The Little Things that Matter


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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Animals

A Year and Five Monthes AF (After Fred)

So Luna had disappeared from sight again.

And this time she wasn't on the roof, where he had taken to looking for her, especially when she disappeared before closing.

This time though, it was only the middle of the day and she had already wandered off. George was beginning to worry about that girl.

George looked towards the door, wondering if he should go find her. It was a slow day, only seven customers so far. . . . What if she were lost or hurt or . . .?

What was he thinking? Luna was a grown woman. He was fairly sure she could take care of herself and he was pretty sure she could find her way around Diagon Alley just fine by herself. . . .

Unless she started daydreaming and ended up walking into Knockturn Alley.

Maybe he should go look for her?

George pulled his keys from his pocket, tapping them on the counter. Okay, so if he were Luna Lovegood, where in Diagon Alley would he wander to?

Maybe Flourish and Blotts? No, that was Hermione's hiding place.

What about the Quidditch Shoppe? No, that was for Harry and Ron.

Ollivander's maybe? That was possible. She had become friends with the old man after being trapped in Malfoy Manor with him.

Locking up the cash register and putting his protective spells on it, he moved towards the door . . . just as Luna approached, a wide smile on her face, two carrying crates in her arms, and a huge carrying bag on her shoulder.

George opened the door for her and she rushed in, setting the crates on the counter. "Where have you been?" he asked.

"Well, you see," Luna started, "the other day when I was walking through Diagon Alley, I passed by this nice woman. I'm sure you've seen her before; she says she always in front of the Leaky Cauldron trying to find someone. Anyway, she offered to sell me something –"

"Luna, where did you go?" George asked, rolling his eyes.

"The Animal Emporium!" Luna said, grinning. "I had to pick up everything so that they'd be alright."

"So that who'd be alright?"

Luna turned, opening both crates and reaching inside, pulling out a black kitten with white paws and white kitten with black paws. "George, meet Henley and Hadley Lovegood."

George couldn't help but laugh. "You went out to buy kittens."

"Oh no," Luna said, as both kittens nuzzled against her cheeks. "I went out to go by you some candy, but then I met that nice lady again. She said she would be moving soon and she'd really like the babies to have a nice home. She told me she had been having a hard time selling them because people would try to take just one and they'd start hissing and biting. So I bought them both because I couldn't bare to separate them. I've always wanted a pet, you know, at Hogwarts but I never got one and now I've got two!. Aren't they just adorable?"

Both kittens stared at George with bright green eyes. He smiled reaching forward to scratch the top of Henley's head. Henley purred loudly, jumping from Luna's arm to George.

"It figures Henley would like you better," Luna said. "He's the boy."

"Yeah, figures," George said, shaking his head. "Come on. We can set up a litter box and things for them upstairs until you go home tonight. We've still got worked to do."

"Oh yes, I'm sure it'll be a busy day." Luna looked to the door as if expecting people to just burst right in.

George couldn't tell if she were being sarcastic or not so he didn't respond. Still holding Henley in his arms, he and Luna made their way upstairs.

Closing time found George and Luna upstairs in the flat, Luna lay out on the floor with Henley on her stomach while George sat on the couch. He had offered her a seat, of course, but . . . well, that's Luna for you.

"They really do seem to like it here," Luna murmured softly.

George sighed as Hadley made her way to his lap, settling down. "No way, Luna. There is no way that I'm going to let you leave them here."

"I'm not saying I'll leave them here. I just asking, you know, since they are so young and everything and I can't just leave them at home when I come to work. . . . I bought two of everything for them, but I'm sure they won't mind if they have to share. . . ."

It was easy, very easy, to tell where Luna was going with this. Her subtle clues weren't at all very subtle.

"Luna," George started.

Luna sat up, cradling Henley in his arms. "Oh please, George. It'll only be until they get a little older and can stay at home by themselves. Please?"

She stared up at him with big, pleading eyes. . . . He frowned, looking towards Henley who seemed to be begging him too. And last came Hadley, the icing on the cake, as she gave a soft little 'mew' nuzzling her head into his stomach.

"You planned this didn't you," George said, looking back towards Luna.

She smiled. "Absolutely not. So is it alright?"

"Yeah . . . yeah, it's fine. But they're your cats so you clean up after them."

Luna's smile turned into a big wide grin as she jumped up and hugged him, Henley protesting softly in her arms. "You won't regret this, George, I promise."

Setting Henley down, she made for the bathroom where they had set up the kitten's food and litter box.

George looked down at the two kittens who stared up at him from his lap. They seemed to be smirking. "You're nothing but little con artists, aren't you," he said, running his fingers through his hair.

Both cats mewed, laying down at the same time. He had a feeling they knew exactly what he and Luna had been talking about. Smart little animals, weren't they?

What on earth had he gotten himself into?

A/N: Hey everyone. I hope you liked it and Kyota-chan, I hope that was okay for the animals prompt. Anyway, thanks for reading and stay tuned.
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