The DemonSlayer

Chapter 16: The Eighth Kin

"Motor Drive!" Len slashes the nearby grunt away with flames riding his sword, the rest all stares at shock just as the blonde summons out Inferno on his free hand, "Burn!" He swings the fire sword around; the flames erupted around the blonde, "Magma Slasher!" he releases a huge flame slash at them, blowing them away by the after wind.

"Take this!" Mei cried as she stabs forward rapidly, stabbing the grunts and sends them flying. She walks back with her back on Len's, "Why are they here on this island?"

"I don't know…" Len said as he swings White Day, sending a row of ice spikes extruding up from the ground, 'Why are they here on Tenroujima? It doesn't make any sense… What good would get them if they attacked here?'

"He keeps summoning weird swords!" One of the grunts cried.

"I know that ability! He's the one that took down Shadow!" Another cried.

"You mean that secret member from Oracíon Seis?" The one with a club cried.

"You serious?-! I heard Shadow is as powerful as their boss! And he defeated him?-!" Another with a rifle in his hands cried.

"What's the matter, you guys?" A firm voice asked as footsteps are heard from behind them, "Are you having trouble with two people?"

"A-Ah! Vonca-sama!"

"Vonca?" Len swear he heard that name somewhere before, 'Where did I…?'

A caramel-brown haired man stood behind the group of grunts, his hair spiky like a porcupine and his blue eyes shimmer in the light, wearing a black coat with black pants and shoes, black gloves on both hands and two metal armor pads on both shoulders and a blue-handed katana sling on his waist.

"Vonca-sama! He's the one that defeated Shadow of the Oracíon Seis!"

"I see." Vonca muttered, "Go away. Leave this guy to me. Go and find Zeref."


"Please be careful, Vonca-sama!" A grunt said as he and the others ran off.

"There's no need." Vonca said as he drew out the katana, its metallic edge simmering in the sunlight.

"You're different from the other Dark Guilds I've met." Len said, returning Inferno and White Day back to his pocket dimension, "You take care of your henchmen well. This is the first I saw in a Dark Guild."

"Don't compare me with Oracíon Seis, kid." He said, "So, why didn't you go stop them?"

"There is no need." The blonde said summoning Motor Knight in a flash, "Fairy Tail isn't that weak. They can handle a couple hordes of goons easily."

"I see, as expected of the Fiore's strongest Guild." Vonca said, "But the thing is… Gimoire Heart is the strongest Dark Guild. What would happen if the two are to clash? Who do you think would arise the winner?"

"That's a tough one…" Len said, "I'll put my money on Fairy Tail."

"Is that so? Then let me show you the power of my sword." The dark wizard raises his sword up in the air, "Dark Oblivion." He swings down and a purple flash slices the ground where Len used to stood on, the blonde leaps away just in time.

'Such power!'

"This is power that says to rival the legendary Demon Slayer magic and God Slayer magic, the power of the fallen angels, Fallen Angel magic." Vonca said emotionlessly with his eyes glowing purple, "Mine is the power of Lucifer, the fallen angel of the light."

"Fallen Angel magic…?" Len said in shock kneeling on the ground, 'This is beyond anything I have ever seen… The power equivalent to my own Demon Slayer magic (Metsuoni Mahou), Fallen Angel magic (Datenshi Mahou)…'

"Datanshi? What is that?" Mei asked.

"Datenshi!" Len cried, "It means an angel that was kicked out of heaven. It is equivalent to a demon with angelic powers." He raised his hand up in front of her, "Mei, get out of here! If you stay, I can't guarantee your safety. Get to the camp and call for help!"


"I said go!" Len shouted.

The cat girl stopped in her tracks, before nodding firmly and ran away, "You won't get to leave." Vonca said as he swings his blade and releasing another purple flash, Len got in front of her and blocked the attack with Motor Knight, "That's a pretty sturdy sword you have there."

"Thanks for the compliment." Len said dropping the sword next to him, 'Considering what powers he has, I should be careful…' He releases Diablo.

"Oh? Demon Slayer magic?" Vonca said, "Ho… you must be that legendary freelancer that took out quite a number of Dark Guilds over two years, Len Heartfilia."

"What of it?" He asked.

"Well, this might be worth my time after all." Vonca said, the ground around him shaking as purple aura arose from around the brunette, his eyes overshadowed in anger, "After all, I found the one that killed my sister, Mei."

"W-What?" Len stuttered, before finally remembering something in the past.

"Your brother?" Len asked, him and Mei sitting on the bench after another training session, "You have a brother, Mei?"

"Yeah, his name is Vonca." Mei said, "He is a bit weird, but he meant well. But when our parents divorced, I was separated from him and came to Solien with my father."

"I see…"

"You know, he has always protected me, no matter what."

"I see, that sounds like a great brother you have there, Mei."

"I… to be honest, I kind of miss him. I want to see his face again, even just once."

"Then I'll find him for you!"


The blonde got up, "You have a job here that you can't run away from. If that's the case, I'll find him and bring him back here!" He turns to her smiling, "Treat it as thanks for all the treatments you have done for me."

"Len…" She smiled brightly, "Thank you, Len!"

Len stared at him with shocked eyes, "You're… Vonca…? Mei's older brother…?"

"I heard it in Solien." Vonca said, "There was a terrible accident that killed five people and only one survived. You're the survivor, and one of the dead is Mei. It was you, wasn't it? The one that killed her?"

"T-That's…" Len muttered, "I-I wouldn't deny it…"

"Then die." The angry older brother swings his sword and releases a barrage of flashes at him, the blonde dodges the attacks barely, "Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!" He shouted slashing continuously, "Pay for your sins, you murderer!"

Len dodges all the attacks with difficulty as some scratches his sleeve and pants, his mind in total disarray. In one mind, he wonders if he should just let him kill him, and let him take his revenge on him. On another mind, he doesn't want to die, and leave Lucy all alone in the world. 'What should I do…? What's the right thing to do?-!'

"You mustn't die."

He heard the same voice from the tomb in his head, "Who…?"

"If you die, it would only cause more hatred. Death isn't the answer. What you done in the past can't be undone, but you have to change for the future and atone for what you have done."

"First…?" Len realized, before smiling, "I understand. Thanks for the prep talk." He readied his demonic energy, red aura rises from all around his body, "Sorry, Vonca-san." The blonde apologized as Vonca fires another purple flash at him, "I can't die yet." He swings his sword, countering it with a red flash of his own, the two explodes on contact.


"Mei is dead, I understand that and I'm guilty for it." He said, "But… I can't die yet. It's not just me anymore, there are people I wishes to protect. That's why," he points his Motor Knight at him, "I'll defeat you, for I'm a Fairy Tail wizard!"

Vonca looks at him pissed, "Len Heartfilia…"

In the forest, Mei is running with all her might, 'Len-san… please be safe!' She thought worriedly as she ran towards where the camp was supposed to be. She then heard a series of shouts as she saw the grunts from before running towards her. "It's the girl from before!" One of them shouted.

"Let's get her!"

"KYAH!" Mei cried as she run even faster with the grunts chasing her, "Please stay away!" She ran faster and faster, before finally she trips over a small root and fell on the ground, "Ite…"

"She's down!"

"Finish her!"

The grunts roared out as they ran towards her.


The cry somehow activated the Angel Eye, the hole now has the Japanese word: Purify in it. The blade flew up and a bright light is shone forming a barrier around Mei, "What is this?-!" One of the grunts shouted. One of them hits the barrier with its club, but it did nothing, "Looks like some kind of barrier…"

"What is…?" Mei wonders.

"Save them!"

She heard a voice, "Who…?"

"Please… save them!"

"Where is the voice coming from?" Mei asked.

"You're the one with the power to do it! Please, with this Angel Eye, make them see the truth!"

Mei looked at the sword that descends to her eye level, "Angel Eye…?" She clenched her fists in determination and grabbed the sword, a bright light shone from the barrier as it is converged into the blade, making a bright blue blade of light radiating from the sword, "Please move aside!" She tells them in a ready fencing stance.

"Make us!" The grunts shouted with their magic swords and staff ready.

"Then I'm sorry!" she said as she pressed forward, the sword swing all around, the light flashes like a bright hurricane, sending them flying all over. And then, she ran back towards where Len and Vonca are fighting, 'Whoever that voice is, she sure seems like a kind person… But yet, why does she sound just like me…?'

Back with Len, the he is still fighting it out with the Eighth Kin of Gimoire Heart, with both their sleeves gone; explosions were heard all over as the Fallen Angel mage flew into the air with a lone black bird wing and Len leaping up towards him. "Dark Light!" Vonca swings his sword down with a burst of light shot straight at Len, who dodged it with a new sword, a black claymore with rectangle guard with most of it facing out, name: Hakai

"World's End!" Len swings the black sword at him, Vonca blocked it with his own katana but the impact sends Vonca flying back before stopping it with a flap of his black wing, "Red Demon's…" His right arm glowed as the sword too is covered in red aura, "Destructive Claw!" He slashes down Hakai, a large red flash strikes at him, before it splits into three separate strikes.

"It's useless!" Vonca said as he swings his blade, a purple flash strike nullifies the attack on contact, "Dark Light!" He fires another of the same blast as before, the blonde dodge it by going up before red aura surrounds him, "Red Demon's Fist!" He punches forward a huge astral projection came out from his arm and flew straight at Vonca.

"Astral attack?" Vonca said as he blocked the attack with his sword, "It's useless, my katana, Fallen Light, is forged using the rumored angelic metal, Tenshizoku, and is capable to cutting through any dark magic!" He slices the astral fist like butter and charges towards him, "Demon Slayers' main weakness is light-based magic, so this sword is the one that will slay you!"

"Come on out, Light Crescent!" He switches out Hakai and summons out a white claymore with a cross as its guard and blocks the katana strike.

"What?-!" He cried.

"Light Crescent. It was a gift from the old blacksmith next to the arena." Len said, "He told me it was forged using the same Tenshizoku as your sword. My other sword, Hakai, is made with the opposite attribute, Akumazoku. Obviously, I can't use both at the same time. But they both are equally powerful!" He strikes the blade down on Vonca's katana.

"You…" Vonca grunted. He brought out an orb of purple light in his hands, "Taste the ultimate despair!" He plunge the orb deep against Len's abdomen, "Void!"

"Gu! No I won't!" Red aura arises from his fist, "Red Demon's Dying Breath!" He punches deep against Vonca's abdomen as the aura expands on contact.



"STOP!" Mei cried as she flew towards them and stabbing the sword through both of them. The hole in the Angel Eye glows and the word: Truth; appears and a bright light shone into both of them.

The two stood in a realm of total whiteness, "Where are we?" Len asked.

"Is this your magic, Len Heartfilia?-!" Vonca accused.

"How is this Demon Slayer magic?-!" Len cried.

"Len! Calm down!"


They heard voices as images appear around them, "What are…?" Vonca muttered.

Len looked at one image and immediately recognized it, "T-This is!"

"Len!" Mei cried as the demonic beast trashes the robots as they came out, "Calm down! They aren't coming back even if you destroy them all!"

"RAWR!" Len roars out as it slashes everything with his claws, one robot still in his claw before he turns and fires a blue blast at a bunch of them, destroying them all.

Mei then saw a lancer charging straight at him, "Look out, Len!" She cried as she jumped in front of him, the lance goes right through her chest as the medic coughed out blood.

The demon turned looking at the situation, seems to get even angrier as it roars out and blue aura erupts from all around creating a huge explosion.

"So… the one that killed Mei then…" Len muttered in shock, "It wasn't me, but one of the Possessed Knights?"

"Then… Len Heartfilia didn't kill her at all?" Vonca stuttered, "She sacrificed herself to protect him?"


They stiffened as they heard a familiar voice. Turning around, they found an all familiar girl descending down with beautiful white wings and in a white one piece dress. "M-Mei…" Len muttered in shock.

"Mei…" Vonca muttered as tears run down his cheek, "Is… that really you, Mei?"

"Hai, onii-san." Angel Mei smiled, "Sorry, onii-san, I couldn't keep our promise of meeting again."

"Mei… you remembered that promise…?" Vonca stuttered.

"Onii-san, please promise me." Angel Mei said, "Don't find revenge for me. People are fated to die one day, mine is just earlier."

"Mei…" Vonca wipes his tears, "I promise!"

"Len." Len flinched at her voice, "Mei… I… I'm so sorry!" He cried, tears overflowing, "I couldn't protect you at all! I… I was weak! If you hate me, it's only logical! So…"

"I never blamed you, Len." Angel Mei smiled, "I know you have tried your best. And you have gotten stronger. Also, thank you for taking care of my lance for me. Please, don't blame yourself."

"Mei…" Len sobbed, "I… I love you…"

"Me too, Len." Angel Mei smiled, "Please, take care of my Edolas self."

"I will…" Len said, "This time for sure!"

Angel Mei smiled happily, "I have to go. Farewell, onii-san, Len…" The same light shone from her and everything turns white.

When the light dimmed down, Len opened his eyes, finding himself in the same spot where they first met; the orange sky of dusk shone a beautiful orange light down on them, "Vonca…" The blonde muttered as the man walks towards the cat girl, Mei shrieked a little as she hides behind him.

"You're Mei from the other world, aren't you?" Vonca asked.

"Y-Yes…" She muttered.

"Do you have an older brother there?"


"I see…" Vonca leaned pats her on the head, "I'm glad that I met you, Mei."

"Y-You too, Vonca-nii."


"A-Ah! S-Sorry! I-It just slipped out!" Mei cried blushing.

"It's alright." Vonca chuckled. He looked at Len, "Len. I'm leaving her to you. Take care of her for me."

"I will." Len smiled, before becoming serious again, "Tell me, Vonca. Why is Gimoire Heart attacking this island? What purpose do you people have here?"

"…" Vonca looked down, "Zeref."

"Zeref?!" Len cried.

"Zeref? Who's that?" Mei asked.

"The legendary dark wizard, Zeref." Vonca explained, "He is the reason that why Master Hades is here. That mage is here, on this island?"

"Oi, oi, don't joke around!" Len cried, "Zeref is dead for centuries! How can you be certain he is still alive?-!"

"I don't know." Vonca said, "All I know is that not just Master Hades, most of Seven Kins have a purpose for finding him. For one, if Zeref is to be awakened from his sleeping state, a new age will come, The Great Magic World, the 'true' magic world where darkness and chaos rule."

Len's eyes widen in shock, Mei's was shaking in shock, "What?-!"

"A world that only the strong prosper and the weak perish." Vonca said grimly, "A world where only wizards are allowed to live."

"That's insane!" Len cried, "Wizards only make up 10% of the world population! The other 90% can't use magic at all!"

"I too once believed it was wrong." Vonca said, "But I was blinded with hate that I couldn't even see it."

Len felt like something was wrong and dashes off, "Len-san!" Mei cried.

"Mei, head to the camp!" Len cried, "I have a bad feeling about this. And Vonca, if you're done, you can get off this island. Even if I won't finish you off, the others will."

"I understand." Vonca nodded.

"I-I'll be heading off to camp!" Mei said as she flew off.

"Oh, she does have wings." Vonca said, "And I thought it was my imagination…" He then proceeds to walk further inland, "I better find her…"

Len is seen running through the forest, looking for his sister. After training in Solien, he has learnt to go with his intuition far more than with logic, and it was right all the time. He has gained the bad feeling that something have happened to his sister and so he ran off to find her, 'Lucy… Please be safe…!' Len thought worriedly as he quickens his pace.

He then heard crushing of ground, and the two energy signatures, one extremely weak that troubles him the most, 'That energy signature!' He hurries to the area, finding a huge grey burly man attempting on crushing his sister's skull with his massive hand, "LUCY!"

"Gu? Who are you?" The large man asked.

"Len…-niisan…?" Lucy grunted.

"Len!" Natsu cried, "Hurry and get me out of this rubble!"

"No need tell me that!" Len said rushing down.

The man, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Kain Hikaru tosses Lucy aside and leaps at him, "EH?-!" Len cried before he smashes the blonde into the ground hard.

"Len!" Happy cried.

"What… he's so weak." Kain sighed in relief.

"Ow, that hurt." Len groaned stretching his back, "Nice hit, by the way."

"EH?-!" Kain cried, "H-How are you?-!"

"Compared to the fighters in Solien, your punch is probably one of the lower fighters." Len laughed, "That kind of attack has no effect on me." He stopped laughing at looked at him glaring, "By the way, are you the one that beat Lucy up like that?"

"Oh? W-What of it?" Kain asked readying himself, "I-I don't know who you are but I'm still one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory! Don't underestimate me! Doll change to iron!" The small straw doll he have around his waist changes into iron as he smashes forward. Len stops his palm with both his hands, his legs struggling to keep him back, "What's wrong? Is that all you got?"

"I guess fighting with Vonca has done its toll…" Len muttered, "No matter, I can still beat you without using my magic!"

"Y-Y-Y-Y-You looking down on me!" Kain cried, "And stop glaring at me, it's scary!"

"What of it?-!" Len said as he lifts the man up in the air in one movement.


"He lifts him up in the air!" Happy cried.

Kain still shocked from the move before he saw the blonde's red right eye, "W-What?-! N-Not fair! Y-You have the power of a Demon!"

"Do you think I care?-!" Len shouted as his left eye glows green, "You attacked my sister, so with that, you're get your retribution!" He throws the man up into the air and readies his fist which emits a green aura, "It's been a while since I used this power, so don't blame me if you get too much damage!" He punches the man in the face as he falls down, sending him flying into the trees with great impact, the tree he crashes to falls down with the middle snapped from the attack.

"He won!" Happy cheered.

"Go, niisan!" Lucy cheered, "You're the best!"

"It wasn't easy…" Len panted.

"HEY! Get me out of here!" Natsu cried still under the rubble of stone.

"Got it." Len said walking up to him. He took a step back, and then steps forward with a punch on the rubble. That immediately got bad results with his hand all sore, "THAT HURT!"

"What are you doing?!" Lucy cried.

"I thought I could summon my Willpower again, but it just doesn't want to come out…" Len said blowing his sore knuckles, "I could summon Earth Breaker and destroy the rubble, but I might destroy Natsu along the way."

"Ah right! I can destroy the rocks!" Natsu said in realization.

"Seriously?-!" Lucy and Happy sweat-dropped.

After Natsu got out of the rubble, they went to the spot where Natsu found Zeref, or at least the same black teen that he and Len met before, "He's not here…" Natsu muttered.

"Was Zeref here?" Lucy asked.

"They must have taken him away already." Natsu said.

"Was it the black haired teen we met before?" Len asked him.

"Yeah." Natsu nodded sniffing the air, "What's this smell? Something's getting in the way of his scent. I can't follow him like this."

"Ne, Len-niisan." Lucy asked, "Was your eye always like that?"

"Ah, this?" Len said pointing at his red eye, "No idea, after running with him, my eye became like this."

"I see."

"Lucy, why is your leg raised up?" Len asked, his sister's leg raise up high, "We can see your underwear, you know." That result in the younger blonde chasing the cat with the voodoo doll, "Anyway, we should regroup with the others. I've sent Mei back to the camp, so we should go there first. We can discuss about what to do with Zeref there."

"No! I'm worried about Cana too, but we've got to follow after Zeref." Lucy said punishing the blue cat using the same voodoo doll, "Just as we heard, they're planning on using Zeref to change the world."

"The world, huh?" Natsu sighed, "That's quite the task there…"

"I want to go to a world of nothing but fish." Happy said.

"Any other, we have to settle this." Natsu said, "They laid a finger on the old man. You think I'm going to let them leave the island now?"

"Leave the island…?" Lucy then realized, "That's it! Those guys must have come on a ship or something! That woman earlier said she was going to take Zeref to her master! There's a good chance their ship is anchored somewhere. They must have taken Zeref there! Happy! Look for their ship in the skies!"

Happy blinked, "Sorry, but it seems that I'm out of magic power."

"So you're just a regular cat then…" Lucy dead-panned.

"For know, we should go back to Wendy and gramps." Natsu said, "We'll have Carla and Lily search of it."

"What happened to Master Makarov anyway?" Len asked.

"He was beaten, by Master Hades." Natsu said.

"Seriously?-!" Len cried, "Isn't Master one of the Ten Wizard Saints?-! How on earth did he lost?-!"

"I don't know, but we should head back." Natsu said.

With Mei, the girl is flying above the forest, trying to find the camp, "Where is the camp…?" She wonders. She then felt a drop of water on her nose, followed by a huge downpour, "AH! It's raining!" She cried as she tries to cover her head from the rain.

She then noticed a ship from afar. "That's a real big ship…" She muttered, "That symbol looks familiar…"

She then saw Lily and Carla in the distance, "Lily-san! Carla-san!" She called out.

"Oh?" Lily looked back, "Mei?"

"You're safe." Mei said in relief, "Do you know where the camp is?"

"No, I'm still looking for it." The black cat tells him.

"I see…" Mei muttered, "Did you see the ship over there?"

"Oh? You're right." Carla said.

"Look, I found the camp." Lily tells them, the remains of the tent under them.

"Thank goodness!" Mei said in relief.

Meanwhile, Natsu and the others took cover in a cave, with Lucy and Wendy getting a change of clothes from the courtesy of Virgo. Len stood there waiting for the rain to stop and for one of the two exceeds to come back with news. "Looks like the rain isn't going away soon…" Len said.

"I wonder if Carla and Lily are okay…" Wendy muttered behind the boulder changing.

"Hm?" Natsu then noticed a white cat from afar, Carla descending towards him, "Yo, Carla, where's Lily?"

"He ran into one of our camps on the way. We bumped into Mei as well." Carla tells them, "Lily said that Gajeel and Mira were there in critical condition."

"So they're alive!" Happy said.

"Mei also saw their boat still anchored in the east shore."

"The camp…" Natsu muttered.

"Ne…why don't we stop by for a bit?" Lucy asked, "Cana might be there too."

"That's right!" Wendy agrees, "I think it'd be a good idea to meet up with everyone."

Len looked back at Mest, or Doranbolt as he was normally called, the member of the Magic Council. He heard the reason he infiltrated their ranks, and didn't think much about it. He knows that the Magic Council has a bone to pick with Fairy Tail, so it was confirmed that they would go to such means to disband such a destructive guild, as well as the danger of the Council firing the Etherion at the island, "What about you?" He asked.

"There's no way for you to win." He tells them.

"Stop the council for us." Natsu tells him.

"We'll somehow manage to take care of Gimoire Heart and Zeref." Lucy tells him. "So please, do something to stop the attack on the island!" Wendy pleaded.

"There's no way it can be done."

"Then stall for time." Len tells him as the fire dragon slayer lifts the injured Master on his back, "We're counting you."

"I'm not talking about myself!-!" Doranbolt cried, "I'm talking about you! How do you expect to handle this insane situation we're stuck in?-!"

"With all our might." Natsu tells him, "That's all."

Doranbolt was dumbfounded by their determination and their loyalty towards their guild, Len looked back at him, before leaving and they all head towards the camp.

"Natsu and all of them are heading here?-!" Lisanna said with joy.

"Lu-chan and the others are with them, right?" Levy asked happily.

"Yup, if everything goes according to plan, Carla should be leading them here." Lily tells them, the camp for the guild in ruins from an attack from one of the main members, leaving few of the strongest member unable to fight.

"That's a life saver. We're full of wounded here." Lisanna said, "If an enemy were to attack us, it'd be disastrous."

"He should be bringing the wounded Master here as well." Lily added.

"I can't believe they got Master too…" Levy muttered worriedly.

"Levy-san…" Mei muttered worriedly.

"I know! I know! We can't give up, no matter what!" Levy said determinedly, "If we combine all our powers and work together… then surely…"

"It's important to give up, too."

They heard shocking footsteps walking towards them, "In this world, no matter what you do, there are just some things that will be stronger than you. The broken pieces of my heart tremble…"

The man said walking over, his silver hair in a pompadour with black designer glasses, a dark purple jacket with a flipped up collar with a fur trimmings over a grey turtleneck shirt with a belt around his waist and long black pants and tiger pattern shoes, two white gloves on his hands, one hand pointing at them, and a band with the emblem of Gimoire Heart around his left arm, his name, Rustyrose, "And now… I'll eat up every last one of you… until not a single fairy remains."

'An enemy?-!' Mei mentally cried.

'This is bad! Can I maintain combat mode right now…?' Lily thought worriedly.

'Levy, Lily, and myself… our magic powers has been exhausted to the limit…' Lisanna thought, 'Mei is only chance, but I don't think she has the ability to fight him on her own… Please hurry, Natsu!'

Elsewhere, heading through the forest towards the camp with Natsu leading, the rest ran across the muddy ground in the rain, "I hope Doranbolt-san is alright…" Wendy muttered worriedly.

"Don't waste your time worrying about that kind of guy." Carla tells her.

"I'm worried about Cana too…" Lucy muttered, "What if she got lost somewhere?"

"Hopefully she managed to make it back to camp." Happy tells her.

"Hope so, I haven't gave her a lesson." Len smirked cracking his knuckles, "Maybe I'll start with her legs…"

"That's overdoing it, Len-niisan…" Lucy muttered.

Len then felt a huge amount of magic, one that could rival Gildarts' own, "Someone's coming." He tells them, just as Natsu suddenly stopped in his tracks, "Someone's there!" He said, referring to the large amount of rain pouring around that single person that is walking towards them, "W-Wha?-!" Lucy cried.

"T-This magic energy…" Wendy muttered in shock.

"Why is only the rain pouring around him?-!" Carla cried.

"I-It's like a gushing aura around his body…" Happy muttered.

The man walks up to them, a long black ponytail tied on the back of his head, in a light purple sleeveless cloth reaching down to his knees over a black round high collared shirt and black baggy pants with boots and a white coat draped over his shoulders like a cape, "Can you fly…?" He asked.

They remained silent, intimidated of the sheer power that guy is releasing out.

"Nope… Still can't fly…" He said as he raised his hand up, "Fall."

The ground around them suddenly sinks, they all crashes into the ground on their bodies, "W-What the?-!" Len cried as the others cry out in pain and shock, "G-Gravity?-!" The spell wears off and they all grunted trying to get up from the immense attack, 'I remember… Dante-sensei told me that there is a person he once fought and just barely won who uses such magic… If I'm not mistaken…'

"You're…" Len grunted getting up on his feet, looking up at the man staring at them emotionlessly, "Bluenote Stinger…"

"Oh… so you heard of me." Bluenote said.

'This is crazy…' Len thought, 'We just have to run into a bomb as dangerous as Gildarts?-!'

"I'm not interested in the destruction of Fairy Tail, and I couldn't care less about Zeref." He tells them, "But there is one thing that I do want and it's here."

"Mavis Vermilion, where is the grave of Fairy Tail's Founding Master?"

'The grave?-!' Len thought in shock, the others too looked at him in shock of his question, "Why would you want to know?-!"

"…Fairy Glitter…" Bluenote tells them, "Like Fairy Law, it is written down as one of three great magic spells of your guild, isn't it?"

"Fairy Glitter…?" Len wonders.

"What are you talking about…?" Natsu asked as he got up, only to get crashed down by another gravity burst.

"Natsu/-san!" Lucy and Wendy cried.


"That 'Radiance' is a merciless light that rejects the presence of any foes." Bluenote explained, "I want that power."

"You bastard!" Natsu shouted as he made a dash for that guy.

"That magic appears to be sealed in Mavis' Grave." He explains some more, "You will tell me where that is." He raised his hand and Natsu, who was leaping towards the man in hopes of hitting him, is sent flying backwards and crashing into the wall, "Are you listening to me?"

"D-Darn it…" Natsu grunted.

"Natsu!" Happy cried.

"No way…" Wendy muttered in shock.

"What is he…?" Lucy muttered.

"Hm?" Bluenote then notices the injured Master, "Isn't that Makarov? Maybe I should ask him myself?"

"I won't let you!" Len said summoning out Motor Knight, "You won't lay a hand on the Master!" He dashes for him.

"You're an annoying one, aren't you?" Bluenote said, just as Len threw his chain sword at ground under him and pulls himself at with Motor Knight ready to strike, only for the blonde to sink down by the sudden burst in gravity with the sword dislodging from the ground and falls next to the fallen blonde, "So you think you can fly? Don't joke with me."

"D-Damn it…" Len grunted as he tries to get up.

"So it's you!"

They heard a familiar voice as Cana leaps out of the bushes towards them, "Cana!" Len cried.

"Cana…" Lucy said in relief.

"Cana-san!" Wendy cried in joy.

"You're not going to hurt my comrades any further!" She shouted throwing a series of cards at Bluenote, the gravity mage simply divert them with a wave of his hand and they all miss their target. It was then a light shone from her forearm, a bright warm light that Len could refer to Fairy Law and his own Templar Gun magic, "Fairy…"

"Light?" Happy wonders, "What kind of magic is this?"

"It can't be…!" Bluenote quivers as he sends Cana crashing into the ground with his gravity control, cancelling the spell in mid-cast, "You… that magic you have…"

"Fairy Glitter?-!" Carla said.


"Lucy… I'm sorry for leaving you…" Cana said, "I don't have an excuse… I'm just sorry… But you can trust me now. With this magic, I'll beat him for sure!"

"Awesome!" Lucy said excitedly, "Did you get it from the grave?"

"Wait, you guys figure out where the grave is already?" Len asked.

"You knew as well?-!" Natsu cried, "Wait, you mean, the test…?"

"You mind if we talk later, Natsu, Len?" Cana asked, "Give me a hand defeating this guy. Distract him while I build up 'Magical Power'."

Bluenote gave a grunt and both sides were sent flying back by the gravity push, "No one is capable to moving under the weight of my gravity. To think… you just nonchalantly happened to find the magic I've been searching for all this time." He walks towards her, "Now, I'm going to take that magic."

"This magic can only be used by members of our guild!" Cana shouted at him, "You guys wouldn't be able to use it!"

"If you trace the origins of the magical arts, you'll find that it all began with one single magic." Bluenote stated, "That means that every spell in existence until now, originated from that One Magic."

'One Magic…?' Len thought, 'Where have I…?'

"Those who are attuned to the flow of magic," Bluenote continued, lifting Cana up into the air in front of him, "Can process and use any kind of magic in existence." With a flinch of his finger, the gravity around Cana crushes on her hard, she biting down a scream letting out grunts of pain, "Now, let me ask you, little girl. Are you able to use Fairy Glitter?"

"O…Of course…I…can…" She grunted.

"An exceedingly complex and unfathomably intricate spell that collects and concentrates the light of the sun, moon and stars, there is no way someone like you could use that!" He said crushing her body with the force around her, leading for her to scream out in pain, "Don't worry, I'll take that magic off your hands."

"Now, Natsu!" Len shouted as green fiery aura surrounds his hand, the fire dragon slayer complies smashing his head into the ground with the blonde smashing the glowing fist into the ground.

"Fire Dragon's Roar/Will Geyser!-!-!" A combination of green and orange-red flames erupted from under Bluenote, he turns at the two, "Stay out of my way, trash!" He shouted as he sends they all flying away.

"Nice, Natsu, Len!" Cana said sliding away from Bluenote.


"Go for it!" Natsu shouted.

Cana raises her hand up into the air, light shone from around her and pierces through the cloud, the starry sky above for all of them to see, "Gather!-! Oh guiding rivers of light! Shine on!-! Crush this wicked fang, this evil…" Light rings around them, before re-gathering around Bluenote,"Fairy Glitter!-!-!" The light all collects around him, creating a small dome of pure light that seems to affect the gravity mage.

"What incredible light!" Lucy cried.

"This is one of the three great magics of Fairy Tail?" Wendy said.

"No, it's not enough!" Len cried.

"BEGONE!" Cana shouted with her might, the spell currently is working on him, before…

"FALL!" Bluenote gathers the light on his path and smashes it to the ground, completely rendering the light useless and destroys the surrounding instead, sending everyone else flying. Cana flew back on her bottom, her forearm bleeding and the symbol on it gone, "You call this Fairy Glitter? Don't make me laugh." He huffed, "Even the most powerful spell is rendered useless in the hands of an incapable user."

"Cana!" Len shouted.

"Do you know? Your 'Magic' can be taken even after you're killed."

"Cana…!" Natsu grunted.

"S…Stop…" Lucy whimpered.

"Pl…Please…" Wendy pleaded.

"I wasn't able to fly today, either." Bluenote said towering over her, "Now, fall to the depths of hell."

Cana closed her eyes, awaiting her fate. Unknowingly, a familiar dark mantle descends down in front of her, and sends him flying. Bluenote got his bearings right, glaring straight at the said person, Gildarts glaring back with his eyes filled with anger veins pulsing from all around his face. The girl behind him has tears flowing down her cheeks at the arrival of her father.

"Gildarts!" Natsu cried.

"It's Gildarts!" Happy cheered.

"So that's Gildarts…?" Bluenote muttered.

"Gildarts…" Len muttered, and then noticing his back. The image of his teacher's dark-red mantle appears in his mind, the all familiar blue Fairy Tail insignia on the back of it, "Hey, Gildarts-"

"Get away from here." He tells them.


"This is the first time I've ever seen Gildarts this angry." Happy said.

"GO!" Gildarts shouted dashing towards Bluenote, the man raises the ground he was on and flips it upside down in the air, "The earth…" Lucy cried.

"It flipped upside down!" Natsu cried.

The crash mage placed his palm on the ground and it broke into pieces and he falls towards the gravity mage, the latter leaps up towards him and their fists meet in mid-air. The impact between the two powers creates a huge shockwave, destroying the area around them and the audiences are sent flying by the winds and crashing into the ground hard.

"They are monsters!" Len cried, "I still can't believe I actually send him flying from the start!"

"Nii-san, you what?-!" Lucy cried.

The two monsters land on the ground, Bluenote's coat flew off his shoulder, "He overpowered me?-! Me?-!" He cried.

"I-I think that it'd be best if we listened to him and got away from here." Wendy said picking up Makarov.

"Y-Yeah… but…" Lucy muttered.

"Let's go." Cana said, "If we stay here, we'll only be in Gildarts' way."

Len notices the sad look on her face, "Let's go." He said as he placed Makarov on his back thanks to Wendy, "Oi! Gildarts!" He shouted back at the crash mage, "You better win this, or I'll find your spirit and kick your ass!"

"Hmph." Gildarts gave a smile, "I'll be sure of that."

They all dashes off into the forest, leaving only the crash mage and the gravity mage alone in the crater, "It was an important test, and it meant more to these kids than any adult could ever imagine." Gildarts said angrily, "This test represented their determination towards the future and you stepped all over it. You wouldn't get away with this!"

At the camp, Rustyrose is sent flying back onto the wet ground, he got up, glaring at the newcomers, "Who the hell are you people?-!" He shouted, Freed and Bickslow stood in the rain in front of one of the seven kins. "Freed! Bickslow!" Levy cried.

"Why are you guys here?-!" Lily asked.

"We saw the signal fire, and came back with Gildarts." Freed said.

"Gildarts came back too?-!" Lisanna said in joy.

"Hmph" Rustyrose summons out a claw like whip on his right arm, "A couple more weaklings added to the mix are no match for my Arc of Embodiment!"

"We have no interest in fighting you fair and square from the start." Bickslow said, "Now, we're going to take you down!"

"You've committed the crime of hurting our comrades. The rules don't apply to you." Freed said.

"Baryon Formation!" The puppeteer brought his five floating totem heads into a ring and fires a beam straight at him, "That which dwells in my left hand is a golden shield that pushes back everything." The imagination mage summons out a golden shield to block that attack.

"Dark Scripture: Pain!" Freed fires the rune projectiles at him, "And on my feet are Pegasus Wings!" Rustyrose leaps into the air with wings on his shoes avoiding the attack, "You think you can defeat my creativity?-! My power is infinite!-! Sacred Guardian Beast, Belfast of the Hurricane!" He summons out large beast at them, "Tear them apart!"

"What is that thing?-!" Mei cried.

"Human Possession: Crush!" Bickslow's eyes glowed as he took control of the large demonic beast, which in turn self-destructed in a huge explosion.


"Dark Scripture: Absolute Shadow!" Freed wrote the rune on himself, and he transformed into a large demonic human and strikes at the imagination mage.

"Incredible!" Lily said in shock.

"This is the power of the Raijinshuu!" Lisanna said in joy.

"So this is what they're like when they're serious…" Levy muttered in joy, "They are really strong…!"

"Get up." Freed said angrily with he and Bickslow towering over him, "There is no path to redemption for you."

'This feeling in my heart…' Rustyrose shook, 'Is this… Fear…?'

The battles throughout Tenroujima rages on, the result of this war is not known yet. Meanwhile, somewhere in the docks, a lone boy stood overlooking the horizon, the Fairy Tail mark visible on his right shoulder.

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