The Little Things that Matter

Picture Perfect

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Statue and Hummingbird

Luna was staring out the window when George walked into the living room. He glanced at her and then at the window.

"What are you looking at?" he asked her, moving up next to her.

She smiled, gesturing out the window. "Lorcan."

George leaned over, peering out the window. He would have sworn he was staring at a statue if he didn't recognize the bright red hair and many freckles of his ten-year-old son.

Lorcan was staring up into the trees, still as anything with his mum's old camera in his hands. For a second, he went to raise the camera but he froze again, eyes wide, body tense. "What is he doing?" George asked.

"Trying to capture a hummingbird," Luna explained as if it were a matter-of-fact kind of thing.

"Oh," George muttered. "Right."

Again, Lorcan lifted the camera, only to freeze. Luna giggled. "He wants to be a photographer, he said, so I let him borrow my camera. He asked me, what was the best way to capture photos and I told him it took a lot of patience and quiet. He assured me he was good at both."

"Indeed he is," George agreed, watching the boy try and slowly raise the camera again.

"I just don't think he understood that I didn't mean for him to be a statue," Luna said with a laugh. "He's been standing there for a while now, trying to get a picture but every time he moves, the bird acts as if it's going to fly away. Oh, maybe this time – no, I was wrong."

George laughed. "Maybe you should tell him his first picture isn't going to be perfect."

"Oh I think he knows. What he doesn't know is that moving pictures look so much better anyway."

As if he heard them, Lorcan sent an exasperated look in their direction. He looked back to the bird, the edge of his tongue peaking out the corner of his mouth. Quickly, he raised the camera. The bird went to fly.


Lorcan watched the hummingbird fly off into the sky before he ran back inside. "You guys were making me nervous!" he accused. "It probably'll look horrible."

"I'm sure it will look fine," Luna assured him, gently taking the camera. "Would you like me to develop it now?"

Lorcan bit his lip but he nodded, following his mother to the dark room.

When the photo was developed, Lorcan decided he wanted the bird to stay still, like he had for that horribly long time and, George had to admit, it looked great. The hummingbird's wings were wide spread, caught in mid-flight.

It was the beginning of something great for the twin, something his own.

A/N: I hope you guys liked this chapter! I know it's horribly short but thank you for reading! See you next time!

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