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The DemonSlayer


What if Lucy isn't a only child? What if she has a twin brother that left many years ago? Met Len Heartfillia. Watch his adventures with Fairy Tail and the mayhem he would cause along the way.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The lost twin brother

A certain blonde girl that goes by the name Lucy Heartfilia stood there helpless as one of the Raijinnshu(Thunder God Tribe), Bickslow as he continuously sends his five puppets to smacking at the poor girl. He has his helmet off and his magic eyes, the ability to turn anyone who looked at him into his soul puppets. Her spirit, Leo, or Loke as he preferred to be called now, can't help her since they have to close their eyes to prevent getting their souls captured by him.

"Ahahahaha~ Take care of her, babies!" Bickslow laughed; the puppets continuously hits her.

"Lucy!" Loke cried.

A sudden shot from somewhere then broke one of the puppets, followed by a few sword strikes and the rest all exploded after, "W-What?-! Who's there?-! Come on out!" Bickslow shouted. A shadow appeared from behind him with a gloved hand coming straight at his face, knocking him back a bit. "Teme!" He tries to look at the new person but he easily jumps onto his head avoiding his gaze and onto one of the puppets before landing in front of the two. "You bastard…"

'W-What's happening?' Lucy thought.

"You're a pain in the ass, Lucy." The new voice sighed.

'T-This voice!' She opened her eyes to see a blonde guy around her age in front of her, him having the similar features to her, with the exception that he has slightly spiky hair. He is wearing a white short-sleeved hooded jacket over a blue button shirt and dark blue jeans with a pair of brown boots; a pistol by his waist and a brown glove that covers his entire right forearm. A short sword with a red clothed handle dangles on his back in its sheath tied by a black belt. "Mataku… you always made me worried."

Loke opened his eyes to see the new guy, standing in front of his contractor, "Oi! Get away from Lucy this instant!"

"hm?" He looked at the spirit, "And who might you be?"

"Another outsider?" Bickslow grunted in shock, "But Freed should have walled off the city."

"Ah, you mean that barrier around this town?" The new guy stated, "It has no effect on me for some reason."

"A-Are?" Happy, the blue cat next to them looked at him curiously, "Ne, Lucy, doesn't he looks like you?"

"Hm…? Who are you?" Bickslow asked.

"Me?" He laughed, "My name's Len, Len Heartfilia. This idiot's older twin brother."


"W-Who are you calling an idiot, Len-niisan?-!" Lucy huffed blushing.

"You, of course, who else?" Len stated. He then glared back at Biskslow, "You're going to pay for your actions."

"Hahahaha~ An outsider thinks he can fight me!" He laughed, "Now that's worth something!" He raised his hands up with all his puppets ready, "Go! My babies!" The puppets came flying straight at him but hit an afterimage as Len appeared beside Bickslow in an instant with his right hand ready and sends one straight right at his face again. The puppeteer grunted as he leaped into the sky onto one of his puppets, before sending them after him again.

"You never learn, do you?" Len sighed as he drew his gun from his holster, a silver semi-automatic pistol with black dragon symbol on its handle, as well as a small cartridge holder under the barrel. He pulled the trigger and fired four shots at the puppets and destroying them. "Hahahaha! You're stupid aren't you?" Bickslow laughed as four more new puppets came out, "I can get my babies into any vessel I can find! Even if you destroy them all, they will keep coming back!" The four new puppets flew straight at him again. Len leaped up and onto one of the puppets, just as three more came up at him as well and he leaped onto one of them as well.

This carried on for like for minutes as Bickslow tried to send his puppets towards him. "Looks like I have get little serious too." Len stated as he drew his sword, revealing a tsuba-less katana with black blade and silver edge. He swings down and destroys the puppet under him before leaping on another and straight at the puppeteer. He swings his black sword but Bickslow easily leaped up to avoid the attack, "Hahaha! Like that would work!" Bickslow laughed.

The black sword then splits into segments with steel wires and chains connecting the five separated parts, forming a sword whip, "W-What?-!" The whip flew straight at him, tying his leg and Len pulled him down to the ground, his gun pointing straight at him, a yellow magic circle appears on the barrel's opening, "It's over. Temple Shot." He fired and a large yellow blast came straight at the puppeteer. The attack tears through the top of the building, before diminishing; Bickslow is left unconscious and crashed into the roof of a random house. Len slips his gun into its holster and recalled his sword whip as it changes back to its sword form and sheathed it.

"A-Amazing…" Loke muttered in awe.

"Waa…" the blue cat was amazed as well.

"Len-niisan… is amazing…" Lucy muttered in awe. The twin blonde leaped off the roof and in front of Lucy, "You all right, Lucy?" Len asked, but the girl then just went and hugged him, "L-Lucy?"

"You're the idiot, baka!" Lucy cried, tears flowing down her cheeks, "You just walked off all those years ago and then you just appeared in front of me? What kind of a brother are you?"

Len wrapped his hands around his sister, "Sorry, but this is the path I've chosen. You may hate me for it, but I just want you to know that I wanted to protect you, Lucy. You are the most precious family member I have left and I won't let anything happen to you" He stated. Loke smiled at the heartwarming scene as he went back to the celestial world in a flash of light, "I've been wondering. Why are you dressed as a cheerleader? You're in cosplaying now?"

"It's not like that!-!" Lucy cried.

"Sorry to interrupt your reunion," Happy flew down beside them, "but we have a serious trouble going on!"

"It's a cat!" Len cried, "It's blue, it's flying and it's talking!"

"Why do everyone thinks it's weird?-!" Happy whined.

"Ah, that's right!" Lucy cried, "We have to find Laxus!"

"Laxus? What's going on, Lucy?" Len asked.

"See those orbs around the city?" Lucy stated, pointing at the several floating orbs in the air.

"Yeah, I see them. What are they, some kind of attraction?"

"They are from the spell, Thunder Palace!" Happy tells him, "If we don't find Laxus soon, those lacrima orbs are going to rain lightning down on the city!"

"O-Oi! That's bad!" Len stated, "But wouldn't it be easier to destroy the orbs directly?"

"It wouldn't work!" Lucy tells her brother, "If we hit it with our magic, we'll get hit by the lightning inside them too!"

"Organic Link Magic, huh…" Len sighed, "Now that's bad… Fine, I'll help you find this Laxus guy."

"Arigatou!" Happy thanked him.

"Laxus has blonde spiky hair with a lightning scar on its left eye!" Lucy tells him.

"Got it." Len threw her keys he picked up from the streets to her before he turned and leaped off, "I'll met you at the guild house!" He ran off to find this idiot. He leaped from roof to roof, looking for any blonde dude with spiky hair. He then felt a small spike in magic and an explosion from the church caught his attention. He leaped down to the ground and dashed off towards the cathedral. He leaped up and ran towards the large church in the middle of town.

He flashed right into the cathedral, standing at the second level and unnoticed by Laxus, he has the same description said by Lucy with Magic Headphones with a single spike on each side, fur-lined jacket fluttered on his shoulders with purple button shirt and leather pants. He noticed the presence of another person. He has most of his face covered with a green mask and a black bandana but he can see traces of blue hair, he has a dark blue poncho around him with bandages around his arms and legs, five magic staffs on his back.

For some reason, the masked man seems rather familiar to him.

"Where did you learn that?" The man, who goes by the name Mystogan, asked.

"Good question…" Laxus laughed, "Maybe I'll tell you if you beat me?"

Mystogan took out one of the staffs, "You will regret this, Laxus." He tells him, "You are about to witness a form of magic you have never seen before."

"Bring it, I'll just show you were to stand." Laxus taunted.

The mysterious mage took out all his five staffs and slams it in the ground in front of him, "Skyscraper." A bright light shone from under Laxus and covers him completely. Len was rather intrigued at the magic, not by the fact it was an illusion magic, but the way it is executed. The light then was ripped apart as Laxus came out of the light laughing with lightning crackling around him, "Hahahahahaha! What a load of crap!" He laughed, "You thought some stupid illusion would be enough to deal with me, Mystogan?-!"

"Impressive enough." Mystogan stated, "But you noticed just an instant too late." Len then noticed the formation of five different magic circles, each of the different color of yellow, blue, red, violet and purple, above of Laxus, "Five-Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song!"

Laxus on the other hand, just smirked, "Now, which one of us it that 'hasn't noticed'?"

Mystogan then looked down in shock, to see a yellow magic circle under him. The both of them were then hit by each other's attack; neither of them is injured by the attack, Mystogan prepared to trap him in another illusion but Laxus escaped by turning into lightning and zipping up into the air via lightning, nearly noticing Len if he didn't get out of the way soon enough. The lightning struck the illusion mage, but he turns into mist and vanished.

The lightning mage landed on the ground back to normal while Mystogan reappear in a wisp of mist, "Tch… you're not have bad." Laxus said.


They turned to see a rose-colored haired dude around Len's age wearing an open black vest over his buff chest with white trousers tied to his knee with black ribbons and black sandals, a black cloth wrapped around his upper legs, whose name is Natsu Dragneel; along with a scarlet-colored long haired girl in silver armor and blue skirt with brown boots, whose name is Erza Scarlet.

"Erza!" Natsu cried.

"Natsu!" Erza cried.

"Erza…" Mystogan was shocked to see knight mage.

"Hm? Who's this guy?" Natsu wondered.

"Could he be…Mystogan?" Erza stated. The illusion mage quickly tries to hide his face. "You're wide opened!" Laxus fired a lightning to the his face, tearing away the bandana and mask. The two widen their eyes as they saw Mystogan's face. Even Len was quite shocked. He saw the guys face before, the blue hair with a red tattoo the right side of his face, 'I-It can't be…!'

"J-Jellal…" Erza stuttered in shock.

"Y-You…" Natsu growled.

"Y-You're… alive…"

"Oh? A familiar face?" Laxus smirked.

"W-What's going on?-!" Natsu cried, "Mystogan is actually Jellal?-!"

"Erza…" Mystogan said sadly, "I wanted you at least, not to see this face…"


"I am not Jellal. I know of him, but he is not me."

'W-Wait… How does she…?' Len wondered.

"I'm sorry. I leave the rest to you." With that, Mystogan vanishes in a wisp of clear mist.

"O-Oi!" Natsu shouted as he saw the Jellal-lookalike left, "Arggh… Stupid idiot! Fine! I'll deal with you later! Laxus, it's you who I'm here for! Erza, I'll handle this guy, all right?" He then saw his comrade shaking uncontrollably, "Erza!" All of the sudden, lightning struck her, Laxus chuckled with his hand extended and yellow lightning crackled along his fist, "Wipe that dumb look off your face already. Now, come on, bring it!"

Erza tumbled on the ground with bruises from the lightning attack. "Laxus!" Natsu yelled, "I thought I just told you! I'm your opponent, you asshole!"

"Oh? When did you get here, Natsu?"

Natsu gaped to his lack of presence to him, he twitched angrily with his fist igniting in flames, "Teme… don't you underestimate me, Laxus!-!" He ran forward with a flaming punch, "You know," Laxus sighed, "I'm getting pretty damn sick of those head-on charges of yours, too. Get out of my face, Trash!" He fired a lightning at the fire mage, but he easily leaped past it, "Fire Dragon's Claw!" He swings a flaming kick at him; the lightning mage easily blocked it with his forearm, before pushing it back rather easily.

Not giving a chance for Natsu to recover, Laxus launched a lightning kick onto his face, before grabbing his wrist, "You're not getting away that easily!" He continuously slams his lightning-powered fist at the fire mage, before the fire mage grabs his wrist, "Who's running? This is my chance to seize the top!" He chuckled as he lands a fire fist at Laxus' face. The lightning mage gave a "Tch" and grabbed the wrist again. He gave Natsu another round of lightning punches. The fire mage redid his grab and hits Laxus again.

The two just kept hitting each other in each other's hand lock, both not giving in as fire and lightning punches flew at them. Laxus decided that he have enough as he pulls Natsu down to the ground and prepared to send a lightning strike at the fire mage, but then he did a flaming sweep kick on the lightning mage who leaped up before slamming down a lightning-powered kick into his face, followed by tossing him away.

Natsu skidded to a stop but then Erza came up and slams Natsu to the ground, Laxus just smirked at the arrival of a new opponent. Len then noticed her armor glowed and changed into a black female armor, Erza's Black Wing Armor, 'So that's Titania Erza…' He thought in awe. He saw her strikes at Laxus with her sword, "What are those things floating in the sky, Laxus?-!"

"The Thunder Palace… I daresay you've heard of it?"

"You're not planning to attack the town, are you?-!" Erza shouted.

"Hahahaha!-! It's a new rule!" Laxus laughed, "Hurts me too to have to use it but…"

"You swine!" Erza slams her armored feet at the lightning mage, who easily grabs it, "Only two minutes left." He smirked.

Len was shocked, only two minutes before lightning rains down on the city. He immediately ran out via the window (which he smashed when he entered. It was a miracle that no one heard the glass breaking.) He stood on the rooftop, looking at the orbs floating in the air, 'This isn't good… even if Titania defeats Laxus, there won't be enough time to stop them from activating…' He reached back to draw out his gun "No choice, then… Hm?" He looked down to see Erza exiting the Cathedral in her Lightning Empress Armor.

He followed her from the roofs and then saw her change into her famous Heaven's Wheel Armor and summoning all her weapons she can muster. 'Is she serious…?-!' Len mentally cried, 'If she took on that much damage, she'll die!'

A minute passed and Erza has almost all her weapons out, but Len can tells she is at her limit as she falls on one knee panting tiredly, "Just a hundred more…" She panted, "I need a hundred more swords, or I can't take them out all at once…"

"Oi! Minna! Can anyone hear me?-! This is an emergency, look at the sky!"

A telepathic message stuns Len, 'Telepathy…?'

"W-Warren?" Erza cried.

"Quit just lying around, people! Get up! Anyone who's fighting, give it a rest! Now listen up, all of you! We have to take out those floating things in the sky with all the magic we have! Not a single is to be left! That's Laxus' spell that's about to attack the town! There's no time to spare! Everyone just do it!"


"Those are Laxus'…"

"Warren… How do you know…?" Erza stuttered.

"That voice… is that Erza?-! You're all right?-!"


"So she's been de-petrified?"

"All right!"

"Gray?-!" Erza cried, "I see… so you…"

"I just happened to run across Warren."

"Hey! If Erza's safe, then what about the other girls?-!"

"What about Levi?-!"

"We're all just fine, don't you worry." A female voice said.

"Bisca's at the Guild as well."

Sorry, but my telepathy doesn't reach as far as the guild. But at any rate, everyone who are receiving this have to attack those floating things in the-"

"Warren, you bastard… you think I've forgotten what you did to me?"

"M-Max?-! L-Look, man, I'm really sorry about that… I was just frantic to save the girls…"

"Hey, that's right! Are you hearing this, Alzack?-!"

"You too, Niggy! Damn you!"

"Tono, I'm not forgiving you anytime soon!"



Len felt sorry for this Warren dude already, having to take one all of these shouts all at once.

"There's no time right now! Just take out those things in the sky!"

"S-Stop!" Erza shouted, "Those things are protected by Organic Link Magic!"

Everyone in the Telepathy starts to bicker, completely ignoring Erza's complains. Len sighed angrily, his head ready to burst.

"Everyone, please stop fighting!" Lucy's voice boomed.


"Please, everyone! Just stop! We don't have time for this! Please stop!"

Everyone ignored her and kept on bickering, pissing Len even more, "WOULD THE FUCKING LOT OF YOU JUST SHUT UP!-!" He shouted through the telepathy, silencing everyone; Erza looked up to see Len on the roof, "I don't know what you've been doing and I never want to find out, but I do know that there are over a hundred orbs in the air that well decimate the entire city of Magnolia! I thought Fairy Tail was supposed to protect everyone, but you people just pathetic people who don't know how to prioritize!"

"Who are you and how do you get into this wavelength?-!"

"None of that matters now!" Len shouted, "If you want to bicker, go right on!" He drew his gun, "I'll be destroying all of them in one go!"

"Y-You can't, Len-niisan!" Lucy cried, "That much energy will kill you!"

"At least it is better than waiting for a bunch of drunkards to do something!" Len shouted.





"Are we going to let some outsider tell us what to do?-!" A female voice shouted.

"Heh, Len, is it? Thanks for waking us up. We'll take it from here!"

"We finish this after we've destroyed those things, Warren!"

"Victor, you bastard… you better stay right where you are!"

"Macau, you can just go take some sleep… I doubt you can handle it!"

"The hell was that, Wakaba?-! That's big talk from an old fart!"

"About time." Len sighed, but gave a small smirk, 'That's the Fairy Tail I've heard about.'

"I'll handle the 200 on the North!" Erza shouted, "Everyone else, concentrate on the southern side!"

"How about you take 100 and I'll take 100?-!" Len tells her as he prepared to fire his gun, over a hundred magic circles appeared around him.

"Don't leave a single one out!"

"Go! Temple Gatling!" Len fired countless of yellow magic blasts into the sky after Erza's array of swords. The orbs around the area explode in an instant, all completely annihilated. Len smirked as he saw the crystals fall down from the sky, before feeling a slight jolt as electricity shocks him completely. Smoking with bruises, he fell on the roof, before tumbling down to the ground with a small crater next to Erza, "O-Ow…"

"I-Is everyone all right?"

"Honestly… you people can be so reckless…" Erza laughed.

"Like you're one to talk." Len chuckled.

"Took the words out of my mouth, outsider."

"My name's Len, remember that."

"Then thank you, Len." Erza said with a small smile.

"No problem." Len grinned.

"Hahah, we really are… quite some guild, aren't we?"

"We'd be even better if Laxus wasn't at the rebellious age…"

"Hahaha, well said!"

"You okay, Alzack?"

"Droy? Y-Yeah… thanks."

"Len-niisan… you okay?" Lucy asked.

"I'm good. Your brother isn't that weak, you know." Len chuckled.

"Oh, you're Lucy's brother."

"No wonder you have the same guts."

"Yeah, but I have more guts than her." Len laughed, "That kid wouldn't be able to do anything without me."

"I'm not a kid anymore! And besides, you're the same age as me!"

"Of course I am. I'm your twin, remember?"

"You're strong, Len." Erza tells him, "Do you want to join Fairy Tail?"

"I was planning to." Len stated, "But since there's your Fantasia parade… maybe later."

"I see. So what kind of magic do you use?" Erza asked, "From what I notice, gun-based magic?"

"No, I'm more of a dual wielder." Len tells her, "I use both my gun and my sword. Hell, I even used my fist a few times."

"So you're a fighter mage."

"Close enough." Len laughed. But then he noticed the light coming from the Cathedral, "What the hell…?" The light engulfs him and the entire town. Minutes later, the light vanished, Len stood up and puts his gun back in its holster. "Okay… what was that?"

"Fairy Law…" Erza stuttered, "But it didn't affect us at all…"

"Fairy Law?"

"One of the sacred spells our master uses. It only affects whoever the caster views as an enemy, thus the ultimate spell of judgment." Erza explained, "For no one to be affected by it…" Len decides to leave her be and walked off. He leaped up to the roof and ran off to outside the town. He went to a small clearing and lay down on the grass. 'Maybe a little nap first…' Len nodded himself and drifts off to sleep.

When night came, he took some small twigs and branches and places them in a small circle. He took a small capsule, click it together and threw them into the small pile of wood; and watch them set ablaze. A magic circle appears besides him on the ground and a small green bag appears through it. He opened it and took out a small plastic box, with the words [Food] on the cover. He opened and took out a sandwich and starts munching on it. 'Not spoiled… that's good.' He thought happily. He looks up in the sky, 'Lucy… how many years has it been…? Five? No, Six? Bah, it's too troublesome.'

He thought back to seeing her cry, "Don't you worry, Lucy. I won't leave you alone again."

The following night, Len reappeared on the rooftops. He saw the parade going by, all the wizards all performing their own special mages. He could tell how much the guild is loved by the townsfolk, seeing how they cheered as they pass by. He then noticed Lucy, with two other girls all dancing happily in their outfits. He noticed her smile and inwardly smiled.

Few years ago, at the Heartfilla's mansion, "Come on, Lucy, smile!" The child Len tells his sister, on his departure with a green bag on his back, him in normal traveler clothes, a light green t-shirt and beige trousers and leather boots, his right arm all bandaged up.

"B-But… You're leaving me…" The child Lucy sobbed, "I don't want to be alone…"

Len hugged his sister, "Don't worry, Lucy. I'll be back. I swear to god. I won't abandon you, Lucy. Please wait for me."

Lucy wiped her tears before giving a teary smile, "Okay! Please take care!"

'You're finally smiling…' He smiled, 'I'm glad that you've found a wonderful place you can call home.' He sat down on the roof, 'Now… what to do…?'

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