The Little Things that Matter

Cheese and Stairs

Disclaimer: Not mine at all

Disclaimer: Not mine at all.

Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Cheese and Stairs

Two Years AW (After Wedding)

George stood staring into the nursery, a smile on his face.

After a lot of consideration, they had decided to paint the room green, buying the child green cloths and things to match. This way, since neither of them wanted to know what the baby was, it would be easier than worrying about whether to buy pink or blue for the baby.

Little brown teddy bears waddled happily over the wall, some with little blue bow ties and some with little blue hair bows. Luna had hung a mobile over the crib that had little stars and moons and then she had hung some of the pictures up on the walls.

He was sure the baby would love it.

Moving down the stairs he heard Luna rummaging around in the refrigerator frantically before moving over to the cupboards and scrabbling around in there. He watched her waddle for a minute, her big stomach out in front of her. She was seven months pregnant now.

"What are you doing, Luna?" he asked, coming up behind her.

"Do we have any cheese?" she asked, very randomly.

George couldn't help but laugh slightly. "What?"

"Cheese," she explained continuing with her search. "I just had the sudden urgent craving for cheese."

"What kind?"

"That's just it, I don't know. I didn't even know it was cheese at first. I tried ham and ice cream and then I tried pickles and peanut butter, but it wasn't until I ate some yogurt and cheesy puffs that I realized I needed some cheese. So I thought any kind would do but . . . we don't have any cheese."

Still grinning, George said, "Do you want me to go get you some cheese?"

She turned towards him. "Oh, you don't have to do that, George. I'd hate to send you out."

"Don't worry about it," he told her, placing his hand on the top of her stomach and pressing a quick kiss against her cheek. "You and junior try not to wreck the house."

He smiled, giving her another kiss before moving out the house.

When George returned to the house, it was to find Luna sitting on the bottom step, tears streaming down her face. He smiled slightly, moving towards her. He had since gotten used to her mood swings, having had to deal with his mother's mood swings when she was pregnant with Ginny.

He kneeled down in front of her, the grocery bag with cheese in it in his hands. "What's wrong, Luna."

She looked up the stairs before looking back at him, sobbing. "I can't get up the stairs!"

Smiling softly, he lifted up the bag. "I've brought your cheese."

Luna took the bag from him, sniffling. "I just don't understand it, George! I'm so . . . so big! I couldn't even get up the stairs by myself and you always have to help me stand up when I sit down. What kind of cheese is this?" she added, unwrapping it and breaking off a piece.


"Goody," she said, breaking off a rather large piece and putting it in her mouth. "I'fe nefer veen this vig bevore! And I'fe nefer veen so hepless! I mean, vook at me! I'm as vig as a vloody house! I can't even cwimb up the vloody stairs! Do you realvise 'ow pafetic that is? I vused to vun up the stairs and now look at me!"

She sobbed into her hands, her hair falling in a curtain around her. George squeezed himself into the seat beside her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. Having not understood half of what she said but getting the jest of it he tried to console her. "Luna, you're not big. You're definitely not as big as a house. In fact," he added, lifting her head so that she looked at him, "I don't think I've ever seen anyone more beautiful than you are right now, mother of my children and my wife."

Luna swallowed, saying, "You think so?"

"Definitely." He stood to his feet, grabbing hold of her arms and lifting her to her feet. "I'll help you up the stairs and you don't have to feel helpless because I want to help you do it. You'll be fine."

She smiled at him, pressing a kiss against his cheek as he helped her towards their room.

A/N: So I know it's short but it's almost eleven and I'm really tired. So here is your update and I want to thank everyone for reading and stay tuned for the next chapter. P.S. Luna's monologue is not spelled wrong. She has a huge chunk of cheese in her mouth so yay.

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