The Little Things that Matter

Secrets, Eyes, and Light

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Secrets, Eyes, and Light

Two months BD


George looked up with the automatic smile that normally came to his face when Luna came around. She always smiled back to, that brilliant smile of hers. "What's up?"

Luna leaned against the counter towards him and George (unconsciously) leaned towards her. "Tell me a secret," she said, grinning wider.

George chuckled. "Another one? I think I've told you everything about me by now."

"Not possible. I want to know more."

"Same rules apply?"

"As always. You tell me a secret I tell you one."

This had started to be a normal occurrence between them, Luna having started it up a month or so after her birthday. George found that he really didn't mind sharing his secrets with Luna. The only other person who had shared secrets with him was Fred and so it was a nice change of pace. So far Luna knew everything from his favorite under brand to the fact that his favorite teacher at Hogwarts had actually been Professor McGonagall, no matter how much she reprimanded him and his twin, simply for the fact that every time she step foot into a room, she demanded respect.

George loved these 'secret' moments more than anything though, because of Luna's eyes. She would lean in towards him, her bright blue eyes wide and excited. There was this energetic light in her eyes. It was strange, but if George thought about it more it was like there was an actual light behind her eyes that she flicked on just for him. He realized shortly though that it was simply how Luna was, her inner light (or beauty if one chose to go deeper into it). But what got George the most is when, after he begun to tell her his secret, her eyelids would slide halfway close, dimming the light a little, but not much. It was . . . sexy.

Just then Luna's eyelids slid half close as she leaned in closer towards him. "Give me your best secret."

"My best?" George said, smirking and feeling his eyelids slide half close like hers and his heart jump slightly.

"Something no one else knows."

He could easily have told her that he loved her (which is what he had officially decided after her birthday). He could easily have told her that she was the most beautiful person he had ever met (inside and out). He could easily have told her that whenever she was around, the world around him seemed such a much brighter place.

He didn't say anything of those things though. But only because he was certain she knew that already.

And maybe she felt the same way.

"Something no one else knows, eh?" George said, contemplating. "Hmm. . . . Okay, when I was younger, if I had gone through with it, I wouldn't be the famous prankster that you see today."

"Really? What would you have been doing?"

"Well, I really only did the joke shop because it was Fred's dream and I wanted to help him with it. I wanted to become a Potions Master."

"But you always –"

"Goofed off? Yeah I know, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything from old Snapey."

"Wow. I would have never guessed that. You know, it's never too late."

"Yeah, I know but . . . I got really used to the shop idea and I still get to work with potions and stuff and my products are the best around so it's kind of like I got what I wanted, don't you think?"

Luna smiled. "Yeah, actually. I get what you mean."

And somehow George knew that she would. She always understood. "So, you're turn."

"Well, since we're being absolutely truthful," Luna said, leaning back ever so slightly. "I – I'm not sure if I want to run the Quibbler anymore."

"Really? You're kidding!!"

"Stop, George! We're not supposed to – freak out about each other's secrets, remember?"

"Sorry, sorry. . . ." George regained his composer and leaned slightly back towards her. "So, why don't you want to run the Quibbler anymore?"

"It's just – something I've been thinking about recently. I mean, I'm making enough money to take care of myself in the shop and I spend most of my time here, anyway, instead of at the publishing office . . . so I just don't have time or energy to keep it up anyway."

George gazed at her for a moment realizing that it had been a long time since Luna had mentioned any of her crazy creatures or the Quibbler. There was something different about her. . . . "What changed? I thought it was your life?"

"I thought it was too, but – the more I think about it, it was more my dad's life than mine. . . . Something he created after mum died. It was a nice break from life, to think about those creatures that scurried around under foot unseen and mostly unheard, but. . . . I don't know George. . . . It's hard to explain because I still believe in those creatures but – I guess after years of searching from them without result. Maybe it's just – time to grow up . . . find something else to believe in."

"What else do you want to believe in?"

Luna looked deeply into George's eyes for a second, drowning him in those deep seas of blue. She looked as if she had something to say, but whatever that was, she didn't say it and George could tell that by how she made her next comment. "My new dream job," she said, her smile now slightly forced.

"What is that?"

"The Daily Prophet. I do like writing and taking pictures. . . . When I was younger I used to run around with a little fake camera, snapping photos of my mum and dad at work. Maybe – maybe I can become a real reporter, you know?"

George smiled softly at her. "You know, it's not too late."

Luna smiled back. "Yeah, I know. . . . But – I really like what I'm doing now."

The bell on the front door clanged and Luna winked at him before moving off to help the bothersome customer.

George's grin widened and he felt his cheeks get hot for some unfathomable reason.

He was glad she liked what she was doing because he definitely liked having her around.

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