Give My Heart A Break

Brooke and Daniel's Wedding Day

18th of May

Brooke and Daniel's Wedding Day


7:30 am ~ 6 hours and 30 minuets until the wedding.

Kurt woke up in Brittany's living room and looked around. Then it hit him - he and the bridesmaids had gone over last night to calm down the bride and give her a manicure. She was so nervous. Quinn, Santana, Brittany and Phoebe - Daniel's sister - were fast asleep around the room. "I'm getting married today!" Screamed Brooke as she ran downstairs and face planted on the floor.

"Are you okay?!" Asked Kurt.

"I'm fine!" She got to her feet and walked into the room while everyone else began to groan. They all woke up and eventually managed to stand up.

"Let me see you face!" said Kurt examining her face for bruises or scratches. "Oh thank god." He sighed. "Try not to hurt yourself." He laughed and kissed her forehead.

"What happened?" asked Santana.

"She face planted." Laughed Kurt.

"Oh shut up!" She pouted. They all got up and walked into the kitchen Kurt made some pancakes and shoved them onto plates. He put them in front of everyone and everyone, except the bride, started to eat.

"What's up, Brooke?" Asked Quinn.

"I'm too nervous to eat..."

"Too bad..." said Kurt. "You have to eat otherwise you'll be hungry at the ceremony and your stomach will sound like a whale."

Her eyes widened and she started to eat.

10 am ~ 4 hours until the wedding

"Blaine!" shouted Aimee running into the room and jumped onto the bed where he was still sleeping.

"What?" he groaned, half asleep.

"Get up!" She started hitting him with a pillow.


"'Cos Nick and Daniel are downstairs and you need to take me to Brittany's house to get ready!"

"Alright, alright!" He laughed. "I'm up!" He lifted her up and slowly walked downstairs.

"Blaine!" laughed Daniel running up to them. "It's 10 am."

"Still the Blaine we know and love!" sighed Nick as he gave his old friend a hug.

"Nick!" grinned Blaine.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Laughed Daniel grabbing his brother's shoulder. "You have to get Aimee to the bride and I have to pick up another groomsman." Blaine gave him a questioning look but he just carried on.

"Okay, meet you at the hotel." smiled Nick.

10:20 am ~ 3 hours and 40 minuets until the wedding

Nick and Blaine dropped off Aimee at Brittany's and started the drive to the hotel were the reception was being held and the groom, best man and groomsmen - apart from Kurt who was helping the girls - were getting ready. Once they got there they went to the hotel room, sat on the couch and started watching TV. Around 10 minuets later, the door opened and in came Cooper and Daniel. Blaine's eyebrows rose but he didn't really mind that much... he had forgiven him, but that doesn't mean that he isn't the slightest bit upset that he didn't keep his promise. They exchanged greeting and carried on watching TV in an awkward silence.

11 am ~ 3 hours until the wedding

"Alright Ladies!" Shouted Santana. "We have 1 bride, 1 maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids, a flower girl and lady lips to get ready. And 'cos the bride didn't have enough money, we don't have stylists..." That got her a glare from both the bride and Kurt. "So, lets get moving! We have 3 hours." Everyone began to move, it was decided that the bridesmaids would shower and begin to get ready first. Brooke said that they wanted them to have there own style so they all did their own hair and makeup. Kurt and Aimee watched as they Quinn and Santana did theirs; Quinn applied a simple cat eye and curled her hair while Santana applied a little more liner and added some hair extensions. Phoebe was next and she did the same makeup as Quinn and put her hair into a messy, braided up do and added a headband. She looked a lot like Daniel; she had long dark hair, fair skin and had hazel eyes. She said that she and Nick - Blaine's friend that he had not met yet - were twins and had the same eyes. Once she had finished Kurt looked around to see that everyone was in their robes. Now, it was Brittany's turn. She put on the same simple cat eye makeup as Quinn and Phoebe and got Phoebe to do her hair. Phoebe curled her hair, put part of it into a braid and then put all of the hair into a hair tie. Kurt looked at the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor, they looked beautiful and now it was time for the flower girl. Kurt smiled as Brittany put some lip gloss on her and Phoebe curled her, long dark hair.

Kurt walked over to his bag, grabbed a white rose crown he had got for her and placed it on her head. "You look beautiful."

"Really?" she asked shyly looking at herself in the mirror. Kurt nodded his head and kissed her cheek. "Thank you."

11: 30 am ~ 2 hours and 30 minuets until the wedding

"We need to be at the church by 1. Lets start getting ready guys." Stated Daniel.

"But the ceremony starts at 2..?" said Blaine.

"Yeah, but the groom, best man and groomsmen have to be there early to greet the guests and make sure everything is okay." He rolled his eyes and sent him into the shower. After everyone had showered, they got out their suits. The suits were all the same, simple and black; the only difference was that the best man and groomsmen had to wear bow ties while the groom wore a plain black tie. Blaine applied his hair gel and by the time everyone was ready it was time to leave.

12:36 pm ~ 1 hour and 24 minuets until the wedding

Phoebe was already ready and was just finishing up Brooke's hair when Kurt had finished his hair. He smiled and put on his bow tie as he looked around the room. The other's were starting to put on their dresses and Quinn - who was already ready - had gotten out her camera. She took a photo of herself and then turned to camera to Phoebe and took a photo of her doing the bride's hair. Kurt grinned and turned back to the mirror just as Quinn took a photo of him; the shot was amazing, he was facing the mirror but he was shown smiling in it. She then turned to Santana and Brittany who had their dresses on and were holding hands. She pointed the camera up at them and grinned as she got a photo of Brittany kissing her girlfriend's cheek. She looked around for Aimee and found her looking out of the window in her dress, the light from outside was shining on her beautifully. "Aimee!" she laughed as she looked up and got a perfect photo. Phoebe sent Brooke into the other room to get her dress on and a couple of minuets later, she walked out. Her makeup was simple like the others and her hair was curled and had two pieces from the sides come round and formed a bow; she looked gorgeous. Brittany picked up the veil - that had been passed down by their mother for their 'something old' - and placed it on her head. Kurt looked down at his watch and realized it was time for him to join the other groomsmen.

"I'll see you soon!" He grinned as he left for the church.

1:15 pm ~ 45 minuets until the wedding

Blaine looked around the church with the others and made sure everything was perfect. There were blue flower's everywhere for their 'something blue' and looked amazing. He turned around to see Cooper stood at the doorway. "Hey."

"Hi." Blaine smiled slightly.

"It's nice," Cooper nodded looking around the room.

"Yep." agreed Blaine popping the 'p'.

They stood in an awkward silence for a little while until cooper couldn't take it anymore. He ran over to him and started crying as he pulled him in for a hug. "I love you so much, Squirt." Blaine hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry for not keeping my promise, I failed you. I knew you were gay and I shouldn't have left the room when you came out... I should have been there when I had promised, I should have stood up for you." He breathed. "... I should have when we came to your school. I wanted to call you and mom but dad told me not to and I was scared... but that doesn't matter, you needed me and I fucked up. I promised you and we never broke are promises to each other..."

"Your here now." stated Blaine as he shut his eyes and hugged his brother tighter. "Your here now." He repeated mainly to himself.

"And I'll never let you go."


"Promise." Cooper kissed his forehead. "I really, really promise." He breathed.

1:30 pm ~ 30 minuets until the wedding

Kurt had been greeted by a couple of people as he got to the church. He had met Nick and noticed that he and Phoebe really did look alike and had talked to Daniel for little bit until people started to show up. He walked inside the church and stopped and leaned against the door when he saw Blaine and Cooper talking, laughing and what seemed like bonding. Kurt smiled as he watched them, that's what he wanted; Blaine to be happy. He walked further into the room and grinned as Blaine hugged him and kissed him swiftly on the lips. "Kurt, Cooper." Laughed Blaine "Cooper, Kurt." They all laughed and Kurt and Cooper shook hands. They all began to chat until guests started to come into the room and take seats so they took that as there que to go see the groom.

"Blainers!" Yelled Wes, Jeff and David from behind the church door. Blaine ran over to them and hugged them leaving Kurt and Cooper to walk up behind him.

"You two look good together." Smiled Cooper.

"Thanks..." blushed Kurt. "You two seem to be..." He attempted to search his brain for words but failed.



"I think we are."

1:52 pm ~ 8 minuets until the wedding

The girls made sure nobody was outside the church - other then Brooke and Brittany's father and Ryan - and then got out of their cars. Santana looked at her phone. "7 minuets!" They looked at each other to make sure they all looked okay. Brooke adjusted her necklace she borrowed from Brittany as her 'something borrowed' and tried to breathe. Quinn handed her the new flower bouquet as her 'something new' and gave Aimee the basket of flower petals and they all walked toward Mr Pierce and Ryan.

"You look beautiful sweetie." Smiled Mr Pierce.

"Really pretty." Smiled Ryan - who had the rings ready on the cushion.

"Thank you!" she grinned. "Make sure you don't lose those rings!"

"I wont!"

Santana looked at her phone again. "2 minuets!" She seemed excited.

"You ready?" Brooke asked Ryan.

"Do I have to go first..?" He asked nervously. Brooke was about to open her mouth when the 'Here Come's the Bride' music started to play. The bridesmaids stood behind Aimee and Ryan, the maid of honor stood behind them and Mr Pierce took Brooke's arm. Ryan's eyes widened as the doors opened and Aimee noticed. She stood next to him and took his hand and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed as he looked at her and smiled, she squeezed his hand and let go as she took hold o the basket and began to scatter the petals as they began to walk down the isle. Blaine held Kurt's hand as he watched them walk down the isle and took in their appearances one by one. Ryan was wearing the same as him and the groomsmen, and was walking next to Aimee who was wearing a white tutu dress - perfect for her - with a light pink ribbon wrapped around her waist and tied into a bow at the back. She looked at him and grinned as he winked. All the bridesmaids and the maid of honor were wearing pastel pink dresses that were all different styles. Phoebe, who was behind Ryan and Aimee, had a strapless empire dress with a long skirt and behind her was Quinn who was wearing a knee-length, one shoulder, sweetheart neckline dress. Santana was wearing a strapless sweetheart neckline, sheath dress that went down to her knees and Brittany's was a knee-length, strapless tutu dress. Brooke looked amazing and her father was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Everyone grew silent as the priest began to speak. "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Brooke and Daniel in holy matrimony..." And Blaine couldn't help but notice Noah's eyes on Quinn - he was completely clueless as to why he hadn't asked her out yet... He looked around the room to see Burt and Carole sat near Will and Emma. Will caught eyes with him, smiled slightly and mouthed 'are you okay?'. Blaine nodded and smiled. He continued to scan the room and saw the New Directions near them, Finn seemed to be falling asleep and the others - apart from Noah who was still checking out Quinn - were watching nicely. Then he saw Wes, David and Jeff. He had to hold back a laugh when Jeff smacked David round the head for falling asleep. He felt Kurt rest his head on his shoulder and kissed it then turning his attention to the girls. Brittany was stood holding the bouquet and watching the ceremony smiling sweetly, as was Phoebe. Santana looked a mix between bored and happy as she kept looking from the couple to Brittany and Quinn was watching the ceremony while stealing glances in Noah's direction. He then looked down to his beautiful sister; she was smiling uncontrollably. She was so cute when it came to love, even if she was only 4. She looked up at him and waved slightly. He chuckled and grinned, waving back. He then turned his attention back to the ceremony. "...Now, please face each other and take each other's hands." They did so and smiled at each other. "Do you have the rings?"

"Yes." They replied as Ryan lifted up his pillow and smiled.

"Do you, Daniel take this woman, Brooke as your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part?"

"I do." he grinned.

"Do you, Brooke take this man, Daniel as your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part?"

She looked straight into his eyes as she answered. "I do." And with that they place the rings on each other's fingers.

"Please join hands, look into each other's eyes, and repeat after me:" said the priest. "I, Daniel,"

"I, Daniel," Daniel looked into her eyes and took her hands.

"take thee, Brooke,"

"take thee, Brooke,"

"as my lawful wedded wife,"

"as my lawful wedded wife,"

"to have and to hold,"

"to have and to hold,"

"from this day forward,"

"from this day forward,"

"for better, for worse,"

"for better, for worse,"

"for richer, for poorer,"

"for richer, for poorer,"

"in sickness and in health"

"in sickness and in health"

"for as long as we both shall live."

"for as long as we both shall live."

The priest smiled and turned to Brooke. "I Brooke,"

"I Brooke," She smiled softly.

"take thee, Daniel,"

"take thee, Daniel,"

"as my lawful wedded husband,"

"as my lawful wedded husband,"

"to have and to hold,"

"to have and to hold,"

"from this day forward,"

"from this day forward,"

"for better, for worse,"

"for better, for worse,"

"for richer, for poorer,"

"for richer, for poorer,"

"in sickness and in health"

"in sickness and in health"

"for as long as we both shall live."

"for as long as we both shall live."

"Now, By the power vested in me by the State of Ohio, I now pronounce you husband and wife." Everyone began to smile. "you may now kiss each other." And that's when Daniel pulled her in for a long meaningful kiss and everyone in the church began to cheer and everyone began to hug. Blaine hugged Cooper and then kissed Kurt passionately on the lips as did Brittany and Santana.

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