Give My Heart A Break

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Kurt walked down the hall and into his English class when his phone started vibrating he grabbed his phone and read the text…

Have a good day at school sweetie!;)-Chandler xoxox

Kurt blushed, ignoring the slight disappointment when he realized it wasn't Blaine and began typing.

You too!-Kurt x

Kurt put his phone away and looked up to see Brittany sat in the corner at the back next to Santana, she didn't save him a seat… he saw Mercedes sat in front of them and he walked over and sat with her. He turned to face Brittany who just looked away from him.

"I'm sorry Brittany…" Kurt said sweetly.

Brittany didn't look at him and Santana said "She won't talk to you Hummel..."

Kurt slumped in his chair looking down at his desk. Half an hour later Blaine came to the door with another disgusting cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Why are you so late Blaine Anderson?!" asked the teacher. Blaine ignored the question, threw his cigarette on the floor and sat at the back of the class next to Santana. The teacher just glared at him and carried on with the lesson. Kurt's phone vibrated again, he got it out and couldn't help but smile at the name on the screen…

Miss me, baby?-Blaine x

Kurt rolled his eyes and began typing…


Aww, yeah you did baby!-Blaine x

Kurt just ignored it and shoved his phone back into his pocket.

"Okay… and before you all go… You will all be doing a debate, in two weeks, with another pair, and the debate is 'Men are stronger then Woman'. I've put you into pairs and the pairs that are 'for' the debate are … Finn and Puck, Rachel and Quinn and Sam and Mercedes and the pairs that are 'against' are… Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Blaine and Artie and Mike" explained the teacher.

Kurt heart did a stupid little jump… he was with Blaine… yeah 'cos that's gonna work! He thought to himself. Perfect…

Blaine was putting books into his locker when Kurt came up to him and said "Hi… It looks like were partners for this debate thing so-"

"I'll meet you at your car in the parking lot after school and we will go round to yours, okay?"Said Blaine with a charming smile on his face that makes Kurt's heart melt.

"Err… okay then." Kurt smiled. "And I just wanna say thank you… you know for the whole Karofsky thing… it was really nice what you did."

"No problem, just let me know if he gives you anymore trouble, okay?"

"Okay… thanks again."

"It's alright gorgeous…" Blaine winked at Kurt making him blush deep scarlet… "You know you're really cute when you blush… I've gotta go, see ya later baby." Blaine shut his locker and walked down the hall.

Blaine had just watched the clock and waited for the bell to go for the end of the day and was now walking outside and over to Kurt's car. He knew which one it was because he saw Kurt get in it after school, he leaned against it and a few minutes late Kurt came over and unlocked it.

"Hi." Kurt shrugged

"Hey baby." Said Blaine with his charming smile.

Kurt rolled his eyes "Just get in the car…" They both got in the car and Kurt drove out of the parking lot. They were both silent, it wasn't awkward, even though Kurt wouldn't look at the boy. Then they finally stopped outside Kurt's house, they got out of the car and walked inside. "Come on..." Kurt said walking up the stairs, Blaine followed and Kurt lead him into his bedroom. He had a nice, tidy room... Blaine looked around and saw a huge pile of Disney DVDs and musicals, he loved them... he didn't tell anyone he did but, he did.

"so..." Said Blaine.

Kurt sat on his bed and opened up his laptop. "We gonna do this or not?"

Blaine went to sit next to him "So what should I do?"

"I dunno... whatever. Think about why men aren't stronger then woman and write it down."

"Okay..." Blaine grabbed a piece of paper and started writing on it, he looked up at Kurt and did a little side smile. "Wait so what are you doing?"

"I'm just lo-" Kurt was cut off with hiss phone vibrating, he got his phone out and looked at the new text. Kurt blushed at the text and Blaine's heart did a stupid little jump. "What does it say?" asked Blaine grabbing the phone from him and reading the text...

Are you an astronaut 'cos your smile is out of this world;)-Chandler xo

Blaine's eyebrows shot up as loads of questions went round in his head Who is this Chandler? Is it Kurt's boyfriend? oh god no.. His heart sank deeper and deeper as he thought about it.

"Blaine! Give me my phone back!" Kurt grabbed his phone from him and replied...

Hey, and thank you. Your so sweet;)-Kurt x

"Who's Chandler?" Asked Blaine failing to hide the jealousy in his voice.

Kurt raised his eyebrow at him "Just this guy I met in the Lima Bean yesterday... Why do you care?"

Blaine shrugged, looked away from the stunning boy and ignored the question. He looked back at his piece of paper and started writing, they stayed silent for what seemed like forever.

"God, I'm bored..." Kurt sighed

"Me too..." Blaine ggreed

"Well... do you wanna watch a movie?"

"Okay... can i pick?"

"Yeah i guess...although I wont have anything you'd like..."

Blaine slid across the room to the pile of DVDs, he pulled out 'The Little Mermaid' "Oh My God! The Little Mermaid!"

"You like 'The Little Mermaid'?!" Kurt looked at him as if he'd seen a ghost.

"Oh god..." He smacked his forehead with his palm "please don't tell anyone I just did that!"

"Don't worry, I wouldn't want to ruin your badass reputation!" He mocked, Blaine smiled and put the DVD in.

"Do you want popcorn?" Asked Kurt, Blaine turned to face him and nodded with a charming smile on his face. Kurt stood up and walked out the room. Blaine had another look around the room, he saw a photo of a young woman who looked a lot like Kurt... he walked over and picked it up to have a good look... she had the same beautiful eyes of his, the stunning brown hair with streaks of red in the light and she had the same amazing smile as him. It must be his mother... she's so beautiful... just like Kurt. He thought to himself, still holding the photo.

"What are you doing?" Asked Kurt cautiously walking through the door with a bowl of popcorn.

"Is this your mom?" asked Blaine not taking his eyes off the photo in his hands.

Kurt put the popcorn on his nightstand and sat next to Blaine on his bed. "Yeah... that's her."

"She looks just like you... she's beautiful..." He looked up at Kurt who was sat close enough so their thighs were touching and smiled at him sympathetically.

"I know she is." He looked at Blaine and they got lost in each others eyes... just like before Blaine had the urge to kiss him again, but ignored it... he couldn't risk it. He was scared he was falling for this boy, but that's the last thing he could do right now... Oh my god... his eyes. Blaine couldn't help but think about how freaking B-E-A-UTIFUL Kurt looked...

Kurt was still staring into the boys eyes... he was mesmerized by them... he wanted to kiss him passionately right there and then, but he couldn't risk it. He couldn't risk falling for the boy... he would just break his heart. Kurt's phone vibrated causing both boys to get out of their trance. They both looked away and blushed, Blaine looked at the photo he was still holding and Kurt grabbed his phone and read the text.

I am pretty sure you were Cleopatra in another life. You've got a great asp!- Chandler xoxo

Kurt couldn't help but start to giggle and blush even more, Blaine looked up at him and said "Who's it from?"

"Chandler..." Kurt giggled, Blaine got a sudden feeling of jealousy again.

"Oh really? What does it say?"

"Nothing... it doesn't matter!"

Blaine sighed and grabbed Kurt's phone and read the text. He got even more jealous then ever... he just wanted to smash the phone and throw the chandler guy's head into a wall. But he tried to hide it, Kurt grabbed his phone from Blaine and said "Blaine! You can't keep doing that!"

"Are you dating him?"


"Then why's he sending you texts like that?!" he practically screamed, while standing up... he couldn't hold in his jealousy anymore.

"Why the hell do you care?!" Kurt stood up too.

Blaine hesitated "I...I... gotta go." he placed the photo of Kurt's mom to where he found it and walked out of the door. Leaving Kurt on his own shocked and confused. He needed someone to talk to about this, he needed Brittany. He picked up his phone, which he had thrown onto his bed and dialed her number. It rang and rang and rang until Brittany's voice said "Hello it's Brittany S. Pierce I cant answer the phone right now... But I will call back soon! Santana is that what I'm supposed to say?"

Kurt sighed and said "Hey Britt... I know your probably pissed at me... but, I'm really sorry! Can we talk?! I love you." Then he hung up... he tried again and again during the next hour but he got the same thing. Oh Brittany... I wish she would just talk to me... I need her.

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