Give My Heart A Break

Glee Club?

Blaine strutted down the hall to his locker with a cigarette hanging from his lip like normal. He opened his locker and shoved his books into it.

"Blaine Anderson." Blaine turned around to see Principal Figgins standing behind him.

"Hey Principal Figgins." He smirked throwing the floor and standing on it, Principal Figgins just glared at him.

"To my office…" He walked Blaine to his office were Mr Schue was sat impatiently, Principal Figgins sat behind his desk. Blaine sat down as Mr Schue glared at him and said "What's up?"

Principal Figgins raised an eyebrow. "It has come to my attention that there is some graffiti on Mr Schuster's office window…you wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?"

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't" Blaine shrugged. He turned and smirked at Mr Schue.

"Oh Blaine, It was obviously you, don't even deny it!" Exclaimed Mr Schue.

"Mr Anderson, everyone knows you did it." Said Principal Figgins.

"You can't prove that." Smirked Blaine.

"We probably could…" informed Principal Figgins.

Blaine bit his lip nervously. "Alright fine, it was me." He held his arms up for a sign of surrender.

"I knew it!" Shouted Mr Schue.

"Okay, well…You have two options Blaine," Principal Figgins sighed, Blaine nodded. "I can exclude you from the last school in this area… or… you can join the glee club."

"WHAT?!" Shouted Blaine and Mr Schue in unison jumping up onto their feet.

"You need to learn how to work together!" Exclaimed Principal Figgins.

"But, what if he can't even sing?!" asked Mr Schue giving Blaine a glare.

"Then put him at the back, just work with him Will!" said Principal Figgins. "If you both still don't want him in after Regionals then he can leave Glee Club. Okay?"

"Alright that seems fair." Sighed Mr Schue.

"Fine" Agreed Blaine rolling his eyes.

Kurt walked into Glee club to see everyone except Brittany, Santana and Mr Schuester sat down in their usual seats. Kurt smiled and sat down next to Mercedes. "Hey Mercedes!"

"Hey white boy!" she smiled. Brittany and Santana walked in pinkies intertwined. They sat next to each other with Brittany next to Kurt. "Hi Lady Hummel!" Smirked Santana.

"Hi Satan" Kurt sighed "Hey Britt!"

"Hey Kurtie." Brittany smiled.

"Where's Mr Schue?" Asked Mercedes and they just shrugged.

Mr Schue was walking Blaine down the hall to the choir room when he pulled out his phone to text Brittany.

Hey Britt, guess who joining Glee Club?;)-Blaine x

Brittany felt her phone buzz, looked at the text and she couldn't stop smiling glancing over at Kurt.

"Hey everyone…" said Mr Schue walking into the room and over to the white board. He looked over his shoulder to see that Blaine wasn't there, he sighed and ran over to the door. "Put that thing out now! Get inside" everyone heard Mr Schue shout from outside the door. Blaine walked through the door, after throwing his cigarette on the floor, with a smirk on his face and Mr Schue following behind him. Mr Schue walked back over to the board, glared at Blaine and said "Behave." Blaine chuckled at his comment and sat down in front of Kurt, giving him a wink when he caught his eye, making Kurt blush deep scarlet.

"Mr Schue, what' he doing here?" asked Rachel gesturing over to Blaine.

"Blaine's the one who did the graffiti on my office window, it was either he joins Glee Club or he gets kicked out." Mr Schue sighed and turned to face Blaine "Don't worry he's gone after Regionals…"

Blaine just smirked at him. "Okay" Said Mr Schue. "This week's lesson is…"

"Sweaters!" Said Brittany. Everyone turned to her and frowned but then smiled when they realized that it was Brittany.

"So close!" Sighed Mr Schue. Kurt couldn't listen to Mr Schue, his attention was focussed only on the stunning boy in front of him. Why does he have to be such an ass? Kurt asked himself while staring down at Blaine's sexy curls.

Blaine sat slumped in his seat waiting for Mr Schue to stop rambling on about the kinda music nobody knows or cares about. He looked around the room; he looked at everyone in the room and studied them. In the front row was Artie Abrams the guy in the wheelchair who asked Blaine about his old schools and next to him was Rachel Berry a girl with brown hair, a huge nose and ego as well as a terrible fashion sense... Yeah, that's right Blaine knew about fashion... Maybe not as much as Kurt but he knew a terrible sweater when he saw one! Next to her was her boyfriend, Finn Hudson the quarterback of the football team and Kurt's stepbrother he was also incredibly tall... Next to Finn was his best friend Noah Puckerman, well Puck... the number one Badass. then sat next to puck was Quinn Fabray the blonde, beautiful head cheerleader. Behind Rachel was Tina Cohen-Chang an Asian girl who Blaine didn't actually know that much about... All he knew was that she was dating Mike Chang, the Asian guy who plays football and is a really good dancer. Blaine was sat in between Mike and Sam Evans, also known as trouty mouth because he has huge lips and he has blonde (obviously dyed) hair. On the last row there was Mercedes Jones one of Kurt's best friends, she was a short, pretty black woman who is the diva. There was also Santana Lopez the sexy, bitchy cheerleader and she was sat next to her best friend Brittany S. Pierce who Blaine already knows and loves.

And most importantly in between Brittany and Mercedes was Kurt... stunning, beautiful Kurt... Blaine unknowingly started biting his lip at the thought of him. He wanted to turn to look at him but that would make him look really stupid... He was practically chewing off his lip thinking about him... thinking about his face... his eyes... his smile that makes his heart do one of those stupid little flips. He couldn't stop the smile that crawled onto his face at the thought of the boys beautiful, porcelain skin... the sweet scent he would smell when he hugged him... his soft fingers intertwined with his own... and his sweet, gorgeous lips pressed against his own in an amazing, passionate kiss.

wow,wow,wow... Why the hell does that boy have such an affect on me? Blaine asked himself. I mean its not like I have a crush on him... I don't get crushes! I get laid...

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