Give My Heart A Break

Yes Father, but Will is our Dad

After Glee Club, which mainly consisted of Rachel trying to get everyone to figure out what to do about nationals on Saturday, Puck decided to walk Quinn home. He took her hand and began to walk outside of school. They walked in silence until Quinn finally asked what was on her mind. "Where is he?" she asked softly.

He glanced at her and then looked straight ahead. "I told him I wouldn't tell anyone, not even you." She nodded and looked at the floor. "You won't say anything..?" He sighed, realizing he did actually want to talk about this with somebody. She shook her head and promised. "He's moved to L.A with Aimee, Cooper and their father."

Quinn froze. "Wait, what? That guy who came and nearly killed him..?"

"Yep," He gulped. "They made a deal that Mr Anderson would get Cooper and I out of jail but Blaine and Aimee had to move to L.A with them..."

Quinn stayed silent for a second to figure out what to say. "Did you know..?"

"What!? No, of course not." He stated. "If I had I wouldn't have let him do it." She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. "But, that's not even the worst part..." She looked up at him and frowned. "...I'm pretty sure his dad is going to send him to a straight camp."


"I know." He sighed.

"We can't let this happen..."

"I know, I just don't know what to do."

"We have to come up with something." She stated and looked over to see that they had got to her house. "Come on."

Aimee was by Blaine's side the whole time; the drive, the flight... the other drive. Now she was asleep in the car, leaning on Blaine, with Cooper on the other side. After a while, Cooper poked Blaine on the arm and gestured out of the window. Blaine looked outside as they pulled into the driveway to see an amazing, massive house. He looked back to Cooper with wide-eyes. 'holly shit.' He mouthed. Cooper just nodded and laughed. After everyone got out of the car, Blaine passed Aimee to Cooper and took out all of the bags. Mr Anderson locked the car and walked inside the house gesturing for them to follow. Blaine followed them inside with wide-eyes as he saw the hallway. "Take Aimee to her room." stated Mr Anderson, to Cooper. "I need a word with Blaine." Cooper nodded and took Aimee upstairs. "Put the bags down." Blaine did as he was asked, followed his father into the living room and sat down where he was instructed. "Now, I wanted you to know where you will be staying until you get sorted out." He handed Blaine a leaflet with the words 'Love in Action - Set Your Child Straight.' wrote on it. "If it where up to me, I'd sent you there now... the only problem is that the program doesn't start until Sunday, so you will have to stay here until then." He sighed. "Come, I'll show you your new room." He stood up - making sure Blaine followed - and walked towards the stairs. Blaine picked up his bags on the way and followed his father up the stairs. They walked to the end of the corridor until they reached a door. Mr Anderson opened it to show an incredibly small room only big enough to fit a single bed. "Go on then." Blaine gulped and walked into the room. He sat on the bed and put his bag down. "Phone." He demanded. Blaine routed through his pockets, found his phone and passed it to him. His father took it and shut the door on his way out.

Cooper put Aimee to bed and didn't even bother unpacking her stuff because he knew they wouldn't be here for long, he was going to figure something out. He then went into his bedroom and flopped onto his bed. He was about to turn the TV on when his phone started ringing. He grabbed it and answered it without even looking at who it was. "Hello?"

"Cooper? It's Puck." He stated on the other end of the phone.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Where are you?" asked another voice.

"Who's this?"


"Oh," he smiled and gave them his address. "Why did you need my address..?"

"So we know where you are." stated Noah.

"Is it true Blaine is getting sent to a straight camp?" asked Quinn.

"I think so, one sec." He sighed and quietly went downstairs to listen into Blaine and his father's conversation.

He held the phone up so that they could hear too. "Now, I wanted you to know where you will be staying until you get sorted out... If it where up to me, I'd sent you there now... the only problem is that the program doesn't start until Sunday, so you will have to stay here until then."

Cooper stood up when he heard his father say that he was showing him to his new room and quickly went back to his room. "We have to get him out of there!" yelled Noah. "They can come live with me..."

"I don't think that Blaine would agree to that..."


"Because it wouldn't be permanent, it wouldn't be a permanent home or family for Aimee..." Cooper sighed. "I think that's one of the reasons he agreed to this; so that Aimee has a permanent home." They stayed silent or a little while to figure out what to say.

"We have a couple of days to figure this out, we'll call you if we think of something." sighed Quinn.

"Me too... bye."


Finn and Kurt walked inside of their house to be greeted by Burt. "Hey, boys." He smiled.

"Hey." sighed Kurt and went straight upstairs.

"What happened?" asked Burt.

"Blaine broke up with him, apparently he was just using him..." Finn walked into the kitchen to get a drink.

"That's got to be a lie, i saw the way they looked at each other..." sighed Carole from the kitchen table.

"That's what I thought, but now he's gone..."

"What do you mean gone?" Burt frowned.

"I don't know, he and Aimee are just gone..."

"Where?" asked Carole.

"Nobody knows, not even Kurt or Mr Schue."

They all glanced at each other worriedly in silence.

"Will have you seen Aimee?!" Emma panicked as he came in threw the door. "I don't know where she is, Cooper took her out for a little while, but their not back yet!" Will slowly walked into the living room and sat down. "Will, are you okay?" He took out the letter and picture he had got and passed it to her. She sat down next to him and read the letter. She slowly put it on the coffee table and then they sat there with the same emotion-less expression on their faces, in silence. "Their gone?" Mr Schue nodded and took her hand. "Why?"

"I don't know."

"We love you and that's why its so hard to say goodbye. Where leaving, I can't tell you where or why, but at least now you have more room, you can have a family." she read. "But they're apart of our family..." Mr Schue nodded, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. After just sitting there silence, they eventually ate dinner and went upstairs. Will walked into Blaine's room to see something on the bed. He picked it up to see it was a photo of Emma, Aimee, Blaine and himself at christmas time, with a post-it-note stuck on it. This is for you, we have the other ones I took. - Blaine.x He sat on the bed and stared at it for a little until he was interrupted by Emma walking into the room, holding Aimee's unicorn teddy. "They left this." She smiled, tearing up.

"And this..." He held up to photo for her to see as she sat down. Emma rested her head on his shoulder and the looked at the photo, holding the teddy and each other tight.

Aimee woke up in a bedroom she had never seen before, she knew she must be at Mr Anderson's house and decided to look for Blaine. She quietly got out of bed and walked looked inside each room, she eventually got to the door on the end of the corridor and opened it to see Blaine laid on a bed, taking up the whole room. She walked inside and got onto the bed, shutting the door behind her. "Aimee?" sighed Blaine, wide awake.

"I want to go home." she stated, crying onto his chest.

"Home?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Will and Emma's."

"So do I, Little Darlin'." He kissed her head. "So do I."

"Then why don't we?"

"Because we can't..."

"But I don't like it here and Mr Anderson scares me."

"What about Coop?" He asked, ignoring the pang of guilt go through his chest.

"I like Cooper," She smiled slightly. "He doesn't like him very much either."

"He's our father..." Blaine attempted.

"Yes, Father." She stated looking him directly in the eyes. "But Will is our Dad."

Kurt got up the next morning after having hardly any sleep and looked like shit, he made himself look slightly presentable and then just laid on his bed, not caring if he messed up his hair. He took out his phone to see if he had a missed call or even a text from Blaine, nothing. He sighed to himself and looked through his photos. There where loads from the wedding. He kept going along - seeing everyone's grinning faces - smiling slightly. Until he came to one of himself, Blaine and Aimee. He felt his heart break as he kept going through his photos to see loads of himself and Blaine. He eventually stooped and put his phone into his pocket, he froze when he saw the promise ring on his finger.

"It's a promise ring..." He took one out and placed it on Kurt's finger and held up a chain, that was around his neck, to show an identical one on it. "You have one and I have one to show how much I love you, how much I care about you and how special you are to me. I promise to stick by you and stand up for you, I promise to tell you how amazing and beautiful you are and i promise to love and support you as much as i can. I promise that I'll always be there when you need me and I will never force you into doing anything your not comfortable with."

He then thought about what happened after the promise; he and Blaine had sex for the first time. They'd had it more afterwords but that was special. Kurt furrowed his eyebrows as he realized how he was apparently another one of his 'fuck buddies' but that didn't really make sense since they carried on dating and Blaine told him he loved him every single day. We weren't just 'fuck buddies'. He thought. But he's still gone... maybe it was all just a show.on dating and Blaine told him he loved him every single day. That last thought made his heart break all over again and he suddenly never wanted to see the boy's face again.

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