The DemonSlayer

Chapter 10: Len's Willpower! Goodbye Edolas

On the giant floating island above Royal City, two fairies are fighting against the captain of the Royal Army First Magical War Division, Panther Lily. The black cat slashes side at Gajeel, who just barely used his metal scales to block the attack on his arm, "Gajeel!" Happy cried.

"Hold him there!" Len shouted as he leaped and ran towards the black cat via the giant sword, his own sword switching with another, bringing out White Day, "I'll freeze you! Frozen Catastrophe!" The air little froze around the exceed, or where he used to be; as Lily dodged it by letting sliding below his sword, 'Shit!'

"Your skills are well-honed; you are indeed Len's counterpart." Lily stated, "But…" He swings from another side and kicks Len off the blade, the blonde mage lands and slid to a stop, "You're still no match to me."

"Damn… that hurt…" Len panted as he touched the place Lily kicked him, "That aside, aren't you an exceed like Happy and Mei? Why is someone of your status in the Royal Army?" Lily remained silent, "I mean, aren't your kind literally worshipped like gods? Why do you go all the trouble of joining the military of the race that your race belittle of?"

"That's a story from long ago." Lily said as he lifts up sword up with ease and swings down at Gajeel heavily, "I've discarded my home! That fake country!"

'Fake country…?' Happy wonders.

"Extelia, the country my father came from, fake…?" Mei said confused.

"So you're an outsider as well, huh?" Gajeel stated, both his arms crossed blocking the gigantic sword just barely touching his head, "Same as me, huh?" He chuckled his unique and devilish chuckle as a small trickle of blood flow down his face, "I like him!" The blade cracked, "I'm going make him my cat!" He declared as cracks grew all over the blade and breaks it into a million pieces.

"EEEEHHHHH?-!" Happy cried.

"Strong!" Len cried, "Ah! I mean, what do you mean by that?-!"

My Bustermarm?-!" Lily cried in shock of his large weapon getting destroyed so easily, but couldn't react as Gajeel suddenly leaps towards him with a sucker punch to his face, "But first, I got show who is stronger!-!" He followed by another series of punches and knocking him down on the ground, "Keehehehehe! I won't be outdone by Salamander or that little girl!"

'This guy…!'

"Iron Dragon's Roar!-!-!" He released his attack straight at Lily, barrowing him into the ground with the spinning metal typhoon, Gajeel smirked devilishly in delight. "Gajeel is scary!" Happy cried. "What is he trying to do?-!" Len cried. Mei stood there in shock, 'No way… He beats the captain down like it was nothing… Is this the power of an Earthland mage…?'

"You're strong." Lily said, he standing on the so-called crater, taking off his cloak. He smirked as he ran towards Gajeel, sending a sucker punch up his face and knocking back the metal dragon slayer. He smirked back as he re-counter Lily, who cross-counter as well, both getting a double counter blow. Despite that, they seem happy with the outcome. They both leaped back for another attack, but the ground suddenly shook with a loud crash, "What was that?" Len asked worriedly.

"The Dragon Chain Cannon has been attached." Lily smirked.

"Dragon Chain Cannon…?" Mei wondered, but then she noticed their surroundings started to move back, "What the…?"

"Are we moving…?" Gajeel wonders.

"This is our military's plans." Lily smirked panting, "We're going to smash this lacrima into Extalia and destroy them both."

"What?-!" Len cried.

"How…" Happy said in shock, "How can you do such a terrible thing…?"

They then felt the moving island starts to accelerate very quickly, "We're accelerating!" Len cried, noticing the nearby island getting closer, "Not good! At this rate, we're going to crash!"

He then sensed a collection of familiar magic signatures coming straight at them, before hearing an animalistic cry as another sound of something colliding with the island. He can hear his sister's shouts, followed by Natsu's shout as the island crashes into the island, but it was just barely reaching as if something was not allowing it. Len looked down at the edge, finding the fire dragon slayer holding them apart with one leg on the edge of the Extalia, "Natsu!"

"Oh! Len!" Natsu said in relief, "You're alright!"

"Natsu!" Happy cried as he flew over to the crack, but then not sure what to say, "I… uh…"

"Oh?" Natsu grinned, "Help me out, partner!"

"…" Happy realized that Natsu still treats him as his friend and smiled, "Aye sir!" He flew straight down.

"I'll help!" Len shouted as he leaps down after him.

"Me too!" Mei stated as she unveils her wings and flew down.

"Looks like we have to continue our fight later." Gajeel tells the black exceed as he ran towards the edge.

"You planned on running?-!" Lily shouted.

"I won't run or hide. We'll settle things after I stop this thing."

"Stop it?-! This huge floating island attached to Dragon Chain Cannon?-!" Lily cried, "It's useless! There's no hope! We've got nothing left!"

Gajeel stopped on his tracks, turning and pointing straight at him, "Afterwards, I'm bringing you back to the guild, even if I have to drag you back! So don't you dare go anywhere!" He declared, ending with his signature "Gihihi…", leaving Lily stunned as the metal dragon slayer leaps off the edge.

"It's not working!" Maya cried.

"Bear it!" Natsu shouted.

"Gajeel! Why didn't you turn everyone back like you did?-!" Erza cried.

"That black cat kept getting in the way!" Gajeel retorted.

"Either way, it'll take too much time at this point!" Gray shouted.

"We have no choice but to stop it!" Lucy cried, "I mean, we're going to stop it no matter what!-!"

"That's right! There's no way I'm letting something this ridiculous happen!" Len shouted.

"Everyone! Please give your best!" Mei cried.

"More importantly, does that girl have wings?" Gray questioned.

"Less talking, more pushing!" Len shouted, "By the way, who is the new girl?"

"One of the Royal Army, it seems." Lucy stated, "I think her name is Coco…?"


"I'm going to stop it!" Natsu declared, "Even if it splinters my body, I'll just stop it with my soul!"

"T-This guys…" Lily gritted his teeth in frustration, "It's useless! I'm telling you that it's not something that's possible with mere human strength!"

Then all of the sudden, a white blur caught their eyes, Carla ran straight and starts to push the island back as hard as she can, "Carla!" Happy cried.

"I'm not giving up!" Carla cried, "Fairy Tail, Extalia, I'm going to protect them both!" A cry was heard as a similar black cat with wings came from nowhere and hits the island as well, "You…"

The next thing they knew, a whole bunch lights starts to rise up from the city behind them in the night sky, all revealing to be similar cats with glowing wings, all coming straight at the island. Len can't tell what they are saying, but he was just glad with the additional help, and he can sense their willpower and determination that lights up the entire sky, 'They are strong…' He then felt a strong surge of power coming from within, 'This is…!' He smirked.


"Everyone, don't give up!"

"Please, stop!" Wendy cried. What they did not expect was a bright green glow coming from somewhere within them, "W-What is this light?-!" Gray cried. "Where is it coming from?-!" Erza cried.

"Look! Over there!" Coco cried. They followed the source and it reveals to be Len pushing back with a huge green flames flickering all over his body spreading all over the area like a forest fire and his original brown eyes turned bright green, "Len-niisan!" Lucy cried.

"This power… Willpower?-!" Maya cried.

"Now… what would Natsu said at a time like this…?" Len muttered, remembering, "Ah yes… I'm all fired up!-!" He shouted, "Everyone! Your will… I'll be using it!" The bright green flickering flames converged around him and around his fist, "Willpower: Spiral Breaking Punch!" He strikes straight at the island, a huge explosion of green flames erupted from where he hit, the island halted to a stop.

Then all of the sudden, a bright light consumes the lacrima, nearly blowing everyone away from the sheer force of the gusts, blinding everyone. When the light diminished, Len realized that he was not on solid ground, and something soft was touching his back. He looked back and see Mei with her wings out and holding him close to her chest as much as possible, noticing that the others are suspended in the air thanks to the exceed, "Mei?"

"Len-san, look." Mei stated, he turned to see the large blue crystal disappeared from the island.

"The lacrima… is gone?-!" Gray cried.

"W-What happened…?-!" Lucy cried.

"It returned to Earthland." A familiar voice said, a familiar figure made himself known, revealing to be Mystogan on the same animal-thing that Coco is on, "I apologized for being so late. I was searching for the vestiges of the giant Anima in order to send it all back, and we wouldn't have made it if weren't for everyone's strength. I thank you."

"Mystogan!" Erza cried.

"Sent it back? You mean…" Len asked, the masked man nodded, "That's right. Using the Anima once again, the lacrima has been returned to Earthland in its original form. It's all over." That was great news, as countless cheering were heard all over the skies, all the flying cats are happy that they managed to protect their homeland from destruction, "Lily," Mystogan removed his bandana and lowering his scarf, revealing his face, "I'm glad that I've managed to protect your homeland."

"Yes…" Lily said tearfully, "Thank you very much, prince."

"The prince has returned!" Coco said in delight.

"Prince?-!" Lucy cried.

The happy moment has to be ruined by a laser piercing Lily from behind, "Black cat!" Gajeel cried.

"Lily!" Mystogan cried.

The large cat falls down with his fatal wound to the chest, behind revealed to be majority of the Royal Army, "Not yet! It's not over yet!-!" Erza[E] shouted angrily with her spear aimed at them, the barrel on the tip smoking.

"She shot her ally…" Len said in shock.

"It's their Erza!" Natsu cried.

"You bitch! How dare you…!" Gajeel cursed.

"SCARLETTTT!-!" Erza[E] shouted.

"Knightwalker…" Erza muttered in shock. Mystogan raised his hand to prevent her from doing anything reckless, "Do you intend to point your blade at me, prince of Edolas, Erza Knightwalker?" He asked.


"I do not think of a punk like you as my son."

That caught everyone's attention of the sudden voice of the selfish king, "The king?-!" Coco cried.

"Where is he?-!" Lucy cried.

"After you concealed your whereabouts for seven years, now you brazenly returned?-!" The king continue to speak, "I am aware that you were travelling about in Earthland closing up the Anima, you traitor."

"Where's this voice…?" Wendy wondered as she looked around anxiously.

"Oi! Show yourself!" Natsu shouted.

"Your Anima plan has failed." Mystogan said, "There's no meaning to this battle, is there?"

"Meaning? Meaning in battle, you say? This is no battle. This is reputation against those who would make themselves enemies of the king… this is unilateral extermination!" Sounds of metal and gears rings throughout the forest, everyone looked down to be speechless at what they saw, "W-What is that?-!" Lucy cried.

"Your guess is good as mine…" Len said in shock.

"If you intend to stand in my way, I will erase even you, and leave no trace behind."


"I am not your father. I am the king of Edolas! Come to think of it… If I just finish you here, the person closing the Anima in Earthland will disappear. I can create another giant lacrima and try to fuse them with the exceed as many times I please."On the ground, there is a large dragon-like robot with a cannon in its mouth and metal armor and claws, "FUHAHAHAHAHA!-! NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE BEFORE THE KING!-!-! THE POWER OF THE KING IS ABSOLUTE!-!-!"

"Dorma Anim…" One of the cats muttered in shock.

"Dorma Anim…?" Len asked.

"In our language, it means [Dragon Knight]…" Mei explained.

"It's a weapon of mass destruction, a reinforced dragon armor used by the royal family…" Mystogan added.

"Dragon…?" Natsu said.

"Now that you mentioned it, that appearance…" Happy stated.

"What do you mean by reinforced armor?-!" Carla cried.

"It's a wizard canceller," Coco stated, "a manned armor that negates any magic coming from the outside! His majesty is piloting Dorma Anim from inside!"

"My army! Capture the exceed!"

"Yes sir!"

"This is bad! Everyone, run!" Mystogan shouted, the cats wasting no time to fly away as fast as they can, "Don't let them escape!" Erza[E] shouted as the soldiers took out a beam like tool, shinning it on two of the exceed, turning them into blue cat lacrima, "That light! It turns the exceed into lacrima!" Len cried.

"After them!" Erza[E] ordered.


"I won't let you!" Len declared, drawing his gun from its holster, "Templar Gatling!" He fired a huge barrage of bright yellow beams straight down at them, knocking most of them out of the skies, but more came to fill their spots, "Shit…"

"We've got to protect the exceed!" Erza ordered, "Let's pursue Knightwalker's group!"

"Right!" Lucy agrees.

"What're we going to do about that big thing?" Gray asked worriedly.

"It's useless to just oppose it, since magic won't work on it." Coco stated.

"It can't be avoided, we have to go!" Mystogan stated, "The exceed are defenseless right now! We've got to protect them!"

"I agree with Je- I mean Mystogan!" Len nearly slipped about his other name, "We need to chase them down!"

"Alright! Let's go!"

"I will not let a single person escape! Every last one of you will perish here!"Faust declared the robot readies its cannon, "Disappear!" He fires a huge magic beam straight at them, almost hitting them before Mystogan managed to arrive in front of them and blocking the attack with a magic barrier, "Mystogan!" Erza cried.

"Mystogan…?" Faust said, "Is that your name on Earthland, Jellal?"

Mystogan barely managed to block the attack, the beam getting breaking the barrier bit by bit, "Erza! Go now, while you have a chance!"



"Hahaha! Magic won't work on Dorma Anim!" Faust laughed, as the barrier protecting Mystogan disappears completely. What the king did not expect as someone to fly up from nowhere and blocking the attack, redirecting it back at its source. "You should at least tell me about your return, Jellal." The person said, revealing to be Edolas Len with his right arm out which happens to be an artificial metal arm.

"Len!" Mystogan cried.

"Me?-!" Len cried.

"Len! What are you doing?-! Does even you wishes to stand against me?-!"

"I've already am from the start, Faust!" Len[E] shouted, removing his other glove, revealing a black tattoo of the Fairy Tail mark, "I am Len Ashley, and I'm a wizard of Fairy Tail! Don't forget it! I've joined the Royal Army because I've been protecting Fairy Tail from the shadows from my orders from the Master! Why do you think they managed to get away all this time?"

"You double crosser!"

"You're the real traitor here, Faust! Taking the magic from others just for your own privilege, that's no way a king should act!" Len[E] shouted, lifting up his metal arm, "Your weapons will have no effect on me anymore! My arm is made of the same material as your robot! Magic attacks won't work!"

"Is that so…?" Faust snickered, the back of the robot revealing missiles, the bombshells flying straight at them. Len[E] realized that those weren't magic-based, so he can't defend against it and they both was blown out of the skies.

"Mystogan/Jellal!" Erza and Len cried.

They watched as the two fall down into the forest below them, the king roared out laughing, "Crawling on the ground suits you! You should all die there on the ground, just like that!" The cannon was then pointed at them, "You're next!"

"We got to avoid it! Fighting it is not an option right now!" Len cried. The dragon knight was then interrupted by falling crash onto its neck, "What?-!" It was followed by a slam to the front, "Who?-!"

"Ice Dragon's Freezing Claws!" Two strikes the mouth, freezing it with some claw marks. "Who is inflicting damage on my magic-proof Dorma Anim?-!"

"Sky Dragon's Roar!" A huge spinning wind vortex blasts straight at it, sending it back quite a bit.

"Heh, that's pretty good, Wendy." Natsu smirked.

"That's girl power, Wendy!" Maya cheered.

"Not at all, you three inflicted more damage." Wendy stated.

"You bastard… How dare you do that to my cat…" Gajeel cursed.

"Natsu/Wendy/Maya!" Happy, Carla and Len cried.

"Gajeel…" Lucy muttered.

"Go." Natsu tells them, "Protect the cats."

Erza nodded as they starts to fly away, "W-Will they be alright with just four of them?-!" Lucy asked worriedly.

"There's nothing to worry about." Gray tells her.

"That's right." Len added, "The opponent this time is a dragon. The only ones capable of defeating it are them, the mages that hunts the dragons, Dragon Slayers."

"But…" Mei stuttered.

"They are more than enough." Len ended, "We need to hurry!"

"Right!" They races after the royal army, leaving behind the four dragon slayers to fight against the dragon robot with only hopes of them succeeding.

The four dragon mages stood in front of the metallic draconic contraption, ready to take it down, "Let's go, Salamander." Gajeel said.

"I can't believe I have to work with you again!" Natsu scoffed.

"Get ready!" Maya said, cold mist rising from her hands.

"You damn kids!" Faust bellowed as the robot manages to break free of the ice around its mouth, and ready to fire its cannon once more. "I'll back you up!" Wendy said, "Swift winds which runs across the heavens! Vernier!" A magic arc summons in front of her, the other three fighters gain a glowing orb around their bodies. "Just who the hell do you think I am?-!" The robot fires its cannon, the three dodging its attacks with ease.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!"

"Iron Dragon's Club!"

The two guy Dragon Slayers punches the robot up by its chin, sending it back ever slightly. "The Dorma Anim, which supposed to be immune to magic, is taking slightly amount of magic?-!" Faust cried.

"Ice Dragon's Glacial Spike!" Maya leaps up from above and strikes with an ice spike around her hands, striking the head down ever slightly, "This guy's real hard!"

"Ye power to rip apart the heavens!" Wendy chanted, magic array appears in front of her again, "Arms!" The three glowed red-orange, green and white-blue respectively.

"T-This…" Natsu muttered.

"Magic that intensifies attack power!" Wendy stated.

"Thanks, Wendy!" Maya said as a white-blue magic circle appears under her and clam her hands together, "Ice Dragon's Snowstorm!" She released a snow blast from her hands, charging at Dorma Anim and freezing its side slightly, "The snow and ice of an Ice Dragon will freeze even fire itself! Go, Natsu!" Natsu charges forward roaring with another fire-charged punch, sending the robot back, "So it's that girl…!" The robot turned and arc its back up, "Launch Dragon Missiles!" From its back, folds open up and several small missiles came flying out and towards Wendy.

"Wendy!" Natsu cried.

"I'll be fine!" Wendy assures him, "Vernier!" She gain a glowing orb around her and flew back, avoiding the missiles but only for a few that didn't hit the ground to follow her, stunning the little sky dragon slayer.

"Homing missiles?-!" Gajeel cried.

Wendy then happened to trip on a small rock, falling down on the floor as the klutz she is. The missiles are getting closer as the girl could only stare in shock, but luckily Natsu made it in time, destroying all the missiles just in time, "Natsu-san!"

"We're not done yet!" Faust shouted as the back open up again, but tried to as Maya has frozen it with another attack, followed by Gajeel hitting the back with his iron club as insurance, "The impertinence!" The robot sways its tail at them, knocking them back.

Back at Natsu, he apparently has missed two, "There still two!" Wendy cried as the fire mage charges towards them, "Natsu-san, don't! They're different from the others!" She was proven right as the missiles exploded on midflight into a burning inferno. That was, however, proven useless as Natsu swallowed the fire in big gulps, "What?-! The flames!" Faust cried, before noticing that someone is eating his tail, who is, in fact, Gajeel, "Eh?-! And he's eating my tail?-!"

"Blah, this is the most disgusting flames I have ever eaten." Natsu spat.

Gajeel spits out a scrap from his mouth, "Rusty, but it's worth it."

"Now that I have eaten, I'm all revved up!" They said in synch.

"Stop copying me!" Natsu said grinning.

"I did not!" Gajeel said scorning.

"But still, this robot is really strong." Maya said.

"It ain't called a dragon for nothing." Natsu laughed.

"And for the king of a country not to be accompanied by guards, he sure has a lot of confidence." Wendy stated.

"Heheheh, I'm all fired up." Natsu said smirking.

'This is too absurd… So this is the Dragon Slayer Mages…' Faust thought, '…However! This is the main reason why I need them…' The color of the robot starts to change as it got more upright, its metal plating around it starts to turn black, 'If I have them, I can re-implement the Anima plan! For the sake of eternal magic power, I'll kidnap these children… no, they are weapons, not people! I am *seizing* them!-! It cannot be helped if the parts get a little damaged in the process!'

"First of all, I will kill off your fighting spirits, with the power of the Black Heaven Dorma Anim!"

The ground shook from pure pressure, shocking the four dragon slayers.

Len felt a huge quivering magic in the air, he can literally feel the screams of the world they are in. What he can describe the feeling is the opening of Pandora's Box, something that shouldn't been done has been done, "Nii-san?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"It's the royal army! We've caught up to them!" Gray shouted.

"But there are so many of them!" Mei cried.

"What are we going to do?-!" Coco cried.

"We've no choice but to fight!" Erza shouted, "If we don't take them out, the exceed will be exterminated!-!"

However, in front of them stood the one person that blocks their path, "I've been waiting for you." Erza[E] said.

"Waiting… you say…?"

Len then realized what she meant, "Shit! It's a trap!"

As such something sparkles from the ground, only to be magic bullet shooting up from below and at the Legion they are on, "Legi-pyon!" Coco cried. The rest all starts falling down towards the ground in a fast pace, Carla, Happy and Mei managed to grab them before they fall too far, but impossible for Happy and Carla as they can't keep them airborne too long and starts falling, but not as fast as before.

"F-Flying with two people is impossible!" Carla grunted as she tries to lift Gray and Coco.

"Heavy!" Happy cried.

"I'm just one person!" Lucy cried, obviously insulted.

"Mei…" Len whispers to Mei, "Take me back to Dorma Anim."

"W-What?-!" Mei cried.


Mei was silenced at his tone, like he was afraid of something. She could feel his body shaking, and made up her mind, "I understand!" She said as she flew right towards the Dragon's battlefield.

Both Gajeel and Natsu were pushed back rolling on the ground heavily bruised and wounded, followed by Wendy and Maya, "Hahahaha! Black Heaven Dorma Anim is a special armor that multiplies the output of the magical power up to several times greater! There's no chance of you winning!" Blasts of magic energy erupted around the robot; all four were caught in the blast and sent tumbling on the ground.

"What… power…" Maya grunted.

"Everyone is suffering from lack of magical power, and yet somehow you, the king, have such enormous amount of it." Natsu said as he skidded to a stop.

"It's natural for a king to charge a national tax on people." Faust said, "Dorma Anim is an ultimate mage weapon that keeps absorbing the magical power from the whole world!-! Thus, it is forbidden! It's my responsibility to win for activating it! For the sake of the world!"

"For the world…?" Wendy grunted.

"Says the person taking magic away from innocent people." Maya grunted.

"He said that when he selfishly took magic from others." Gajeel grunted.

"We joined a guild to live, that's why I don't care about the world." Natsu stated, "But I'll defeat you, for everyone that lives in this world!"

Len is still flying towards the battlefield, when a certain memory came floating into his mind from two years ago.

"ARRRHHHHH!-!" Mei shouted as she charges forward with a large lance, its blade like a huge extended arrowhead on a silver pole connected by a metal katana handle and a small-version of the blade on its end that is releasing bright yellow energy, towards Len who has his old chain sword out. The blonde fighter leaps up and over her, Mei then screamed as she can't stop in time and crashes into the wall of the empty arena.

"That was really lame." Len said bluntly, "The attack is really powerful, but it won't be any good if it doesn't hit."

"Shut up!" Mei cried blushing as she struggles to get back up with her lance as support.

The scene changes to on a bench, the two sitting on it sipping a cup of chocoge juice, which is a type of fruit found in Solien that grows everywhere in the desert, not needing water to survive and all the glucose created more concentrated in the pods with orange slices like beans, giving it a chocolate and tangy flavor.

"But still, I don't get why you suddenly wants to start training like this." Len stated; remembering half a year ago when Mei suddenly asked his teacher, Dante Vestor to train her, but she was turned down, and seeing how depressed she was, he decided to train with her instead.

"Because… well…" Mei stuttered, "No real reason… I just… want to help you as much as I can…"

"You helped me a lot already." Len stated, "Healing up my injuries did a great help, and not just me. Matt, Maya and the others all think that way."

"I know… but I only know how to heal, that's about it…" Mei said, "I'm always a burden in missions… so I want to learn how to fight so I can help."

"I see…" Len said.

"Also… I want to be closer to you…"

"You said something?"


All of the sudden, a random gladiator slammed into the training arena, "Big trouble, Len!" He cried, "The warriors are breaking into the Sacred Ruins!"

"What?-!" Len cried, "Shishou told us that the Ruins are not allowed to those of lower ranks! Why on earth do they want to break in?-!"

"Because of rumor." A sudden voice said, revealing to be Maya standing by door behind the gladiator, "I've heard people spreading rumors that the Ruins possesses a powerful item that can boost their own power to unlimited levels."

"What kind of nonsense is that?-!" Len cried, "The Ruins is just a sacred place that test the fighters' strength and determination! There's no power item whatsoever!"

"Well, it's too late now." Maya said, "There are almost all the warriors are trying to enter it. I heard Ties, Dias, Brad and Lia have entered already."

"They are suicidal!" Len shouted as he ran out the door.

"Len, wait!" Mei cried as she ran after him.

"Don't be reckless, Len." Maya sighed.

Len made it to the entrance of the Ruins, a large metal gate in front of a large opening of a cave, where countless of unconscious, or dead, gladiators scattered all over the ground, Matt stood there with his mechanical gauntlets wielded, "Ah, Len, you sure took your time."

"Never mind that!" Len cried, "Can you unlock the entrance?"

"You mean Ties, Dias, Brad and Lia?" Matt said, "Forgot them, they are probably dead."

"Open the gate!" Len shouted.

"Fine, if you wish." Matt sighed as he placed his hand in front of the metal gates, a magic circle appears on the gate with a click and the gate opens, "Dante-san was planning on letting you enter tomorrow but sooner than later."

"Thank you, Matt." Len said as he ran into the cave.

"Len!" Mei cried as she was about to run after him, only to be stopped by Matt, "Let me go, Matt-san!"

"I can't do that." Matt said, "If you enter there, you'll die. And I doubt no one would want that."

"B-But…" Mei muttered, before slamming her feet into the place where most men's took pride in, Matt's face turning pale as he fell on the floor holding his injured balls. Mei took this chance and ran right into the cave.

Len steps on the an occasion puddle in the dark cave, thanking that there a torches so it's not too dark, as he ran further deeper. 'I have to hurry!' He followed the dark passageway and made into a huge arena. Flames erupted from all over, revealing four figures standing in a huge crowd of monsters, all metal knights of some sort wielding lances.

"Possessed Knights?-!" Len cried. It was then he noticed who were standing in the crowd, "Ties! Dias! Brad! Lia!"

"Ah! Len!" A young man few years older than him shouted, he has a buzzcut of black hair and sharp black eyes wearing a white blazer over a black turtleneck shirt and white pants with armored battle boots, called Ties and in his hands is a large axe.

"What are you doing here?-!" Another one cried, a teen of his age with messy brown hair and blue eyes wearing a blue shirt with white vest and grey pants and blue sandals, in his hands is a long gladius sword, his name is Dias.

"Why else?-!" Len cried, "To get your asses out of here!"

"We're not leaving! Not yet!" The last male said, a middle-aged man with long grey hair and narrow eyes that doesn't seem to open wearing a black haori over his bare-chest and white hakama with wooden clogs, in his hands is a long katana, he is Brad, "We need to get the item first!"

"That's right!" The only female in the group said, a young lady with well-downed assets of her body, her long blue hair reaches above her hip and wide round cyan eyes wearing a black bra and black shorts legs cut till just fitting her panties with brown combat boots, in her hand is a large claymore. Her name is Lia, "For Mei-chan's sake, we can't go back yet!"

"Mei?" Len asked, "What do you mean by that?-!" He didn't get the chance to ask as the Knights starts attacking them, slashing them all and sending them flying into the air, "Guys!" Len cried.

"Damn them!" Ties shouted as he swings his large axe at one of them, killing it but another came behind and stabs him from behind, killing him instantly.


"God damn all!" Brad cursed as he swings his large katana, only for it to broke on contact, the large group of Knights charges at him and blood splat everywhere.


"No!" Lia shouted as she swings her claymore around wildly and taking down a lot of them, but then two came out and stabs her in the heart, followed by another into her head.


"No wait…" Dias stuttered as he swings his sword around like crazy, "I don't want to die!" Blood was splat everywhere.


Len stood there as he witness their deaths. His fear is getting too wild, not knowing that his arm is aching like crazy, 'No… no… no… Ties… Dias… Brad… Lia…'

"YOU'LL PAY!-!-!" Len shouted as the aura around him starts to go crazy.

"Len!" Mei cried as she just enters the arena. But it was too late as Len's arm goes wild and black aura erupts from all around and Len's world turns black.

Len stirred as he woke up, he then noticed how tired he was. He was still in the cave, the only difference is that there are cracks all over the ceiling and one the ground, "What happened…?" He then looked down to his shock, is Mei all bloodied and in a huge gaping wound in her stomach, "MEI!"

"Len…?" Mei weakly said, before smiling a little, "Thank goodness… you're back to normal…"

"Normal? What do you-?" He then noticed that his right arm is out of its bandage and covered in blood, "D-Did I…?" He starts shaking badly, "I… did this…?"

"No… It's not you…" Mei said.

"They were right… I'm a monster…" Len stuttered, "I'm a freaking monster…"


The ground then starts to give way as the ceiling around them starts to crumble. The ground Len was on gave way, leaving them to plummet to their doom, only for Len to grab the lance that Mei has implemented on the ground and him grabbing on Mei's hand desperately.

"Don't let go!" Len cried, but then his hand starts to slip due to the blood, "No… I'm losing my grip…"

"Len… let go…"

"WHAT?-!" Len cried.

"Let go… of my hand…" Mei said weakly, blood drips from her wound, "If not… both of us… will die…"

"NO! I'm not losing you!" Len cried, "You said you want to be of help, right?-! Then don't die! I'm not letting go! I'll bring us back! I swear it!"

"Len…" Mei said weakly.

"Don't say anymore! Just hold on!" Len cried.

"Len… I love you…" Mei said with a smile. She pushed his hands away from hers, and the girl starts to fall into the abyss, "Farewell…"


Len clenched his hands into a ball of fist, 'I won't let it happen again!' They managed to reach the battlefield, the four Dragon Slayers laid on the ground overpowered by the black dragon mech, "FUHAHAHAHA!-! FALL TO EARTH, DRAGON SLAYERS!-!-! As long as I have Dorma Anim, the ultimate magical weapon, my army will be immortal!-!" Faust fired another blast, the four cried out in pain as they tumbles out of the explosion.

"More magic! Sky and earth! Give your power to Dorma Anim!-!" Dark magical aura starts to rise up from the ground and into the machine, "Yes… Magic… Much more!"

"Salamander! Use your breath!" Gajeel shouted, "Kid, woman, you guys too!"

"A four combo breath attack?-!" Maya asked.

"We've been holding back since we don't know what'll happen." Gajeel said, "But we have no choice now!"

"Understood!" Wendy nodded.

"Yeah!" Natsu nodded.

"Let's do it!" Maya nodded.

The four gathers as much magic as they can into their mouths, "Fire Dragon's/Sky Dragon's/Metal Dragon's/Ice Dragon's…"


The four elements mixed, ice, fire, metal and sky, and formed a huge blast that tore right towards the dragon machine and creating a huge explosion on impact. As the smoke clears, Dorma Anim is nowhere to be seen. "We did it, huh?" Gajeel panted with a grin.


They then heard the loud laughter from above, realizing that it was the dragon robot above them "From above?-!" Natsu cried.

"He jumped?-!" Maya cried.

"No way… our four-man simultaneous roar didn't hit…" Wendy said in shock.

"One more time!" Natsu cried.

"I will not permit it!" Faust shouted as the robot opens its mouth once more, "Dragon Spread Cannon!" It fires a spread machine-gun shot from its mouth, causing a huge explosion that cause all four dragon slayers to be knocked back from the explosion of magic bullets. The robot lands back on the ground, the four now on the floor all out of magic and heavily wounded.

"This is bad… no magic left…" Gajeel panted.

"It appears you have run dry." Faust laughed, "Infinite mages you may be, once you run out magic power, it won't return for a while. You may assume that your treatment will depend on your behavior. Now come quietly and become the source of my kingdom's magic power."

'It's over… I can't stand…' Wendy mentally said.

'So… this is it…' Gajeel thought.

"It's not!"

A sudden voice said, not belonging to either of the four, Maya realized who that voice is.

"Don't give up you guys!" Len shouted as he falls from above, "You can still fight! I know it! You are not defeated this easily! You are mages that take on even dragons! Stand back up!"

"He's right… It's not over yet…" Natsu grunted as he got back up, "BRING IT ON, BASTARD! I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE!-!-!"

"You stubborn boy!" Faust said angrily as he lifts his feet to step on Natsu, only to be interrupted by a huge green flash from above, green flames once again erupted from around Len and his eyes turns green, "W-What is this?-!"

"I'll show it to you, stupid king!" Len shouted as the flames concentrated around his fist once more, "This is Natsu's… Fairy Tail's… This world's Will!! Willpower: Spiral Breaking Punch!!!!!!" He strikes down on the dragon, its crashes into the ground.

"He did it!!" Natsu cheered.

"Why is he able to do that much damage?" Gajeel wonders, "That armor is magic-proof."

"That's not magic." Maya tells them, "It's another power used by the strongest of warriors. The flame of will, the origin of magic, Willpower!" Len lands on the ground in front of them, before grunting and falling on his knee, "Len!"

"Looks like I'm still a little rusty…" Len panted.

"You insolent brat!" Faust shouted as the robot got back up, "I'll show you the true meaning of despair!

"Bring it!" Len shouted as he got up, but then wobble a little.

"Len!" Maya cried, "You're too exhausted from releasing Willpower twice! You can't fight it alone!"

"Leave me!" Len shouted, "I'm letting anyone die again!"

Maya's eyes widen in shock, "Len…"

Faust fires a blast of magic from one of its claws, the four has no time to move, leaving for Len to push Maya and Wendy and kicks Natsu and Gajeel away. "Len!" Maya cried. The blast engulfs him in an explosion. "Len!"

Len stood there, heavily bruised, the sleeves on his jacket completely ruined and pants ripped at their legs, "It takes more than that…" He panted, "To take me down…" He pants again. He got his Motor Knight back out, but too weak to raise it as he walks towards it, 'Ties, Dias, Brad, Lia, Mei… I couldn't save you… but at the very least… I'll save them, even if I have to sacrifice my life for it!'

"Len-san!" Wendy cried.

"That idiot, what is he thinking?-!" Gajeel shouted.

"He plans on fighting it, even if it kills him…" Maya said in shock, "That idiot! There's a limit to how reckless he can be!-!"

"Hahaha, what's this? Do you really think you can beat me like that?" Faust laughed, "You're foolish, Earthland or Edolas. Get out of sight!" He swats its arm, "Len-san!" Mei cried as she flew straight in front of him, resulting her getting hit instead of Len.

"Mei!" Len cried.

"Mei?" Maya said in shock, "That's Edolas Mei…?"

"Hahaha! Monster to the end!" Faust laughed, "Mei Tesray, you are neither exceed or human, a monster of both! You have no use for my kingdom! Die like the dirt you are!"

"You…" Len growled, dark red aura surrounds him like in the past.

"What is that?-!" Natsu cried.

"Len, wait!" Maya cried.

"I'LL KILL YOU!-!" Len shouts as the dark red aura completely erupts from around him, forming a red pillar in the air.

Everyone was shocked, even the king, and as the pillar dissipate, where Len once stood stands a beast that is neither animal nor human. Red humanoid creature stood there, two horn like fragments protruding from the side of its head and covering its cheek with its glowing yellow eyes and two more horns curved forward passed its head with long spiky blonde hair that goes passed his back like a tail and both its arms are like Len's own demonic arm.

"W-What is that thing…?" Gajeel said.

"Len… no…" Maya stuttered.

The beast growled, revealing its teeth, normal human teeth but longer and sharper canines, before it roared out creating shockwaves all over. The demon lunged at Dorma Anim and strikes it from the gut, sending it flying into the air. The beast carries on by grabbing Motor Knight and leaping after it with two black bat wings out, slicing it by the arms, leaving marks all around. "Damn pest!-!" Faust bellowed as he tries to swat it off the robot, not working as the demon keep leaping around it, slicing it as fast as it can, despite leaving only scratches.

The robot lands on the ground once more, "Know your place, beast!-!" Dorma Anim fires another beam straight at the beast, only for it to stop it with its bare hands, shocking everyone. What happened next is more shocking as the demon opens its mouth and starts swallowing the beam up, and giving a small burp in the end.

"HE ATE THE BEAM!-!" Natsu cried, "Is it that delicious?-!"

"That's not the point!" Gajeel said.

The demon carries on slicing and dicing at robot, before punching it by the face and sends it spinning on its legs. It starts to punch and kick it, dealing considerable damage to it. Dorma Anim hits it away as it skids to a stop on the ground. It opens its mouth and a magic circle appears before a large red-blue blast roars out from its mouth, dealing huge amount of damage to the robot, it covered in soot.

"That thing is really strong!" Natsu said in awe.

"But where's Len-san…?" Wendy asked worriedly.

"Yeah, where is he?" Gajeel asked.

"That beast is Len." Maya tells them.


"You mean that thing is Len?-!" Natsu cried, "Don't lie!"

"Didn't you listen to Master's explanation?-!" Maya shouted, "Len's a Demon Slayer, a mage with a demon assimilated to his command! But there are times the demon would not let its vessel use its power, and sometimes under extreme emotions, it can go berserk!"

"You mean blondie there has gone berserk?" Gajeel asked as the demon carries on tearing the robot apart.

"Yes, it has no real conscious to guild its destructive power, and it is deadly." Maya continued, "There was once Len went berserk, he murdered his opponent by ripping his limps and head off before eating his heart!"

"WWHHHAATTT?-!" Natsu cried.

"We need to calm him down some how!" Maya said, "Otherwise, who knows what will happen!"

"Len-san! Please calm down!" Wendy cried, but then the monster roars once more, the girl jumped from the sheer fear she felt from the thing that was once her friend.

The demon stood there as it got ready to attack once more, "LEN-SAN!-!" Mei suddenly shouted as she flew over and hugged it from behind, "Enough, Len-san… please…"

"Edolas Mei!" Maya cried.

The demon, however, forces her to let go and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her up above its head, "Len-san…"

"Len, calm down!" Maya shouted, "She's not the enemy!"

"Please, Len-san…" Mei grunted, "I know this is not you… The Len-san I know doesn't fight like this… He is a bit awkward, but he is kind, I can tell. You're not a monster! So please, come back! Turn back to the Len-san I know! Please…" A single tear drop from Mei's eyes into Len's eye, and it was enough as the demon slowly let go of Mei, who dropped on the floor coughing.

"Die, beast!-!" Faust fires another blast at the demon, which quickly moves in front of Mei and blocking it with its hands.


Mei then widen her eyes in shock as she heard a voice from the demon.

"I… won't let you hurt her!" Len shouted as he rips the blast apart.

"Len-san!" Mei cried in joy.

"Len gain control?-!" Maya cried.

"It doesn't matter!" Faust shouted as the robot got ready to blast it, only to find a ice strike to come straight at the cannon, freezing it completely, "W-What?-!" Another clash was heard as Gajeel was found on the leg with his arm piercing its foot, the club extending to the other side like an anchor.

"Kihihi, now you can't escape into the air!" Gajeel laughed, "Blondie! Take him down!"

"Wendy! Natsu!" Len shouted, "Use your roars!"

"I-I understand!" Wendy said, Natsu nodding. The two charges up, "Fire Dragon's/Sky Dragon's… ROAR!-!" They fires their respective roars, mixing in a burning vortex as Len leaps into it with his Motor Knight ready, "TAKE THIS!-! Demon Dragon's Spinning Edge!-!" Len lunged at Dorma Anim in spinning strike, as a drill-like attack pierces through the robot, in Len's hands is Faust.

The robot collapses as Len tosses Faust to the side. The king crawled back in fright, as he witness the four dragons arising with the great red demon commanding the four, 'These are the things I want to possess…?-!' He mentally cried, "Someone… save me…" He then faints from sheer fright. They all grinned, "KAHAHAHA! WE BEAT THE KING!-!" Natsu laughed/cheered, "What do you called it? Checkmate?"

"That's before you capture a king." Maya stated.

"Gihihi, idiot."

Len's body glowed as he changed back into his normal self, "Boy… that took more energy than I thought…" He panted, before realizing how the ground is shaking like crazy, "Eh? Earthquake?"

"Reinforcements?" Gajeel said, "You got to be kidding me. I barely have any magic power left."

"T-That's not it…! There…" Wendy said in shock as they witness the floating island falling into the ground.

"The floating islands… are falling…?" Natsu panted.

"What's going on…?" Mei said in shock.

Len then feel something that made his skin crawl, like the world is screaming in pain. He then saw streaks of glowing yellow aura floating out of the ground and into the air, "This is… Magic…?-!"

"What you are witnessing is the end of Edolas."

They heard a familiar voice, the figure walks up to them as revealed to be the Edolas Len, "This world is coming to an end."

"Edo-Len!" Len cried.

"I came to tell you a very important message." Len[E] tells them, "Jellal, your Mystogan, has flipped Anima in reverse and is currently draining this world the last of its magical resource. This way, he believes that there won't be any more battles for magic and crazy talks about Eternal Magic and shit. But then the people will be in panic of the sudden change, mostly to push the blame on the prince himself."

"Well, technically it is his fault." Natsu said.

"But to quell the panic of thousands… What can he do?" Len asked.

"He plans on having Lily capture him and execute him in public."


"That's crazy!-!" Len cried, "Besides, as time passes, people will only see it as overthrowing an empire by the exceed!"

"I share the same sentiments as you, but considering the odds, we have no choice." Len[E] stated, "Unless we can push the blame someone else…"

"Wait, you said the Anima is in reverse, am I right?" Len asked.

"That's correct."

"So all magic is force out of this world, am I correct?"

"That's the theory."

"Then… I have an idea…"

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Gajeel asked.

"But you got to admit, it is a pretty well-thought out plan." Maya stated.

"Shh… wait for the signal…"

Then there was a large boom from the town, "There it is! Let's move!"

On the roofs, "GAHAHAHAHAHA!-! I'm the Great Demon Lord Dragneel!-!" Natsu laughed wearing black cloaks and horns on the side of his head, "I'll be helping myself to all of this world's magic!-!"


"Save us!"

"He can really act…" Maya sweat-dropped, all four dragon slayers are wearing black cloaks.

"I've brought your precious king low! Though I've seen fit to spare his life, GAHAHAHAHA!-!"

"Your majesty!"


"The King!"

"How terrible!"

"Redfox! Marvell! My servants! Destroy the town!" Natsu commanded.

"It's our que, let's go crazy!" Maya shouted as she smashes a nearby building, freezing it completely and it broke down immediately. Gajeel did the same with his iron sword, destroying another building. As planned, the citizens gone into panic as they carry on to wreck the place and scaring the people more, although Wendy need help with that.

"Come on out, Great Ogre!" Natsu commanded, "Destroy this town!"

From the building, Len break out through the roof and into the air in his demon form, and firing a blast of energy that explodes the entire district. This sets more panic into the citizens, as they starts to believe that Natsu, the Great Demon Lord Dragneel, is the one responsible for the magic depletion. Natsu made it more convincing by breathing out fire into the air, scaring them some more.

'Sometimes I wonder if he's enjoying it…' Len thought.

"STOP!-! NATSU!-!"

The thing they have been waiting for. Mystogan has finally took action.

"Natsu? Who's that? I'm the Great Demon Lord Dragneel!" Natsu asked.

"Stop this foolishness… this king has fallen, there's no need to attack the Royal City…" Mystogan said.

"FIRE!" Natsu breathes fire into a nearby building.


"I wonder if you'll be able to stop me, Prince of Edolas?" Natsu laughed, "C'mon, if you don't, there won't be a trace left of this town when we're done."

"…" Mystogan has no idea what to do, before he looks down to find Edolas Len looking up at him, and nodded, "Natsu! Don't move from that spot!"

"I'm not Natsu, I'm the Great Demon Lord Dragneel!"

"You idiots, I know what you're trying to do, but there's no way it'll bring this situation under control." Mystogan muttered as he points his staff forward, "Sleep!-!" But the magic is draining from his staff, 'Oh no… My magic… the Anima…'

"What's wrong?-! Scared without your magic?" Natsu laughed, "You are, aren't you? After all, magic is POWER!" He punches the building under him and destroying it within moments.

"Oi oi, he's overdoing it…" Maya sighed.

"No, it's just what we needs." Len said as he lands on the ground next to them, "To set up the [Villain] that has all the magic power, and the [Hero] who has none, it's the perfect setting to get support for him."

"That's enough, Natsu." Mystogan said, "I can't be a hero here, and you playing dead won't work in this mob."

Natsu smirked, "It's a showdown!" He starts with a hit to him.

"What a farce! There's no way you'll fool even one among them with this!-!" Mystogan shouted as he punches back, only for Natsu to grab it, "You better bring it on." He said, stunning the prince as he spins and lands a reverse roundhouse kick on him. The crowd starts to cheer for their beloved prince. "Looks like the peanut gallery's along for the ride too."

"Idiot! This is all fake, anyway! Just go down!" Mystogan said.

"Not a chance!" Natsu shouted as he punches him in the gut, "This is my way of doing the Fairy Tail farewell ceremony." He whispers the Mystogan as they carry on, "Anyone leaving Fairy Tail must abide by three laws."

"First!" He advance as he took the offensive, "You must never, for the rest of your life, reveal any secrets which may be proven a threat to Fairy Tail. Second! Err… what is it again…?"

Mystogan took the chance to counter and his turn to take the offensive, "You must never contact any previous clients for personal gain."

"Ah, that's it!" Natsu said, "Third! Even though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might."

"You must never consider your own life to be of little value, and you must never…""…Forget about your friends, who loved you."

The two finished it off with a strike to the face, "You got it?" Natsu laughed, "There's nothing you can't do as long as you have the spirit of the guild. I hope we meet again, Mystogan." He lands on the floor on his back. The crowd cheers for their prince, completely trusting in him thanks to Natsu.

Len then feel the tingling sensation as his body glows, as of the dragon slayers, "It is like you said." Maya smiled.

"Yeah, should we add some dramatic actions for it?" Len smiled.

Len[E] looked on from afar as they starts to float up into the sky, making some rather convincing groans and grunts of pain. He recalled what his Earthland counterpart said when he fight, 'Not letting anyone else die again, huh…?' He smiled, 'We're just the same after all.'

The glowing Earthlanders all wave goodbye to the friends they made in this world, Len noticing Mary and Maya[E] standing on the cliff edge. He smiled as he makes a mock salute for her; Mary blushed as she looked away, but made a small wave.

They all are absorbed back through Anima, and on the other side, lies their homeworld, Earthland.

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