The Little Things that Matter

Sunset and Rain

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Sunset and Rain

George woke the next morning feeling sore and exhausted but extremely satisfied. Looking down at his chest he could see the dozens of little bite marks that Luna had left on him. Grinnning he looked over, expecting to see Luna but she was gone.

Frowning slightly, he got up, stumbling over to his closet to pull out a robe. He went to Luna's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer and, when he opened the door, he found that she wasn't in there. Checking the bathroom, he found that she wasn't in there either.

After taking his own quick shower and throwing on a t-shirt and jeans, he went downstairs to his workshop, where the clock on the wall read almost one in the afternoon.

Merlin, he must have been worn out.

Luna wasn't there either, nor was she in the shop.

Where on earth had she gone to?

It wasn't until almost an hour later that George remembered that Luna had indeed purchased another, abliet small, house not to long ago, and, though she hardly spent much time over there, preferring to sleep where she had comfortably slept in Fred's old room, she might have gone over to get some clothes and take a shower.

George Apparated over to her new small cottage on the outskirts of Diagon Alley. He looked a mess, he was sure, with the wrinkled t-shirt and jeans and the hastily thrown on jacket (which he knew was inside out). His hair probably looked a mess, since he hadn't stoped to brush it after his shower.

Luna usually reminded him before they went down to the shop.

Picking up the fake rock near the door (something Luna had picked up from a Muggle shop), he took the spare key and went inside, closing the door behind him.

The house was small, though perfect for someone like Luna. It used to belong to some old lady and it was easy to see that. Each wall of the house was tacked up with flowery wall paper that Luna had found 'absolutely adorable'. There was a kitchenette area (though she always ate at George's place), a living room (which had hardly been used; Luna said the sofa smelled like cats, which would explain why Hadley and Henley loved it), a tiny bathroom with a claw-footed tub, and a bedroom.

"Luna!" George called out. He half expected Hadley and Henley to come running out but realized that they were peacefully resting on Luna's bed back at his place.

George wasn't even sure the cats even knew about this place yet and he marveled on how much he was around Luna. There was hardly a moment in which they were apart or in which he didn't know where she was which is why maybe he was so worried.

"Luna!" he said again, though it was obviously apparent that she was not here.

Thinking quickly, he decided to take a chance and, after making sure the door was locked, he Apparated to the Burrow.

"She's not here," Ginny said almost as soon as George had opened the door.

He glanced around, spying the family's clock. Dad, Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Ron were all at work and Mum was out shopping.

That left the ever prying Ginny Weasley. She smirked at him as he sat down at the kitchen table. "What are you on about?" George asked.

"You're not very good at this game dear brother," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Still don't get what you're talking about."

"Oh stop being so coy! Luna's not here you big dolt!"

George frowned at his sister, putting his head in his hands. "Have you seen here, possibly?"

"She came by here earlier," Ginny said, smiling now.

"Well – do ya know where she, er, went?"

"George?" He looked up as the young girl sat down across from him, sliding over a cup of tea. "Why don't you just tell her already?"

"Tell her what?"

Ginny scoffed. "That you love her of course. It's so obvious; almost everyone can see it. It's in the way you look at her and the gentle touches you give her and all the things you've done for her. Even Ron noticed and that's practically a miracle in itself."

"How do you expect me to just tell her that?"

"Seems you can tell her anything George. Since Fred died she's been the only one to get through to you. We talk, you know, when she comes over here. You should see the way that her eyes light up when she talks about you. She tells me all the stuff you do together and all the stuff you talk about. Sure, no one probably would have ever saw it coming, you know, but the more I think about it, you two were made for each other. She brings out something in you and helped you get through a terrible moment in your life. Luna obviously cares about you and you obviously feel the same so you should tell her right now."

"Trouble is," George said, looking out the window, "I'm not sure where to find her."

The sun was low in the sky, heading slowly towards the horizon. If he hadn't been worried before he was definetly worried now.

"Think about it, big brother," Ginny said. "You probably know more about Luna than anyone else on this earth. Where do you think she would be?"

George thought for a moment before a slightl smile came to his face. "Thanks, baby sister," he said, moving around the table and planting a quick kiss on her cheek.

"It's what I do," she said, shrugging. "Go get her."

Grinning, George rushed out into the backward and Apparated back to his apartment.


She didn't glance down at him as he pulled himself up onto the roof and sat down next to her. She pulled her knees to her chest, staring off into the sunset with tears falling down her face.

He looked into the sunset for a moment too. It was beautiful, of course, something that Luna had made him stop and take a moment to realize. The sunset had never really mattered that much to him but the way Luna had described and the way it made her feel was what had changed his mind.

George reached over to move a piece of hair out of her face but she jerked away from him. "Don't," she said softly.

"Luna what's wrong?" he asked.

"Don't give me false hope okay?" she said. "Don't tell me that what happened last night and the way I feel is real, George, because it can't be. I'm just – I'm Loony Loopy Luna Lovegood, the crazy, weird that no one likes. The girl who everyone avoids and plays tricks on. The girl who wears raddish earrings and a butterbeer bottle cap necklace and who believes in fairy tale creatures and fanciful things because she can't believe in things like friends or family or – or love."

She put her head down, crying against her arms. George put his hand on the small of her back, leaning towards her. "Is that really what you think?"

When she didn't respond, George touched the top of her head, making her look up at him. "Luna, last night was real. It was real to me and I'm sure it was real to you too. I like you because you're loony and loopy and so not like all the other girls. I care about you because you dare to do the different and you don't care what other people think.

"As for not being able to believe in friends and family, I don't know where you came up with that. My family loves you like you were their own. You bring light to the day and they've pointed it out too. Ginny, Harry, Ron, and Hermione all consider you one of their great friends. They're always asking about you if you're not around. And –"

He placed his hand on her cheek and she leaned into it, her skin soft against his fingertips. "And I love you because of who you are, Luna. You're one of the most caring people I've ever met and you're funny and so beautiful. And you've done so much for me, Luna. More than anyone has ever done. I don't think I would have ever made it after the war if it weren't for you. I love you, Luna."

"You do?" She said, softly.

"I do," George said smiling. "For a while now, actually."

Luna smiled, looking away from him as a blush came to her face. He gently put his finger under her chin, lifting her face back up. "Do you feel the same way?" he asked.

For an answer, she leaned forward, meeting him and pressing her lips against his. If he had thought the kiss last night had been good, then this one was absolutely perfect. She kissed him, slow and sensual, without all the urgency (not that that was a bad thing). George let his fingers dwell in her long hair as his eyes feel shut; she tasted like cherries.

When they broke apart, George couldn't help but smile softly at her. Her eyes opened halfway as she smiled back.

A raindrop hit the tip of his nose and he looked up at the sky. "We'd better get inside before it starts to pour."

It was as he said it that the raindrops started falling faster, pattering on the rough and soaking George through his jacket. They were laughing as George helped Luna climb down from the roof, her hair plastering itself to her face.

He headed for the door but Luna stopped him, turning him back around to face her before standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him again. He wrapped his hands around her waist, twirling her around happily.

He looked into her shining eyes as the rain feel around them, soaking them to their skin, though it didn't matter in the slightest. He knew Luna didn't mind because she had always loved the rain. It washed away things, she had said, made the next day seem so much brighter. She made him see things for what they were, what they could be.

And right now, he could see that she could be the one.

"I love you, Luna," he said, gently moving her hair away from her face.

She smiled. "I love you too, George."

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