stockings - that are already pinned up - with their names on them.

"Thank you so much!" Smiled Aimee.

"Thank you." said Blaine with a side smile. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."

25th December

Christmas Day


"It's Christmas!" screamed Aimee, running into Blaine's room and dragging him out of bed. She stopped outside Will and Emma's room and ran inside. "Wake up! It's Christmas."

"Merry Christmas..." smiled Will, getting out of bed. Emma got out too and they all walked downstairs. Both Aimee and Blaine's eyes widened when she saw all the presents. Aimee sat on the floor as Will and Emma sat on the couch and Blaine just stood at the door. Will picked up two presents, handed one to Aimee and held out one to Blaine.

"You didn't have to..." He smiled softly.

"We wanted to." He grinned, standing up and pulling him into the room. He handed him the present and sat him down next to Aimee. "Thank you."

"Thank you." smiled Aimee as she opened it. Her smile got even brighter when she saw what it was. "A unicorn onsie!" They all laughed at her enthusiasm. "This is amazing! Thank you!" She stood up and gave them a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Blaine watched them and smiled at the first good Christmas in what seems like forever. Aimee looked at him and smiled - thinking the same thing. Blaine opened his present and grinned as he saw an Instant Digital Camera and a notebook. He opened up the notebook at see a note on the first page.


Merry Christmas! We wanted you to have something you would always use... I mean, who doesn't use a notebook? You can write songs or whatever. But anyway, the camera. Take pictures, make memories. We love you, Blaine.

Will, Emma and Aimee. ox

There was a photo slid into it, a photo of Will, Emma, Aimee and the New Directions.

"Thank you." He smiled as he got up and joined in the hug. He grabbed his camera and took a photo of them all, the photo came out of the front, they looked at it and laughed lightly at Will's face. Will and Emma opened a few presents and found a couple of others for Aimee and Blaine. They all looked confused then laughed at who they were from. Aimee had one from Brittany and Kurt while Blaine had one from Brittany and surprisingly Noah. Aimee opened hers first to see it was a new sparkly blue tutu from Kurt and a Unicorn top from Brittany. Blaine's was an envelope, he opened it to see that it was a hand-made card with a unicorn on it. Inside it was a rainbow badge and a message wrote in crayon.

merry christmas Blaine! i love you, your my sunshine twin. you have to wear this badge all the time, 'cos you love me.

Love, Brittany ox

"Oh god." chuckled Blaine, he made a mental note to put the badge on before he left the house. He gave the card to the others to let them read it and grabbed the present he had gotten from Noah. He opened it slowly and face palmed when he saw what was inside.

"What did Noah get you?" asked Aimee.

"Some hair gel and a pack of cigarettes..." He grinned. They looked at him oddly and he got the hint. "Throwing these away..." He gestured to the cigarettes and laughed lightly.

This Could Be The Best Christmas Ever.

"I cant believe he got you cigarettes!" laughed Kurt as he and Blaine walked hand-in-hand into Kurt's bedroom.

"I know." sighed Blaine as they sat on Kurt's bed and shared a quick kiss. "Merry Christmas by the way."

"Merry Christmas. I've got you something..."

"You didn't ha-"

"Yes, I did." He smiled as he grabbed a present from his bedside table. "Here you go..." He handed him it but stopped him suddenly. "Wait!"

"What's up?"

"Promise me that you will wear one." Blaine's eyebrows furrowed and Kurt smirked. "If you don't I wont kiss you... ever again."

"I, I... Okay..." He sighed as he unwrapped it to see 3 bow-ties. One was picked out by Brittany and had a unicorn on it, the second was a christmas one and the last one was just a plain black one with studs on it. He took the black one and tied it around his neck.

Kurt smiled and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. "Perfect."

"Yeah, yeah..." Blushed Blaine.

Kurt kissed him again and traced his tongue along Blaine's bottom lip, Blaine opened his mouth and they began to make out, exploring every inch of each other's mouth. It began to get heated pretty quickly just as their usual make out sessions become. Blaine pulled away and grabbed a box from his pocket and showed it to Kurt. "I got you something."

"Blaine, no offense... but since when did you have the money to buy me something..?" Kurt asked sweetly, even though he wanted to carry on exploring his mouth.

"When I got kicked out I grabbed some money and I've been saving I guess..." He smiled as he handed it to him.

"Is that an engagement ring?" asked Kurt eyeing the box.

"Nope," He opened the box the show a simple silver promise ring inside it. "It's a promise ring..." He took one out and placed it on Kurt's finger and held up a chain, that was around his neck, to show an identical one on it. "You have one and I have one to show how much I love you, how much I care about you and how special you are to me. I promise to stick by you and stand up for you, I promise to tell you how amazing and beautiful you are and i promise to love and support you as much as i can. I promise that I'll always be there when you need me and I will never force you into doing anything your not comfortable with."

Kurt looked from the ring to him and smiled slightly, he knew that he meant sex, obviously. Because whenever they come close to doing it Kurt told Blaine that he wasn't ready and Blaine never forced it. Blaine had changed so much since he had first met him and Kurt as falling harder and harder for him every second. Kurt loved him, trusted him and wanted him. He looked back down at the ring and broke the silence he realized they were in as he teared up. "I love you so much."

"I love you too." Blaine smiled as Kurt laid down and pulled him in for a kiss. They eventually began to make out again, slowly and passionately. Kurt had pulled Blaine on top of him and was running his fingers through his hair. Blaine put his hand on the boys thigh and began to rise it slowly, then stopped and pulled away making Kurt sigh to himself. "Sorry." He muttered as he kissed his cheek.

They looked deep into each others eyes and Kurt knew, at that moment that he was ready. Kurt took the hand Blaine had on his thigh and placed it back where it was. Blaine furrowed his eyebrows slightly. "I'm ready." He breathed as he pulled him in for another kiss.

Yep, Best Christmas Ever.

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