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All I Want is You

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George had messed up.

It was obvious that you've messed something up when people who are normally on your side (i.e. his family) are angry at you as well.

Ginny and Hermione wouldn't speak to him.

Ron and Harry always looked unsure what to say.

Bill said nothing at all and Fleur 'tsked' him whenever she saw him.

Percy was angry and had no problems showing it.

His dad watched out with sad eyes and his mother always shook her head at him.

Merlin, he couldn't even imagine what Charlie would do if he were there.

And to think, this was all because he broke up with Simone.

A little over a week (actually, nine days, three hours, twenty-seven minutes, and thirteen seconds ago) when he had walked back into the house without Simone after the twelve toll of the clock, it was as if everyone already knew what happened when he could barely register it himself!

What the hell had he done that for?

Simone had been the perfect girl. She was brilliant, beautiful, kind, and so happy all the time that he had no choice to be as well. Now, he was miserable.

It was for the best though. She deserved someone who could care for her and provide for her and make it so she didn't ever have to work. She deserved someone who was excited about having kids. He knew she was; he had seen it in her face when Teddy had looked up to her eyes and smiled.

He was not ready for all that.

He wondered, some times, if Simone hadn't ever met Fred, would he have gone out with her. Was he only dating her because she was the last link to her brother? Or was that her reason for dating him.

It scared him to think about how unsure he had been about his relationship with her. . . .

"Oh come off it already." George looked up, surprised to see not Ginny or Hermione but Ron, glaring at him. He hadn't even heard the door to the shop open. He had gotten so frustrated that he had flipped over the 'closed' sign, not to be bothered. "You've been moping for the last week."

Nine days, three hours, thirty minutes and five seconds actually.

"Hard not to mope when none of you all are doing anything to help me cheer up," George argued weakly.

"Only because it's your fault your miserable in the first place! For almost eight months straight, George, you were happy! You laughed and joked and smiled and pulled pranks on me just like you used to do with Fred and I didn't care! I only cared that you were full of life again! She made you like that. Simone made the life come to your eyes again. Maybe you couldn't see it, but the rest of us could." Ron softened. "Why'd you break up with her? Everything seemed perfect."

"It was."

"So what happened?"

"I – I don't know!" George pushed back from the counter, running his hands through his hair. "I . . . I freaked out. You should have seen where she's come from Ron. This big ol' estate. She's used to nice things and expensive things and house-elves and being waited on hand and foot."

"Not from what I've heard," Ron replied.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Ron shrugged. "From what Hermione's told me, she never even really knew the girl existed aside from the fact that she sat in the back of their Prefect meetings and didn't speak. Her mother considered her a failure and she believed it, even if she got excellent grades and made prefect. She'd walk through the hallways with her head down, never met anyone's eyes, you probably wouldn't even have known she was a Zabini from the way her brother acted . . . and then all of the sudden she started making this brilliant change. She started speaking and smiling and making friends; it was her idea for the Hogwarts' Common Room, you know."

She had told him as much about being more of a ghost than anything while at school but he hadn't known her mother treated her so poorly.

"I think, well Hermione thinks, that you were as much as a light to her as she was to you," Ron continued. "When the girls went out, Simone, they said, would be all lit up and talk about you as if you were the best thing in this world. Real girly stuff you know. Now they haven't seen her since you two split."

George put his head in his hands. "I really miss her."

"No use telling me that, mate," Ron replied. There was silence and then George heard the shop bell ring as the door opened and closed.

What should he do?

What would Fred do? Fred wouldn't have broken up with a girl like Simone and if he had, he would have fixed it nine days, three hours, forty-one minutes, and five seconds ago. He would have followed after her as she Apparated and then swept her off her feet apologizing. Fred would have –

This isn't about me anymore.

George sat up straight. Fred?

This is about you, about George. I'm gone but you're still here, still living and there is someone still living for you. You've just lost the girl of your dreams. What would you do?

George ran into the back, grabbing his coat and gloves, shoving them on hastily as he ran out the store. He slipped on the ice that was the streets of Diagon Alley but that didn't stop him as he moved.

Three forty-four.

He still had time.

People watched him oddly as he ran, snow drifting down around them. He didn't care, didn't barely even notice them. He was on a mission.

For Every Season was the name of the shop.

George skidded to a stop, pulling open the door though he noticed it said 'closed' as well.

"Simone!" he cried out.

The girl in question looked up as well as the boy standing in front of the counter. Simone turned quickly, wiping at her tear-stained face while Blaise looked between herand George before he cleared his throat. "I'll leave you two alone, then."

He approached George, glaring at him and opening his mouth to speak but George saved him the trouble. "I've already given the big-brother to boyfriend speech for my little sister to the Harry Potter, so you can't scare me. . . . But I understand, and I know what will happen to me if something like this happens again."

Blaise appeared flustered but he quickly regained his demeanor. "Right, well . . . go fix it then."

Blaise left the shop and George approached the counter. He placed his hands against it, gripping the counter. "Simone. Simone please look at me."

She took a deep breath and turned. Her eyes were red from crying and her face still tear-stained but George thought she was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. "George, I –"

"Simone," George interrupted. "I'm sorry but I really need to say this. . . . I can't see the future and – and I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow or next year or ten years from now. But I know wherever I end up at that time I want you there with me. I can't give you a mansion or anything of the likes. . . . But, if it means anything, I can make you happy and I can treat you right. You were right when you said I was scared. I was scared because – because to move on would mean letting go of all my pain and sadness and I had become comfortable with that. And then you came along and you've been steadily working on pushing away that pain and it terrified me. I didn't want to forget Fred, didn't want to move on because it would feel as if I was desecrating his memory I guess. But – but I know he sent you to me for that reason. Not to make me forget him but just so I could be happy and you did that."

Tears were poring down Simone's face again as she kept her face downcast. George could see the tears hit the counter though and her hands were clenched into tight fist. He reached forward and placed his hand on her cheek. "You make me so happy, Simone and I'm sorry that I've ever hurt you, that I was such a jerk. I hope you can forgive me because I – I love you Simone."

Simone finally looked up at him. "You do?"

George smiled softly. "I do."

Simone laughed, a sob-filled laugh shaking her head. "I love you too."

George grinned, taking her face in both his hands and leaning forward across the counter to kiss her.

He had his happiness back, he thought to himself as Simone reached up to brush snow from his hair. He couldn't promise her anything but he would do his best to make sure she was always happy.

This was a new start.

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