The Little Things that Matter


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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Knight, Candle, and Salvation

Roxanne sighed . . . for the twentieth time that night.

George eyed the seventeen-year-old wearily as she sighed again, swooning as she held the package against her chest. Shaking his head, George went back to the designs he had been working on for a new product.

Roxanne sighed again, flinging her self over the back of the couch. George exchanged a glance with Luna was sitting at the dining room table, shifting through photos she had taken, trying to pick one for her article.

Once again Roxy sighed, flinging one arm over her eyes. George relented, clearing his throat. "What's up Rox?"

"The stars and the moon," Roxy answered, dreamily. "The birds and the bees and the clouds and . . . Patrick Finnegan."

"Patrick Finnegan?" George responded, turning towards her. "As in Seamus's son?"

"As in the best, most wonderful, creative, intelligent, gorgeous guy in the whole school," Roxy replied, grinning madly. "And he's sent me a package!"

George gaped at her, turning to his wife. "Since when?" he shouted.

"George she's a seventeen-year-old girl," Luna responded, shaking her head. "This has been going on since she was five. Where were you?"

Roxanne huffed. "I knew you wouldn't understand. Patrick is my knight in shining armor, my salvation. Would you believe he saw me through the crowd and he picked me? Brought me out of the depths of depression and into the light of joy! He is my everything!"

George rolled his eyes. "Oh bugger."

The girl ran over to the table, setting the package down. "Mom you wouldn't believe how absolutely perfect he is."

"I'm sure," Luna agreed smiling. "So what did he get you?"

Biting her lip, Roxanne pulled her wand from her pocket, waving it. The wrapping and the box fell open onto the table revealing a single blue candle. "Oh my favorite color," Roxy gasped, holding the candle.

She picked up the parchment from under it, leaning over to read it aloud with her mother. "'I'll stop loving you when the candle burns out. Love, Patrick. P.S. Mind you, this candle is enchanted.'"

George groaned in exasperation as Roxy and Luna 'oh'd' and 'ah'd'. "How corny."

"I think it's lovely," Luna said, shooting George a glance.

Roxanne nodded. "I'm going to go put it in my room and light it now."

When the girl had gone up the stairs, Luna plopped down on the couch, flinging her legs over George's lap. "What's wrong love?"

"How long has she been dating this bloke then?" George asked angrily.

Luna nodded in understanding. "A couple of months now. She mentioned it too you before she left for her second term, you know. I think you brushed it aside."

"She's too young to have a boyfriend."

"She's seventeen, George. After this term, she'll be heading to her own place, you know? Like it or not, she's grown up." George huffed and she threw her arms around his shoulders. "She'll always be your little girl though. She loves her dad. Daddy's little princess."

George sighed heavily. "We're getting old."

Luna grinned. "Not at all. They're the ones getting old."

George nodded before sighing again. "Roxy?"

After a moment's pause, the girl came running down the stairs, holding the now lit candle. "Yes?"

He looked to Luna who smiled at him. He nodded. "You better tell this Patrick guy he needs to arrange to come over for dinner so your parents can meet him."

Roxy squealed running down the stairs to press a kiss against her father's cheek. "You are the best daddy in the world!"

She ran back up the stairs, probably to write her 'knight'. George huffed again and Luna kissed him on the opposite cheek. "You'll always be my everything, even if Roxy gets another man in her life."

George grinned, turning to his head to kiss Luna on her lips.

At least he was someone's knight.

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