The DemonSlayer

Chapter 11: Return to Earthland

In the forest near Magnolia, a hole opens up from the rainy skies. From it, out came Natsu, Lucy and Happy who falls onto the ground in a painful thud, followed by Gray, Wendy, Maya, Gajeel and Erza all squashing the poor pink-haired dragon slayer. Behind them falls Len still in his monster form which makes a small crater around where he fell.

"We're back!" Natsu cheered.

"Ah right, what about Fairy Tail?-!" Gray cried. But that was confirmed as Natsu went to the cliff, "It's back to normal! Magnolia too!"

"That's good, isn't it?" Len said.

"MONSTER!-!" Lucy cried.

"Want to fight, punk?-!" Gray shouted.

"Whoa, hang on a minute!"

"Ice-Make… Geyser!" Len was sent flying into the sky by the ice geyser before falling to the ground, where his transformation seized and he change back to normal, "Ah, Len!"

"The monster turned into Len!" Happy said in shock.

"Take-Over? I never thought any other creatures in Edolas know magic besides the Exceed." Erza said.

"They don't!" Len shouted angrily, "That was me you shot, asshole!"


"Len-san can change into this monster due to his Demon Slayer magic." Wendy tells them.

"It was amazing!" Natsu said excitedly, "He was as powerful as Mira's Satan Soul!"

"So it's a form of Take-Over magic…?" Lucy said.

"Maybe." Len said, "But Demon Slayer magic is way beyond our own knowledge. All records of it were either missing or destroyed." He turns to the town, "Anyways, it's too early to celebrate. We first have to check if they are alright."

"They're fine!"

They look up to find the flying cats flying around above them, "We reached Earthland a step ahead of you."

"We flew all over town."

"The guild and everyone in the town are fine."


"It looks like none of them realized that they were turned into lacrima."

"Earthland's amazing! It's overflowing with magic!"

"What the hell…?" Len muttered.

"Len-san!" Mei cried as she flew down and tackles him in the chest, knocking him onto the wet grassy ground.

"Mei!" Len cried.

"How… How did the Exceed ended up in Earthland?-!" Carla cried.

Sometime later, after assembling them all down to the ground; "This is no laughing matter." Carla said sternly, "These guys are dangerous! We should return them to Edolas immediately!" The flying cats remained silent in guilt.

"Maa maa." Happy tries to calm his crush down. "Extalia's gone too. Let's leave them be." Wendy tells her.

"No way."

Mei hid behind Len, her head sticking out a bit as he moves a bit to shield her.

"We apologized for throwing stones at you."

"We're sorry."

"But we have nowhere to return to."

"We promise, we will mend our ways."

"Please forgive us."

"I don't care about any of that!" The white cat shouted, "You sent us to Earthland with a mission to kill off the Dragon Slayers!"

"That's right!" A ruffian-farmer-looking Exceed shouted, "The queen stole our eggs! Don't you dare tell me you forgotten!"

"Ah! Oji-san!" Happy greeted.

Len noticed on the look of guilt on the queen's face (His intuition is spot on majority of the time, so he figures she is the queen from the noble aura she is emitting), "We still haven't explained ourselves clearly, haven't we?" One of the elders said. "This is a tale from 6 years ago." Another said.

"We've already told you of Shagotte's ability to see the future, have we not?"

"One day, Shagotte foresaw an image of Extalia crashing to the ground with a blond man standing behind it, Len Ashley. In hindsight, it's clear that it fell naturally as a result of the depletion of magic in Edolas, but at the time, we thought it was that human who is responsible for it. We realized that even if we went to war with the humans, we could never win."

"After much discussion, we established a plan to allow 100 children to escape from Edolas."

"ESCAPE?-!" The rowdy cat cried.

"We kept this plan a secret, even from the citizens of Extalia, under the story of they were being sent to destroy beasts called Dragon Slayers in a parallel universe."

"Of course, it's not that we have any grievance with the Dragon Slayers." The elder said.

"I understand." Wendy said, "You needed the setup."

"If you have spoken the truth, it would have certainly caused a panic." Lucy said.

"Borrowing the humans' Anima, we succeeded in our plan. However… there was one thing that we did not planned for."

"It was your power, Carla." Shagotte tells her, "You have the same power of [Prediction] as I do."


"But because it is activated while you were unconscious, it jumbled up with your memories." She explains, "Among the 100 escaped Exceed children, you were the only one with this power. It's likely you foresaw bits and pieces of the future of Edolas and you mistook them as your so-called 'Mission'."

"It can't be…"

"Then the rest of us…" Happy said.

"There was never any such mission." The queen said, "It was truly misfortunate upon misfortune… that your powers has let you to create your own imaginary mission."

'Those were all… prophecies?' Carla recalled all the instances where she gains knowledge while in Edolas.

"We thought it would be better if you do not know about your own power. So we said those things to manipulate you. Sorry…" Nady apologized.

"It was all a stupid ploy to display the majesty of the queen. I truly apologized." Nichiya said.

"The bluff I used to confront the misfortune facing both my people and the humans have caused you great suffering… no, it caused great sorrow to all those families who had their eggs seized." Shagotte said, "That's why I surrendered my sword to you. It is not all Exceed who are evil. It is only me."

"That's not true, your majesty!"

"You did everything with all of us at mind."

"We were overconfident in ourselves."

The cats flew up into the air with their wings uncased.

"We've made it all the way to Earthland, let's go find those kids who escaped 6 years ago!"

"Aye! We've got a new goal now!"

"Let's get along with the humans this time!"

"It's a new beginning!"

"Haha, they sure are a forward-looking bunch, aren't they?" Natsu laughed.

"Everyone deserves a second chance, after all." Len said.

"Are you talking about yourself now?" Maya smirked.


"Minna…" Shagotte muttered touched.

"…" Carla looked down feeling rather guilty for saying all those things to the queen when she is only doing what is best for her people, "Alright, I'll let it go."


"But… Why do I have the same power as you?"

*Cough* "Geez… I wonder why…?" The queen muttered while avoiding any eye contact with her.

"Something's amiss." The white cat commented.

"Ne, oji-san." Happy said.

"Huh?" The older cat responds.

"Don't you think Carla and the queen kind of resembles each other?"

"You think?"

"Aye! I mean, like the way they move?"

"The way they move?"

"And look at that part."

"KAH! What part?-!"

Ironically, they too resemble each other in their actions mirroring each other, the wife behind chuckles at the two.

"Thank goodness everything ended up alright." Natsu said mimicking Nady's waving arm.

"Oi, Natsu, it's contagious." Gray tells him, but he too is mimicking the cat.

"Not you too…" Lucy muttered.

Skipping Nichiya doing… what Ichiya does best, annoying the heck out of Erza before getting smacked in the face by her.

"We're thinking of settling down in this area for the time being." Shagotte tells them.

"We can come see you anytime, huh?" Wendy giggled.

"What're you all happy about?" Carla wonders.

"That's right." Shagotte got down and give her a big hug, "You can see us anytime, Carla."

"W-Wait a…" She didn't want to break it after all, 'It feels... so warm...'

"What are you going to do now, Mei?" Len asked. The half-exceed thinks for a while, "I'm not too sure… I'm in a world where magic is abundant, but I'm still a weird Halfling… I'm not too sure if the other exceed would want me around." She said.

"Then come with me." Len invites her.


"If you think you're a monster, I'm much worse." Len laughed, "I'm a freaking demon in human form. Besides, I doubt Fairy Tail will turn down anyone who has a kind heart like yours."

"Len-san…" Mei muttered, before giving a bright smile and hugging him, "Thank you! Thank you very much!"

"*Blush* D-Don't get me wrong!" Len suddenly said pushing the girl away, "I'm just returning the favor, that's all!"

"Nii-san… are you… blushing?" Lucy asked.

"He liiiiiiikes her~" Happy teased.

"Shut up!"

They all say their goodbyes to the exceed as the flying cats flew into the sky and into the horizon, Mei waving goodbye as she saw one half of her family flew away. "Yosh!" Natsu said excitedly as he and the others excluding Gajeel, Maya, Mei and Wendy doing the Nady Shake, "We should head back to the guild, too."

"But how are we going to explain all this?" Lucy asked.

"No worries, nobody have notice anything this time, right?" Gray said.

"But we can't keep quiet about what happen to Mystogan." Erza stated.

"Well, we can just tell them the truth." Len said.

"Minna-san… your hands…" Wendy said.

"How is Len sucked in…?" Maya wonders.

"W-Wait a sec!" Gajeel said.

"What, you want to try as well?" Natsu asked.

"It's fun." Wendy said, she doing the shake too.

"Who would want to do that?-!" The iron dragon slayer shouted, "Lily! Where is Panther Lily?-!"

"Lily?" Lucy asked.

"Oh, you mean that black cat guy we fought?" Len asked.

"If you're looking for me, I'm over here." They turned, expecting to find the burly military ma-… cat, but what they did not expect for him to shrunk to Happy and Carla's size, "Small!-!"

"You've gotten cuter." Happy said.

"It looks like Earthland didn't mix well with my body's structure." Lily explained.

"You… so there's nothing to that body of yours?" Carla asked.

"Not at the moment, anyways."

"Wait, if that's the case, why didn't Mei change into a ten-year-old or something?" Len asked.

"Well, despite being an exceed, she is still human, so I guess it didn't affect her." Lily said, "Leaving that aside, I want to join the guild that the prince was in. Gajeel, you promised to get me in, right?"

"Of course, partner!" The metal dragon slayer cried, literally, as he hugs the poor black cat.

"Crying?-!" Lucy cried.

"Probably felt left out for not having an exceed partner." Len said.

"That aside, I caught a suspicious-looking person." Lily said pulling a rope, "Come!"

"Wait! I'm not really anyone suspicious!" A female shriek was heard as the person was dragged to in front of them, a girl of Natsu's age with short white hair and blue eyes, much to the fire dragon slayer's shock, "I'm a member of Fairy Tail, too…"

"Lisanna…" Natsu muttered in shock.

"What's with this cat?-! Are you… an exceed?" Lisanna cried.

"I'm Panther Lily."

"Who the hell're you?-! You picking on my cat, huh?-!" Gajeel said angrily.

"It can't be…" Gray muttered.

"Lisanna?-!" Erza said in shock.

"How…?" Happy wonders. "Could it be Edolas' Lisanna?" Carla said.

"She got sucked over here?-!" Lucy cried.

"W-What're we going to do?-!" Wendy cried.

"Wait, there's more to it." Len said.

Lisanna turned and noticed Natsu, and it didn't take long for her to tackle him to the ground with a hug, "I finally get… to see the real Natsu again…" She said as tears falls from her eyes. The dragon slayer was dumbfounded, not sure how to react, "Happy~! It's me, Lisanna~!" She hugs the blue cat, "Gray and Erza, it's been so long! So nostalgic~! Are those guys new members? A little Wendy… could you be Lucy and Len?"

"W-Wait a sec!" Gray said, "You… you couldn't be… Earthland's Lisanna?-!"

The girl nodded.


"No way!"

"So you came back to life!" Natsu and Happy cheered running to hug her only to be pulled back by Erza. "M-Matte!" Erza cried, "You're supposed to have died, 2 years ago…"

"I… didn't die, or anything like that…" Lisanna tells them.

"2 years ago, while I was on a job with Mira-nee and Elf-niichan, I lost consciousness. I was probably sucked into the Anima at that point. I think there were a bunch of little Anima all over Earthland at that same moment. When I found Fairy Tail after I awoke, I was surprised. Everyone's vibe was a little different, but there were people who know me there. In addition, everyone thought I was the Lisanna from Edolas. So I figured that the real Edolas Lisanna, was probably dead; that was what I felt… in the guild's vibe…"

"I couldn't tell them the truth, so… I pretended to be Lisanna of Edolas. It was confusing at first, but matching everyone's pace and hiding my own magic, I got used to life in Edolas."

"And then, after 2 years, 6 days ago, Earthland Natsu and Happy showed up."

"Why couldn't you just tell us?-!" Natsu asked.

"I couldn't say it…" Lisanna said, "I couldn't bear to break their hearts again… I have decided then, that I'll live out my life in Edolas. But… All the magical energy in Edolas was sucked out by the Anima, including me, being originally from Earthland…"

Lisanna is right now covered in a bright light, like the rest of the Earthlanders, "Oi, Lisanna…"

"What's going on…?"

"No… It's not what you think!" Lisanna cried as she starts to float up towards the magic spell, only for Mirajane[E] to grab her hand, "It's okay, we already knew." She tells her.


"We realized it, but couldn't bring ourselves to say anything." Elfman[E] said, "Sorry."

"You're a sweet girl, just like our Lisanna, who passed away. So you can't go on letting your real brother and sister suffer."

"Mira-nee… Elf-niichan…"

"Go back to your own world, Lisanna." Mirajane[E] tells her, "Give your love to our Earthland selves."

In the rain, there stood two siblings in front of the grave, mourning over the loss of their beloved younger sister, "Nee-chan, we should get going." Elfman tells his older sister.

"Just a little while longer." Mirajane said, almost a whisper.

Within the rain, there are steps on the puddles right behind them, "Mira-nee! Elf-niichan!" They couldn't move when they heard the nostalgic voice. Running up towards them, is their supposed-dead younger sister, Lisanna. They couldn't believe their eyes as she ran and hug the oldest sibling, "I'm home…" Lisanna sobbed, "I'm home, Mira-nee…"

Their tears couldn't stop falling, as Mirajane embraced her sister, not wanting to let go, "Welcome back… welcome back, Lisanna…" She sobbed.

The rest of the gang all stop behind watching the heart-touching reunion, some of the girls are touched till their tears starts to emerge. Len was glad that they managed to reunite once more, remembering how Lucy reacted when they met after all those years, he can understand.

Though, he was secretly hoping that Mei, Earthland's Mei, was still alive. But after the two years, he has given up and starts blaming himself for it. He then felt a hand touching his. He looked to the side and Mei smiled at him, causing him to blush and turning around to hide it. 'Mei… Even if this is not the Earthland version… I'm glad that I've found you…'

'Is it okay for me... to love you again...?'

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