Give My Heart A Break

No Such Thing As Love!

Kurt walked down the hall and to his locker, he was late so nobody was around. He went to put his books in his locker when he was practically thrown against the lockers making him drop everything and fall to the floor.

"Sup, homo." smirked Dave Karofsky, a huge football player who liked to bully Kurt in particular. oh god, I'm going to die... Kurt thought his eyes widening at the sight of him while Dave kicked him in the stomach. Kurt let out a small gasp of pain as he sat leaned against the lockers holding his stomach while Blaine was walking down the hallway.

"Hey!" Shouted Blaine running up to Karofsky. "Get away from him!"

"Is this your boyfriend, Kurt?" chuckled Karofsky causing Kurt to look up at Blaine defending him. "'Cos he looks like a stupid waste of space, just like you!" he shouted pointing at Kurt. Causing Kurt to let a tear fall down his face, Blaine looked down at Kurt to see he was crying and Blaine was suddenly even more angry then before, he was pissed. He didn't give a shit what Karofsky said or thought about him... all he thought about was how this douche bag football player stood in front of him just made Kurt cry, how he just made Kurt feel like a worthless piece of crap even though he is the most amazing, stunning and beautiful person he had ever met in his entire life. He thought about all these things, he clenched his fists and threw a punch at Karofsky... the hardest, most powerful one he had ever done... making Karofsky shriek of pain. Kurt looked up at Karofsky eyes even wider then before, Karofsky raised his head to look Blaine in the eye.

"Get out of here." Blaine growled and Karofsky ran down the corridor, Blaine turned to see Kurt staring up at him. "Are you okay?" asked Blaine not even trying to hide the concern in his voice and holding out his hand to help Kurt up, Kurt nodded, took his hand and got to his feet and before they knew it they were staring into each others eyes. oh grilled cheesus... Kurt thought as he couldn't help but be mesmerized by the boys beautiful hazel eyes. They stood there, their faces just centimeters away from each other, in silence... not an awkward silence... just a silence. Kurt felt the huge urge to kiss Blaine, to feel his lips against his own.

At that moment Blaine wanted to kiss Kurt, he wanted to kiss him more then anything in the world... he didn't care about anyone or anything else, just them. But then the bell rang and both boys jumped out of there socks as people started to fill the hallway.

"Kurtie!" shouted Brittany running up to give Kurt a hug.

"Hi Britt!" said Kurt taking his eyes off Blaine.

Brittany turned to see Blaine, said "Hi Blaine!" and gave him a hug too.

"Hey Britt, Britt." smiled Blaine.

"so, what were you two dolphins doing?" Asked Brittany tilting her head to the side.

"Nothing..." Kurt blurted out, avoiding eye contact with Blaine which actually made Blaine's heart sink.

"Err... yeah, I gotta go. see ya later Britt," Blaine looked at Kurt and winked "Bye baby." he smirked walking down the hall and round the corner. He stopped at his locker to get out his books, he shut his locker and stood there for a moment thinking. He lent against the locker, he hit his head against it but he didn't care, he shut his eyes and couldn't get Kurt out of him mind. Yep... it's official i have a crush on Kurt Hummel... but it's just a crush, it will go away... its not like i love him... there's not such thing as 'love'...

Kurt got into his car at the end of the day, got out his phone and started to text...

Hey Britt, do you want to the Lima Bean?-Kurt x

A few seconds later his phone vibrated.

Hey Kurt! Yeah... i'll meet you at your car-Brittany x

Kurt smiled and replied.

Ok :)-Kurt x

Brittany finally got to his car 15 minutes later, she got in and said "Sorry I took so long... I couldn't find your car."

"It's okay. Lets go" Kurt smiled at her innocence, started the car and drove out of the car park.

"Kurt?" said Brittany.

"Yes Brittany?"

"What was actually going on in the hall today?"

Kurt bit his lip. "Err... what are you talking about?"

"Don't you remember... when you and Blaine were next to your locker and i ran up to you and gave you a hug?"

"oh that... err... nothing."

Brittany raised her eyebrows "Kurtie... please tell me my beautiful unicorn?!"

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Fine..."

"Yay!" Brittany sat up straight in her seat and leaned towards Kurt a bit.

"Ok well... I was late and Karofsky came up to me and shoved me into the lockers... then he kicked me in the stomach."

Brittany frowned "Are you okay?! And whats this got to do with Blaine?"

"Yeah I'm okay, I'm getting to him! Well... then out of nowhere Blaine showed up and stuck up for me..." Brittany smiled at how sweet that was. "And then Karofsky started slagging me off and suddenly Blaine...err..."

Brittany raised her eyebrows "Then... what did Blaine do?!"

"He hit him..." Brittany's jaw dropped "Then he told him to stay away from me... it was pretty cool..."

"That's so sweet!" Brittany smiled "But then how come you both looked like you wanted to rip each others clothes off?"

Kurt raised his eyebrows at the comment... "Err... we didn't want to rip each others clothes off! But he helped me up and asked if i was okay... then we just stood there... staring into each others eyes..."

"Aww!" Brittany grinned "That's so cute!"

"It was nothing..."

"Aww... my two dolphins are gonna be together forever!"

"But, when you came he went back to his normal asshole-ish self..."

Brittany and Kurt got out of the car and went into the Lima Bean. They got their coffees and sat at a table "So are you two dolphins gonna start dating?" asked Brittany taking a sip of her coffee.

"I don't think so... if he was less of an asshole maybe he would have a chance..." said Kurt causing Brittany to frown at him while looking at her coffee cup.

"Oh... okay, well I'll be right back. I want a cookie!" Brittany stood up and walked to the counter, leaving Kurt alone at the table. Kurt got out his I Pod and put on one of his favorite Whitney Houston song on.

"Hi! I'm sorry to intrude but I just have to say that your outfit is amazing!" a random perky voice said, Kurt looked up to see a boy with blonde hair, glasses and was wearing a pretty nice outfit, he was quite cute actually... not cute like Blaine Anderson... but cute.

"Err... Hi, and thank you!" said Kurt looking up at him, the boy smiled and sat in the chair next to Kurt.

"I'm Chandler Kiehl." he said holding out his hand for Kurt to shake.

"Kurt Hummel." said Kurt shaking his hand.

"That's a nice name... what are you listening to?"

"Errm... So Emotional by Whit-"

"Oh My God! I love that song! It's AMAZING!" Chandler had a sudden grin on his face. "I'm sorry, am I too loud? 'Cos when I get excited I tend to shout!"

Kurt raised his eyebrows "Oh your just enthusiastic! It's refreshing... infectious actually!"

Chandler laughed, Brittany walked over and sat down with her new cookie, looked at Chandler and said "I'm back! Who's this?"

"This is Chandler." said Kurt

Brittany looked at Chandler "Are you an elf?" asked Brittany seriously.

"Err... nope!" laughed Chandler "Is this your girlfriend Kurt?"

"Oh god no... this is my best friend Brittany... I'm gay." said Kurt

"Oh, me too!" Smiled Chandler he winked at Kurt flirtatiously causing Kurt to blush.

Brittany noticed this and didn't like it... Kurt's supposed to be with Blaine. She frowned and said "Oh Kurt we have to go..."

"What why?" Kurt frowned.

"I need your help with something at home!" Said Brittany.

"Oh, okay then... bye Chandler. It was nice meeting you!" Kurt said not hiding how confused he was they got up and started walking towards the door.

Chandler got up and said "Wait Kurt, before you go... can i have your number?"

Kurt raised his eyebrows and said "Err... yeah of course!"

Brittany rolled her eyes and said "I'll be in the car!" she walked out and into the car park.

Brittany waited in the car and when Kurt finally got to the car it had been 20 minutes. Kurt got in the car and said "Hey!"

Brittany turned to look out the window and ignored him, making Kurt feel hurt. "Britt? Whats wrong? I'm sorry i took so long..."

"Can you take me home now?" said Brittany, still looking out the window and ignoring his question.

"Sure... " Kurt sighed. He started the car and started to drive home, they didn't talk at all on the way. After the drive to Brittany's, that felt like hours, they just sat there not looking at each other.

"Are you going to date him?" asked Brittany

"What? Who?" Asked Kurt

"The elf... Kurt, are you going to date him?!"

"Oh... err... I don't know, maybe..."

"Great..." Brittany got out of the car and slammed the door behind her.

Kurt got out of the car and shouted "Brittany... what's your problem!?"

"Right now, your my problem!"

"Brittany STOP!"

"Just go home Kurt!" She turned around towards the front door.

"Brittany stop being so freaking stupid!" Kurt practically screamed. Brittany stopped and turned to face Kurt, she was tearing up and felt like shit. Kurt's face fell when he realized he said. "Oh grilled cheesus, I'm so sorr-"

"No! Kurt your actually the only one who hadn't called me that... your the only one i thought would NEVER call me that." She was crying hard now "Leave me alone... I NEVER want to talk to you again!" With that she ran inside leaving Kurt outside, stood next to his car and feeling like the worst person in the entire world. I just fucked up my friendship with the best friend i will ever have in my entire life...

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