The Little Things that Matter


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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Vanilla cake, Strawberry-flavored icing, and River

Four Months BD

Now George was a simple man.

Not many that he was slow or thick-headed. . . .

Simply meaning that he had simple needs, nothing complex. He knew when he wanted something and what he wanted.

In his second year at Hogwarts he knew that he had wanted to be a Beater on the Gryffindor team.

He knew that he had wanted to open the joke shop after he graduated thought that came about a little earlier than planned.

. . . . He knew he was falling for Luna.

It was a sudden realization, soon after the New Years Ball and just before her nineteenth birthday (which just so happened to be today).

He had been laying in bed one night and it just hit him. He was seriously, head-over-heels, heart-stopping, hand-sweating, knee-buckling falling for Luna. It was a surprise to him, though he supposed if he looked back on the last year and six months since she's been around him, he could probably tell when it had started.

And thinking about it even furter, he thought that it was probably not that much of a surprise, considering all that she had done for him and how patient she had been with him after Fred had died.

George chuckled to himself as he moved into the kitchen. If Fred were here right now, he would have probably seen it coming even before George. Fred was often very in tune with this sort of thing. He'd probably be laughing right now as he watched George pull out flour, eggs, milk, and other such ingredients. Here he was, falling for the looniest, craziest, wildest . . . nicest, most beautiful girl he had ever met. . . .

And he was baking a cake for her.

"Where are we?" Luna asked, considering George had thrown his hands over her eyes as soon as he had Apparated them to the spot he had picked out.

"It's a surprise," George said grinning. "Come on, move forward."

"I hear running water. George, what are you doing?"

"Trust me, alright? Okay." George moved his hands from out in front of Luna's eyes, the grin still on his face.

Standing behind Luna he heard her gasp and he was glad that she was pleased. He had brought them to a park that Bill had told him about. A small river circled the park, moving off into the distance . . . the leaves of weeping willows swept towards the ground, giving the perfect shade to the little picnic he had set up for them.

"This is so lovely, George!" Luna exclaimed, running forward. She gracefully fell to her knees on the blanket. George followed suit, sitting down across from her, and reacing into the picnic basket.

"If you think this is good, wait till you taste the cake I made you," George said, pulling a whole cake out of the basket. When he looked up, it was to see Luna gazing at him with amused expression. "What?"

"You baked me a cake?"

"Vanilla with strawberry icing. That's what you like, right?"

"Yeah, it's just . . . you've never had much – patience for baking."

"Luna Lovegood, are you saying I can't cook?"

"No. You're a fabulous cooker. . . . You just can't bake."

"I'll have you know that I can bake just as well as I can bake and this will be the best cake you've ever tasted. Go on."

Smiling slightly, Luna reached into the basket and pulled out a short knife, cutting off a small corner of the cake. Giving George one last supicious glance, she took a small bite of her piece. "Oh,"she said, lifting her hand to cover her mouth.

"What is it?" George asked, worried.

"This – this is fabulous, George," she said, her eyes wide. "I can't believe it. Did you make this by hand?"

George nodded, a smirk coming to his face. "I told you you'd like it."

"I can't believe it," Luna said again, shaking her head as she cut off another piece – a much large piece. "This is really good."

"Hey, save some for me."

Laughing, Luna broke a piece off of her own, reaching forward and quickly placing it in George's mouth, her fingers brushing gently across his lips. George was so surprised that he almost choked.

Regaining his composer, George reached over and smeared frosting on Luna's cheek. She gaped at him for a moment as he laughed before scooping her hand into the cake and pressing the mess against his face. The next thing either of them knew, they became involved in an all out cake fight, their laughter floating in the area around them.

It wasn't until a moment later that they settle down, Luna leaning back onto her hands, staring out at the river. George lay back, his arms under his head as he tried to subtly gaze at her. Frosting and bits and pieces covered the black leggings she had on and the large, red Weasley sweater she wore (her second one she had happily pointed out to him).

She really was very pretty, George realized for the umpteenth time. He reached over and gently pulled a large piece of the cake from her wavy hair. She smiled over at him before saying, "It's awfully hot."

"Take off your sweater than," George said. To his surprise, she actually did, leaving behind only a long tank-top shirt. It was just as long as the sweater, but it clung to her and gave her body more definition, showed off the curve of her br –

"Where are we anyway?" she asked.

"Um, er, I don't know." George quickly looked away, looking towards the sky. "Bill just said it was the Haven Park."

"We must be somewhere in the south," Luna said. "Probably below the equator considering how hot it is."

George sat up, glancing at the river before smirking over at her. "You're really that hot?"

"Are you kidding? It's blazing."

"Well, why not take a swim?"

"No, I don't think so."

George hopped up, grabbing Luna's wrist and pulling her to her feet. "Come on, it'll be fun."

"No! George I – I can't swim!"

"Yeah you can. You told me you like to swim."

"George Weasley, let go!"

She tried to pull away from him, the beginnings of a smile beginning to appear on her face. George moved towards her only to sweep her up in his arms. She kicked and screamed as he ran towards the water, leaping in.

They sunk under, the water grabbing at them like cold hands, washing away the cake and frosting from early. Luna finally got out of George's arms swimming towards the surface, George following after her.

"George!" Luna cried out as he broke through the surface. She was laughing so he knew he wasn't in trouble. "You loon! How are you just going to throw us into the water like that?"

"Hey, well you're not hot anymore are you?"

She splashed him. "Smart-arse."

Grinning, George splashed her back and just like before they were having a friendly little fight, though this time with water.

Luna would later tell George that that had been the best birthday of her life.

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