Silly Love Songs


Sarah has never been into romance. She has only been interested in her curiousness for the rest of the world. what happens when she meets a boy band. Tired of the same old unrealistic romance stories? Pretty girl meets handsome hunk- he breaks her heart- she finds love in the end. looking for a little realism? Meet Sarah and Blaine. They're regular people, just like us, only their story is anything but ordinary.

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Chapter 1

Sarah heard from a friend that there would be a performance by a group of boys she couldn’t remember, for Valentine’s Day. She decided to see what this was all about and went by herself. When she got there, she sat at a table in the back of the restaurant by herself and she was 20 minutes early. She could see the group of boys talking amongst one another, as she was looking around the restaurant at all the beautiful decorations, she felt she might not like what will happen.

As she saw other people filing into the rest of the restaurant, she noticed that one of the boys glancing at her. She looked away feeling heat rise to her face, not knowing what was going on with her emotions. Since she has never felt this feeling before, she actually kind of liked it. She decided to pass the time by getting on her instagram and saw how her friends made her feel like she didn’t need anyone else but them in her life.

After a few more minutes, the group of boys started singing one of her favorite love songs. During the whole song the same boy she noticed earlier that night was looking at her.She felt her phone buzz in her back pocket, she go tit out and looked to see who texted. When she had answered the text, she noticed that she and group were the only ones left in the restaurant.

As she was getting her things to her a few of the group members gave her a slip of paper with their names and their numbers on it. She was freaked out that a few random guys wanted to possibly go out with her.

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