Give My Heart A Break

Brooke and Daniel's Wedding Reception

18th of May

Brooke and Daniel's Wedding Day



Around an hour later, after lots of photos were taken, everyone arrived at the hotel and went into the room were the reception was being held. It was pretty big, there were lights everywhere, a large dance floor in the middle of the room leading up to a stage and DJ at the end of the room. All around it were tables for the guests with balloon centerpieces in the middle of each of them along with a bar near the entrance. The maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, flower girl, ring bearer and Wes, David and Jeff sat on the long, main table at the front of the dance floor, leaving 2 seats for the bride and groom. And on the end of the table there was the 3 tier, heart shaped wedding cake that looked amazing. Will, Emma, Burt, Carole and the New Directions were on the table next to them and the bride and groom's family's were on the table next to them. Eventually everyone was hushed by the DJ. "Now, may I please have your attention as we welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Brooke Duval! Please join me in congratulating the happy couple!" Everyone clapped and cheered as Brooke and Daniel walked hand in hand into the room and straight to the dance floor wearing microphones. The music began to play and practically everyone's eyebrows shot up when they heard what song it was and Brooke began to sing.

( A/n: Daniel/Brooke/Both.)

Take my hand, take a breathPull me close and take one stepKeep your eyes locked on mine,And let the music be your guide.

"Oh my god, I love this song!" exclaimed Noah making everyone look at him with a raised eyebrow. "... not that I've ever seen the movie..."

"But we went to see it..." stated Finn gaining a glare from Noah and everyone laughed then turned their attention back to the dancing couple.

Won't you promise me (now won't you promise me, that you'll never forget)We'll keep dancing (to keep dancing) wherever we go next

It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like youIt's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we doAnd with every step together, we just keep on getting betterSo can I have this dance (can I have this dance)Can I have this dance

Take my hand, I'll take the leadAnd every turn will be safe with meDon't be afraid, afraid to fallYou know I'll catch you threw it allAnd you can't keep us apart (even a thousand miles, can't keep us apart)'Cause my heart is (cause my heart is)wherever you are(can I have this dance)Can I have this dance

Oh no mountains too high enough, oceans too wide'Cause together or not, our dance won't stopLet it rain, let it pourWhat we have is worth fighting forYou know I believe, that we were meant to be

It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you

(like you)It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do (way we do)(can I have this dance)Can I have this dance

Can I have this danceCan I have this dance

They finished with a kiss and everyone cheered, clapped and even a few people wolf-whistled. After everyone had quietened down the DJ announced the 'Father/Daughter Dance'. Daniel sat down as Brooke called up Brittany and their dad to dance. Blaine's eyes went to Aimee as many father and daughter's got up to dance. Aimee was smiling sadly as she watched people dance. Blaine and Cooper looked at each other and sighed. Will noticed, got up from the table and walked towards her. "May I have this dance?" he asked politely, holding out his hand.

Their eyebrows shot up but she smiled slightly. "Really?" He just nodded and grinned when she agreed. They walked to the dance floor and did that adorable thing where she stood on his feet as they danced until the song ended and it was time for the 'Mother/Son Dance' and a rather pregnant Emma - who had been watching Will and Aimee - made her way over to Blaine and asked to dance. He accepted and they made their way to the dance floor with all the mom's and son's.

They danced pretty well - considering there was a pretty big baby in the way - until the song ended and it was time for the welcome toast by the bride's father. He stood up and smiled proudly. "I just wanted to welcome you all here today," He began. "I raise my glass to toast my daughter, Brooke. She's dreamed of this day since she was a young girl, and now her dream has come true, complete with her very own Prince Charming. Brooke and Daniel," He looked over at them as he spoke. "I wish you much love and happiness in your new life together." He then turned to everyone else in the room. "I ask you all to join me to today in congratulating the bride and groom and wishing them all the best for a long and happy life together." Everyone smiled and raised their glasses to the toast. And a couple of minuets later, it was time for the first course; salad. Kurt sat there eating happily while Blaine - who was obviously sat next to him - was looking around the table. On the end of the table with the cake was Ryan facing Quinn, sat between Ryan and Kurt was Aimee who was facing Santana. Next to Santana, facing Kurt, was Brittany who was sat next to her sister, Brooke. Brooke was facing him and was sat next to Daniel who was facing Cooper. Next to Cooper was Phoebe who was across the table from Nick who was sat next to his boyfriend Jeff. She was also sat next to Wes who was facing Jeff and on the end of the table was David. They all ate while talking about anything that popped to mind and it was petty awesome, Blaine could tell that everyone was happy; the way it should be... He then noticed Quinn and Puck looking at each other and rolled his eyes, then he saw Santana and Brittany's joined hands. Well... that explains a lot. Blaine smiled to himself and after the salad it was time for the toasts.

As the made of honor, Brittany stood up first and picked up her cup - she had the kids drink because she didn't want to get drunk. "Hi everyone!" She smiled happily. "Santana helped me write a toast..." She picked up a piece of paper and showed it so everyone could see it was wrote in crayon. "... Okay, so for those who don't know me, I'm Brittany, Brooke's younger sister. I wrote a little story down because Santana told me that its nice to share a story about the bride and groom or something..." She looked over at them and began to tell the story. "Well, it all started when they were in high school. She had just broke up with this guy who cheated on her and then Kurt, Quinn, Santana and me took her to a party to try to cheer her up and in walked Daniel... she was staring at him, drooling." Everyone laughed lightly while Brooke's face turned bright red. "He came over and they started talking... then later on they were making out." She grinned. "Then, next thing she knew... they were falling for each other and she was pregnant by graduation. It was okay though, to be honest some people thought that he was going to run but he didn't. He stayed and they went to college together and raised a beautiful little boy called Ryan." She winked at Ryan and carried on with her toast. "And I just want so say how happy I am for you both and I'm happy that we have a new person in our family. Well, at a wedding the two family's join together so i'm pretty sure that means that all of you our part of our family really." She laughed lightly as she raised her glass along with everyone else.

She sat down next to a blushing Brooke as Nick stood up. "Hey everyone, I'm Nick, Daniel's little brother." He smiled and took a breath. "Well, now that you all know what happened in their relationship, i want to tell you about my brother during this time." He grinned and looked at Wes, Jeff, David, Blaine and Cooper who started laughing at Daniel's face. "Well, lets start with the party... we were there with him." He gestured to his boys. "We never met you guys," He looked over at Kurt and the girls. "Cooper, Jeff and I walked over to say 'hi' when we saw them making out, but the others didn't meet her until later. But anyway, my brother was well... he was smart and got pretty good grades but he also got into a little trouble, although that was probably because of Blaine and I." He smirked. "He always took the blame for us and then dealt with his horrible love life. Then when he met Brooke he was so happy and we were all happy that he fell in love, his love life wasn't horrible anymore... Even though he would talk about her ALL the time." He laughed lightly. "But, he's happy and like Brittany said, we got a new family out of it! So... I love you guys and wish you the best." He finally finished and sat back down. After that, it was time for the main meal and even though he had no idea what it was, Blaine enjoyed it. And eventually everyone got up and started dancing as Santana and Brittany got up on the stage and started singing.

Everyone had an amazing time and soon it was time for a slow song. The song began to play and most people went into pairs - The newly weds, Finn and Rachel, Santana and Brittany, Nick and Jeff, Mike and Tina, Sam and Mercedes - who were apparently now dating - and anyone else who was with someone. Blaine looked over to see Noah sat drinking something and glancing over at Quinn ho was sat with Aimee and Ryan. He and Kurt walked over to him, hand in hand. "Hey." Blaine smiled knowingly.

"Sup." He said simply.

"Why don't you ask someone to dance, Puckerman?" asked Kurt as he looked around sarcastically. "Oh, I know what about Quinn over there!?" He mused gaining a glare from the boy with a mohawk.

"She won't dance with me..."

"Dude, seriously..." grinned Blaine. "She's into you!" Noah just stayed silent making him roll his eyes. "... Fine, if you don't then I will!" Puck raised an eyebrow, daring him. Blaine just laughed and began to walk towards her, Noah's eyes went wide when Blaine shouted over to her. "Hey, Quinn!" He stood up, practically ran over and grabbed his shoulder. Blaine tapped the boys face and pushed him closer to Quinn.

"Hi Puck." She smiled sweetly. Kurt and Blaine were dancing again along with Ryan and Aimee ho were holding hands and swaying along to the music.

"Hey," He grinned. "do you wanna dance?" He asked holding out his hand, she nodded and took it. They walked onto the dance floor and began to slow dance. Noah sighed happily when she rested her head on his chest. He rolled his eyes when he saw Blaine wink at him. As the song ended Quinn looked up at him and hugged him close then as she pulled away they locked eyes again. She leaned in and kissed him and Noah kissed her back passionately. They pulled away for air and stared at each other. Puck opened his mouth to say something but then closed it - he had no words. He leaned in and kissed her again. "So," He grinned. "You wanna go out sometime?"

"Yes." She smiled and kissed him swiftly on the lips.

"You know what this means?" She smirked as he raised and eyebrow. "I'm your girlfriend now, so no messing around with other girls." He just laughed lightly and kissed her softly.

A couple of hours later Mr and Mrs Duval cut the cake and then went on stage. "We just want to thank you all for coming to our wedding!" Grinned Daniel.

"We love you all!" Brooke laughed. "Now, everyone get ready." She gestured to the Bouquet in her hands and watched as everyone turned to her. "Lets see who's next!" And with that she turned and threw it behind her. It flew over many peoples heads making them turn to see who caught it. Everyone's eyebrows raised and they began to laugh as they saw Blaine with the Bouquet is his hand. Kurt laughed lightly as he gestured to it and winked at him.

The rest of the night went by with dancing and drinking and it was amazing most of the guests had already left as it was getting pretty late. The only people left were the staff, newly weds, Wes, Jeff, Ryan, Noah, Quinn, Aimee, David, the best man, Maid of honor, groomsmen and the bridesmaids.

Blaine glanced around the room to see that Aimee and Ryan were sat down on a table eating cake and drinking lemonade; he grinned as they waved at him. He carried on around the room and saw Nick and Jeff, Santana and Brittany, Puck and Quinn and - surprisingly - Wes and Phoebe were dancing and making out, he laughed lightly and smiled at Cooper who was talking to Daniel and Brooke. He then turned his attention to Kurt who looked both shocked and worried. He followed his stare and saw the neanderthal at the door.

What the fuck is he doing here?

Blaine stopped dancing and clenched his fists, Kurt noticed and put his hand on his arm. He loosened and looked over at him. "Blaine, please don't do anything stupid." He pleaded.

Blaine took a deep breath and took his hand. "He can't be here..." He looked back over at the door too see Karofsky spot him and begin to move towards him. Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand and watched and Blaine began to speak. "What are you doing here Karofsky?"

"I just came to see the party!" He yelled and smirked as people turned to look at them and Blaine moved in front of Kurt to protect him. "Oh, no..." He laughed. "Don't worry, I don't want him this time. I told you this wasn't over and I made sure you understood that" He raised his eyebrow as he saw Blaine's confused face then laughed as it hit him. "Oh, he didn't tell you..?" He looked at Kurt and watched as Blaine furrowed his eyebrows.

"Tell me what?" Blaine asked looking at Kurt.

"My last message." stated Karofsky. "A couple of days ago, while he was in the dumpster, I told your little fairy that if you didn't come this time we would come to you." He gestured back to the door where the football team were standing. Everyone around them looked either shocked or confused. Brooke was trying to get people away from the scene while Wes, Jeff, Nick, David and Noah were standing back; ready to get into this if they had too. Cooper was now stood next to the bar eyeing Blaine and Karofsky. Blaine was guarding Kurt and the girls were with Ryan, Aimee, Brooke and Daniel - all apart from Santana who looked ready to pounce on someone if they fucked up the night even more then they already were. He looked back to Blaine and realized that he could still tell how the boy was feeling - sure everyone could see that he was pissed - but Cooper could tell he was hurt to. He put down the drink he had forgot he was holding and leaned against the wall next to the bar.

Blaine looked at Kurt - obviously hurt - he gave Kurt a look to say Why didn't you tell me? Kurt just looked at him guiltily. I'm sorry.

Blaine nodded slightly and loosened his grip on Kurt's hand as a sign for him to step back, which he did. Santana took his arm and dragged him over to her as Blaine spoke. "You couldn't of came to me yourself...?"

"If was more fun this way." Karofsky stated. "This way, we could give him a couple of bruises and piss you off even more."

Blaine clenched his fists again, Kurt noticed and tried to walk towards him but got pulled back by Santana. Cooper noticed and moved slightly closer in case he was going to be needed. "Blaine, he's not worth it." informed Kurt.

Blaine seemed to calm down slightly at the sound of Kurt's voice, he unchallenged his fists. "I think you and your little crew should leave." He smirked and began to turn around.

"I think we should kick your ass." A footballer yelled making Blaine laugh lightly.

"You assholes do realize that I don't want to spoil this for everyone and you defiantly don't." Blaine warned. "Stay away from Kurt and leave. Now." The footballers seemed a little shocked as everyone began to turn around.

"You know what!?" yelled Karofsky as he grabbed Blaine's shoulder and turned his around. "Screw you." He threw a punch at him causing Aimee to scream. Blaine looked over at her and watched as Brittany picked her up and let her cry into her shoulder while the boys - other then Kurt - were in and beating the shit out of a couple of footballers. Blaine waited until Aimee couldn't see what he was doing and began to fight back, he was pissed off that Aimee had to see that.

The boys managed to get them outside, still fighting. Wes, Nick, David and Jeff managed to get rid of most of the footballers by chasing them down the street. Cooper ran outside to help and urged everyone else to stay inside. He froze and looked for his brother, everyone was yelling, screaming and putting up a good fight. He watched as Noah beat the crap out of one guy, who ended up on the floor and ran over to Blaine who was surrounded by three guys. Cooper's eyes widened. "Get away from my brother!" He ran beside Noah and grabbed the football players. Noah, Blaine and Cooper glanced at each other and exchanged a smirk before teaming up and fighting them together until they all heard the police sirens. Their eyes widened as they all began to run but Noah, Blaine and Cooper froze.

"Police, Hands up."

Perfect. Blaine cursed himself for this, he hated himself for letting this happen.

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