Persona 3: The Broken Tower

Chapter 3: Full Moon Empress

He wasn't sure if he was lucky or unlucky, but the moment he woke up it is already golden week. Tsukiyo didn't really have much to do at the dorms at this rate, as he didn't planned to awaken to his Persona at all. But still, thanks to Mitsuru, he managed to keep up with the current events.

'Mitsuru's now the Student Council's President, huh…?' He thought over as he read his book.

With nothing much to do besides to catch up on his studies, he pretty much is holed up in the dorm. Speaking of the dorms, the arrangements for his new room is unique as he saw posted to last room at the end of the second-floor corridor, which is where all the male tenants stay and just above where Minako's room supposed to be.

Golden week just passed by him quickly.

It is the start of school, and he was indeed worried by several students, mostly the teachers especially Ono. He guessed it's because he is basically what the teachers wants in modern Japan, a modern samurai. On the way to school, however, he heard of a young elementary school hanging out at the shrine playing by herself. He choose mostly to ignore it, so he went to his class.

After school carries on, he was often asked by Ono if he was alright when it's his class as well as by the other students in his class. After school, he was about to leave when Mitsuru walked up to him, "Hey, Tsukiyo. Are you free today?" She asked.

"Yeah, nothing planned." Tsukiyo stated.

"Good to hear." She nodded, "I need you to come with me. I'll explain later."

Tsukiyo nod in response and followed her out. He can feel the jealous stares from the male community, but choose to ignore them completely. They left the campus and head to Paulownia Mall, sitting down on the bench near the fountain, "So, what is it?"

"I just want to know whether you are doing okay." Mitsuru explained.

"Just dandy." He stated, "But it was surprising. Persona, Tartarus, Shadows, to think that you and Akihiko are facing them for the past two years. But why?"


"I mean, even if you have the power to fight against them, you don't really need to, right?" He said, "Why go through so much trouble?"

"Tsukiyo, you know about the Apathy Syndrome?" She asked.

"Yeah, who wouldn't?" He said, "It's all over the news for the past two years."

"The Shadows are the cause for it." Mitsuru explained, "They feasted on a person's psyche until they are nothing but an empty shells. You've seen them, right? The Lost?"

"Seriously?-!" Tsukiyo cried, "When Akihiko said all the incidents on the news are caused by them, I thought he was just exaggerating…"

"Now you see why?" She said, "It's not just a gift we have received, it is also a duty we are given. And I intend to live up to my duty."

"As a Kirijo, right?" He stated before sighing, "Mitsuru, is there something you're hiding from us?"

"Huh? Oh, um…"

"It has always struck me odd, but why do Ikutsuki-san know so much about the Shadows, and Personas as well?" He stated, "Not only that, the fact that only Persona-users are capable to dealing with Shadows."


"I've searched around the net and found some things. Ten years ago, an explosion occurred here on Tatsumi Port Island, killing dozens of people." Tsukiyo stated, "One of them is Yukari's father, Eiichiro Takeba. I guess that's why Yukari agreed to be part of SEES. And another thing, the place of that incident was covered up, but I have a pretty good guess where it was."


"Gekkoukan High was built by the Kirijo Group, ten years ago. A bit too coincidental, don't you think?"

"…Your intuition is as sharp as ever." Mitsuru stated, "You're right, Gekkoukan High was used to cover up the cause of the explosion. It was originally a lab made by the Kirijo Group to study Shadows."


"The Shadows have ability that could alter space and time." She explained, "The Kirijo Group intended to possess that ability for their own gain."

"To control space and time…" Tsukiyo muttered, "Wait, then the Dark Hour, was it the result of the explosion ten years ago?"

"That's right." Mitsuru stated, "The Dark Hour is born that day, and the tower Tartarus risen up there ever since."

"So the Dark Hour and Tartarus, they're both the result of the Kirijo Group…"

"That's all I know." She stated, "Sorry for not telling you immediately."

"It's okay." He stated, "I'm sure you have your reasons, like Takeba's father's death."


"…You know, Mitsuru. You don't have shoulder everything on your own." Tsukiyo stated, "You have comrades now, and even though I'm still quite new, I'll be here when you need me."

"Tsukiyo…" She muttered, before smiling a little, "Thank you."

"No problem." Tsukiyo stated with a thumbs up and a dead-panned face.

"You never smile, do you?" She stated chuckling a little.

"…I can't…" He stated looking up into the sky with a solemn look, "…Not yet…"


After reaching the dorms, Yukari suggested that they head to Tartarus tonight, which Minako agrees and they all made to the tower with their respective weapons. The frontlines manages to blast through the floors, despite the stronger enemies now until they reached the last floor guardian.

It appeared to be a messed up looking chariot, with three legs bound to look like a wheel and two large spikes sticking out the side of its torso and finally a yellow mask.

[It seems you've attracted the guardian's attention. Its Arcana is The Chariot.]

"It's the last one!" Junpei cried out.

"It's Rampage Drive!" Minako cried out, "Everyone, get into positions!"


"Orpheus!" Minako summons her Persona and it swung its lyre at the Shadow, it damaged it slightly but it rushes towards and spins around, knocking the robot Persona away, "Man this is a tough one!"

"Garu!" Yukari cried out as she summons Io, it summons out a cyclone of wind from under it, it blasts right through it and slams the Persona away, crashing it into Yukari sending her falling onto the ground.

"Damn it, Hermes!" Junpei summons out his Persona, "Lancelot!" Tsukiyo did the same, and the two summons charges towards the chariot Shadow and hits down on it with their respective weapons. It spun even further and slams the two Personas away.

"Grr…! Agi!" Lancelot was summoned again and it blasts a flame at it, it barely flinched as it keeps on charging towards him. Tsukiyo dodged under the spinning blade as Junpei just jumped out of the way, "We need to weaken its defenses somehow!"

"Or we could raise our defense first!" Junpei stated as he summons out Hermes, "Time for a new trick! Rakukaja!" A bright glow surrounds Tsukiyo, just as the Shadow hits him. This time, he is managing to halt the attack by summoning Lancelot, it blocking with its sword.

"Nice one, Iori!" Tsukiyo cried, "Right then, Tarukaja!" A bright glow surrounds Minako, "Minako! Do it now!"

"Go Orpheus!" She summons out it yet again, its speaker roared out again as the Shadow is engulfed in fire. "And another!" The senior summons out Lancelot and it casts another fire spell on it as well. The flames engulfed the Shadow, it walking forward slightly before collapsing onto the ground.

"We won, somehow…" Junpei panted as Yukari cased Dia on Tsukiyo.

"That means the next block should be on the following floor." Minako stated, "Come on, let's go!"

They hurried up the stairs to the 16F, only to find the stairs to the next block to be blocked by some kind of green force field.

[It's a dead end… Good work. Return to the entrance.]

When they are about to leave, Tsukiyo walked towards the force field, trying to see the next floor up, 'Can't see it…' He then looked over to the find one of the many suitcase-looking chest on the ground. Opening it, he found a piece of paper in it, inside reads:

{The electricity's hooked up. But, why do they need so much? There's only a school on this island…}

'This is…' Tsukiyo wonders.

"Hey, Tsukiyo-senpai, come on!" Minako called out.

"R-Right, coming!"

They exited the tower and return back to the dorms.

The next day is pretty boring at first, until lunch period. This time, thanks to having a fully functioning kitchen for once which restocks once a month, Tsukiyo manages to cook himself lunch instead of buying one from the store. 'This will save up quite a lot in the long run.' He thought as he heads towards his favorite spot by the tree.

When he reach there, he notices the teal haired girl he met on the first week of school being shoved around by several other girls around her age. He couldn't make out what they are saying, but he could see a bully when he sees one. Pissed, he stomped towards the group of girls.

"Hey!" He called out, getting their attention, "Don't you have other things to do?"

"Tch, what's your problem?" One of the girls, a blonde ganguro girl scorned.

"Hey, isn't he that Kendo prodigy?" Another stated, "The one who is good friends with Kirijo-senpai?"

"Yikes, we better go!" Another girl said. The three girls leave, leaving their victim on the floor.

"…Tch… bullies…" Tsukiyo groaned as he kneeled down in front of the girl offering his hand, "Need a hand?"

"T-Thanks…" The girl stated as she accepted his hand and stood back up, "Aren't you the one that helped me on the second day of school?"

"So you remembered." He said.

"Y-You're quite a legend yourself." She said, "Oh, how rude of me! I-I'm Fuuka Yamagishi. Um… it's a pleasure to meet you!"

"Same." He greeted, "I'm Tsukiyo Amagi, but I'm pretty sure you know by now…" He looked at her cheeks, slightly blushed but a stained with tears, "Here…" He reached into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief, "To wipe your tears."

"O-Oh. T-Thank you…" She accepted it, wiping it with the grey cloth.

"…Are those girls been bothering since the start of the semester?" He asked her.


"If you want to, you can just tell them to leave you alone." He stated, "Otherwise, they will just keep pestering you."

"N-No! It's not like that!" Fuuka stated, "T-They're really pestering me… they're just teasing…"

"Teasing? You were crying!" He shouted stepping forward, startling her. He notices the fear in her eyes and sighed as he stepped back, "Sorry… it's just… you reminds me of someone I've knew…"

"R-Really?" She asked.

"…Do you have your phone with you right now?" He asked.

"Yeah, but…" Fuuka took out her phone, before Tsukiyo snatched it out of his hand, "H-Hey!" He taped on it for a while, before handing back to her, "W-What did you…?"

"My phone number." He tells her, "If you ever need someone to talk to, just call."

"Eh?-! B-But…!" Fuuka cried.

"Just keep the number." He tells her, "Man… I sure was hoping for a peaceful lunch…" He sits down on the root of the tree and opened up lunchbox. "Do you have some sort of lunch?"

"A-Ah, yeah, I do…" She muttered; he then noticing the bread in her hands.

"You can eat here if you want."

"Eh? Um… sure…" She muttered before sitting down next to him and taking the bread of its plastic wrapper.

Soon, lunch period is over. They bit each other farewell and return back to their respective classes.

After school, he went to Chagall café for his part-time job. After earning some cash, he went back to the dorms. On the way, he bumped into Minako.

"Oh, hey, Tsukiyo-senpai!" She called out.

"Oh, Minako." He greeted, "On your way back?"

"Yup, you too?" She asked.

"Same." He nodded as they walked along the streets, "Say, Minako. Why do you join SEES?"

"Huh? Why you ask?"

"Among the group, you're the one that I can't quite figure out…" He stated, "I know Mitsuru's doing it because of personal reasons, Akihiko is a no-brainer, that muscle brain. Takeba doing it in order to find out something. Iori joined to have fun, or to try and play hero. But you, you I can't figure out. So why? Why risk your life to fight when you can just ignore it."

"…Because they asked."

"They… asked…?" He wonders.

"They needed my help." She stated, "So I couldn't say no."

"…Just like that…" He sighed, "…Quite impressive… To accept objects just because you were asked…"

"What about you?" She asked.

"Why I joined?" He thought for a moment, "I guess it's similar to you. Except, I can tell I wasn't given much of a choice… They are going to persuade me till the end so I choose not to go through all that. My other reason is probably…"


"Mitsuru and Akihiko." He explained, "On the first day of the semester, I told Akihiko that if he has another troubles, I will be willing to help. When they told me everything, I knew that needed more manpower, so I choose to help out."

"Like me, right?" She chuckled.

"Something like that." He sighed.

They made small talk along the way as they arrived back at their dorm.

The next day, it was rather bland. He didn't run into Fuuka today, so he had his lunch in peace. Checking the online articles, there has been an increase in Apathy Syndrome cases over the past weeks, but a stalemate over the previous days. 'Looks like Mitsuru's right…' He finished his meal and went back to his class.

After school, he went to the library to return a book he borrowed the month before. When he reached there, he greeted the girl behind the counter, "Hey there, Hasegawa-san."

The pale girl smiled back, she have curly dark grey hair and dark grey eyes with a beauty mark under her left eye. Despite being older than him, he knows she is actually a junior, "Hi, Tsukiyo-senpai. Another return?" She asked politely.

"Yup." He stated.

"Oh, Tsukiyo-senpai!" Another junior greeted, someone he did not expect to be here.

"Minako? You're part of the library committee now?" He asked surprised, "Wait, so you're part of the Student Council and the Library Committee? Isn't that a lot for one person?"

"I can manage!" Minako stated cheerfully.

"Man, you're tough…" He muttered, "If you are unable to handle it, just tell me."

"No problem!" She smiled.

"Well, good luck with the committee." He said as he left the counter to find any other books to borrow.

"I'm back." He greeted whoever is in the lounge at the moment, which would be Akihiko and Mitsuru.

"Welcome back." She greets him. Tsukiyo walked up to his room and return with a book at hand as he sat down on the sofa and starts reading. "…It's odd, really, how quiet it's been." Mitsuru stated.

"You're referring to the Shadows I take it?" Akihiko stated.

"It's been a month since the attack, yet I'm certain that won't be the last time they appear outside of Tartarus." She explained.

"True." Tsukiyo stated, "The number of Apathy Syndrome cases has increase quite significantly."

"You think something must be going on?" He asked.


They kept quiet, often bringing up small talk once in a while. Once it got late, they left for their respective rooms.

It is after school that day, Tsukiyo is leaving when he bumped into Minako. "Hey, heading back, Minako?" He greeted.

"Yeah, I have a bad feeling about tonight so…" She stated.

"…Huh…" He nodded, "Very well, shall we go head back together?"

"Yeah, sure!" She smiled.

The two walked back to their dorm together, having small talk along the way. It was along the street heading to Iwatodai Dorms that Tsukiyo starts to think about something. "…"

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He tells her, "…It's just I realized how fast time has flown by me… I told you before, right? That I transferred in two years ago? I came to Iwatodai around the first week of May. It wasn't weird for transfers in the middle of May, since it was still quite early in the semester, but I stood out a lot."

"Thinking back, it's probably because of my lack of expression…" He stated.

"I think that's your charm." Minako stated.

"Really? That's pretty nice of you." He stated, "Thanks." He looked up to the blue sky, the clouds blowing by, "I know it is late to say this but…" He turned to her and reached out his hand, "Welcome to Gekkoukan."

She smiled and shook his hand.

"Come on, let's head back."

They carry on walking till they reached back to the dorm.

When the Dark Hour strike, Tsukiyo remained by the lounge reading his book as much as he could with the eerie moonlight shining through the windows. 'It's a full moon today…' He thought. Originally, Minako wished to wait here to accompany him, but he declined and asked her to return back to her room.

He then felt a sting on the back of his head. 'There's that feeling again…'

The alarm for the place sudden sounded, startling him before recalling the instructions for such a situation. He quickly head to the command room and meet up with the rest, "Is it what I think it is?-!" He cried out.

"I've detected a Shadow outside of Tartarus." Mitsuru explained, "We don't know for sure, but we think it's another big one. We have to defeat any of them we find, as quickly as possible."

"Why is that?" He asked.

"Most people don't know about the Dark Hour exists. But if half the city is destroyed, there will be panic." She explained, "That must be avoided at all costs."

"Wait, is the Shadow like a kaiju now?-!"

"In other words, we need to kick some ass, right?" Junpei stated cheerfully, "Well, count me in!"

"*sigh* Junpei…" Yukari sighed.

"Hold on a sec here!" Tsukiyo stated, "How big is this big one you're talking out?-!"

"If it's anything like the last one, I guess about several feet tall." Mitsuru explained.

"That's it? That's a relief…" He sighed.

"Even if it's not that big, it is still very powerful and could destroyed most of the city."

"Never mind then…"

"Akihiko, you stay here and wait for the Chairman." She tells him.

"Wha-?-! Are you kidding?-!" Akihiko cried, "I'm going!"

"You still need to recover. You'll just be a hindrance." Mitsuru stated.


"They'll fare better than you in your current state." She added, "Have faith in them, Akihiko… they're ready."

"… Dammit…" He growled.

"Relax! I've got it covered!" Junpei stated.

"Grr… looks like I've got no choice…" Akihiko muttered, "Minako, you're in-charge."

"Wha- her again…?" The junior mumbled dejectedly.

"We're counting on you." Mitsuru tells her.

"Leave it to me!" Minako said determined.

"I know you can do this." Akihiko stated, "Tsukiyo, make sure not to slow her down."

"Like that ever happened before…" Tsukiyo groaned.

"So it's decided that you're our leader, huh…?" Junpei stated, "Even when I'm the more experienced guy in the group…"

"Whether one is a man or a woman doesn't factor into it." Mitsuru stated, "The responsibility falls to those who have the gift. And let me add, if you ever say or do anything to condescend to her because she is a woman…"

"Oh no no no no! It's not that I looked down on her or anything!" He said in defense.

"Iori, you should choose your words carefully in front of Mitsuru next time." Tsukiyo stated.

"I-I'll take that advice to heart next time…" He groaned.

"The four of you should hurry and go on ahead." Akihiko tells them, "Mitsuru, you need to get ready, right?"

"Indeed. Let's rendezvous in front of the station." Mitsuru said

"Got it." Yukari said.

"Let' go, everyone!" Minako tells the group, leaving the command room.

They gathered up their gear and equipment and headed towards the train station. There, they waited. Tsukiyo leaned near the pillar as he took a quick nap as the others wait for their senior to arrive.

"Where is she?" Yukari wonders.

"She'll be here soon." Junpei stated.

"…So, why is Amagi-senpai napping at a time like this?" She asked.

"Who knows?" He chuckled, "But there is a rumor going on about a handsome geeky third year always found sleeping by the tree during lunch hour."

"Huh…" She looked up into the sky, "…It's a full moon tonight…" Yukari muttered, "But, it looks even creepier during the Dark Hour…"

A motorcycle engine is heard, "Huh? What the…?" Junpei muttered as a black motorbike rode in front of them before skidding to a stop. As the rider took of her helmet, "Sorry to keep you waiting." Mitsuru apologized.

"A motorcycle…?" Yukari looked on with an eyebrow raised.

"Listen carefully." She tells them, "Tonight, I'll be providing support from here. Everything else is the same. The Shadow is currently located inside a monorail, not far from the station. To get there, you'll have to walk on the tracks."

"Are you serious?-!" Junpei cried, "Isn't that dangerous?"

"Any electric equipment shouldn't function in the Dark Hour." This time, Tsukiyo is awake and explained to him, "That includes the Monorail."

"Exactly." Mitsuru stated.

"How do you know?" Yukari asked.

"I bought a flashlight to test out that theory few months back." He stated, "Tried and failed. And I was hoping to use that extra hour to try and study."

"But then… senpai's bike…" Junpei stated.

"It's special." Mitsuru stated, "Now, if the circumstances change, I'll notify you immediately. Let's get started."

"Everyone, let's roll out!" Minako called out.

"Huh? O-Okay…" Yukari muttered.

"Is this how we're going to do this?" Junpei muttered.

"…" Tsukiyo gave her a blank stare.

After checking their equipment and items, they left on their way. Making onto the tracks, they made their way along the tracks. The tower of Tartarus looming ominous in the background, "The tower looks rather terrifying from afar." Junpei stated.

"Indeed, you can tell how high it is." Tsukiyo stated.

"Do you think we can even reach the top at all?" Yukari asked worriedly.

"I'm sure we can." Minako stated firmly, "If we keep up the pace, we would!"

"Of… Of course we will!" Yukari stated, "What was I even saying before?"

"That's right! With me, we will definitely reach to the top without a sweat!" Junpei said cheerfully.

"…" He looked at their optimistic attitude, before sighing a little, "Troublesome…" He muttered as they walked along the tracks. Soon, they reached the monorail. "This is it… right?" Yukari asked worriedly.

"Let's hope it's not the one further up ahead…" The senior sighed.

[Can you all hear me?]

"Yes, I can hear you dearly." Yukari stated, "We just got here, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary…"

[The readings are definitely coming from that monorail. Proceed with caution, and stay together.]

"We got it." Tsukiyo said.

"Heheh, my Persona is just beggin' to be used!" Junpei snickered.

"Well then, let's head on in!" Yukari announced as she stepped onto the foothold of the train carriage and starts climbing up, "…Don't look up."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…" Junpei groaned, "…But, don't blame me if I happened to catch a glimpse~" Tsukiyo nudged him with his elbow sharply.

"Say, Minako… what do you say we bury Junpei here and leave him behind?" Yukari asked.

"Tempting… But let's not." Minako said.

"Besides… aren't you wearing spats underneath anyway?" Tsukiyo stated.

Once they entered the monorail, they saw the coffin by the passenger seats, "This poor stiff must be a passenger…" Junpei muttered.

The very moment Tsukiyo entered the cart last, the doors automatic slides shut, "…?-!" Yukari looked around in shock. The older male tugged with all his might on the door, "Not good, it's sealed shut." He stated.

[What's wrong? What happened?-!]

It looks like we're trapped inside…" Yukari tells her.

[It must be the Shadow… it knows you're there. Be ready for anything! Proceed with extreme caution!]


"Even if you say that…" Tsukiyo muttered as he looked around the carriage, completely empty besides the transmogrified passenger.

"What the heck…? I don't see any Shadows…" Junpei stated.

"It's so quiet, it's creepy…" Yukari muttered.

"Let's push forward…" Minako muttered as the four of them carry on walking through the carriage. When they arrived onto the next carriage, a floating Shadow appeared, this one similar to the Tiara Shadows inside Tartarus, but with a book atop of its crown. "There it is!" Junpei cried. The Shadow then proceeds to float away and into the cart ahead. "Hey! Get back here!" He was about to chase it when his arm was held back by Tsukiyo.

"Hold it, Iori." He tells him.

[Something's not right… the enemy is acting strangely…]

"But, if we don't go after it, we're gonna lost it!" Junpei cried.

"Leader, what should we do?" Tsukiyo asked.

"We need to be cautious here…" Minako stated, "Senpai is right, this is too odd."

"Tch… Fine! I'll go by myself!" Junpei shouted as he pulls his arm out of his senior's grip and ran after the Shadow.

"Junpei! Wait!" Yukari cried.

"Takeba, look out!" Tsukiyo cried out as he swings his wooden sword, bashing away another the same Shadow from behind his junior. Several more appeared and they all prepared their weapons ready to fight. "Damn it, we have no time for you!" Tsukiyo summons out Lancelot, "Tarukaja!" A bright glow surrounds Minako as she swings her naginata and killing another Shadow. Yukari fired an arrow at another of the Tiara Shadows, killing them as well. After a few strikes, they manages to defeat the ambush Shadows.

"*sigh* This is just what the enemy wanted…" Yukari muttered.

[We have no choice. You have to go after him, or you'll be picked off one by one.]

"Dammit, Stupei! What are you thinking?-!" She cried out, before hearing a small chuckle from behind her, turning around to check, only to see a dead-panned Tsukiyo, "Amagi-senpai, did you hear something?"

"No, nothing." He stated.

"…Minako, did you hear laughter just now?" She asked the leader.

"Hear what?" She replied smiling.


[…Anyway… From what I can tell, he's only a few cars ahead.]

"Okay, we'll catch up to-" They were then intercepted by several more Shadows, "Gah! Get out of our way!" They rushed forward, killing them as fast as they could. Due to the small area of the train carriage, they limited their Persona summons to only two people at a time, otherwise there won't have enough room.

Making it to the next carriage, "Damn it, not here!" Tsukiyo cried out as they rushed forward to the next cart. Few more, ones that look like a mix of a Christian cross and a scale and a sword, appeared in front of them, "Get lost!" He summons out Lancelot and have it slashes all of them in one strike.

They crashes into the next cart, "Junpei's not in this car either…" Yukari sighed, "He should know it's too dangerous to go alone… Don't you think he's acting weird? Did you say something to upset him, Minako?"

"No… I don't think so…" She muttered.

"We can think about this once we catch up to him." Tsukiyo tells them. The two girls nodded and they carry on running through the carriages. Finally, they managed to catch up to Junpei, "There he is!" Yukari cried, the baseball teen fighting against a large group of Shadows and is almost overwhelmed by them, "Shoot! He's surrounded?-! We got to help him!"

"Junpei!" Minako cried.

"Erk! I-It's fine! I got it under control!" Junpei shouted back as he swings his sword at them, "Take this! You freak of nature!"

"We need to help him, now!" Tsukiyo stated as he summons out Lancelot, the Persona proceeds to blow them away with a Garu spell. With them disoriented, the others took their chance to kill them with their respective weapons. When the fight ended, Junpei refused to look at them while Yukari casted Dia on him.

"See, this is what happens when you don't listen!" She tells him angrily.

"Are you alright?" Tsukiyo asked.

"O-Of course I am…" He stated, "I was doing just fine…"

"EXCUSE ME?-!" Yukari cried.

[Be careful, you all! I don't detect any movement, but stay alert!]

The entire carriage shook a little, before they start to notice that the scenery outside is moving backwards, only, "Whoa, what the?-! …Why are we moving?-!"

[It seems the monorail is under the enemy's control…]

"You think?-!" Tsukiyo shouted.

"Um… this doesn't look good." Junpei stated.

[If we can't stop that thing, it'll crash into another train!]

"WHAT?-!" Yukari cried, "Oh, god! W-What are we gonna do?-!"

[Calm down and listen. I sense a strong presence in the front car. That must be the one we're after. You'll have to defeat it to stop the train!]

It was then that the other Shadows starts to crawl and advance towards them, "Easier said than done!" Tsukiyo cried. "What kind of messed up ride is this?-!" Junpei cried.

The both of them summons out their Personas, Hermes and Lancelot cleave through the Hands Shadows in front with their weapons, before Minako used Orpheus to cast Agi on the Table Shadows, knocking them down and Yukari ends them with an arrow to their masks.

[You don't have much time! Run!]

"Let's go, everyone!" Minako cried as they took to a run. Yukari did noted that the train picked up speed to what Tsukiyo believed to be the monorail's top speed. They took down all the Shadows that tries to stop them from advancing, thankfully they are weak to fire so launching Agi spells are working for them.

Soon, they reached the front car, "This is it!" Tsukiyo cried as he slides the door open. He could not believe what is in there. A large lady like Shadow with her make-up with one half of her body, black and white scroll-like tendrils around her head, an eye mask around her face.

"There it is…!" Junpei cried, "What the hell?-! Is this the friggin' boss?-!"

"We're in the front car; it's gotta be!" Yukari said.


"Let's do this, everyone!" Minako stated out as they readied their weapons. "Orpheus!" She summons out her Persona, the robot swings its lyre at the Shadow boss, her tendrils strikes out hitting it away. "Hermes!" Junpei summons out his and unleashed a burst of flame at it, she took the hit and retaliated by unleashing ice shards towards them, most of them missed passed them or hit onto the sides of the carriage.

"We need to lower her defenses!" Yukari cried.

"Way to state the obvious!" Tsukiyo shouted, "Do any of you have that kind of skills?"

"I only have the opposite." Junpei stated sighing.

"In that case!" He summons out Lancelot, "Tarukaja!" He surrounds Junpei with the glow. At this point, the Shadow summons out its reinforcements, couple of Tiara Shadows rushing out towards them, "Shit! Reinforcements!" He called out as he swings his sword at one of them, killing it instantly.

Yukari fires another arrow at the other Shadow, just as the boss unleashed another hailstorm at them, the ice shards hitting and blasting both her and Tsukiyo back a bit.

"Tsukiyo-san! Yuka-tan!" Junpei cried, "Damn it, I'm not letting Tsukiyo-san's buff goes to waste here!" He tries to summon, but when he pulls the trigger, nothing happened. "Eh?" He pulls a few more times, "N-No way… out of juice…?"

The ice attack launched straight at him, "Junpei!" Minako cried as she stood in front of her and took the blow, "Ah!" She was blown back and landed near the entrance of the carriage.

"Minako!" He cried out.

"I'm fine…!" She stated before placing her Evoker to her head again. She stood there in a daze, as the Shadow took this chance to unleash another ice attack at her, "Minako!" Tsukiyo and Yukari cried out. She stood there, before pulling the trigger, "Jack Frost!" She summons out another kind of Persona, a white snowman in a blue cap appeared and stood in front of them with a cartoonish smile, as it flapped its arms and the ice attack is blocked.

"N-No way…!" Junpei muttered, "C-Come on now…!"

"Another Persona…?-!" Tsukiyo muttered.

The snow man persona stood in front of them, the ice attack being blocked by it, "I-It's blocking the ice spell?" He wonders, "But she can't attack if she using it to block!"

"Junpei!" Minako called out, "I'm counting on you!"

"…R-Right!" Junpei placed his Evoker to his head once more, "Come on, Hermes… this is the last stretch…!" He summons out his Persona once more, Hermes rushes forward and cleaves through her, avoiding the Shadow that were summoned as it slices right through its head, killing it instantly as its body collapsed and dissipated into black goo like any other Shadow.

"W-We did it…" Tsukiyo panted, before realizing, "H-Hey, wait a minute, why is the train…?"

"Why isn't it stopping?-!" Junpei cried.

"We're going too fast! We have to pull the brakes or else…!" Yukari cried.

[What are you waiting for?-! There's a train up ahead!]

"Easy for you to say!" Tsukiyo cried as he looked around the crazy controls of the driver seat, "U-Um…"

"Dammit, we don't know how to stop this thing!" Junpei cried.

"Leave it to me!" Minako stated as she rushed forward and pulls a random lever.

"Wait, don't just-!"


They all braced themselves as the train starts to screech as the brakes are deployed. The entire carriage shook wildly, everyone inside grab hold onto anything as the train starts to slow down, before stopping just in front of the other train. "D-Did we stop…?" Junpei asked worriedly.

"I-I think so…" Yukari said shakily.

[Is everybody all right?]

"Uh, y-yeah… we're okay…" Yukari sighed, "Ha, hahaha… my knees are still shaking…"

"Dude… I'm like drenched in sweat…" Junpei sighed in relief.

"I think my heart stopped a little…" Tsukiyo sighed, "How about you, Minako?"

"That was a breeze." She stated.

"Seriously? Yeesh, you're a real tomboy…" Junpei panted.

[*sigh* I'm so glad you're safe… I'm sorry I couldn't do more on my end.]

"I doubt you'll be able to do anything in this situation, though…" Tsukiyo mumbled.

[I don't detect any more Shadows. You guys did a great job, so come on home.]

They sighed in relief, before Yukari turned to Minako, "But, how do you know which one was the brake?" She asked.

"Woman's intuition~!" She said proudly.

"…" Tsukiyo looked at her with a blank stare.

"I don't think this is the kind of thing woman's intuition helps with…" Yukari sighed.

"Ah… whatever…" Junpei groaned, "Wanna get a bite to eat? I'm freaking hungry!"

"I think the convenience store has a special on lunchboxes this week." Tsukiyo added.

"Uuhh, hate to break it to you, Junpei, but girls usually don't get hungry in the middle of the night…" Yukari stated.


They paused, before facing Minako, the girl giggled in embarrassment with a red blush reaching her ears, "Ehehehe…"

"…I guess dropping by the convenience store is okay once in a while." Yukari stated.

"Alright! Let's go! Tsukiyo-san's treat!" Junpei stated happily.


"A senior should treat his juniors for a job well down, right~?"

"W-Wha- Say something, Mitsuru!" Tsukiyo cried.

[It's only polite for the seniors to reward their juniors when they perform well.]

"Even you too?-!" He groaned, "I think I can see my wallet become an endless void…"

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