Give My Heart A Break

Nobody Cares

Kurt sat at the back of the class waiting for lunch to finally come. He still hadn't got a text from Blaine, which he was actually slightly disappointed about. The teacher was rambling on about something he couldn't care less about. His phone buzzed in his pocket and he tried to hide the smile that crawled onto his face when he saw Blaine's name.

Hey Baby, how's it goin'?-Blaine

I'm not your baby! And I'm in biology bored out of my mind. Why did you ask Britt for my number? And where the hell are you?-Kurt

Kurt started typing.

Why do you miss me baby? ;)-Blaine

So he's avoiding my question, why? Kurt thought to himself.

Hahaha... NO!-Kurt

Don't be like that babe.-Blaine x

Kurt rolled his eyes at the text and put his phone away. He couldn't stop the sudden blush that appeared when he realised Blaine put an 'x' on the end of his text. Oh my god, does he have a crush on me? Hahaha… no, he's an asshole, he doesn't actually like me! Assholes don't have emotions; he just wants to get me into bed… Kurt thought to himself. And finally the Lunch bell rang and everyone was out the room. "Hey Kurtie!" shouted Brittany once they got out of class. "Hey Britt" He smiled giving her a sweet, little hug. Suddenly Brittany's phone buzzed, she got it out and read the text.

Hey Britt, Britt! Remember to go to Mr Schue's office! ;)-Blaine x

She smiled.

Heya! And yeah okay I'm going now! :)-Brittany x

She looked up at Kurt and said "Blaine wants me to go to Mr Schue's office, will you come with me?" Kurt sighed and nodded. "Yay! Come on!" She laughed grabbing his hand and practically running round the corner to Mr Schue's office. When they got there Kurt's jaw dropped at the graffiti, Brittany smiled and said "Awh, This art works really pretty!" Kurt looked at her and gave her a little smile.

"Britt, its graffiti…" he said with his head tilted to the side. Brittany frowned.

"Oh, well, who did it?"

Kurt thought for a second and then realized who it obviously was…

"Britt, who told you to come here?"


"And who was having a huge argument with Mr Schue this morning?"


Kurt nodded and both their jaws dropped as they looked at the 'art work' again. Lots of people started to stop and looked at it to and suddenly the hall was full of students talking and whispering about it.

"Oh my god!" shouted Mr Schue his voice made everyone jump. "Right clear out everyone! Get away from the window!"

Everyone, except Brittany and Kurt, eventually walked down the hall, leaving Brittany, Kurt and Mr Schue stood there staring at the graffiti. Mr Schue turned to face them. "Mr Schuester doesn't take crap from anyone!' and who would have wrote that…" he said sarcastically, he obviously knew Blaine did it. He let out a huge sigh and walked round the corner in fury.

Kurt looked at Brittany. "Well that didn't look good…" he sighed.

Blaine was sat outside the school when his phone buzzed. His face lit up and he couldn't do anything but smile when he saw Kurt's name on the screen.

OMG Blaine! What the Fuck?!-Kurt

Blaine chuckled and began typing.

What's up baby?-Blaine x

Don't act dumb, the graffiti?! I know it was you!-Kurt

He sighed and instantly replied…

Oh that… yeah it was me!-Blaine x

You're gonna get kicked out!-Kurt

Blaine's triangle eye brows shot up and a huge smile crawled onto his face. Does he care? Does he not want me to get kicked out? Does he have a crush on me… no, he thinks I'm an asshole… Blaine thought with a bit of a frown. Wait, why do I care what he thinks? It's not like I actually have a crush on the guy… right?

I don't care… do you care baby?-Blaine x

Blaine stared at his phone waiting for a reply; his heart sank when he didn't get one. I knew it, he doesn't care… nobody does he thought to himself trying to blink back tears but letting one fall down his face.

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