Give My Heart A Break

Goodbye Blaine

Day of Nationals


4:30 pm ~ 30 minuets until nationals.

Blaine was still sat there leaning against the wall when he heard a soft, small voice from the doorway. "Blaine?" He looked up to see Aimee and Cooper stood there with a small smiles on their faces. "Let's go."


"We have to." She looked deep into his eyes and smiled at him. "We're not happy here... we're happy in Lima with Will and Emma and Kurt and the guys and the New Directions..."

Blaine sighed as she came and sat on his lap. "But Mr An-Dad, can give you what you need."

She laughed and shook her head. "He can't give me what I need Blainey, you can." He frowned slightly and watched her glance and smile at Cooper. "All I need is love, Blainey."

5 pm ~ Nationals

The New Directions began to walk onto the stage and take their spots when Santana got pulled to the side.

"...Please welcome our first contestants. From William McKinley High School, in Lima, Ohio..."

"Hey!" she yelled until she realized who it was. "Oh my god!" She grinned and pulled the short boy in for a hug. "I knew you would come." She grabbed his arm and led him to the dressing room. She grabbed a bag and threw it at him. "Change, its your solo after this song."

She went to leave the room when Blaine grabbed her arm. "Thank you Santana." She just smiled and nodded - knowing exactly that he was talking about what she had said before she left The Anderson's house - and ran to her position on the stage as he got changed. She was grinning from ear to ear, gaining questioning looks from her team mates. She winked at Noah, Quinn and Brittany as the curtains went up and the music started playing.

"The New Directions!"

Finn: Well, I remember every little thing As if it happened only yesterday Parking by the lake And there was not another car in sight And I never had a girl Looking any better than you did And all the kids at school They were wishing they were me that night

Puck with New Directions: And now our bodies are oh so close and tight It never felt so good, it never felt so right...

"You ready?" asked Cooper as Blaine made his way to the side of the stage.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be." He took a deep breath and hugged Cooper. "Thank you, for everything."

"I love you, Squirt."

"I love you too, Coop."

Finn and Rachel with New Directions: Felt so right! Felt so good! Paradise! (Mercedes: Ooh yeah!)

Santana gestured for Noah to look over at Blaine and watched as he breathed a sigh of relief. The New Directions made their way off the stage, giving Noah the stage. They all - except Santana - frowned when Noah followed them. Mr Shue's eyes widened as Noah walked off and he whispered to Emma over the phone. "Puck just walked off the stage..." He was about to stand up and do something when someone walked onto the stage and sat down to play the piano. He furrowed his eyebrows as he realized it wasn't Noah and his eyes widened saw it was Blaine. Will - along with the New Directions, except Noah and Santana - stood there in shock as Blaine began to play an acoustic version of a song they recognized.


Before you met me I was alright but things Were kinda heavy You brought me to life Now every February You'll be my Valentine, Valentine

Blaine caught eyes with Kurt and kept eye contact as he sang to him.

Let's go all the way tonightNo regrets, just loveWe can dance, until we dieYou and I, will be young forever

You make me feelLike I'm livin' aTeenage dreamThe way you turn me onI can't sleepLet's run away andDon't ever look back,Don't ever look back

"Blaine?" asked Emma from the phone.

"That's him." Will breathed.

My heart stopsWhen you look at meJust one touchNow baby I believeThis is realSo take a chance andDon't ever look back,Don't ever look

I'mma get your heart racingIn my skin-tight jeansBe your teenage dream tonightLet you put your hands on meIn my skin-tight jeansBe your teenage dream tonight

The New Directions - other than Kurt who was staring into Blaine's eyes as he sang to him - were all grinning from ear to ear as they saw the audience and judges loving it.

YoooouuuYou make me feelLike I'm livin' aTeenage dreamThe way you turn me onI can't sleepLet's run away andDon't ever look back,Don't ever look back

The audience clapped as he carried on moving both them and the judges.

My heart stopsWhen you look at meJust one touchNow baby I believeThis is realSo take a chance andDon't ever look back,No

I'mma get your heart racingIn my skin-tight jeansBe your teenage dream tonightLet you put your hands on meIn my skin-tight jeansBe your teenage dream tonight

The audience clapped and cheered as he stopped playing, finishing off a pretty good performance. The New Directions walked onto stage as the lights went off.

"Hi." smiled Aimee as she and Cooper hopped onto the seats next to Will.

"Aimee!" He grinned and hugged her.

Will watched as a familiar man sat down next to Cooper. Cooper followed his gaze and looked back with wide eyes. They looked up at Blaine and watched as Blaine saw his father sat there, smirked and shook his head. The music started playing as a spotlight hit Quinn and it seemed to fit for this situation, he was actually happy his father was here to see it. He began to mouth the words to his father as Quinn spoke to the audience.

Quinn:This is a story about control,My control.Control of what I say,Control of what I doAnd this time I'm gonna do it my way

Will and Cooper raised their eyebrows as they saw Blaine glare at Mr Anderson as the lights came back on and he sang and danced with the others.

Blaine: When I was seventeen, I did what people told me, uh I did what my father said, and let my mother mold me But that was a long ago I'm in

Quinn with New Directions:Control (Blaine: And now I've got a lot)Control (Artie: To get what I want)Control (Blaine: Never gonna stop)Control (Artie: And now I'm all grown up)

Artie and Blaine with New Directions:Jam, wooh wooh

Artie:Rebel, that's right

Blaine was done. He'd had enough of his father.

Blaine:Got my own mindI wanna make my own (with Artie and New Directions: decisions)When it has to do with (with New Directions: my life, my life)

Aimee was right what she needed was love and that man could never give that to her.


I wanna be the one in control So let me take you by the hand And lead you on this dance, ah

Blaine: 'Cause what I got is because I took a chance

Artie: I don't wanna rule the world, Just wanna run my life

New Directions: Ooh

Blaine: So make your life a little easier When you get the chance just take

Blaine with New Directions: Control, ooh ooh (Artie: Now I've got a lot) (Artie and Blaine with New Directions: Ooh)

Quinn with New Directions: Control

Artie and Blaine: Now I'm all grown up, wooh! (New Directions: Uh!)

Artie and Blaine with New Directions: Free-ee at last

Artie: Ooh ooh ooh yeah,

Artie and Blaine with New Directons: Hee!

Artie and Blaine: Now control this

Blaine: Uh!

Artie: 'Cause I've got my own mind

Artie and Blaine with New Directions: Gonna make my own decisions

Artie: When it has to do with my life

Blaine: I wanna be the one in control

Artie and Blaine with New Directions: I'm in control (Blaine: Uh) I'm in control (Artie: Ah) I'm in control (Blaine: Uh) I'm in control (Artie: Ah)

And that's when the audience - apart from Mr Anderson - explodes with applause and rises to their feet. The New Directions grinned as they made their way off the stage. "Kur-" Blaine tried to get Kurt's attention but was interrupted.

"Blaine Anderson." Blaine turned around to see a familiar black woman behind him.


"Mr Anderson, I just wanted to know if you arranged the acoustic version of the song you performed yourself."

"Oh, yes." He smiled. "I did."

"Very good." She nodded and walked off leaving Blaine incredibly confused as to where he knew her from. He eventually just shrugged it off and went backstage to see his team mates.

Will, Aimee and Cooper quickly got backstage to congratulate the New Directions. "That was amazing you guys." Grinned Cooper as they walked through the door. He stopped talking when he noticed the silence and the tension in the room. Will followed everyone's stares to see Mr Anderson in the corner and immediately tensed. "Your not allowed back here."

"Well, I came to bring my children back home." He stated smugly.

Blaine clenched his fists and stepped closer only to be stopped by Will. "Lets take a walk." Will lead him outside of the room and looked at him in the eye. "Your not taking them anywhere." He said. "Your going to leave. Your going to leave and stay away from them, stay out of their lives forever."

"Oh yeah?" He questioned. "Who's going to make me?"

"You are." Will smirked making Mr Anderson raise an eyebrow. "You have two choices. Either you leave and stay away from them or I will call the police and get you arrested for child abuse and neglect." They both stared at each other until Mr Anderson raised an eyebrow daring him to do it. Will just shrugged and got his phone out of his pocket. He dialed 911 and lifted the phone up just before he hit the call button. "I have a room full of witnesses in there. Just give me your word... I wont call and you can carry on with what ever you were doing before you came looking for them."

Everyone stayed silent until Mr Schue walked back into the room. He looked straight at Blaine and gestured for him to come closer. Blaine did as instructed and watched as he held out his arms and hugged him. "I'm sorry Will, but I can't go back to him. I can't."

"I know, your not going anywhere." Will sighed, he looked over at Aimee and grinned. "Your coming home." Everyone smiled and Noah was the first one to join in the hug followed by everyone else except Kurt was trying to get his head together in the corner.

While Will went to call Emma everyone greeted Blaine and welcomed him back as he made his way across the room towards the love of his life. "Hi." He smiled.

"Hey." Kurt avoided eye contact with him and looked at the floor.

"Kurt, I-"

"Blaine, don't."


"You left without saying goodbye. I thought we had something... I thought you really loved me."

"We do-"

He scoffed. "You made it quite clear that I was just another one of your 'Fuck Buddies'..."

"I'm sorry Kurt, I'm so sorry. But you have to know tha-" He started.

Kurt stood up and handed him something as he walked past him. "I don't want to hear it. Goodbye Blaine." Blaine felt his heart drop even more as he opened his hand to reveal the boys promise ring.

"And now a round of applause for your top 3 finalists for this years national show choir championship. In 3rd place, all the way from Oregon, The Portland Scale Blazers!" Everyone clapped while the New Directions where frozen, anxiously waiting for the results. "And now ladies and gentlemen quiet please... congratulations to both teams standing with us on stage but now it's time to announce the winner. The 2012 national show choir champions... from McKinley Hig-" The audience went wild as The New Directions all cheered. "The New Directions!" Confetti flew everywhere as everyone hugged and cheered while they were handed the trophy. Kurt turned around to see Blaine and hugged him. They both began to pull away, staring into each others eyes and lent in for a kiss. An amazing, passionate kiss.

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