The Little Things that Matter

Blanket and Breathing

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Breathe and Blanket

One Day IL (Into Life)

Even when he was old with age and wise beyond his ears, George would never be able to successfully describe the feeling he felt when he first held his baby boy to his chest, wrapped up in a soft blanket.

He was perfect, so tiny. He stared at up his father with faded blue eyes, the color having to still develop but he was pretty sure that the little thing would have Luna's eyes and the Weasley hair of course.

George ran a finger lightly over the baby's cheek, revealing in the fact that he was just as soft as the blanket around him. The baby wriggled a little, involuntarily kicking his little legs and waving his arms.

Slowly, he moved over and sat down next to Luna's bed. She stared at him happily from where she laid back on her pillow, her eyes half way closed. "So?"

George looked back down at his baby, their baby, running another finger over his soft cheek and his hair. "Can we?" he asked.

Luna shrugged, reaching over and resting her hand on his hand. "If it's what you want, George, I'm with you one hundred percent."

He smiled, looking down at the baby. "Fred it is then. Fred Weasley the Second.

Three days later found the new Weasley family was able to return home with their new baby, Freddy as they called him. Of course, Mrs. Weasley hosted festivities and Freddy was often passed between at least seven different people before he was able to cling back to his mother.

He was definitely his mother's child.

Three days old and the little thing was already horribly inquisitive. He looked everywhere (where he could look) and some times he would just sit and stare off into space. There were moments when he would just stare out through the bars of his crib, just gaze off into the distance.

It was these moments that George loved the most, sitting on the floor of the nursery with a book for Freddy who listened quietly, but George was sure it was because he wasn't paying attention. Usually George would finish the book and just gaze at his son in awe and amazement over the fact that he had produced such a handsome little thing with the big smart eyes.

Then Freddy would go to sleep, kicking once or twice in his sleep before staying still, his hands raised up to his head. And George would watch him as he lay there, breathing so softly that it was a wonder he was breathing at all.





He breathed so slowly, so delicately. This little perfect human being. George placed his hand gently on the little boy's stomach for a moment, letting it raise and fall with each intake. Leaning forward, he placed a small kiss on his forehead, before moving to his own bedroom where Luna lay on the bed, curled up on her side.

George sat down beside her, pushing her hair out of her before laying down beside her, listening to her breathe softly.





Leaning forward, he placed a kiss against her slightly parted lips before wrapping his arm around her waist and letting himself fall slowly into sleep.





One family, breathing and living together in peaceful and blissful harmony.

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