The Little Things that Matter

The Ball

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Music, Exclusive, Black Gloves, and Dress robes

Four Months and a Week BD


George's tongue immediately stuck to the top of his mouth as Luna looked up at him from her place behind the counter, where she had been counting their income for the day. She smiled. "What's up?"

George nervously twisted the piece of parchment in his hands, his ears turning red. "I, er, I – got invited to the Businessmen New Years Ball."

"Oh, that's wonderful, George!" Luna said, her smile widening.

"I got invited a week ago, the day after Christmas. . . . It's really exclusive, you know."

"Only for the best business man."

"I haven't responded yet . . . the party's in two days."

"Why haven't you responded yet?"

"I'm – er – I'm supposed to bring a date."

"Really? Who will you be taking? I saw that lovely brunette girl catch your eye the other day."

Was it just his imagination or did Luna sound a little angry? George shook his head, still feeling tongue tied as he continued to wrinkle the parchment. "Well, I was wondering – if maybe – well, if you wanted to go with me."

Coins clattered to the floor, suddenly, as Luna spun towards him, her eyes wide in surprise. Both rushed forward to pick up the scattered coins, both mumbling sorry and how clumsy they both were even though it had been simply an accident.

George reached for a Galleon on the floor just as Luna did, his hand landing on top of hers. They both froze for a moment, as Luna looked him in his eyes. He gave her a small smile and she matched it, saying, "Okay."

"You'll go?" George asked.


"Great. . . . Do you need money to buy dress robes?"

"No, I've got it."

"Oh, okay." It was then that George realized that his hand was still on top of her hand and his fingers had self consciously wrapped around her fingers. The back of his neck turning red, he let go of her hand. "Let's get these things cleaned up, alright?"

Quickly George turned away from her, the smile still on his face for reasons he absolutely could not fathom.

Two days later, George stood in front of his mirror, straightening the bowtie of his dress robes, feeling really, really nervous for some strange reason, as if he were going on his first date.

Though, this would technically be his first date with Luna.

A date with Luna. . . . Why did that seem so nice?

Stepping back and examining himself fully he decided he looked really nice (despite the missing ear). Grinning to himself, he picked up the corsage he had bought for Luna (charmed to match whatever color Luna's dress would be) and went across the hall, knocking on her door. "Ready?" he asked.

"Just a moment," Luna called out to him.

George leaned back against the wall, twirling the corsage in his hands as he waited for Luna. He wasn't feeling so very nervous now, thinking that this maybe wasn't as much as a date as he thought it was. It was simply him and his friend going to an exclusive Ball, in fancy clothing with music and dancing. What was the big deal with that?

A very big deal, George realized as Luna opened the door, grinning at him. She looked lovely . . . more so, but he couldn't think of the word at the moment. All he could do was stare as she closed her door behind her.

She was dressed in a silky blue dress that clung nicely to her curves and falling down just above her matching high heels. The straps of her dress fell lightly on the sides of her shoulders, flowing shawls connected from the straps. She wore black silky gloves that expressed her slim delicate fingers. It was a dress, now that he saw it, that George realized was perfect for her. Nobody but Luna could pull off.

The dress greatly complimented her eyes, with her hair pulled back with two elegant clips, twisting, twirling, and swirling lightly down to her mid-back, her bangs swooping off to the side, just over her right eye.

Now, George never thought that Luna was ugly; on the contrary, if anyone had ever asked him back at Hogwarts, he would have admitted that he thought she was a very pretty girl who just happened to be a little kooky in the head but. . . . Let us just say that tonight, if anyone would ask him, he'd say she had to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

"So?" Luna said, turning around for him. "What do you think?"

Caught off guard because he hadn't believed someone would ask him this soon, but . . . "You look beautiful, Luna," he said, smiling softly.

Luna, obviously not expecting this generous compliment, blushed lightly. "Thank you."

Taking her hand, George gently sipped the corsage onto her wrist. "You ready to go?"

She nodded. Hesitantly, George wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around his neck, smiling up at him. Blushing, George smiled back, and he Apparated.

Luna laughed as George sat back down at their table, lightly tossing the trophy in air before setting it down. "I still can't believe it," he said, softly as the music in the background started back up again.

"You deserve it," Luna said. "We may have to build a trophy case, though if this keeps up next hear."

George grinned, using the end of his sleeve to wipe the trophy though it was incredibly bright already.

Fred and George Weasley

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Businessman of the Year Award

"Fred would be proud," Luna said, softly.

"Yeah," George agreed, smiling.

"I think this deserves a dance."

"Aww, Luna, you know I can't dance to save my life."

"It's fine. I'll lead and then you can take over when you get the hang of it."

She took his hand and pulled him to his feet. George glared slightly at the men who stared at Luna as if she were a piece of candy. Not even realizing what she was doing until it was already done, George, almost possessively, pulled Luna tightly into his arms, leading them in a slow sort of waltz to the soft music.

"See?" Luna said, her voice slightly startled. "I told you that you could dance."

"Yeah, well, motivation, I suppose," George said, smiling down at her.

It was if suddenly the music had been turned down because George couldn't hear it anymore. And he could have sworn that everyone had left the Ball as he and Luna softly glided along the dance floor.

Mesmerized, George gently slipped off the black glove from Luna's right hand, so that her small hand fit into his as his other hand placed itself on the small of her back. Her hand was almost as soft as the glove itself.

He gazed into Luna's eyes for a moment, not quite sure what he was seeing in them. She had very gorgeous eyes . . . they were so deep and understanding and . . . unique. . . .

Luna, who had been gazing back at him, blushed suddenly, leaning her head on his shoulder instead. George could hear the chatter around them again, and the music playing, ending the slow song and gracefully shifting into a fast one, though he and Luna stayed on the floor for a while after the speed change.

"Thank you for bringing me, George," Luna said, smiling up at him again.

George smiled back. "Wouldn't have thought to bring anyone else."

A/N: So I'm sorry it took me so long to update. I hope everyone liked it though. Thanks for reading.

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