Give My Heart A Break

First Ultrasound

The next couple of months went by and it was time for Emma's first scan. Blaine woke up rather late as usual - since he had started staying with Will and Emma - and walked downstairs to see Emma, Will and Aimee eating breakfast. "Good Morning, Blaine." Smiled Emma.

"Good morning." He grinned, rubbing his eyes and making his way over to get some breakfast. He glanced at the calender. "Hey, It's your first ultrasound today."

"I know..."

"Nervous?" He asked as he sat down with some cornflakes. She nodded. "Don't be, I'm sure everything is fine."

"What's an 'ultrasound'?" Asked Aimee, not quite pronouncing the word right.

"It's where mommy's go to the doctor to see their baby's inside their tummy." explained Will.

"How?" Asked Aimee, wide-eyed.

"The doctor put's some jelly on their tummy."

"Wow..." She smiled.

"Would you guy's like to come with us today?" asked Emma taking Will's hand.

Their heads snapped up. "Really?" Emma nodded and grinned. "Of course we would!"

"Ms Pillsbury?" Called Jane, the doctor. Will, Emma, Aimee and Blaine all walked into the office and Emma laid down on the chair. Will went round the side of the bed to hold her hand. They answered a couple of questions and the doctor eventually told her to lift her shirt. "This may be cold." Smiled Jane putting the lubricating gel onto her abdomen. Emma jumped slightly but relaxed as Jane put the the device on her. After moving it around a lot the doctor smiled brightly. "There it is." Aimee and Blaine stared up at the screen. "Would you like a photo?"

"Yes, 3, please."

Jane nodded and left the room.

Blaine spotted it straight away and then turned to look at everyone else who looked confused. "What's up?"

"Where is it?" Asked Will.

"There." He laughed lightly pointing at the screen, making them all smile.

"How do you know all about this stuff?" Asked Will.

"When my mom was pregnant with Aimee, my dad was always working... so Cooper and I went to all the scans and everything."

"Thank you, Blaine." Smiled Emma. Blaine frowned slightly, What for?, but then smiled anyway.

From then on everything - other than the fact that Kurt was still getting bullied by the neanderthals but wouldn't tell Blaine because he knew the boy would go mental - was amazing: The wedding was a couple of days away, Kurt and Blaine were happy and in love. Blaine felt both happy and safe with Will and Emma and they seemed to like having him and Aimee. But after a while he was getting nervous, he needed to figure out what he and Aimee were going to do when the baby came, Emma was 5 months pregnant - 4 months to go!

They were all going back to the doctor's office for another scan. Today was the day they could find out the sex of the baby, if they wanted to know of course... "Would you like to know the sex of your baby?" asked Jane, the doctor.

Will and Emma looked at each other and then to Aimee and Blaine. "No, thank you."

"I think we should wait."

"Okay," she looked back at the screen, she moved the device around a little and grinned.

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