Give My Heart A Break

Blaine Vs Mr Schue!

Blaine walked down the hallway to his locker wearing his usual pink sunglasses and leather jacket with a cigarette hanging from his lips. The hall was empty because he was around an hour late… He looked at his classes' schedule. "Spanish… Ha, fun…" he grinned. He walked down the hall to Mr Schue's class; he saw the class talking and opened the door leaning against the door. Everyone looked up at Blaine in the door way in silence.

"Why are you late Anderson?" Asked Mr Schue rolling his eyes.

Blaine took a huge deep drag from his cigarette looked around the class and noticed Kurt sat at the back next to Mercedes watching him, he winked at him, making Kurt blush. Then turned to Mr Schue and grinned "Donno Will… Maybe it's 'cos your lessons are shit." Everyone's jaws, including Kurt's, dropped to the floor.

"Language!" Mr Schue exclaimed. "Hand these out and sit down… and get rid of the cigarette!" he handed Blaine a pile of worksheet as Blaine threw the cigarette on the floor and stood on it. Blaine walked round the class, handing out the work when a guy in a wheelchair asked "Blaine is it true you got kicked out of your last 5 schools?" making everyone, including Mr Schue, look at Blaine.

"Yeah it is I'm afraid. You see some people just can't handle me… can they Mr Schue?" Blaine chuckled.

"Alright Blaine, that's enough, thank you." Mr Schue glared at him.

"Ooo, if looks could kill!" laughed Blaine. "You see everyone… that's why Mr Schue got me kicked out of my first school; he didn't know what to do with me. You know, anyone can have a position of authority but, some of 'em aren't really up to the job."

"Blaine!" Mr Schue shouted.

"So I decide to push 'em a bit, make sure they can do it." Blaine smirked looking at Mr Schue.

Mr Schue got to his feet and shouted "Right, Get outside Anderson!" Blaine chucked the rest of the worksheets onto Mike Chang's desk. "Hand 'em out or me bro." He smirked strutting out of the classroom and into the hall way with Mr Schue.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Mr Schue shouted.

"Blai-" Blaine smirked.

"I don't want any more of your crap Anderson, unless you want to get kicked out of McKinley as well. Because believe it or not, I could make that happen quicker than you can light another stupid cigarette. Oh and this is, by the way, the last school that you will actually let you in, in this area!"

"Do I look like I give a shit?!"

"Language Anders-"

"No! Just shut up alright! You're the one that hates me, what do you expect from me when all you do is treat me like shit!?"

"All I want from you is respect! That's all I've wante-"

"Yeah, all that you wanted. That's the thing, you never cared about me! But I can't blame you Will, nobody does!" Blaine shouted walking away from him down the hall and round the corner.

"Blaine, Get back here! Blaine, Stop!" Mr Schue shouted.

Mr Schue walked back into his class and sat down at his desk with a really pissed off look on his face.

"Mr Schue, were did Blaine go?" Brittany asked sweetly.

"He walked out." Said Mr Schue. Brittany looked really confused and turned to talk to Santana, Kurt and Mercedes.

"Why did he walk out?" Asked Brittany.

"How are we supposed to know?" Asked Santana, but not with a bitchy tone like normal… she never used her bitchy tone with Britt.

"Oh. I donno…" said Brittany. Mr Schue looked up at them and said "Get on with your work sheets please!" Santana, Mercedes and Kurt picked up there pens and started on their worksheets. Brittany's phone vibrated as she got a text. She pulled it out and read the text.

Hey Britt-Blaine x

She Smiled and replied…

Heya! What are you doing? Where are ya?-Brittany x

You will just have to find out at lunch… just make sure you go to Mr Schue's office! Okay?-Blaine x

Brittany frowned at that text… What does he mean? What's he up to? She asked herself.

Okay?-Brittany x

Cool. Do me a favour?-Blaine x

What is it?-Brittany x

Give me Kurt's number?-Blaine x

Err… okay.-Brittany x

She smiled. They so belong together! She couldn't stop smiling as she sent Blaine Kurt's number.

I gotta go. Thanks Britt:)-Blaine x

It's cool, Byee! ;)-Brittany x

She decided to text Kurt to tell him Blaine has his number.

Hey Kurtie, Blaine wanted your number!;)-Brittany x

Kurt felt his phone vibrate in his pocket; he got it out and saw the text from Britt.

Hey Britt, OMG really? You didn't give him it though right?!-Kurt x

Kurt read the message again… Blaine wants his number… oh my god, wait why does he want my number? Does he like me back? Oh no way. No… he can't 'cos he doesn't feel emotions. 'cos it's Blaine… the asshole. He's probably just gonna start sending me weird messages trying to get me into his bed… Kurt jumped when his phone vibrated again.

Yeah I gave it to him! Wait why wasn't I supposed to? You do still have a crush on him right? Don't you want him to text you?!-Brittany x

Kurt sighed.

Britt... oh It doesn't matter but, yes I still have a small crush on him. Have you told anyone?!-Kurt x

Oh no of course not! I Promised I wouldn't and I won't and I don't wanna lose one of my best friends in the whole wide world!;)-Brittany x

Hehe. I love you Britt! 3 -Kurt x

Awh! I love you too My Happy, happy Unicorn 3 –Brittany x

Blaine strutted round the corner and into Mr Schue's office. He put Kurt's Number into his phone, making sure he got it right, before he shoved it into his bag. He grabbed two spray cans from his bag. He lifted his red one and started spraying the office window; he then got the black one and started spraying around the writing to make it stand out giving it a shadow effect. He stood back and examined his work; it was good actually, really good. He had covered most of the window in graffiti with the words "Mr Schuester doesn't take crap from anyone!" He smirked at his art, threw his empty cans on the floor, grabbed his bag and strutted out of the school.

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