An Angel With a Lost Memory


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Enter Angel Kaiba

I have lived on this Earth only a short while. I’m that time I have known great tragedy and great joy. I have two brothers that I love and would do anything for, even if we aren’t blood-related. I have great friends, and I go to a good school. So why, if I have everything, would I want to take part in a war that has nothing to do with me?

I am the pilot of the Starflame Gundam. My Gundam even looks kind of feminine. It has a slender body, it’s white and has flames going up and down the sides. The staff it holds on its right hand is tall and it has a heart on the top. It also has a sword.

Now, why would someone from Earth care so much about those colonies floating up in space? Well, the colonies are voiceless against the people here, but I think they want to take over Earth. I can’t sit on my hands and do nothing. So, I started infiltrating OZ and I work directly under Trieze Kushrenada. I hoped it would help me gain some clarity.

Sadly, I had to keep this from my brothers, Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. In fact, I had to change my name just so OZ couldn’t come after my family. Trieze knows me as Angel Gardener. I took my name from my friend Tea. I have to take down OZ and keep my family safe.

Seto knows I’m doing something different because I transferred schools and everything. He doesn’t understand. I consider myself a bit of a weapons expert because Kaiba Corp. did lots of military contracting. Guzzaboro taught me a lot about weapons and how to make them. I can diffuse a bomb in less than a minute if I wanted to.

Trieze does not know any of this. He simply thinks I’m good at what I do. Lady Une doesn’t like having me around, and I think it’s because she really likes Trieze. Anyone who is interested in dropping a colony on Earth is trash in my eyes. He’s a bully, and I don’t like bullies.

And I know, you’re wondering how I came to live with the Kaibas. We were at he same orphanage when we were younger, and I would always stand up for Mokuba. He was a sweet kid who didn’t deserve to be picked on. So Seto, Mokuba, and I kind of bonded. We were inseparable.

Seto and I are considered geniuses. I guess I kind of am, but it’s a different kind of smart than Seto. Seto is good with numbers and marketing and he invents good things for the game Duel Monsters. I look at numbers and code. We are both good with computers, but I think I win in that area.

So as I’m sitting here in my office thinking about the past up until now, it’s amazing how far I’ve come. I’m not really a social type person, but I’m loads more friendly than Seto. He’s such a jerk sometimes. I almost have to constantly scold him for being mean. But now, I just talk to everyone.

“Angel, have you finished that report on possible upgrades for the mobile dolls?” Lady Une asked as she poked her head through the door.

I slowly looked up, checked my breathing, and made sure I made eye contact before I spoke.

“I still have a few more diagnostics to run through before I am done, Lady Une,” I answered.

“I expect that report on my desk by the end of the day,” she said as she adjusted her glasses.

I nodded at her and watched as she left. Her hair pulled up perfectly and her clothes fitted just so well. She always looks so stunning. Of course, she doesn’t know I’m not giving the mobile dolls any upgrades. What she doesn’t know won’t kill her...or maybe it will.

So as I finish the report about the downgrades I had planned for the mobile dolls so that the Gundams could come out on top, I had a slight feeling of dread. What if this gave me away? What if I got caught? What if we lose? I steeled my resolve and turned in the report anyway.

I walked out of my office, out into the moonlight to enjoy a nice walk home. Oh, did I forget to mention Seto rented me an apartment here? He did and I loved it. So as I walked home trying to prepare for whatever challenges tomorrow brought, I felt fairly at peace. Little did I know was that tomorrow would be the day that changed everything.

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