Give My Heart A Break

Kurt Has A Crush

Kurt walking up to Brittany. She still had here amazing Ke$ha outfit and makeup on."Hey Britt, that was amazing! And I love the style by the way!" He Exclaimed. She turned to face him, gave him a big hug and smiled. "Awh! Thank you my happy, happy unicorn." Blaine walked up behind Kurt, leather jacket over his shoulder, sunglasses on and a cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Sup Britt, that was awesome." Kurt's heart fluttered as he heard the sexy voice of Blaine Anderson, Blaine turned to face him. "How's it goin' baby?" Suddenly Santana came up behind Brittany and said "Hey Britt, Britt!" she turned to see Kurt was blushing and Blaine grinning at him. "Oh my god, are you two dating?!" Blaine's grin turned into a smirk as Kurt's blush became even brighter. "NO, I mean come on… Him?" Kurt said pointing at Blaine. Blaine and Santana raised their eyebrows in unison. "Hey Britt, let's go and give these guys some privacy!" Smirked Santana she linked arms with Brittany, gave Blaine a wink and left Kurt and Blaine, alone, backstage. Kurt's turned to face Blaine "What do you want?" he sighed, Blaine smiled, Holy shit, I love that smile! Kurt thought to himself.

"I came to say that you guys were awesome, it was great. Your all pretty good performers…" Blaine smiled. He took a long drag from his cigarette and then threw it on the floor and when he finished stomping on it he turned to walk away. But, before he started walking Kurt grabbed his arm and said "Why you being so nice to me? Is this a plan to get me to have sex with you?"

"Donno, maybe…" he smirked. Kurt rolled his eyes and gave him his best bitch glare.

"You're such an asshole!"

"Ha! You love me really…"

"Yeah right, like I'd ever even like you!"

Blaine walked up closer to Kurt and pushed him against the wall, trying not to hurt him… "So what you're saying is, you're not attracted to me at all? Not even a little bit?" He said giving Kurt his most charming smile.

"That's the thing though; I just really," really, love that smile… "am not attracted to you… at all!" Kurt lied, trying not to make it obvious.

"So then what if I did this…" Blaine slowly went closer and kissed Kurt's neck. "Would that be okay?" Blaine whispered on Kurt's neck, he then began running his hands up and down Kurt's waist and hips while kissing and sucking on Kurt's neck. Kurt had to try really hard not to let out a huge whine as he felt Blaine's luscious lips on his skin, he closed his eyes and tried to think about something else but couldn't stop thinking about how much he actually did want Blaine right there and then, he couldn't help but think of how hot and god damn sexy he was.

"Your still not attracted to me baby?" He whispered and carried on kissing Kurt's neck, "Tell me you don't want me right now…"

Kurt let a sudden moan slip "Blaine… I…I…" the school bell rang for class. Blaine pulled away, "Wouldn't wanna miss class now would we?" he smirked.

Kurt just rolled his eyes. "Please just leave me alone!" He then walked past Blaine and headed for the hallway.

"You know I can't do that baby!" He shouted watching Kurt walk away.

Kurt practically ran out of the assembly hall, "Of for god's sake…" he sighed walking to math.

"Hey Lady lips!" shouted Santana walking behind him with Brittany, he rolled his eyes.

"Hi girls, I've got to get to math, what's up?"

"Have you seen Blaine Anderson?" asked Brittany.

"Yeah, we left you guys alone to do stuff…" smirked Santana. Kurt put on a sarcastic, fake smile then a bitchy glare. "Oh yeah… why did you do that again?!"

"'Cos you like him…" she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yeah, right!" Kurt said, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, okay" She smirked "I gotta go… see ya later Britt, Britt? Bye Lady Hummel!" Brittany waved and Kurt just rolled his eyes at her again as Santana walked round the corner. Now it was just Kurt and Brittany, the hall was quiet and it was obvious that both Kurt and Brittany were very late for math. Brittany looked at Kurt with a smile.

"Kurt, Santana's gone, you can tell me the truth… You and Blaine like each other; you're both such cute dolphins!" Smiled Brittany turning her head to the side. "You do like him don't you?"

"Britt, I" Sort of… maybe… kinda… like him. "don't like him…" he said, trying to hide his true feelings.

"Kurt, I may not be that weird scientist guy, what's his name?" she sighed


"Oh it doesn't matter! I may not be him, but I'm not stupid, I can tell you have a crush on him…"

Should I tell her? I mean she's one of my best friends… but she's close to Blaine… what if she tells him?! Kurt wondered. Oh wait, what the hell? I'm over reacting I don't even have a crush on him! Do I? No, no of course not!

"Kurt?" Brittany asked, staring at him innocently.

"Oh, I…I…err…"

"Kurt you can trust me, I won't tell him, I won't tell anyone… I promise."

Kurt looked at her, she was innocently smiling and she had kind, truthful eyes…

"Britt, I…I…" He looked from side to side, making sure nobody was listening. "I don't have a crush on him…"

"Aren't you attracted to him?"

"I… err…I"

"Oh my god, you are, aren't you!"

"Ugh… fine!" he stood against the wall, put his head in his hands, slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Brittany watched him then sat down next to him, staring at him.

"I… I…I just think he's just got the most beautiful hazel eyes, the sexiest hair I've ever seen… and he wears the most amazing skinny jeans. And he has most luscious smile that makes my heart skip a beat… I mean wow." He said in a rush, wait what? Did I actually just say that!? You have gotta be shitting me… Kurt blushed deep scarlet. He looked up at Brittany who was still staring at him with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh my god, that's so sweet!"

"But, just 'cos I think that doesn't mean I have a crush on him… right? I mean... he's a complete asshole! all he cares about is sex and how many guys he sleeps with! I mean come on... even Mr Schue hates him... and he doesn't hate anyone, Ugh I hate him so much!"

"Oh Kurt, you know hates really close to love! Just admit it... you have a huge crush on him!" Kurt hit his head back onto the wall when he realized she's right.

"I'm a freaking genius!" She exclaimed, jumping up onto her feet.

"Britt, you're not gonna tell anyone though right? Not even Santana… or Lord Tubbington!?" Kurt asked getting up from the floor.

"No Kurt, you're secrets safe with me! I promise… Oh and just to say, I'm not talking to Lord Tubbington anymore…"


"He's smoking again… and I'm pretty sure he read my diary…"

Awh, Britt's so sweet, although I don't think a cat can smoke, or read… Kurt thought to himself, he knew Brittany wasn't the smartest girl ever but she's an amazing friend who cares about him and loves him.

"Awh! You're such an amazing Unicorn, I love you Brittany!" he smiled, hugging her and holding his adorable best friend close, well one of them... there was still Mercedes.

"Aww Kurt! I love you too… but your biggest unicorn of them all!" she smiled. Kurt laughed as they pulled away from their hug, Brittany took Kurt's hand and said "You and Santana are my best friends in the whole wide world!" She kissed his cheek and they walked hand in hand down the corridor.

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