New Family


They were left on their own wondering if they would find their perfect family, What happens when they meet Kurt and Blaine? " What makes you different makes you strong" - Darren Criss

Romance / Fantasy
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3 yrs later

After 3 years of marriage, Kurt and Blaine decided to adopt a child. They really wanted a daughter but didn’t know when the time would be right to go and find one because their schedules were packed with the amount of work they have. They decide to go to the orphanage and spend time with the children and look in the process to find their future child but they weren’t sure what day to go.

On a Monday night, they decided to go to the orphanage that Saturday. They woke up early enough and headed to the orphanage with the things they would need. When they got there, they went in and to the front desk saying “ we are here to teach the younger kids about music.” The receptionist just pointed and ignored them and said “ up the stairs and it’s the first door to the left.”

They went up the stairs and saw a door to the left and went into the room. When they went in and said “ hey guys are you ready to learn some music? ” The kids all circled around them except two girls that just stayed on the bed in the far corner. Blaine realized that one had brown hair like Kurt’s and one with black hair like Blaine’s causing him to smile to himself. Blaine went over to them and asked “ what are your names?” The brown headed just looked at him without speaking before hiding behind the black headed.

The black headed girl looked at the other girl before saying shyly “ I’m Lilian and this is my sister Bailey.” Blaine asked them “ why are you two over here by yourselves and not with the other kids?” Lilian said “ none of the other kids will let us play with them or have anything to do with them because we are too different from the rest of them.”

Blaine looked back over to Kurt and nodded. He then sat on one side of them and Kurt sat on the other side of them and said to the other kids “ gather ’round everyone it’s time to sing.” The others got excited and crowded around them waiting for them to start. As they were singing, Bailey and Lilian looked up at them and smiled a genuine smile and leaning against their sides. Kurt looked down at them and smiled knowing he had to adopt these two adorable little girls in between them and he hoped that Blaine felt the same but he guessed they would have to talk about it later. Blaine then asked the girls “ what is ur favorite colors?” Lilian said “ mine is light blue”, Bailey said “ lavender.”

After they finished their time at the orphanage, they went home and Blaine sat on the couch while Kurt started to make dinner. After a few minutes, Blaine got up and asked, “Do you need help and I want to talk to you about what happened earlier with Lilian and Bailey.” Kurt nodded in agreement and Blaine started to cut the vegetables and putting them into a pan and sauteed them.

They sat down at the table and started to eat their meal while holding hands. Blaine then spoke up “ I want to adopt Lilian and Bailey, they seem to be left out too much because they are different from everyone else.” Kurt nodded in agreement thinking the same and how Lilian and Bailey reminded him of themselves a few years earlier. Kurt said “ I agree with you, they need people in their life and I want to adopt them as well.” Blaine smiled in pure happiness and looked at his husband, grateful he married him.

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