Playing With Fire

Chapter 35

The next morning found Charlie and Tilly packing up the rest of their things. They would be catching a train in the next two hours heading for Romania. Charlie had a few contacts there he needed to meet and of course Tilly wasn't supposed to be out of his site. They figured, with the threat from You-Know-Who and Death Eaters, it would be safer for Tilly to get out of England as soon as possible.


Tilly looked up from her packing to see Charlie staring at her. "Did you say something?" she asked.

He shook his head, looking confused.


Tilly gasped, picking up her bag and shaking out all of the contents even as Charlie tsked at her. The three-way mirror fell on top of all her things and Tilly scrambled to pick it up before it hit the ground. "Tonks. Tonks is that you?"

"Who else would it be you silly nitwit!" Tonks stared up at her, her eyes red. "I've been worried sick about you all night! Are you and Charlie okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, we're fine," Tilly responded, sitting down on the bed. "Are you and Remus okay?"

"Yes we're fine," Tonks muttered. "I – I heard about Marguerite. Tilly, I am so, so sorry."

Tears stung the back of Tilly's throat and she swallowed them back down. "Yes well . . . . Have they – have they found anything?"

"They haven't searched through the wreckage yet no. . . . And no one wants to have a – a funeral without you here."

"Well thank you for that." Tilly looked up as Charlie sat down next to her, placing his hand on her back.

"Hey Tonks," he said, leaning over to speak into the mirror.

"I hope you're taking care of my girl, Charlie Weasley," Tonks replied with a grin.

"Of course I am. I hope Remus is taking good care of you. Where are the two of you staying?"

Tonks looked to her left before turning the mirror slightly. Remus looked up when his name was called, giving them a slight smile and wave. "We're at my parent's house," Tonks said as she turned the mirror back to her. "Waiting out the storm."

"How are Andromeda and Ted?" Charlie asked.

Tonks looked down, her eyes seemed to get redder. She looked up when Remus said her name softly and she smiled a little, reaching over to take his hand before she looked back to the mirror. "Mom's fine. Dad . . . Dad had to leave."

"Leave?" TIlly shook her head. "Where has he gone?"

"I got word from Kingsley," Tonks explained. "They've already started, Tilly. They're rounding up Muggleborns, testing their 'heritage'. Apparently the theory is that Muggleborns have been stealing wands to obtain their powers."

"What the hell!?" Charlie exclaimed. "That's ridiculous!"

"Exactly. Dad thought it'd be best if he, you know, got out of town for a bit."

"I'm sure he's safe, Tonks," Tilly assured her with a smile. "Knowing your dad, he's probably taking care of other people right now."

Tonks smiled. "You're probably right. . . . You two, you're doing alright?"

"Yea, we're fine. We're – we're about to get out of town as well," Tilly told her carefully.

Tonks nodded. "You stay safe. Keep together. Kingsley said they've got people watching your office, waiting for you to come back."

Tilly looked up at Charlie, who leaned forward to press a kiss against her head before he got up to get his things. "I must have forgotten to send in my resignation then. How thoughtless of me."

The metamorphagus chuckled, smiling fondly through the mirror. "Be safe you two."

"You as well. Take care Remus."

The mirror turned slightly and the werewolf smiled at her. "Will do Tilly."

Tilly smiled, running her hand over the mirror and the image of her best friend disappeared. She stared at the surface a moment longer before she stood up, shoving all her things back into her bag, making sure the mirror stayed on top this time. She looked up at Charlie who was watching her. "You okay?"

She nodded. "I'm ready."

Charlie tossed her a flask. "This should last the train ride. Ode of one of the many strangers from Bill's wedding."

Tilly opened the top, sniffing at it and feeling her nose crinkle. Charlie grinned at her, raising his own flask in a salute. Tilly took a deep breath and drank part of the Polyjuice potion.

A tall woman with chin length blond hair placed her bag in the carry-on in her carriage. She sat down, her blue eyes scanning the small room as she crossed her legs, pulling down on the short tan dress. The door to the carriage slid open and a stocky man with brown hair and green eyes grinned at her. "This seat taken?" he asked in a gruff voice.

"Not at all, sir," the woman answered, her French accent such a contrast to his. "Please, sit."

The man turned, closing the door behind him. He put his suitcase up in the bin before he sat down. His eyes dropped down to her crossed legs. The woman frowned, tugging on the edge of her dress again. "I don't think your wife would be too pleased sir. Eyeing another woman so blatantly."

He grinned. "I happen to think my wife is more beautiful than any woman in the entire world. Even one who wears short dresses."

The French woman couldn't help the blush that came to her face. "It was the only one that I could find that didn't look like . . . me."

"I think you'd look spectacular in that dress. You should keep it after all this is over."

She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. "I knew it was a bad idea for us to sit in the same compartment."

The man, Charlie, shook his head. "As if I'd let you out of my sight. If something happened and I didn't know where you were, what then?"

"We could get caught this way."

"Stop worrying. As if I'd let anything happen to you. We'd fight our way out before then."

Tilly tilted her head as Charlie turned to look out the window, watching her husband. She was glad she wasn't alone, glad he knew how much of an idiot she was for trying to send him away. He glanced back at her, a slight smile on the face that wasn't his. "What?"

"I'm trying to imagine you with brown hair. Have you ever thought of me as a blonde?"

Surprisingly Charlie crinkled his nose. "I don't think I'd like you as a blonde."

"You dated that one girl in fifth year who was a blonde."

"Well, I never said I didn't like blondes. . . . But I love your black curls. They're what make you, well, you."

Shaking her head as her husband grinned, she looked out the window. "You're such a charmer."

The couple traveled in silence for a while, Tilly reading a book while Charlie stared out the window. If it weren't for the fact that an hour they would have to take another sip of polyjuice, Tilly could almost imagine that this was a normal holiday for the two of them. They hadn't actually gotten to go on a honeymoon, not with everything at stake the way it was.

"Where will we go on a honeymoon?" Tilly asked.

"Hmm?" Charlie asked.

"When this is all over, where would you like to go on holiday for our honeymoon? We never got one."

Charlie frowned, thinking. "New York."

"Really?" Tilly asked, surprised. "Why the States?"

"Why not?" Charlie responded with a grin. "It would be something different. I've always wanted to go see the "Big Apple". We could travel to Washington, D.C. too. I've heard they've got tons of museums," he told her, wiggling his eyebrows.

Tilly grinned. "Okay. New York and D.C. it is then."

There was a loud bang from the hallway, causing the couple to jump in their seats, wands immediately drawn. Charlie motioned for her to stay seated as he stood up, pulling open the compartment door and peering out. She heard him curse before he ducked back in. "Death Eaters."

"How did they find us?" Tilly asked, standing up and grabbing her bag down from the overhead.

"I think they're just doing routine searches but I heard them checking for enchantments. They'll be able to detect the Polyjuice."

Tilly pulled a small purse out of her bigger bag and began shoving some of her clothes into it. She was glad she and Hermione had worked on that Extendable-Charm before she left. Charlie passed her his bag and she did the same with his clothes, taking the Muggle money he had stored and putting it into a smaller pocket. "Where are we going to go?"

"I'm still working that out." Charlie held his hand out to her. She took it and he placed her hand in the crook of his arm. "Act natural."

He led her out into the corridor. The Death Eaters were making their way slowly down the hallway. Tilly glanced over her shoulder once to see them entering the compartment two doors down from where she and Charlie had just been. One of them looked down the hallway and she face front again, trying not to stumble in her heels. "Don't worry, I've got you," Charlie whispered.

"Hey. . . . Hey, you two!" someone called from behind them.

Charlie's grasp moved down to Tilly's hand and they began to walk faster. Tilly thought she heard a door slam and footsteps starting in their direction.

"I said stop!"

"Run," Charlie said and, quickly slipping off her heels, Tilly followed his lead, sprinting down the hallway. She ducked as a spell struck the wall above her.

"Did you figure out where we're going yet?" Tilly shouted.

"Still working on it!" Charlie yanked her in front of him as a spell hit the floor where her foot had been. He twisted around, shooting a spell over his shoulder. "They've put up Anti-Apparation Wards."

Further down the train they ran, some people bold enough to stick their heads out of their compartment before they ducked back in.

"I got it!" Charlie said. "Can you swim?"

"What?" Tilly cried out. Before she could contemplate it any further, Charlie yanked open the door to their left. The train was rushing by, across a bridge and below them sat a lake. Tilly had one more chance to glance behind her at their attackers before Charlie jumped pulling her with him.

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