Give My Heart A Break

We have a plan, I have to find them

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Warning: Sexual References and Swearing.

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"Okay," Mr Schue smiled as he walked into Glee Club. His face dropped as he glanced at Blaine's chair but he got back to what he was about to say. "So… Nationals are on Saturday and I got the letter to show where the competition is this year, drum roll Finn," He pointed to Finn who began to hit the drums. "L.A!" Everyone - apart from Kurt and Puck - began to clap. Kurt was happy they were going and so was Puck, but they wanted Blaine there. Noah crossed his arms and leaned further down on his chair as Mr Schue began to speak again. "Now, I know that Blaine had a solo, but we need someone else to sing it... along with his part in the final song." He sighed.

People started nominating themselves until Quinn spoke up. "Mr Schue?"

"Yes Quinn?"

"I think, since he has never had a real solo in a competition, that Puck should get Blaine's solo." She smiled and -along with everyone else - looked at Noah sat next to her.

"Puck?" asked Mr Schue. Puck's eyebrows shot up, he glanced at Quinn who gave him a look to urge him to say yes, so he did. "Great. And Sam, would you sing his part in 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light?"

"I guess." He agreed.

"Aimee, Blaine, Cooper!" yelled Mr Anderson from down the stairs. They all walked down and joined him in the living room.

"Yes dad?" asked Cooper.

"I was wondering what you were all planning to do today."

"Well, I-" started Blaine.

"Cooper, I want you to take Aimee out, show her around and what-not." He stated.

"What about Blaine?" asked Cooper.

"Oh, Blaine's just going to stay in today. Isn't that right." Blaine nodded at him and followed the others as they went upstairs. Aimee and Cooper got ready to go and Blaine did Aimee's hair.

"I don't want to go without you." She said quietly.

"It's going to be okay, your with Cooper." Blaine smiled. "Cooper's okay, right?" He waited for her to nod until he proceeded. "He's going to be here to take care of you, I trust him." She nodded again and hugged him.

"Quinn!" called Noah as he ran up to her.

"Hey." She smiled, kissing him.

"Why did you want me to sing a solo, I don't even want it."

"Well, if the plan works then you won't have to have it.."

"Plan?" He rose his eyebrow slightly and grinned proudly as she smirked.

"Hey guys," grinned Finn walking past them with Rachel. "emergency Glee Club meeting!"

"We'll talk later." stated Quinn, taking Noah's hand and walking him to the Choir room. They walked inside and sat in their usual seats.

"Where's Mr Schue?" asked Puck as Finn, Santana and Brittany stood up at the front.

"Shut it, Puckerman." warned Santana. She looked around to see everyone was in their own conversations and raised an eyebrow. "Okay... You know what? You know what? Hey!" she yelled, getting everyone's attention. "If you pack of losers don't shut your pie-holes right now Auntie Snixx won't hesitate to go all Lima Heights on your sorry asses!" Everyone's eyes widened and Santana smirked triumphantly. "Okay, take it away Squishy Tits." She sighed and took Brittany's hand.

Finn rolled his eyes and stepped forward. "Thanks Santana... guy's, I'm worried about Kurt." At that moment Quinn and Noah looked around to see he wasn't actually present. "He's..." As Finn made his speech about depressed Kurt was, Santana looked around the room and watched everyone's reactions; she noticed everyone was sad but there was something different about Puck and Quinn. "...we need to get Blaine back... we all know how he really feels about Kurt..." Santana observed as Puckerman puckered his lips and looked around the room. She then looked to Quinn and raised an eyebrow at her face. Puckerman only does that when he's hiding something and Quinn's wearing her 'I know something you don't' look. She thought about it for a second and narrowed her eyes as she realized. They know where the Other Gay is.

Cooper took Aimee everywhere he could think of and then they ended up sat behind the Hollywood sign drinking slushies. It was a bit of an awkward silence until cooper broke it with a very important question... "Do you want a Red Vine?"

Aimee looked up at him and grinned. "Yes please!"

He laughed lightly and handed her one. They both put it in their slushies and began using it as a straw in unison. "Hey! I thought I was the only one that did that!" laughed Cooper and Aimee just giggled. "Does Blaine do it?"

"Nope!" She smiled. "He thinks it's disgusting."

They laughed and drank in a comfortable silence until cooper finally asked what had been on his mind for a while. "H-how has it been? With Mom... and Blaine?"

Aimee hesitated but then remembered Blaine. He's going to be here to take care of you, I trust him. "Blaine told me she was sick and I saw her before we went to Will and Emma's and she was drinking 'Vodka'." She rested her head on Cooper's shoulder as she continued. "Blaine was really sad for a while... and he didn't even believe in love, until..."

"He met Kurt?" asked Cooper with a slight smile. She nodded and smiled. "Do you miss everyone?"

"Yes. I thought we were a family."

Cooper didn't know what to say to that so they sat in silence again until another question came to mind. "Did you remember me..?"

Aimee looked up and him and nodded. "Yes." She smiled. "I remembered you. I drawed you sometimes." She kissed his cheek and hugged him. "Me and Blaine love you Coop."

"I love you too." He said truthfully holding back tears.

They stayed like that for a moment until Cooper's phone started ringing. He grabbed it and looked to see it was Puck. He answered it straight away and didn't even get an chance to speak before Quinn did. "We have a plan."

"Puckerman!" yelled Santana as she strutted up to both Puck and Quinn in the corridor with Brittany following her. "We needs to talk." She grabbed his jacket and shoved him into the next empty classroom.

"Santana!" yelled Quinn as she and Brittany walked into the class after them.

"Whoa!" Noah held up his hands in surrender. "What's going on?!"

"Where is he?" she demanded.

"Who?" He puckered his lips again as he played dumb.

"Don't play dumb with me or I'll go all Snixx on your ass!"

Noah raised an eyebrow and sat on a table with crossed arms. Santana's lips parted slightly as she as shocked that he wasn't telling her. She went to slap him when Quinn spoke up. "He's in L.A."

Santana froze. "What?" Everyone turned to look at her.

Quinn took a deep breath and they told them everything they knew. Including the plan. "...and that's why Puck has that solo."

"Does Mr Schue know?" asked Brittany.


"And he can't know. Or this won't work." stated Noah. "This stays between us and Cooper."

Will sat at the kitchen table re-reading his letter, over and over again trying to think about how to find them, when he got a knock at the door. He opened his front door to see Burt, Carole, Wes, Nick, David and Jeff. "Hi."

"Hey." Smiled Burt. "Can we talk?"

"Sure... come on in." Will opened the door wider and leaded them to the living room where Emma was. Burt and Carole took seats while the boys stood. "Is this about Blaine and Aimee?"

"Do you know where they are?" asked Emma.

And that got everyone talking, trying to think of how to find them, while Will was sat there thinking about the letter he had memorized; analyzing it over and over again.

'We love you and that's why it's so hard to say goodbye.'

'We're leaving, I can't tell you where or why,'

'You'll be okay and so will Aimee.'

He suddenly stopped thinking for a second and thought about that. 'You'll be okay and so will Aimee.' You'll be okay and so will Aimee. What about him... won't he be okay?

"He's not going to be okay." He thought out-loud. And that's when everyone turned to look at him. "He won't be okay... but Aimee will."

"Did you have a good time with Cooper?" Asked Blaine as he tucked Aimee into bed.

"Yes," She yawned. "I just wish you came."

"I love you Little Darlin'." He sighed and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too Blainey." She smiled.

"Good night."

Emma woke up to hear banging and thumping. She turned to see Will wasn't there and got out of bed. "Will?" Called Emma as she walked into Blaine's bedroom to see him looking through the room hurriedly. "Will." She repeated. He carried on trashing the room looking for something. "Will, Stop!" She placed a hand on his shoulder making him finally stop. "Please." She sat on the floor, facing him and cupped his face.

He looked into her eyes and suddenly started crying. "I need to find something. anything." He sobbed. "I have to find them."

"We will." She stated, tearing up. "I promise you we will. No matter what."

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