The Little Things that Matter

Memories and Heaven

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Title: The Little Things that Matter

Challenge: All Aboard the Love Boat

Paring: Luna Lovegood and George Weasley

Prompt: Memories and Heaven

A Year and Seven Months AF

Luna and George sat together on his couch in his flat, each with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands, a plate a chocolate chip cookies on the coffee table in front of them, and a warm fire blazing off to the side. It had been Luna's idea, of course, seeing as how it was like a blizzard outside. She felt they needed the cozy moment.

Luna was a lot more comfortable than he was at the moment, it seemed, in his own home, her stocking covered feet curled up beneath her on the sofa while she had already taken off her bulky, blue Weasley sweater with a large silvery 'L' on it. She had worn that sweater everyday since Christmas, claiming that it was the best gift she had ever gotten.

It was funny, because she was absolutely serious.

Looking over at her now, George felt . . . grateful that she had dragged him over to the Burrow a couple of weeks ago. It had opened up a dam in him, and he was actually able to enjoy his family's company and the atmosphere that came with it. It had been a step, a little one, but enough to help him get back to his normal self.

"Hmm, this is wonderful," Luna said, taking another sip of her hot chocolate. "I remember when I was younger, my mother and I would sit like this for hours, especially when it was snowing, with nothing but hot chocolate or butterbeer and a warm fire. It's lovely don't you think?"

George looked down into his cup, a small smile on his face. "Fred and I never did stuff like this, but we did tend to go around putting cherry bombs in people's cups when they weren't looking."

"I remember that," Luna replied, grinning. "You know you almost got me once. I saw you slip it in but I managed to switch cups with this girl next to me. She was one of my dorm mates and she always made fun of me anyway."

A smirk came to his face. "I wondered why the drink didn't explode on you. You sly little thing! I'm impressed."

"What, did you think you and George were the only ones who pulled pranks on people? You learn a lot when people are always pulling them on you. Besides, I learned from the best, you know."

"I'm flattered, thank you."

"Who said I was talking about you?"

"Well, who else could it have been? Fred and I were the best. Were you there when we jinxed Draco Malfoy so that he'd have a tail the whole day? He didn't even notice and none of his goons even told him."

"That truly was the greatest of them all. Okay, I'll admit you and Fred were the best pranksters in school. What were some of the things you used to do before I knew you?"

"Well, you know Fred and I could always pull a mean prank on people at school, but the funniest ones were the ones to our family members, mostly Bill, Charlie, Ron, and Percy. Ron probably told you the reason he's scared of spiders is because Fred transfigured his teddy bear into one. Percy though, while we were at school, we jinxed all his quills so that when he touched them they turned into worms. He was so angry with us he didn't speak to us for a good month. When Charlie was at school with us, we snuck up into his room and turned all his clothes pink and we were the only ones who knew how to change them back. He refused to go to classes that whole day. Bill, though, we got him good a day or so before the wedding. Let's just say, Bill will never look at a toilet the same way ever again."

Luna was laughing beside him while George couldn't wipe the large smile from his face. "Yep, those were the good times. We hardly ever got caught, except by our family, but everyone always had a good laugh after words. Fred was the one who came up with the really good jokes. In fact he was the one who gave us the idea for the Snack Boxes. . . ."

The smile slowly fell from his face as he stared up from the ceiling. This was the first time he actually thought back to all the good things he had done with Fred. The only memory he had been able to see in the last year and a half were of Fred's lifeless body.

But he felt better, which was odd.

"It feels good, doesn't it," Luna said, softly.

"Yeah," George muttered. "It's weird you know . . . I feel as if I got ripped in half when Fred died. I didn't . . . I didn't think I could live on without him. I mean, he was my best friend, my twin . . . I felt as if I had died when he did. . . ."

"And yet here you are. . . ."

"Here I am." George looked over at Luna. "Do you believe in Heaven?"

"I do," she said. "It's nice to feel that I'm still being looked after. When I look up at the clouds or the stars, I'm not just seeing shapes and constellations . . . I'm seeing my mom's smile through it all. It's a nice feeling and I don't worry so much over the fact that I won't get to see her anymore."

"I'd like to think that way," George said, softly.

"It's up to you then."

George had never really thought about heaven before, but the way Luna had put it, it made since. Fred was possibly looking down on him now, sending his some special kind of encouragement . . . to move on with life, to get out in the world.

But he knew most of it was coming from Luna.

"Come on, George," Luna said, getting to her feet. "Lunch break is over. We've got people to serve."

Following her down the stairs, George smiled to himself. Luna was helping in more ways than just the shop, even if she didn't realize it. He would take this one step at a time, small or big.

Just one step at a time.

A/N: Hey, sorry it's short but I hope you liked it. I'm sorry if there were any confuses earlier this morning. I realized I had messed up on the AF so I went back and fixed them all from the first chapter. Thanks again for being patient and stay tuned.
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