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Meeting His Family

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Simone and George Apparated outside of the Burrow not much later. The sun was setting and the small house radiated energy and love. George had warned Simone that the house wasn't at all like 'what she may be used to' which she had taken kind of offensively. His tone had been weird and she was still reeling from the horrible afternoon they had just had at the Estate.

Indeed, the Burrow wasn't what she had been expecting. George had told her they had enough money to move now but his parents didn't want to. She gazed up, awestruck, at the extreme height of the place and she noticed it was slightly crooked as if it were straining to hold itself up but it didn't matter. Chickens ran across the pathway and the yard was a mess but it was the most wonderful thing Simone felt she had ever seen.

George touched her shoulder. There was a sort of weariness in his eyes, she realized. "Ready?" he asked.

"Yes." She took his hand trying to reassure him but the muscles in his face were tight.

He pulled open the door and the couple was greeted by a chaos of noise. Music blared and lights flashed as pictures were taken.

"George!" they all cried out when they saw the twin.

Simone saw George give everyone a strained smile. She didn't know how hard this much be for him. This was his first New Year without Fred. It still hurt sometimes for her, looking at him and seeing her best friend . . . except when he smiled. For some reason, George's smile and Fred's smile were completely different. Fred's smile was mischievous and slightly cocky but George's smile was like a window of light to Simone. It was wide and innocent and wonderful, a smile she loved. . . .

But not tonight. . . .

Tonight he looked as if he rather be anywhere else but here.

Before Simone could do anything, she was grabbed into the biggest hug she had ever gotten, even from Ginny. "You must be Simone!"

The woman pulled back and Simone finally came face to face with Mrs. Weasley, the plump, kind matriarch of the Weasley family. She smiled brightly. "It is so nice to finally meet you!"

Simone couldn't help but smile back. "It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Weasley."

"Please, deary, call me mum. What are you two still doing standing on the porch? George I taught you better than that! Come in, come in! We've got to get you introduced to everyone."

Simone was swept into the house and into the crowd. There were so many people there! Ginny and Hermione stole her away from Mrs. Weasley and she met Bill, Charlie, Fleur, Harry, Ron, Percy, Luna, Neville, Hannah Abbott and a slew of other people who she assumed were all friends of the family.

Dinner was being held outside under a magical canopy that blocked out the snow and the cold. Simone tried to help in the kitchen, something she had never really done before considering her mother had been practically insistent of House Elves. Cooking little easy meals in her flat's kitchen was the most she ever did now and she knew George was just trying to be supportive when he suffered through her fiascos. Mrs. Weasley wouldn't see it though.

"You are a guest, dear! Go on, go on!"

So Simone mingled, talking with Ginny which in turn let her talk to Harry Potter. She tried not to be too amazed at the thought of meeting him, at the thought that this was her best friend's boyfriend. She talked with Charlie and his work with dragons and Percy was not as much as a bore as George made him out to be.

This family was great! She was so happy!

Looking out, she finally found George, stuffed in a corner looking less like the Holiday spirit with each passing moment. Each time she tried to make her way over to him, she got pulled by someone else.

"Simone could you hold Teddy please?" Simone turned as Ginny placed the eight month old in her arms. "Oh go on," Ginny said when she saw Simone about to protest. "He absolutely adores people. I just can't have him underfoot. He's very nosy."

Ginny hurried off to help her mother and Simone looked down at the turquoise haired boy. He broke into a wide smile, reaching his hands up to her face. Teddy's hair quickly changed, turning into Simone's black. She laughed, spinning around to find her boyfriend. Surprise to say he had been watching her from his corner.

She moved over to him, the smile fading from her face as she shift Teddy in her arms. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." George sighed, standing up. "Dinner's probably ready."

He moved past her, heading outside. Simone watched him go for a second before she moved to find Teddy's coat and gloves, slipping them onto his tiny body.

Dinner was a rambunctious affair, nothing like how lunch had been at the Estate. Simone glanced up and down the table, bouncing Teddy on her lap and smiling at all the happy faces. There was so much love here.

Mr. Weasley clinked his fork on his glass standing to his feet. "I like to make a toast! We've been through a lot, this family. We've been through change and certainly, we've been through loss."

Silence covered the area, a few eyes flicking to George. Simone reached over, covering his hand with hers.

"I'd like to dedicate this New Year," Mr. Weasley continued. "I'm dedicating it to Fred and to our ever growing family. May we make this year as happy as Fred made us."

"Hear, hear!" The table cried, raising their glasses and drinking to Fred.

The commotion continued, laughing and spirits high. It wasn't even nearly close to midnight but everyone seemed wide awake, even little Teddy, who was tugging on Simone's fingers.

"He seems to have taken a great liking to you." Simone looked up to Mrs. Weasley, who was smiling softly at her.

"He's very adorable," Simone replied. "Makes me excited for kids," she added jokingly.

"Well . . . speaking of. . . ."

"Mum," George interrupted, his ears a bright red. "Please don't."

"What?" Mrs. Weasley reached over, placing her hand on Simone's shoulder. "I'm getting old, George. Can't a mother wonder when she'll get to see her grandkids?"

The butterbeer Simone had been drinking went down the wrong pipe and she choked, coughing. Teddy giggled, his hair turning yellow and George reached over to pat her back. "I'm fine," she gasped, quickly.

Merlin why was everyone so concerned about her future all of the sudden?

"We're not really thinking about kids right now mum," George said. "The future . . . that's very far off. Who's to say we'd still be together than?"


Simone looked up at George as Mrs. Weasley tried to reason with him, ensure that she understood but that still didn't mean she couldn't wish for grandchildren.

Not be together?

The evening passed in a blur, Simone spent the time mingling with the rest of the family but her heart wasn't in it. She felt Teddy (who she held for a good majority of the time until he passed out) could sense her sudden detachment from everything.

Why would he say something like that?

Did he not want to be with her anymore?

It was her fault, she realized. She shouldn't have kept the lunch date with her family. She must have done something or maybe he realized just how much he'd have to deal with being with her.

Midnight was slowly approaching. Teddy had been placed upstairs and couples were gathering together to kiss as the clock tolled.

George was no where in sight.

Simone headed out into the back yard.

There he was, staring up at the stars with his hands shoved into pockets.

She crossed her arms over her chest, walking up to him. He looked down at her and their eyes met. "Should I leave?" she asked him.

"Why?" he responded. "Have you had enough?"

"It's just – I seem to have done something wrong and I'm not sure –"

"I don't think I can give you what you want, Simone," George interrupted, looking awkward.

"What – what are you talking about?"

"I – it's – look, I'm not rich. I can't probably buy you an estate or anything like it. I can't make it so you don't have to work. I don't really know how to provide for you. I – I don't think I can fit into your world."

Tears were coming to Simone's eyes. She twiddled her fingers and looked up at him. "You're breaking up with me."

"I just – I don't think that this is going to work, no."

Serendipity inhaled slightly. Slowly she turned, walking away from him. Her heart hurt. It was like losing Fred all over again . . . only twice as worse. This twin, this love was still alive. . . .

And he didn't want her anymore.

She faced him again and saw the pain on his face as if this was hurting him too and that made her angry.

"I didn't care," she told him, her hands clenching the sides of her dress. "I would trade anything and everything I've ever had for something like this, something like home and love and family and for someone like you. I didn't care if we lived in a little flat forever or if I had to keep working or if we never had kids. . . . I just – I just wanted you. It's not my world you couldn't fit into George . . . this is about you not wanting to let me into yours because you're scared."

George looked shocked now but Simone didn't care, didn't give him a chance to speak anymore.

As the clocked tolled midnight, she Apparated away.

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