The Little Things that Matter


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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Iridescent, Opal, Silver

Day of Proposal

George was nervous.

Actually he was beyond nervous.

He was petrified.

George wasn't one to be overly romantic, but he already had his plan set out and all he had to do was hope it went smoothly. Hope that Luna would appreciate what he had done.

They had been dating two years now, with good times and bad (but mostly good). Like Ginny had said, a while ago now, the family had expected it, really, especially (surprisingly) his mum. She had smiled when she saw Luna and him walk in together for a family dinner, holding hands and hadn't said anything about at all.

He hadn't realized he had been so obvious.

He felt it was time though, for him to purpose. It had to be. It felt so right, being with Luna, and, he knew for a fact that she felt the same way being with him.

His mother had continually hinted at it and about the numerous grandchildren she was hoping for. She never had been one to be subtle and one day she just outright asked him, "When are you going to marry that girl?"

But Ginny was the one who he had talked to about proposing to Luna. She had said just make it cute and unexepected.

George had frowned and responded that he didn't do 'cute'. Ginny had rolled her eyes and said, "Well, you can do sweet. Make it sweet then. Merlin, you're difficult."

So it was with Ginny's advice that he planned a picnic for the two of them at Haven Park, supposedly for Luna's twenty-first birthday (though that was part of it, he supposed).

"This is lovely, George," Luna said, grinning as she cut a piece of cake for the both of them.

"Glad you like it," George said, smiling. "How was work?"

"Exhilarating. I've got a new story to work on."


"Your sister, actually, and her work with the Harpies. Should be fun. How was work for you?"

"You would know, considering you're at the shop more than at the Prophet."

"Yes, well, it's only because I can't stand being away from the shop for more than a second."

"You can't stand being away from the shop or from me?"

Luna shrugged, smiling. "A little of both, I suppose."

George watched silently as she reached into the basket to pull out the plastic baggy of grapes he had packed for her, because she loved them so much. She held one out to him but he declined, telling her to enjoy them.

They sat in silence while Luna delicately ate her grapes and George leaned back on his hands, waiting patiently until –


He looked over to Luna, who was holding the ring in between her fingers, gazing at it with surprise.

He had bought her a silver ring, knowing she'd appreciate it more than if it were gold. On top of the ring sat an iridescent, opal pearl incircled in small blue diamonds that matched her eyes. He had seen the ring in a small jewelry shop and thought it was perfect for her.

When she looked at him, there were tears in her eyes. "George, it's beautiful."

George gently took the ring from her, moving to one knee, taking her hand in his. "I'm not very good at romantic speeches, Luna, but I know that if you say yes, you'll make me very happy. I guess I should have realized I'd fall for you that first day you came to work in the shop. You're a wonderful girl, Luna, and I love you so much. Will you marry me?"

Luna laughed, choking slightly on her tears. "Yes. Yes, of course."

George grinned, slipping the ring onto her finger and pulling her against him in a hug. She kissed him and he kissed back, happier than ever.

He hadn't expected any of this, at all. He hadn't even expected to get married to anyone, because he had figured his life was as good as over. But in Luna had walked and changed his entire way of thinking.

And even though he hadn't expected any of this, he was glad he had it now.

A/N: So yeah, I know, more fluff. Hope you enjoyed now. Yeah I know I skipped their whole two years of dating but a lot of the prompts I have left I wanted to save for when they had kids. Thanks for reading and see you next chapter.

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