The Little Things that Matter

Stars and Fireflies

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Stars and Fireflies

A Year and Two Monthes AF (After Fred)"Luna?"

Where on earth had that girl gotten to now?

George was used to her disappearing acts by now. She was a good worker, but distracted easily . . . very easily. She was always claiming it was the . . . what had she called it? A Wargle? It was something like that. She said Wargles often buzzed around, distracting you and catching your attention. The so-called Wargle also made you wander around aimlessly, apparently, and Luna often would come from places George would have never expected her to be.

But usually when George called her name, she'd show up, looking just as dazed as she normally did with some out of the world explanation. So where was she now?


George checked the workshop, where he had once found her absentmindedly organizing the different potions by color. No Luna. He checked upstairs, in his flat, where he had found her before trying to surprise him by cooking lunch (not at all successful). No Luna.

He checked every where inside the building before locking up and moving outside to Luna's lunch area, expecting her to be sitting there, but she wasn't.

Had she gone home already without telling him? That was so unlike her and usually, when it was dark as it was now, Luna made sure to let George know that she was leaving and he'd watched for the spark she sent up into the air, to let him know that she had gotten home safely. "Luna?"


George spun around, confused, but Luna wasn't behind him. He heard her laugh. "Up here, silly."

Looking up, he found Luna peering over the edge of the roof of his flat, her hair swinging in front of her face in a silky curtain. She grinned down at him. "Hi."

"Luna, what in Merlin's name are you doing on the roof?" he asked. "How'd you get up there?"

"There's a ledge on the side that's just low enough to climb up," she said. "Come and join me?"

"You're going to get yourself hurt one of these days, Luna, wandering around like you do," George said, shaking his head as he climbed the back steps to his flat.

"It's perfectly safe."

"Where's the ledge?"

"Over here . . . just follow the porch around."

Soon, George was catching his footing and pulling himself up on the roof, asking himself the whole time why was he doing this. He should have just made her climb down, rather than climbing up himself. This was past insane.

Luna smiled at him as he got situated on the roof. "Welcome."

"So . . . what are we doing up here again?" George asked.

She looked up at the night sky, her smile widening. "The stars. They seem so close tonight."

George looked up to where she was looking, a smirk coming to his face. "Luna, you do realize that most of those are fireflies, don't you?"

Luna frowned slightly. "Are they?"

George pulled his wand from his pocket, sending a small gust of wind up into the air. The fireflies scattered, circling around the two of them in a swirl of dancing lights. It was an amazing sight to say the least, really pretty. The glow of the fireflies seemed to sparkle off Luna's big eyes, making them seem brighter than ever. The fireflies flew off, one pausing long enough to land on the tip of Luna's nose. She giggled, crinkling it. "Tickles," she said.

She brushed it off and it flew to join its friends.

"There," George said. "Now you can actually see the stars."

"Thank you," Luna said, and it sounded as if she actually meant it. She fell silent again, looking back to the stars.

"So . . . what do you see?" George asked her.

"It's just pretty, don't you think?" she said, softly. "Like little specks of glitter in the sky. I've always liked the stars. I've learned most of the constellations. Want me to show you some?"


Luna scooted closer to him pointing up into the sky. "That's Spica. You can tell because it's connected to the end of Virgo. See it? You can also find Arcturus because it's connected to the end of Bootes."

"Which one's Bootes?"

"It's kind of shaped like a kite, except slimmer. You see it?"

"Oh yeah, now I do. What's that one?"

"That one is . . . the Big Dipper, Ursa Major. You see the end of the pot? It's connected to Draco."

"Leave it to the Malfoy's to name their kid after a snake shaped constellation. . . . Draco means Dragon though, right?"

"Right. . . . There's Pegasus. It's my favorite cause it's right next to Aquarius."

"You're an Aquarius?"

"Of course." Luna grinned over at me. "Which one do you want to find next?"

They continued like that for almost the whole night, until Luna began to yawn before explaining each different constellations.

"You should get home," George said.

"But we haven't finished yet," Luna said, frowning slightly.

"We can finish tomorrow," George said, rolling his eyes. "We still got to wake up for work in the morning you know."

George climbed down from the roof, helping Luna as she followed. "Goodnight, George," she said, softly smiling at him as she made her way around the porch and down the stairs.

George hesitated for a moment before saying. "Would you like me to walk you home?"

Luna paused, looking up at him in surprise. "Al – alright."

He moved down the stairs, standing beside her for a short, silent moment before saying, "Lead the way."

She grinned, hooking her arm in his. "Let us depart."

George laughed and couldn't seem to wipe the smile from his face as he walked with Luna towards her flat, arm in arm, and he realized something.

He had had . . . fun.

A/N: It's coming along rather nicely, don't you think? I really like writing George and Luna together, it's rather fun. Anyway, thanks for writing and be sure to tune in for the next installment.
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