Playing With Fire

Chapter 31

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Tilly reached up, her fingers itching to untangle the complicated knot that was her hair. She winced when her hands were smacked with the fine-tooth comb Marguerite had chosen to yield as a weapon. The older woman glared at her, shaking her head. "Arretez de joucer avec elle."

Tilly glared back at her grandmother for a moment before she looked back into the mirror. She took another deep breath, asking, "Do I look alright?"

"If you ask that one more time I swear I'll hex you," Tonks warned, standing up and straightening her baby blue dress. "Merlin, this thing is annoying."

Smiling, Tilly glanced up at her friend in the mirror. "You look gorgeous."

"And if do, you obviously do," Tonks told her, rolling her eyes. "You are the bride after all."

For the millionth time, Tilly contemplated herself in the mirror. Marguerite had a knack for complicated hairstyles and this was no different. Little tendrils of hair wisped against her ears, too short to be caught but the rest of it was pulled back tight. Her ivory dress was lace and off the shoulder, with a baby blue sash that matched Tonk's dress wrapped around her waist. Besides her fidgeting fingers, she would say everything was perfect. "You'll be a bride tomorrow," she told her blushing friend who looked down at the ring on her left hand.

"And then I'll be the one fidgeting and fussing, yeah, I know. It's an awful thought," Tonks said, though the smile on her face spoke volumes.

"I can smack your hands with a comb and threaten you when I want to." Tilly turned to her grandmother and her best friend. "I can't believe I'm marrying Charlie Weasley."

"You can't?" Tonks and Marguerite both remarked.

"I actually had a poll going," Tonks told her. "You lost me twenty sickles you know. You were supposed to get married right out of Hogwarts."

"You two were made for each other, dear," Marguerite said, smiling. "This day was bound to come, sooner or later."

Tilly nodded, though she still couldn't quite seem to get her heart to calm down. "Oh! I don't have my somethings!"

"Oh, pour l'amour de. . . ." Marguerite started, looking around. "Well you're colors are blue, that counts."

"The something new can be the bracelet Charlie bought," Tonks murmured. "Oh here," she said, taking a ring from her finger. "Something borrowed."

"I almost forgot!" Marguerite rummaged in her purse, pulling out a diamond flowered hair pin. She smiled down at it before moving over to Tilly, pushing it into her hair. "Something old. This belonged to your mother. She'd love to see you wear it. Both of your parents . . . they'd be so proud of you, as am I."

Tears in her eyes, Tilly turned, hugging her grandmother. "I love you grand-mere, so much."

"I love you too," Marguerite whispered. "But don't cry dear! We don't want to mess up your makeup."

Tilly laughed, shaking her head and grabbing a tissue to dap at the corners of her eyes. She turned back to her grandmother and her Maid of Honor. "How do I – sorry, sorry!" She said when Tonks shot her an evil look.

"Are you ready?" Marguerite asked.

Tilly looked up at the clock. It was nearly eleven. "As ready as I'll ever be."

"Okay, don't come out yet," Tonks told her. "Eleven o' five, okay?"

"Okay, I know," Tilly told her.

Kisses and hugs were exchanged before Marguerite and Tonks heading out the door, the latter shooting her a thumbs up as she closed the door behind her. Again Tilly glanced to the clock, picking up her train so that she could pace and not trip.

Talking with famous Quidditch players? Easy.

Marriage? Frightening.

There was a knock on the door and Tilly jumped, spinning towards it. "I thought you said eleven o' five!" she called through the door.

"It's me," came a deep, muffled voice through the door.

Gasping, Tilly rushed forward, grabbing the knob as it twisted and locking it. The knob jiggled and Charlie said, "What – Tilly what are you doing?"

"You're not supposed to see me before the wedding!" she told him, leaning against the door.

"That's a really dumb superstition," he said. "Nothing bad is going to happen if you open the door."

"Something bad will happen if Mrs. Weasley or grand-mere catch you in here."

Charlie heaved a sigh and Tilly felt it when he leaned back against the door. "Are you as nervous as I am?"

"I would say so," Tilly mumbled. "But why? It isn't as if we haven't been together for years now."

"Maybe it's because now it's official? I don't know. All I know is that it means I get to have you forever, Mrs. Tilly Weasley."

Tilly smiled, a blush coming to her face as she placed her hand against the door. "I'll see you down there, Mr. Charlie Weasley."

He laughed softly, knocking twice against the door before he left. Tilly leaned on the doorframe for a moment, smiling softly. She had no reason to be nervous. Charlie was her best friend, her first friend, her confidante and so much more. . . . And now she got to keep him forever.

She looked up at the clock again. Eleven o' five on the dot. Gathering the end of her train she opened the door, maneuvering down the Burrow's crooked stairs to meet Mr. Weasley at the bottom, where he would walk her outside to the people who were waiting.

In twenty minutes, she would walk away as Mrs. Tilly Weasley.

A/N: So here it finally is, the wedding chapter, with hints to Tonks' upcoming nuptials with Remus. I decided it would be cute considering everyone got married that summer before Harry, Ron, and Hermione went on the horcrux search. I hope you enjoyed this chapter though! Marguerite says first 'Stop messing with it' and then 'for the love of'. I'll see you next time :D

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