The Little Things that Matter


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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Reflection

Six Years IL

Lorcan and Lysander were exact replications of each other from their head to their toes. George had smiled when they were born, recalling how, just before Luna became pregnant with them, he had wondered why they hadn't had twins yet.

But now here these two were, blue eyes, red hair, and matching freckles, about ten under each eye and across the bridge of their noses.

Those two did everything and learned everything together, from learning to crawl to using a spoon, they hardly ever left the others side.

It was often that George would find the two in their room, sitting across from each other in their separate cribs, mimicking each other as best as the could, giggling late into the night. Their little reflection game.

But of course, reflections have their opposites too, their left being the right and such and the same went for the two boys.

Lysander was usually loud and cranky, finding solace in stealing the attention solely for himself, demanding it really. He laughed a lot and moved wherever he could wherever he was, looking for adventure in every single part of the house. He played with their toys, all of their toys non-stop, accompanying them with loud booms and cries.

Lorcan, on the other hand was the exact opposite. He loved the books his mother got him, even if he didn't know how to read. But he listened like Fred had, actually paid attention to the stories his mother read to him to help him fall asleep. He never craved attention, though he was happy when he got it. He liked being alone and George and Luna tended not to question it, just checking on him every couple of minutes. One time, they found him in a fortress of books, most of them picture books.

But they reminded George of himself and his brother when they were younger. They still played tricks together, especially when they could talk.

When they were about four they pulled their first prank on their Aunt Fleur.

Fleur had been baking cookies one day when George and the two boys had gone to visit her and Bill. She had just finish letting them cool off when Lorcan (or Lysander; George still wasn't sure to this day) walked innocently into the kitchen. "Can I have a cookie, Auntie Fleur?"

"Not until you 'ave finished your dinner," Fleur had said, smiling at her nephew. There were subtle traces of a British accent in her smooth French voice.

"Please, Auntie. It's just one cookie. Please?"

She relented of course, picking up the warm cookie and handing it to him. He smiled running out of the kitchen. Almost five minutes later though, in entered Lysander (or maybe Lorcan). "Auntie, can I have a cookie?"

Fleur did a double take. She knew that there was another set of twins in the family, but she always forgot how much they looked alike. "Didn't I just give you one?"

"No that was Lorcan. Can I have one?"

She handed him the cookie and he left the kitchen. But then Lorcan (Lysander?) came running in, looking angry. "Auntie, how come Lorcan got two cookies?"

"Two? But I've only given him one and you the other."

"No I never even got a cookie!"

Bill and George watched on confused as Fleur handed Lysander a cookie and he left, nibbling on it. Bill frowned also. "This look familiar to you?" he asked.

George couldn't help but smile somewhat. "Just a bit."

Now the actual Lorcan (or not) entered the kitchen, tears falling down his face.

"What is the matter dear?" Fleur said.

"Lysander's braggin' 'cause he got three cookies. I didn't even get one!"

"I suppose I should put a stop to this," George said, getting to his feet.

"You're kids," Bill said, shaking his head. "Like father, like sons, I suppose."

When George had found his sons in the Victoire's old room, they had four cookies, laughing happily.

George actually felt proud.

Luna was the only one who could tell them apart and stop their pranks. It was taking George a little while to get that skill down packed. He had asked her how she was able to tell them apart and she had simply smiled saying, "A mother's gift I suppose."

"My mum couldn't tell Fred and me apart for ages," George had contradicted.

"Only because you forever played tricks on her. . . . But it does help knowing that Lorcan has a little freckle on his left ear and Lysander has one on his right."

See? Just like a reflection.

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