Persona 3: The Broken Tower

Chapter 6: Emperor and Empress

At the Dormitory's Command Center that night, everyone is raring to go with their equipment ready and on stand-by, but Mitsuru is having trouble getting the proper authorization from the proper personnel, "This is a bit worrisome… I can't get ahold of the Chairman."

"I guess we have to handle it ourselves." Yukari stated.

"There's one problem, though…" Mitsuru muttered, "Without the Chairman's help, I'm not sure how we can get inside the school…"

"You're an honor student, through and through, Mitsuru…" Tsukiyo sighed, "We can just climb over the fence and walls-"

"No need to worry too much, my beloved senpais~" Junpei chuckles, "I've got it all set to go."

"Set to go…?" Mitsuru wonders, "An explosive? *chuckle* Alright, I'll let you handle this."

"…" Tsukiyo face-palmed at this.

"We won't have time to waste. Let's go." Akihiko stated, and they walked out of the room. Yukari walked close to Junpei, "…An explosive, for real…?" She whispered,

"…Nah… All I did was unlock a door…"

Apparently, Junpei has unlocked the emergency exit on the second floor beforehand, allowing them to access into the school with ease. "See? We got in no problem." He chuckled, "Man, I'm a genius!"

"Is that really something to brag about…?" Yukari muttered.

"So, you unlocked it earlier…" Mitsuru nodded in delight, "Tres bien!"

"Oui, oui…" Tsukiyo groaned shaking his head.

"No time for compliments. Let's go." Akihiko tells them.

"What's the big deal, anyway…?" Yukari wonders as they carried on forward.

"…Tray Ben…?" Junpei blinked, "What's that, French? Lousy seniors and their lousy French…"

After that, they made it to classroom 2-F, the juniors' class to plan their next move. "Can we turn on the lights…?" Yukari asked.

"Aww… you scared~?" Junpei teased.

"No!" Yukari cried out, "…Stupei…"

"Stop calling me that!" Junpei cried out.

"Stop bickering…!" Tsukiyo whispered/shouted, "And I don't think we can turn on the lights. I've tried it just now."

"The power to the school is cut in the night, after all." Akihiko explained to him.

"Ah, that make sense…"

"I don't like sneaking around like this…" She muttered.

"First, we have to find the key to the gym." Mitsuru briefed them, "We'll split up into two groups and meet in the main hallway on the first floor. Understood?"

"The Faculty Office, huh…?" Junpei chuckled, "Heh, maybe we'll find some test questions! Heheh~!"

"Iori, choice of words." Tsukiyo pointed out sternly, "Remember, Mitsuru is here."

"A-Ah! T-That was a joke! Hahahaha…" He chuckled nervously, "I'd never do such an unscrupulous thing…"

"…" He sighed.

"…Perhaps I'd best take Iori with me to the janitor's room…" Mitsuru sighed, "Arisato, head to the faculty office. I leave it to you who to take along with you."

"Okay…" She thought for a moment, "I'll go with Akihiko-senpai."

"In that case, I'll tag along." Tsukiyo stated.

"Very well." The senior nodded, "Then Takeba will accompany us to the janitor's room. We'll meet back up in the main hallway."

He proceed to head down the stairs with Minako and Akihiko, and he saw a light from a corner, "Shit, hide!" He called to them quietly as they tries to hide behind a pillar. Tsukiyo faced outside while Akihiko and Minako squeezed together behind him on the pillar. They held their breaths as the security guard walked passed them lazily, the man yawning as he carried on his patrol.

As soon as he turned the corner, the three of them sighed in relief as Tsukiyo stepped forward to take a short look around, "All clear- Why are you pinning Minako on the pillar?" The two blinked in confusion, before the older teen realized their position and separated while muttered apologizes to each other blushing red.

"That was really close…" Minako sighed in relief, "Hey… will we get arrested for this…?"

"Haha… well… considering that we're sneaking around the faculty offices after hours, we'd at least be expelled." Akihiko joked.

"That's just as bad, Akihiko…" Tsukiyo groaned, "Let's make sure we don't get caught, okay?"

"G-Got it…" Minako chuckled slightly.

They proceed to head to the faculty office, searching around the office for the key to the gym. "Here, I found it! The gym storage key!" Akihiko said happily.

"Wasn't it the gym key ?" Minako pointed out.

"Huh?" He looked at the key again, "I-I see…" He placed the key back and starts rummages through the drawers again.

Tsukiyo checked around the other drawers, "Nope, nope, nope…" He then stumbled upon an interesting item, "Huh? What's this? A katana?" He wonders as he took out a sheathed katana, "It feels light…" He unsheathes it, revealing a USB drive in place of the blade. "…" He quietly sheathed the USB drive and placed it back where he found it.

"No good… it's not here…" Akihiko sighed, "Find anything, Tsukiyo?"

"…Mr. Ono is a bigger samurai nut then I realized…" He muttered.


"Oh, nothing." He replied, "Nothing at all…"

"Must be in the janitor's room, where Mitsuru and the others went." Akihiko sighed.

"Found it." Minako said with a silent cheer, showing the key in her hands.

"…Well, how about that…" The boxer stated, "Well… at least we found it. C'mon, let's find the others."

They made it back to the main hallway where the others are waiting there for them, "Did you find the key?" Mitsuru asked.

"Yeah, piece of cake!" Akihiko stated proudly.

"Minako is the one that found it, though." Tsukiyo pointed out.

"We'll divide into teams again." Mitsuru tells them, "Three of you will enter Tartarus, and two of you will remain outside with me. Once the Dark Hour has begun, I'll determine Yamagishi's position."


"I'll go." Tsukiyo interrupted Akihiko, "Minako, you should come too. You can take the lead, as always."

"Hey, Tsukiyo!" Akihiko cried out.

"It's best if one sensor go along." He tells him, "That way, our connection radius may overlapped with one another, in case where we ended up is too far to Mitsuru alone."

"Wow, you've thought things through, senpai." Minako pointed out.

"…" Tsukiyo sighed.

"He has a point there." Mitsuru stated, "You can have the portable version of my device."


"I'll leave her evoker to you." Akihiko stated placing the device in his hand.

"Um, then, I'll be the third-"

"Wait a second!" Junpei interjected Yukari, "Remember how I accidentally screwed up on the monorail? Gimme a chance to make up for that!"

"Oh, come on!" Yukari cried, "It's not always about YOU! Besides, you didn't 'accidentally' screw up."

"…What do you think, Minako?" Tsukiyo asked.

"We should give him a chance." Minako stated.

"Okay, if you say so." He stated, "You hear that, Iori?"

"Sweet! Thanks!" Junpei cheered.

"S-Seriously…?-!" Yukari cried.

"What's wrong, Yukari? You don't want to stay behind with Mitsuru?" Akihiko asked her.

"Um, n-no, it's fine." She said forcefully.

"It'll be fine. I'm staying behind too, after all." He stated.

"It's almost time." Mitsuru pointed out.

"Alright, let's go!" Tsukiyo stated firmly.

The three of them separated from the outside team as they make their way to the gym. Using the gym key, Minako unlocked the door and they enter the huge hall. There, they waited. Seconds ticked by and their anxiousness is almost getting to them.

"Man, this is nerve-wrecking…" Junpei stated, "How much longer?"

"Not long now." Minako stated.




And their world turns black.

Tsukiyo woke up a couple of minutes later, in a similar labyrinth like of Tartarus. "Where am I…?" He wonders before taking out the portable device he used, "Mitsuru, can you hear me?"

[This is Mitsuru. I've confirmed your position. You're higher than I expected… you're barely in communication range. Is everyone alright?]

He took a look around, finding no one of their group around. "Not sure, we got separated."

[Tsuki…repeat…mess…not cl…]

"Mitsuru? Mitsuru!"


"Even with the overlapping communication, I'm still out of range…" He muttered to himself. He decided to take to his own and tried to navigate the corridors of this unknown floor. He bumped into an occasional Shadows which he dispatched them with ease. After a while, he starts to hear someone.

"Who's there…? Are you human…?"

"That voice…!" Tsukiyo cried, "Fuuka! Can you hear me, Fuuka?-!"


"Damn it!" He shouted out as he took into a run.

"Where am I…? Why am I here…? Please answer me…"

"Fuuka?-!" He shouted out, "Please answer!"


He rushed passed the several corridors, more Shadows appeared charging at him, "Get out of the way!" He summons Lancelot, the knight Persona slashes through them with ease.

"Is someone there…? Please answer me…"

"Fuuka!" Tsukiyo shouted out.


He rushed out of the corner, crashing into another person, "Ow!" He cried.

"Owowow…" Junpei muttered, "Oh, Tsukiyo-san!"

"Iori…" Tsukiyo sighed, "Glad you're safe."

"Man, I was nearly scared shitless…" He sighed, "The Shadows on this floor is unnervingly strong too… is that Fuuka girl even still alive here?"

"She is!" The senior cried, "I've heard her voice just now!"

"Voice?" Junpei then remembered, "Oh right! I've heard one on my way here too! Is that the Fuuka girl's?"

"Is it close?"

"N-Not too sure…" He muttered as Tsukiyo cursed under his breath, "…You know, Tsukiyo-san. You're getting rather… uh…"


"It's just… out of character for you." Junpei stated, "You're never the type to get so worked up for one person. Wait…!" He chuckles looking at his senior with a teasing smirk, "I see~ I get what's going on now~"


"You… like her~ Don't cha~" He chuckled.

"W-Wha-?-!" Tsukiyo cried out blushing, "D-Don't assume things like that! I do not like her! Not in that kind of sense!"

"Then, why are you so worried for her?" He teased, "It is love, man! L-O-V-E, love~"

"Urg…" Tsukiyo groaned tiredly.

"Hey, everyone!" Minako called out as she ran towards them from the corner.

"Oh, Minako!" Junpei called out, "You okay?"

"I'm fine!" She said with a smirk, "I'm the leader, after all!"

"Wow, you're pretty cocky, huh?" Junpei chuckles, "Well, as long as you are fine. Oh yeah, did you hear a voice while you're here? Tsukiyo-san stated that it is that Fuuka girl's voice. It kinda sounds like…"

"Who is this…? Are you human?"

"Th-That's it!" Junpei stated out.

"Wait… that sounds like it came from… behind us…" Tsukiyo turned around, the rest of them followed suit, the mentioned girl timidly peering out from the corner, "F-Fuuka!"

"T-Tsukiyo-senpai…!" She cried out.

"Wow, you're alive! That's awesome!" Junpei cheered.

"Don't worry, you're safe now." Minako tells her walking up to her grabbing her hands, "We're here to help."

"T-Thank you so much… I…"

"I'll try to contact Mitsuru." Tsukiyo tells them as he took out the communication device.

"E-Excuse me, but… Where are we…?" Fuuka asked, "I was at school, and then…"

"Well, it's a long story…" Junpei stated, "I'll explain after we get outta here."

"Mitsuru, come in! If you can hear me, please respond."


"…No good… all I got is static…" Tsukiyo muttered, "Are we still out of range…?"

"Oh yeah, are you hurt?" Junpei asked, "Have you run into any monsters?"

"So, there ARE strange creatures in here, then…" Fuuka muttered, "I've managed to avoid them so far…"

"Whoa, really?-!" Minako cried in surprise, "How do you do that?"

"Um, it's hard to describe but…" She ponders for a while, "I can sort of tell where they are…"

"Whaddya mean? Are you psychic?" Junpei asked.

"It's the same as me and Mitsuru…" Tsukiyo stated, "Maybe even stronger in that field… Since both of our Personas are more battle orientated…"


Tsukiyo handed the evoker to Fuuka, "Hang on to this."

"*gasp* B-But, this is…!" She cried in surprise.

"That's not a real gun." He assures her, "Think of it as… I've got nothing. Just keep it at hand. I'll explain everything when we get out of here."

"Um… Okay…?"

"Alright… let's find the way out." He tells them. With Minako taking lead, they traverse the remaining labyrinth with Fuuka in tow. They were lucky that they didn't ran into Shadows, without Mitsuru's backup support and Tsukiyo's limited backup support would make things harder for them.

After a while, they made it to a corridor with windows showing the bright night sky with the full moon shining down on them.

"Whoa! Check out the moon!" Junpei cried out, "…I've never seen it so bright."

"Yeah, if the Dark Hour is less dangerous, I might find time to take a picture once." Tsukiyo stated, "Kind of a shame, such scenes are impossible to happen in real life."

"…Hey… wasn't it a full moon the night we went to the monorail…?" Junpei pointed out.

"Now that you mentioned it… yeah, I think it was…" The senior muttered, "Kind of think of it…"

"It was a full moon when the dorm was attacked too…" Minako added.

"Whoa, really? What a weird coincidence…" Junpei stated.

"…It always struck me as odd but…" Tsukiyo muttered getting attention from his juniors, "Over the past year before I entered SEES… Those voices are the loudest during the full moon… During April, it was the same… So was last month… Hey, Minako, what was the date when the dorms was attacked?"

"It was… April 9th."

"And the monorail? What was the date then?" He asked.

"I think it was… the 9th as well…" Junpei stated, "Why are you asking?"

"A full moon…! All those incidents happened during the full moon!" Tsukiyo cried as he quickly brought out the comms, "Mitsuru! Are you there?-!"

[Tsukiyo-…-? …Shadows–]

"Hey, can you hear me?-!" He cried, "Answer me!"

[Be caref-]

"Mitsuru? Mitsuru!" He called out, "Damn it… connections are cut… Don't tell me…"

Fuuka shook a little, her face turned even paler than before, "…What is this thing…? It's bigger than the others… and it's attacking someone…"

"We got to move, now!" Tsukiyo called out.

"W-What's going on?-!" Junpei asked.

"It's one of THEM!" The senior tells them, "If my theory is sound, they come out every full moon! A very powerful Shadow! We need to hurry!" He and Minako took to a run, Junpei and Fuuka barely keeping up. They manages to get to a teleporter and warped to the entrance.

What Tsukiyo feared is shown to them, two giant Shadows towering over Mitsuru, Akihiko and Yukari, the three of them on the floor groaning in pain, "Mitsuru! Akihiko!" Tsukiyo cried out.

The two Shadows, one is red while the other is blue. The blue one appeared to be pot-bellied turkey humanoid wielding a small staff, wearing what seems to be blue dress and green cloak. The red one seems to resemble a kingly knight with a red cross in the middle of its black armor and skinny limps with a small sword in its hand.

"What in the world…?-!" Fuuka cried in shock.

"Tsukiyo-san! We gotta distract those Shadows somehow!" Junpei cried out.

"I agree." The senior ran up to one of them, "Hey, ugly! I got something for you!" He pulls out his evoker and summons out Lancelot, the knight persona flew towards them and clashed with the blue Shadow's staff. The Shadow pushes back the knight before blasting a gust of wind against it, sending it flying away.

"Be careful… Normal attacks won't work on these Shadows…" Mitsuru panted out.

"Hermes!" Junpei summons out his Persona, it flew straight towards the other Shadow, clashing his blade with it but was pushed away by its sword strike. "Orpheus!" Minako summons out hers as well, "Agi!" The Persona played its lyre and sets it on fire. The Shadow stumbles back a bit, "It's weak against fire!" Minako cried.

"Right then!" Hermes is summoned again as it charges towards them, "Agi!" Junpei commanded, his Persona unleashed its flame magic against the red Shadow. Tsukiyo summons out Lancelot once more, "Power Slash!" The Persona charges towards the blue Shadow, cleaving it in half, falling over onto the ground followed by its partner.

"Alright, we got them!" Junpei cheered.

"Can you stand, Akihiko?" Tsukiyo asked him.

"Yeah, but barely…" He muttered.

"I need you to protect Fuuka for me."

"Huh? Why do you say that?" He asked, "I'm fighting too!"

"You're beaten, Akihiko!" Tsukiyo cried, "And you said it yourself! You can barely stand!"

"Even so…!"

"Tsukiyo-senpai, look out!" Fuuka cried out, Tsukiyo turning over just as the red Shadow slams its blade at his torso. But instead of cutting him, it sends him flying across the floor, crashing into the wall hard.

"Tsukiyo-san!" Junpei cried as the two Shadows get back up, circles of colors swirls around in front of them, "Damn it, stay down, you sons of guns!" He summons out Hermes once more, "Agi!" He unleashed fire against the red Shadow yet again, but with no effect now. "What the… It worked before! What happened?-!"

"Junpei, get down!" Minako summons out Jack Frost, "Bufu!" The snowman Persona unleashed a blizzard at both of them, freezing them on the spot.

"Oh man, how did you figure that out?" He asked.

"Woman's intuition~!" She chuckled.

"…That joke didn't work the last time, you know…" He sighed, before noticing someone entering Tartarus via the front entrance, "Hey… isn't that…?"

"F-Fuuka…" Natsuki slowly walk forward towards them.

"W-Why are you here?-!" Mitsuru cried.

"Moriyama-san?-!" Fuuka cried out as she ran towards her friend, the ice around the two Shadows breaking as the ring of circles appeared in front of them again, "Please, get out of here!"

"I…I wanted to…" She muttered, "…tell you I'm…sorry…"

The ice broke, the two Shadows broke free as the red Shadows crept towards the two girls, "Look out!" Junpei cried.

"Fuuka-chan!" Minako cried.

The girl looked back at the Shadow, her hands clasped tightly around the evoker, "Wait! That's not a weapon!" Akihiko cried out.

"I know…" She held the Evoker pointing at her forehead, "Persona…" She pulls the trigger, the blue shards bursts out of her, surrounding the girl forming around her as the force of the summoning pushes the Shadow back a bit. It became a large sphere with her kneeling inside with a female upper body on top of it in a purple gown and arm-length gloves wearing a red blindfold and long streaming brunette hair.

"F-Fuuka-san…?-!" Yukari cried.

"A Persona…?" Junpei muttered.

The blue Shadow summons out a large gust of wind, blowing against the two girls, Natsuki wasn't lucky enough to be protected by a Persona, causing her to be sent backwards, clashing into the ground unconscious. "Moriyama-san!" Fuuka cried out, before noticing the red Shadow raising its sword in front of her, ready to strike down on her.

"Run, Yamagishi!" Mitsuru cried, "Your Persona is not made for combat!"

She closed her eyes in fear, bracing for the hit. But nothing happened. Curious, she peeked out, only to see Lancelot blocking the sword strike with its own sword, "Barely… made it…" Tsukiyo muttered as he got back up before proceeding to run towards the Shadow, "Take this, you asshole!" He swings his bokuto the Shadow's leg, only for his strike to bounce off.

The red Shadow then slashes at him, "Lancelot!" His Persona moved to block the attack, only to get knocked back and hit Tsukiyo, dissipating on impact and knocking him onto the ground hard.

"Tsukiyo-senpai!" Fuuka cried out.

"Grr…" Tsukiyo grunted as he got back up and summons Lancelot once more, "Agi!" The Persona unleashed flames onto the blue Shadow, but it is unaffected by the spell, "Damn it!" He brings his evoker to his chin again, "Lancelot, Garu!" He summons out his Persona again, the wind skill lightly blew passed it as well.

"Hermes!" Junpei summons his Persona once more, Hermes charges towards and crashes into the blue Shadow, it blocks with its staff and unleashed a huge gust of wind sending it twirling backwards and hitting him.

"J-Jack Frost!" Minako summons out the snow man, who tries to punch the blue Shadow, only for the red one to step in front and took the blow, which is completely ineffective.

"All our attacks…" Junpei panted, "They're not working…"

"I'm at my limit…" Minako panted.

"Damn it… If only I can tell which of their weaknesses are…" Tsukiyo muttered.

"…I can see it…" He turned to Fuuka, the girl holding her hands together concentrating on something, "I can… sense their weaknesses, somehow…" She stated.

"You can?" He asked in surprise.

"…Wind… The Emperor, the red one!"

"Garu!" He summons out his Persona to unleash a wind spell at the red Shadow, the 'Emperor' knocked back and dropped on the floor, "It worked…!"

"A similar ability to Mitsuru…?" Akihiko muttered.

"Fuuka-chan, please support us in this fight." Minako tells her.

"R-Right!" She cried out as she concentrated. The Emperor Shadow slowly get back up, the colored circles circled in front of it and its partner yet again, "…Fire… Fire will work now!"

"Got it!" Junpei stated as he summons out Hermes, "Agi!" The Persona blasts them with fire, both knocked down on the ground hard. The colored circles appeared again as they slowly get back up.

"S-Slash attack! On the blue one! The Empress!"

"Lancelot!" Tsukiyo summons his Persona out, "Power Slash!" It flew towards it and cleaves through the middle of the Empress' stomach, "And finish it! Zionga!" Lancelot placed its hand out and lightning thunders down onto the blue Shadow, it struggles in pain before completely dissipating into wisps of darkness.

"Last one!" Minako cried out as she readies her Evoker.

"Ice! It's now ice!"

"Jack Frost!" She summons the snowman Persona, "Bufu!" It waved its arm while summoning out a strong blizzard that blasts the Emperor back a little. The circles appears once more as it readies its sword.

"Fire! Use fire now!"

"Hermes!" Junpei summons out his Persona, "Agilao!" The messenger of the gods blasts the red Shadow with torrents of flames, knocking it down on its knees. "Go on, leader! Finish it!"

"You got it!" She ran up towards the red Shadow, leaping and stabbing her naginata spear into its head, "Orpheus! Agi!" She summons out her main Persona, the musician Persona grabbed onto the head and roared out, fire burns into its body, causing it to erupt into flames before disappearing into wisps of darkness.

"…Are there more of them…?" Fuuka asked as her Persona fades.

"No… It's over…" Tsukiyo panted in relief.

"Fuuka… you…" Natsuki stuttered.

"A-Are you alright…?" Fuuka asked the girl.


"Thank goodness…" She muttered before falling onto the ground unconscious.

"Fuuka?-!" Natsuki cried.

"It's alright…" Mitsuru assures her as she along with Yukari and Akihiko got back up, "She's just exhausted."

"Fuuka… I…" She stuttered before breaking into sobs as she cried next to Fuuka's unconscious form.

"Where did those Shadows came from anyway…?" Tsukiyo wonders.

"From somewhere outside Tartarus." Akihiko stated, "Just like others before…"

"I see…"

"Um… what are we gonna do about Natsuki?" Yukari asked, "She saw the Dark Hour, and the Shadows…"

"Don't worry, she's not like us, so she won't remember any of it." Akihiko explained, "The good news is, she didn't fall victim to the Shadows, even though she obviously heard their call. She should be safe from now on."

"But, that means she'll forget that Fuuka saves her life, right?" She stated, "That doesn't seems fair…"

"…I don't think that will be a problem…" Tsukiyo stated, gesturing the apologizing Natsuki, "She learnt her lesson."

"I agree." Mitsuru smirked, "Come on, let's bring them to the hospital."

After a couple of days, Fuuka was soon discharged from the hospital in the peak of health. After school they all gathered at the command centre as Fuuka was brought in by Akihiko. Her face has returned some colour since that day, and she looked better.

"You're Fuuka Yamagishi, right?" Ikutsuki asked.


The chairman chuckles, "Relax, there's no need to be nervous." He assures her, "Why don't you have a seat?"

"Oh, thank you…" She took a seat on the couch.

"Everyone, you did an excellent job uncovering the truth." He congratulated the SEES team, "I also want to let you all know that all the three girls have all regained consciousness."

"What a relief…" Fuuka sighed.

"From what I understand, they each came to school around midnight and waited for the security guard to leave." He explained, "They were attacked by the Shadows near the gate, as the Dark Hour began… However, the facts became twisted because of rumours concerning a ghost story."

"I knew right from the beginning that it wasn't a ghost." Yukari stated proudly.

"Sure, you did…" Tsukiyo stated flatly.

"It's all…my fault…" Fuuka stuttered.

"No, it's not." Tsukiyo stated firmly, "You were a victim in this."

"But I… made so many people worry…"

"Like Tsukiyo-san~" Junpei teased, receiving a glare from him.

"We could have lost that fight if you weren't there." Mitsuru assures her, "You save our lives. You should feel good about yourself. You have a special power that you can use to help others."

"A special… power…?" Fuuka wonders.

"We call it [Persona]." She added, "You could be a tremendous help to us. Will you lend us your strength?"

"Are you asking me to join you…?" Fuuka asked.

"That's correct."

"Mitsuru-senpai…" She thought for a moment.

"I think you'd make a good addition to the team, too." Akihiko stated.


"You know…we're not trying to pressure you, so if you need some time to think about it…" Yukari tells her.

"I'll do it." Fuuka stated firmly, "…I'll help you!"

"A-Are you sure?-!" She cried out in surprise, "If you join, you'll have to live here…"

"That's fine." The young girl stated, "I'd rather live here than at home anyways…"

"…?" Tsukiyo looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

"We really appreciate this." Mitsuru congratulated, "We'll have the school talk to your parents, to resolve any issues."

"Thank you…"

"…Wait a minute. Aren't we dragging her into this a bit fast…?" Yukari asked worriedly.

"Um, it's okay, really…" She tells her, "I mean… It'll be nice to have two other girls in my grade around, too…"

"Let's be friends, Fuuka-chan." Minako smiled.

"Huh…? T-Thanks…"

"If there's ever anything you don't understand, feel free to ask us." Yukari added.

"I'm sure someone else is happy to help you out too." Junpei stated, "Isn't that right, Tsukiyo-san~?"


"C-Come on now, don't give me that look…!"

"Now then… those special Shadows showed up again." Ikutsuki stated, "We still don't know where they're coming from. But, Tsukiyo is right on one thing… Their appearances seems to coincide with the full moon. We'll take that into consideration from now on."

"So, they're some kind of werewolves then, huh?" Junpei pointed out.

"It's a big advantage for us to know when to expect them." Akihiko stated smirking, "Now, on the day of the fight, we'll be ready to get in the ring."

"…" Yukari remained quiet at that comment.

"…But why a full moon?" Tsukiyo wonders.

"Who knows?" Mitsuru stated, "There's still too much we don't know about the Shadows, after all."

"Even so…"

"It seems our meeting is adjourned." Ikutsuki stated with a smile, "Rest up for tonight." The juniors starts to leave the command room, leaving the seniors alone with Fuuka and the chairman, "Now then, would you mind escorting Ms. Yamagishi home?"

"It's no trouble." Mitsuru stated.

"I think I'll escort her alone." Tsukiyo stated.

"You sure?" Akihiko asked, "I mean, more people would be…"

"It'll be more suspicious." He stated, "I'll be fine."

"…Very well." The red haired student president nodded, "I'll leave Yamagishi in your capable hands." He nodded, before he and Fuuka left the command room. "He sure cares a lot for her." Akihiko stated.

"Indeed." Mitsuru nodded.

"…He doesn't trust us too much, huh?"

"It's understandable." She stated, "We kept this a secret all the time we know him. He must feel a little betrayed…"

"I'm sure it will pass for him." Ikutsuki tells her, "He is your friend, right? He can't stay mad at you for long."

"I don't know…"

Along the dark roads, lit by the lampposts along the streets, the two students walked down the road in silence. "Thank you for escorting me back home." Fuuka stated.

"It's no problem." He replied. After a while, he asked his question, "How are you holding up?"

"Quite fine." She stated, "My health isn't always the best, but I'm not feeling any discomfort."

"That good." He nodded.

"Tsukiyo-senpai." She stated, "I want to thank you."


"It's for back in that tower." She stated, "You saved me, and Natsuki-chan."

"Barely though." He added, "Besides, I'm the one that needs to thank you."

"T-Thank me?"

"If weren't for you, we wouldn't be able to defeat those Shadows." He stated, "Your Persona's ability is exactly what we lack at the moment, and it is thanks to that ability that we are alive now."

"Wow… I…"

"…Fuuka." He added, "You still have my phone number, right? If you ever need someone to talk to, or need help in anything, give me a call."

"Senpai, I…" She nodded with a shy smile, "I will…"

The two continued to walk down the streets, "So, do you need me to escort you to school tomorrow?" He asked.

"No, it's okay."

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