Playing With Fire

Chapter 32

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"Steady there, dear," Mr. Weasley mumbled, patting Tilly's hand on his arm.

Tilly took a deep breath, trying to ignore the fact that it felt as if her sash was too tight, cutting off the air to her lungs. "Promise I won't fall?"

Mr. Weasley chuckled. "I won't let that happen, dear."

"If you do fall, just do like I do," Tonks said with a smirk, "get back up and turn your hair a shade of green to distract them."

"As if that's possible," Tilly replied with a snort.

Ginny and Hermione stood behind Tonks, giggling softly. "I think it's cute that you're so nervous, Tilly," Ginny said.

"You just wait until your weddings," Tilly warned, looking back at them, smiling when the two girls blushed.

"Ready?" Mr. Weasley asked.

Not daring to speak any more, Tilly simply nodded and they walked through the door. A few rows of white chairs sat in diagonal angles facing the podium. Charlie and Tilly had decided a small wedding was more them then anything though they couldn't get out of inviting Aunt Muriel much to Charlie's annoyance. Other than that, with Harry still trapped at the Dursleys, they had invited Charlie's fellow Dragon Keepers and some of the Weasley family. Those guests sat now, poles set up by the rows, connected above them by baby blue and soft green ribbons, white flowers woven into them. It was truly simple and wasn't nearly as extravagant as Fleur and Bill's upcoming wedding would be but it was perfect.

Charlie stood at the front with Bill, Fred, and George, all of them dressed in black dress robes with a soft green flower pinned at their collars. Percy was still not talking to his family. When Marguerite stood, pressing her hands against her mouth in utter happiness, Charlie turned, his face lightening up with a brilliant smile. Tilly matched his grin and she would have run up to him if it weren't for Mr. Weasley standing next to her.

When they reached the front, Mr. Weasley placed a kiss on her hand, smiling softly at her before he went to set next to Mrs. Weasley, who was crying into a handkerchief. Charlie took her hands in his, rubbing his thumbs along her knuckles.

"Ladies and Gentleman." Tilly and Charlie turned slightly to face the old wizard who would be conducting their wedding. "We are gathered here today to join two faithful souls…."

Tilly looked out at the guest and, for a moment, she thought she saw her father and the mother she had never met and she wished that they were truly there. But seeing Marguerite and Mrs. Weasley both crying now, holding hands tightly, Ron smiling at her, nodding his head and Mr. Weasley beaming proudly made her heart swell with joy. This was her family now, them and . . . .

She looked back at Charlie who was still smiling at her and only at her. She blushed, but didn't look away from him, not even as he reached up and gently tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, earning loud 'awws' from the guest.

"The couple has decided to write their own vows," the old wizard told everyone, stepping back slightly.

Charlie turned to face Tilly fully, his ears turning red. "Tilly. . . Tills . . . Newt," he started.

"Oi, spit it out!" one of his reserve friends yelled out.

"Shut it, Mickey!" Charlie yelled back, receiving laughs from the guest. He looked back Tilly, shaking his head. "Newt, the first time those bully's called you my girlfriend, I think that I knew someday you would be. I wasn't prepared for how much I would love you. You are such a remarkable woman and I am glad that you, my best friend, and I will be spending the rest of our lives together."

Tilly smiled up at him. "Charlie, you were the first friend I ever truly knew and I always knew that, no matter what, you'd be there always. Sometimes, you spend a majority of your life with this empty, missing piece in yourself that you're not quite sure how to fill . . . and then you meet someone, someone so incredible that you never realized how much you missed them until they are there. You are my missing piece, Charlie, and I'm so glad you found me."

Charlie's ears were bright red, something Tilly realized she always found so incredibly adorable. "Way to show me up with the vows, Newt," he muttered, earning laughs from the people closest. Tilly gently patted his hand.

"If there aren't any objections," the wizard spoke, pausing for a moment before he smiled, "then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss – oh!"

Tilly giggled against Charlie's mouth, for as soon as the minister had said the word "wife", Charlie had pulled Tilly into his arms with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Charlie's POV

The reception went as planned, what with a surprisingly giggly Mrs. Molly Weasley as Mr. Weasley tried (and failed) to lead her in a skewed version of the tango. He could only guess where her glow came from; after all, it wasn't every summer two of your sons got married.

Marguerite stood in the corner were a rather handsome, older gentleman with red hair chatted her up. One of Charlie's uncles he informed Tilly and despite the fact that it should have been just a little bit unnerving, Tilly said she couldn't remember the last time she had seen Marguerite blush like that. The older woman looked in the direction of her grandson-in-law, flashing a quick wink.

Tilly resting her head on Charlie's shoulder as they swayed along with the music and he felt it when she grinned. Charlie placed his chin on top of her head, smiling. "Huh."

"What are you thinking about?" Tilly asked, curling her fingers against his chest.

"I was just wondering what I should call you now," he muttered softly.

She leaned back, her mouth twisting slightly in thought. He had grown so used that quirk that he could practically do it himself. "Tilly has always been a pretty nice name," she answered.

Charlie chuckled, taking her hands so he could spin her around. "I mean now that we are married I need to have a new nickname for you, Tilly Weasley. I would call you Mrs. Weasley, but," he said, looking over at his mother as his father attempted to dip her, "someone else holds a greater claim to it."

Tilly looked over his shoulder, smiling brightly. "She's the only Mrs. Weasley I know, truly. I don't think anyone could ever take that name away from her."

"Which leaves me with the problem of finding you a proper name. We don't have kids –"


"—otherwise I'd probably call you Ma."

She laughed out loud, that gorgeous laugh he had fallen in love with, her bluish-gray eyes sparkling in the light. "Ma? Where on earth did you get that from?"

"Some old movie," Charlie answered with a grin. "You can call me Pa!"

"I'm never letting you show our kids old movies or letting you watch them for that matter."

"What will I call you then?"

Tilly smiled, tapping her fingers against his chest. "How about you just call me ma femme?"

Charlie could never ignore the slight shiver that traveled up his spin when she talked like that, even if he didn't know what she was saying. If they had a girl, who would undoubtedly be as beautiful as her mother, Tilly would be forbidden from teaching her French; couldn't have some crazy boy chasing after his precious child could he? "What does that mean?"

"My wife," Tilly told him, placing her fingers gently against his lips.

He took her hand, kissing her palm. "My wife," he murmured, as if those two little words had made everything so much clearer, so real, so true, so incredible.

Standing before him was this beautiful woman, his best friend, and she was his now, forever . The sure simple fact of it made him want to dance, sing, laugh, maybe even cry. She was his, only his and he was hers. She was his missing piece as well and he would have never known if he hadn't found her on the stairs that day and devoted his entire self to protecting her. Maybe he had known then, back when they were eleven, even if he hadn't realized it.

He knew that she knew this though, knew that she knew he loved her with every fiber of himself. And so Charlie grinned happily and very simply, conveying his every passing thought of her into two words, said, "Hullo, wife."

Tilly smiled back. "Hullo, husband."

A/N: OH MY GOSH . . . words cannot express how sorry I am for keeping you waiting for months! Sometimes life just you know comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face! I have had absolutely no time to write whatsoever and for that I apologize. I hope this suffices in keeping your attention and forgiving me. Thank you again for your patience.

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