The Little Things that Matter

Palace and Lakeside

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Palace and Lakeside

One Year and Ten Months AW (After Wedding)

So it took a lot of planning and a lot of saving but George finally managed it and now they weren't as nearly as broke as he thought they would be when he had gotten done.

It was perfect! The perfect location, the perfect setting . . . just completely perfect. Luna would love it, he was sure.

"Where are we George?" Luna asked, his hands over his eyes.

"You'll see," George said, grinning.

"Are we at Haven Park? I hear water running."

"No we're some where entirely different. Are own Haven. I call it," he said, finish moving his hands to Luna's swollen stomach, "Paradise."

Luna gasped, lifting her hands to her mouth. They stood on the banks of a lake, trees surrounding a rather large cottage like house. The back of the house faced the lake, a balcony from the main bedroom.

"Oh George!" Luna cried out. He let go of her as she rushed forward into the house, using her wand to unlock it. Smiling, George followed her in, watching as she explored the house.

The house wasn't furnished yet, though George was pretty sure they'd just bring the furniture over from the flat and add to it if they needed too. The walls were bare and plain white but he was sure Luna would waist no time in painting the walls, five months pregnant or not.

She moved into the kitchen, running her fingers across the marble tile of the counters. She looked to George for a quick second with a grin before moving up the stairs towards the upper rooms.

"I figured this could be the nursery," George pointed out, opening the door nearest the master bedroom. "And this one," he added opening another door across the hall, "could be for when one of the kids gets older. There's a spare room over there and an extra bathroom."

Luna grinned as she made her way into the Master Bedroom, spinning around the very spacious area. The bathroom was large, with a very large tub ("Big enough for two, I see," Luna had stated, smirking at George as he grinned sheepishly at her).

She moved towards the balcony, throwing open the doors and taking in a deep big breath. George moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist again. "There's gnomes in those bushes, just so you know," he whispered into her ear.

He heard her laugh before she leaned her head back against his shoulder. The sunset looked beautiful from up where they were, just resting on the surface of the lake which rippled in the gentle wind.

"Truly Paradise," Luna whispered. "Our own palace."

She turned in his arms wrapping her arms around his neck. "This is . . . so much more than I could ever ask for, George. You've been so good to me George. You're so wonderful. My Prince in our own Palace."

A couple of days later they had moved all their stuff into their new house, what with the help of practically the entire Weasley family.

Ginny, Hermione, and Fluer helped Luna paint, though Mrs. Weasley almost through a fit when she saw her daughter-in-law moving around so vigorously. They had all been a big help though, his mum suppling the food and drinks who were in need of them, while Mr. Weasley, Bill, Harry, Ron, and Percy helped George Apparate and Floo the furniture and their things to the house.

It was getting towards sunset again the family was resting, Teddy and Victorie splashing around in the lake until Fleur called them in. Teddy splashed Luna, who was sitting on the edge of the lake with a notepad in her arms. It didn't surprise George one bit when she threw down her notebook and ran out waist deep into the lake in her dress, picking up the little eight-year-old and tossing him in the water. Victorie jumped at her causing her to fall down in the water.

"Oh, Luna, dear, get out of the water before you catch cold!" Mrs. Weasley called, rushing forward.

Luna reappeared above the water roaring as she chased after the two screaming kids, laughing happily. George couldn't help but smile. If her niece and Teddy already loved her, their kids would be absolutely crazy about her.

"She's fine mum," Ron said, shaking his head. "This is Luna for you."

"She's five months pregnant," Mrs. Weasley said sternly. "She should be resting. We should leave before she over exerts herself."

George rolled his eyes. "Mum, Luna never rests, but she's not stressed out or anything and she takes very good care of herself. . . . But, I'll get her out of the water," he added as is mum shot him a stern look.

"Come on, Victorie!" Bill called out.

"You two, Teddy!" Ginny said.

"Luna time to come in," George said, grinning.

The three looked at each other before looking at them. "Do we have to?" they all said together.

The rest of the family laughed as Mrs. Weasley and Hermione both huffed. "She's just as bad as the kids sometimes," Mrs. Weasley said.

"The reason they love her I suppose," Percy said, smiling slightly. Never really having known Luna it was odd how quickly he came to like her. Percy had told George later that anyone who had could put the smile back on George's face was good enough for him.

"The reason everyone loves her," George said, softly, smiling back.

George found Luna later out sitting on the balcony, her notepad in her hands as she drew the family how she remembered it from that evening, fun and carefree, while the kids played in the lake.

She smiled at him as he sat down beside her, leaning against him as she continued to sketch her picture and George sat their quietly, watching her.

She sighed when she was done, setting the picture off to the side. "Do you think I'll make a good mum?" she asked suddenly, staring off into the lake.

"Of course I do," George said, surprised. "You'll be the best. Why are you worried?"

"Well, you know, it's just because I was an only child so I don't know a thing about taking care of kids and I feel as if I won't know when to say no and I'm scared I'll spoil them rotten."

"You're supposed to spoil them, Luna. . . . Well to a point you know, so they don't become spoiled brats." George turned her face towards him. "But I doubt it'll be possible not to spoil such a wonderful child. We've already got them all this."

He gestured out around them, where the sun was disappearing beneath the waves of the water. Luna smiled again. "Their own palace."

"With their own mother as the Queen."

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