The Little Things that Matter

Birthday Breakfast

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Wingardium Leviosa, china, and age

Fred's first spell when he became of age was Wingardium Leviosa, a spell Fred the first and George had been sure to use often when they reached seventeen.

He had been so happy, George recalled, having gone to bed at like seven in order to make the night seem quicker . . . of course, that didn't work and he ended up not actually getting to sleep into the clock had slowly ticked to twelve.

They had all been downstairs waiting for him to wake up that Saturday morning, seeing as how they would spend it together before heading over to the Burrow where Grandma Molly was preparing a massive birthday dinner.

Luna was preparing breakfast with Roxanne's help both of them giggling and laughing as Lysander talked his head off and Lorcan read a book.

When Fred appeared on the stairs, it was with a grin and his wand already in his hand. "Good morning all!"

A small smile came to George's face as his eldest son plopped down at the table. He was so much like his uncle, but not like George, though that was weird, him being his son. But he often saw more of Fred in Fred than he ever did in himself. . . . Not that he would ever try to replace Fred with Freddy the Second – Luna had made sure to tell him he didn't. Freddy was his son, not his twin brother no matter how much he missed that guy.

He and Freddy still managed to have their fun though.

"Breakfast is ready," Luna said, moving a skillet from the stove.

"Let me get the plates for you mother dearest," Fred said, holding up his wand.

Luna smiled at her son. "It's alright I –"

"I insist mum."


"Oh, come on, mum!" The new Seventeen-year-old groaned. "Let me just try! Please?"

Luna rolled her eyes. "I thought I only had two babies."

"We're not babies," the twins replied.

"You know what I meant." Luna looked to me but I just smiled, not wanting to get into this. She sighed. "Fine, but be careful."

Fred grinned, running his hand through his hair before holding up his wand at the cabinet. "Wingardium Leviosa!"

"Wait Fred!" Luna cried.

Too late.

Luna's nice china wedding plates, the ones her mother had used at her own wedding, came flying out of the adjacent cabinet, open from when Roxanne had gone looking for cups (hardly ever stepping foot into the kitchen she didn't know where anything was). The wobbled slightly as Fred handled the heavy stack of china, holding on with both hands.

"No Ministry of Magic Owl right!" he cried, excited and looking to his father. "I'm doing it! I'm really doing –"

During his brief loss of concentration, the china fell to the floor, shattering.

Roxanne screamed, hopping up onto the counter to avoid stepping on a sharp piece of china with her bare feet . . . and succeeded in sitting down on the handle of the bacon skillet.

Bacon flew up into the air. Some of it hit against the kitchen windows, sliding to the window sill, one land on top of Fred's head, covering his eye, another on Lorcan's book, coating the page with grease, and another falling down Lysander's loose shirt, landing against bare skin.

The little boy jumped up, crying out in shock and knocking hard into the table. The cups that had already been there fell too, crashing also.

The silence that descended on the kitchen was loud.

Fred lifted up the bacon piece from his eye, surveying the damage before looking to his mum and giving her a crooked smile. "Oops?"

Luna looked at him sternly for a minute before laughing, shaking her head. The atmosphere softened as Luna moved over to him patting his cheek. "Oops indeed. Oh, Freddy what am I going to do with you?"

"Love me unconditionally?" the boy asked, widening his smile.

"Suppose I'll have too." She looked around at the kitchen, still smiling. "Good thing you have your wand. . . . You can clean up this mess. Come on, Lorcan, let's go fix your book."

Luna wrapped her arm around the indignant little boy, taking him into the living room.

George looked to his Fred, who was looking at his wand and the mess unsure. "It's real easy. Just use Reparo. I'll clean up the windows before she gets back in here. And we won't mention to anyone else that your first spell was a flub, alright?"

Fred grinned as George turned to Lysander, who was fishing the now cold bacon out of his shirt. Lysander glared over at Roxanne, who was still sitting on the counter, tugging on her long red hair. "You know you could help clean; you flung the bacon," he added as George used his wand to clean off the grease from his shirt.

"Yeah, and you knocked over the table," Roxanne said. "So you're one to talk."

Lysander stuck his tongue out at his sister and Roxanne did the same. Lysander looked back at George, grinning. "Dad, when I'm of age, can I bust up things like Fred?"

"Absolutely not!" Luna called down the stairs.

Roxanne winced. "She's heard everything we've been talking about, huh."

"Of course," Fred said, lifting the repaired plates to the table. "Always does. Dad," Fred muttered, eying the windows.

"Don't you dare help him, George!" Luna said and Fred groaned, moving to get the paper towels while Lysander and Roxanne stiffled their giggles.

George rolled his eyes.

What on earth was going to do with his crazy family?

A/N: I don't think my family is even this crazy . Anyway, I hope you guys liked it. Stay tuned cause we're getting close to the end.

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