The DemonSlayer

Chapter 18: Final Battle of Tenroujima

Lightning tears across the rainy sky, "The sky really is pouring…" Lucy muttered.

"I hate lightning…" Levy muttered.

"For some reason, this made me remember that Laxus guy…" Len stated.

"Laxus?" Mei asked.

"I've never met him before, but I heard he used to be one of the S-class mages.'" Len stated, "He uses lightning magic as his primary weapon."

"Oh, I see."

At the same time, Lily is covering his ears desperately and his little body shaking in fear, "What's wrong, Lily?" Happy asked him. "Don't tell me you're scared of lightning?" Carla asked, and hit the bulls' eye when Lily tensed.

"There's a cute side to him, after all." Happy said, Carla giggled at that.

"S-Shut up!" Lily cried.

"Now then…" Natsu got up, "Let's go defeat Hades, Happy, Lucy."

"Aye sir!"

"Wait, m-me?" Lucy asked.

"We're all on the same team, aren't we?" Happy stated.

"I know, but wouldn't Freed be a better choice?" Lucy asked.

"I need to inscribe this area with runes, so…" Freed stated.

"Leave the defenses to us." Bickslow said.

"Then I'm going along." Len stated standing back up, "I'm not really trusting Lucy's safety with you."

"I'm going with Natsu-san and them too!" Wendy said.

"Wait a moment, Wendy!" Carla cried.

"I think I would be able provide some kind of support…"

"I-I'm going too…" Lily said, "I need to take on Gajeel's rival."

"I'm going to stay here and help Freed with the runes." Levy stated.

"I want to stay here with Mira-nee and Elf-niisan." Lisanna stated.

"I'm staying here to help them." Mei nodded.

"Then it's decided." Freed stated.

"We'll protect everyone, no matter what." Bickslow said.

"Be careful, Lu-chan." Levy tells her best friend.

"Most of my magical energy has recovered." Lucy stated.

"The only enemy left is Hades." Lisanna stated.

"This looks like the final battle." Wendy stated.

"And our survival depends on it." Len said.

"We're working hard, you know!" Happy shouted.

"They know…" Carla stated.

"Exceed Platoon, away!" Lily said.

"Let's do it!" Natsu shouted.


They all dashed away towards the beach, Lucy was called back by Lisanna for a moment, Len barely heard what they said but he knows it's something to do with Natsu and carries on running after him. They carried on running, and then bumping into Erza and Gray on the way. For some reason, Len don't like how close Erza is to Gray at the moment.

After exchanging a few words, they carry on to the ship.

At the ship, Hades is at helm of the ship, the old man with a long beard and an eye patch over his right eye, with a black mantle over his black shirt and beige pants with flames texture on the end of the legs, "Impossible…The Seven Kin… Vonca… Even Bluenote was defeated?!" He muttered, "I truly have to give praise to Makarov's soldiers. Oh well… I supposed I'll have to be their opponent then. The Devil shall play with the Faeries at last…this is the finale… Let's have some fun then,"

"The third generation Fairy Tail." The attack group has assembled at the bottom of the boat, all of them ready to fight the Master. "Come any time you're ready, Makarov's kids."

He turned away and enters the boat, "OI! Come down here and fight!-!" Natsu shouted angrily.

"How cocky…" Gray growled.

"Be careful, he defeated Master." Erza tells them.

"That doesn't really mean anything." Len stated.

"If we can defeat that guy… everyone would be able to leave this island, right?" Wendy asked.

"Of course! Everyone would be free to go." Lucy said.

"Happy, I have a favor to ask of you guys." Natsu said.

"What is it?"

"I want you to search this ship for whatever looks like its power source and destroy it."

"If it starts to fly, it would be a serious problem for Natsu, after all." Happy stated, the fire dragon slayer looked away bashfully.

"Okay!" Carla nodded.

"You can leave it to us!" Lily said.

"Let me cast Troia just in case." Wendy said, activating the spell on him already.

"Well then, let's get started, shall we?" Gray conjures out an ice stairway that stretches all the way to the helm, "Let's go!"


They all start running up the ice stairs towards the boat, the exceed squad enters the boat via one of the open windows on its side, "He's even more powerful a mage than Master." Erza tells them, "We have to go out all out from the start to have any chances of succeeding!"

"Okay!" Wendy shouted back.

"Let's give it everything we got!" Gray shouted.

"Time to kick his ass!" Len shouted.

"No time to think about the past or the future, just focus on now!" Lucy cried.

"I'm finally going to get to smack that bastard! I'm all fired up!-!" Natsu shouted leaping up and towards, "Hades!-!" He ignites his fist in flames, "Taste the power of Fairy Tail!-!" He punches forward at Hades with a huge inferno at him; he simply raised his hand up and disperse the dragon's flames.

"The power of… Fairy Tail, huh?" He muttered, and then failed to notice that Erza, Len and Gray all in front him ready to strike at him.

"Black Wing: Moon Glimpse!-!-!"

"Cold Excalibur!-!"

"Motor Drive!-!"

The three all slashes forward at Hades, the old mage barely managing to block the three sword strikes.

"Open! The gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus!-!" Lucy chanted out as the cow celestial spirit came out of his gate and smashes his axe straight at Hades.

"I enchant the attack power, defensive power, and speed of everyone's magic!" Wendy chanted, "Arms X Armor X Vernier!-!-!"

Erza, Gray and Len all got the enchantment as their bodies are engulfed in a bright aura; they all swing their swords at the old dark mage, he easily dodging the blades with ease. "If you are going to be that relentless…" Hades brought out a magic chain that grabs on the knight mage's shoulder and he swings her at Gray and Len, the blonde dodged the attack and swings Motor Knight at him, Hades dodging the sword but met the foot up his chin, a chance that Natsu took.

"Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!-!" He leaps into the air and dealt the fire attack at him. Hades brought a magic chain that attaches itself on the back of Natsu's head, swinging him around before Erza cuts the chain away.

"Natsu!" Gray brought out a large ice hammer that Natsu lands on, "Go for it!-!" He swings and sends Natsu flying towards Hades.

"Sky Dragon's Roar!-!"


The two tornado attacks joined together in an unison raid, creating a vortex that Natsu gladly take, "Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!-!" He slams the flaming head-butt on Hades' abdomen, sending him flying and crashing into the back of the bridge. "Did we get him…?" Len wonders out loud.

"The mistakes people make… are eventually labeled as experience…"

They all have their eyes wide open in pure horror, "But with a true mistake, there will be no experience to be gained." Hades said as he got out of the smoke unharmed with the exception of his mantle completely ruined, "Because the mistake you made taking me on as your opponent, will leave you with no future."

"No way…" Wendy muttered in shock.

"It had no effect on him at all…" Lucy stuttered.

"Oi oi… I went at it with my full power…" Gray muttered.

"Is this guy even human in the first place…?" Len muttered.

"The level of his magical power has changed…" Natsu muttered.

"Well then, are you guys about done with your warm-ups?" Hades asked.

The rest all shook in shock, except for Erza and Len, "Here he comes!" She warned them.


Len felt a magic aura straight at Wendy, and the little dragon slayer vanishes into thin air, leaving behind her clothes, "WENDY!-!" Natsu cried.

"S-She's gone…" Lucy stuttered.

"What did he do to her?-!" Gray wonders.

"You bastard!" Natsu shouted angrily.

"[Everyone, please calm down]." They heard a voice from above, looking up to find a grandfather clock with arms and legs on the ceiling, "[I'm fine], is what she said."

"Horologium!" Lucy cried.

"Well, that's great." Gray said unsure, Natsu breathe a sigh of relief.

"I am currently in automatic danger response mode." He tells them.

"Err…" Lucy thought about all the times she is grave danger before, "I've been in plenty of dangerous situations up till now…"

"I'm sorry, but the level of danger is currently higher than any previous situations." The clock said.

"[Thank you very much, Horologium-san!], is what she said."

"He's as complicated as ever…" Gray groaned.

"Wait, then why are her clothes left behind?" Len pointed out.

"Due to the emergency of the situation, only the body is protected."

"Wait… doesn't that mean that inside there, Wendy is…" Gray stated.

"[KYAAAAAA!-!], is what she said. Please put on this clothing instead."

"Regardless, thank you for saving her." Erza thanked the clock.

"I'm only able to protect this one time. I'm at my limit." Horologium tells them, "Everyone, please stay alert, please be careful." He poof back to his realm, Wendy dropped down wearing new clothing courtesy of the clock spirit.

"So these are Makarov's kids…" Hades said, "As expected. They're interesting."

"Are you an acquaintance of the gramps?" Natsu asked.

"Did you not investigate me? There should be plenty of information archived about me in your guild's files." Hades stated, "I was once Fairy Tail's Second Master. I went by the name of Purehito."

"The Second?-!" Len cried.

"Liar!" Natsu shouted.

"I'm not lying." Hades continued, "I was also the one that appointed Makarov to be the Third Master."

"There's no way that's true!" Natsu shouted running towards him, "Stop bullshitting with me!-!"

The dark Master's two fingers glowed, as circles of runes surrounds Natsu, "Amaterasu formula?-!" Len cried, "Natsu, get the hell out of there!"

It was too late as the fire dragon slayer got engulfed in an explosion brought out by the spell. Hades points at the others, an explosion is brought out under them that sends everyone flying all about. He continued by bringing out magic chains that attached to Lucy, another to Erza and he swings the two together and explodes at them.

Natsu charges towards him, he points his finger and did a gun fire gesture, a magic bullet penetrates through the fire dragon slayer's thigh. He fires a few more all over, damaging everyone with the bullets and occasional magic, "FUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!-! Dance! Dance to my magic!-!"

In a few short moments, everyone was down on the floor with bullet wounds and burn marks, "Do fairies have tails, or not?" He stated, "An eternal mystery, and eternal adventure. The origins of the guild's name are probably strung from something of that thought." Hades walks up to Natsu, slamming his foot on his head, "But your journey is about to end. Mavis' will is entrusted to me, and I entrust mine to Makarov. Now I see that it is a mistake."

"Makarov changed the guild."

"What's wrong about change?-!" Natsu shouted.

"He exposed magic to too much light." Hades stated.

"That's our Fairy Tail!" The fire dragon slayer shouted, "We don't live like we have already died, like you do! We live with our lives on the line, you bastard! If you don't have the courage to change, then you might as well die!-!"

"Annoying brat…" Hades huffed as he shot his leg, Natsu groaning out in pain, "If you're going to hate anyone, hate Makarov." He fires countless more magic bullets at him, hurting the fire dragon slayer even more.

"Stop…" Lucy pleaded.

"It's Makarov's fault that you have to suffer and die like this."

"Stop it!-!" Erza cried.

Natsu slams his hand on the ground, struggling to get up, "You are…" He grunted, "The… old man's… rival…"

"Enough already." Hades said as he charges up for the final strike, "Disappear now."

"STOP IT!-!" Lucy cried.

At that moment, a lightning strikes the boat. The electric current flows throughout the entire vessel, Len felt a familiar magic energy coming down at them, just a lightning bolt rained down in front of Hades while damaging the dark mage's arm, materializing in a familiar blonde man with lightning scar.

"So he's the old man's rival, Natsu?"


Hades seemed to be stunned by the arrival of the lightning mage, "The brat…?" Laxus greets the elder with a slam of his forehead, knocking the old mage back a bit.

"Laxus…" Gray panted.

"Laxus came for us…" Lucy said.

"That person is Master's…" Wendy said.

The two stood a foot away from each other, "So…you're related to the brat." Hades muttered.

"How pathetic… All your clothes look like shit-stained rags." Laxus huffed.

"Yup." Natsu smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Erza asked.

"I came to visit my ancestors' graves. I am once part of Fairy Tail, after all." Laxus tells her, "I had planned on coming to visit Mavis' grave then leave, but I was shocked that the Second has forsaken him…" He glares at the old mage angrily, "At least make a grave for him and pay your respects."

'So he's not just a stuck-up brat, after all…' Len thought.

"Ah… so that brat still have relatives like these…" Hades muttered.

Laxus made the first move with a knee to the face, followed by a swing of his lightning charged fist to his gut sending the old mage back, before he charging at him lightning surrounding him and slams Hades to the ground with a punch, following with another punch that he dodged.

The lightning mage didn't stop there as he fires a roar of lightning at a stride blast that tears a long tear in the boat's interior, Hades dodging the attack and retaliate with a magic chain aimed at him, the spiky blonde moved his head and the chain misses. Or so he thought as Hades pulled back the large globe behind him towards Laxus, the lightning mage dodges the huge rolling ball that the old mage tossed aside and nearly hitting Lucy.

Hades fires a few blasts at him, hitting in succession before making triangular gestures with his fingers, the same purple runes surrounds him and with a wave of his palm explodes around him. The shockwave nearly blowing everyone away as a lone lightning bolt shoots out of the smoke, zipping along the ceiling before Laxus materializing behind Hades and lands a kick on his back, tossing the man back on the floor.

"Incredible…" Gray muttered in shock.

'Was Laxus always this powerful…?-!' Erza thought in shock.

Hades glared at him, Laxus returning the glare, but then he fell on his knee grunting and coughing out a little blood, "Laxus!" Natsu cried.

"It must be the spell that just hit him…" Lucy muttered.

"Hang in there, Laxus!" Gray cried.

The blonde lightning mage grunted as he struggles to keep himself up, "The world really is a huge place… to think, that another monster like him actually exists… I still have long ways to go…"

"What are you saying, Laxus?-!" Natsu cried.

"Looks like you have finally figured out your place, Laxus." Hades huffed, "Now," He prepared another blast, "You can disappear!-!" He fired the large blast straight at him.

"Get up, Laxus!-!" Erza cried.

"I'm no longer…" Laxus muttered as the blast came nearer and nearer to him, the others all crying out for him to dodge it, "A member of Fairy Tail, but… if something happened to the old man… I can still get angry about it, right?"

"Of course you can!-!" Natsu answered.

Laxus smiled, liking the answer as he released all his magic energy in one go, but not for defense as the blast hits him with devastating results. The side of the ship exploded and everyone was thrown all around, the blonde lightning dragon slayer falls down into the crater below the, "LAXUS!-!" Erza cried.

"This is… my treat…" Laxus grunted, "Natsu."

"Eh?" Lucy blinked.

"Natsu-san…?" Wendy muttered.

Len felt a jolt in magic power from the fire dragon slayer, lightning sparking all over his body, "Thanks… for… the meal…"

"He's electrified…?" Hades muttered in shock.

"That's every last bit of my magic." Laxus tells him.

"He put his own magic into Natsu?-!" Erza cried.

"He…ate…the lightning?" Lucy stuttered.

'He puts all his power into getting the lightning to Natsu…' Len thought in shock, 'Wait, doesn't that mean that he take on the attack without any magic power?-! To get this badly damage to get the power to him, how much does he trusts Natsu?'

"Why…did you give this to me…?" Natsu muttered, "I'm so much weaker than you…"

"It's not about being strong or weak…" Laxus muttered, "The one who must do this, must be someone with the guild's mark… and to take that pain caused to the guild, and return it a hundred fold."

Natsu wipes his tears from his eyes, "Yeah…" The flames and lightning start to merge together as one entity, "The Lightning Flame Dragon, will repay at a hundred fold."

"The flames and lightning are becoming one…" Len muttered.

"The flames and lightning united…" Gray muttered.

"Lightning Flame Dragon…" Wendy muttered.

"It's like when he ate Etherion…" Erza muttered.

Natsu gave a loud deafening roar, stunning the old mage before he lands a flaming one to the face and sending him crashing into the wall. He followed up with an upside-down axe kick to the head, the flames impacts and the lightning bolt struck right after, "Lightning after the impact of the flames…" Len cried in shock.

"Amazing!-!" Lucy cried.

"How dare you harm our guild!-!" Natsu gathers a lightning charged flamed fist and strikes Hades, sending him back even more, "I'm going to…" He raised both his hands up in the air, lightning in left and flames in right, "Erase you!-!-!-!" He released a flaming lightning ball at Hades, the old mage leaped out of the cloud of smoke, firing a chain magic and binding both fire dragon slayer's hands.

That was proven useless as Natsu easily snapped the binds apart, "Lightning Fire Dragon's…" Natsu took a deep breath, all the flames and lightning starts gathering in his mouth and lungs, "ROAR!-!-!"

A large flaming and lightning encased cannon-sized- more like meteor-sized blast tears a hole on the side of the ship while taking Hades with it, everyone has to hold onto something to prevent themselves from flying away from the after winds, the blast carries on and tears across Tenroujima's landscape, leaving a huge long crater.

The smoke cleared, Hades seemly defeated and laying on the ground unconscious, "I…did it…!" Natsu panted before losing his footing and dropped into the large hole in the middle of the room. It was a good thing Lucy was fast enough to grab his wrist and preventing him from falling ten feet into the pile to debris, "T…Thanks for saving me… I'm completely out of magic power now…"

'That was an intense overwhelming consumption of magic power just now…' Erza thought, 'He must be exhausted.'

"It's finally over now, isn't it…?" Gray said as Lucy pulled Natsu out of the hole.

"Yeah!" Wendy nodded happily.

But for some reason, Len doesn't seem that happy. His body currently is shaking uncontrollably, his eyes widened to its limits with pure fear reflected in his pupils. "What's wrong, Len?" Erza asked.

"I don't know…" Len muttered, "But my intuition is telling me that it is not over…"

"You're quite some amazing youngsters…"

Len's intuition is right again, Hades getting back up on his feet like rising from the dead, "That damn Makarov…" He muttered, "He sure raise up some incredible brats…"

"No way…" Wendy muttered.

"I don't how many decades it's been since I've taken this much damage…" Hades summons back his mantle, "It would be simple to finish things off as they are now… but I want to thank you properly for entertaining me…"

"That's impossible…" Gray muttered in shock.

"That attack didn't have any effect on him at all?-!" Erza cried.

Hades pulls off his eye patch, "The Devil's Eye, awaken!" The right eye opened, revealing the glowing red iris and black pupils, "I'm going to show you something remarkable…" The eye opened up completely, the aura in the air starts to turn dark, as a haze streamed all over around them, "The Abyss of Magic. This domain of magic is far from any of your wildest imagination." His white hair suddenly stood straight up in the air, giving him a crazy scientist look.

"N-No way!-!" Gray cried.

"That…can't be…" Wendy stuttered.

"I've never felt this kind of magic before…" Erza muttered.

"It's still increasing?-!" Lucy cried.

"This is your end, Fairy Tail."

Natsu struggles to move with his fist on the floor, his entire body shaking from exhaustion, "Shit… I don't even… have enough strength… left to move…"

Meanwhile, downstairs in the so-called engine room, the exceed team seems to have found something rather intriguing, "You think it's a…?" Happy stated.

"It doesn't looks like a power source to me." Carla added.

"Grimoire Heart… The devil's heart…" Lily translated, "No, it can't be…"

"I heard voices from inside!" A voice from behind the door shouted.

"WHAT?-! How did they get into the room?-!"

"They found us!" Carla cried.

"I'll stop the enemy from getting in!" Lily said turning towards the doors where countless grunts stood ready, "You two find a way to stop that!"

"Stop it?-!" Happy cried.

"Let's just do it, Happy!" Carla cried.

Lily smashes right out of the room in his battle form, stunning all the grunts. One of them swings down a sword at him, the black cat catches the sword and took it off his hands, and with a swing sends the other grunts flying back a little while in the room, the two cats are basically fiddling with everything that is to see in an attempt to stop whatever is in there.

It was then Lily noticed that the sword he has in his hand grew in size, "…A sword that changes its size…? It's just like my Bustermarm." He smirked devilishly, mirroring a certain iron dragon slayer, "I like it. This will be my sword now. Gihee."

"Auuuuuhhhhh, that Musica Sword is really expensive…" The grunt sobbed.

"What's going on?" A familiar voice asked.

"Ah! You're here!"

"They got into the restricted room!"

"Please help us take care of them!"

"Sure, of course…" A familiar silver blade is drawn from the blue sheathe.

Back upstairs, Hades is releasing a deadly magical aura that smells of death, "Abyss… of magic…" Gray muttered.

"W-What… strong power…" Erza muttered.

"It reeks…" Len groans, his ultra-sensitive magic sense making it worse for him.

"Natsu, get up! Please!" Lucy cried.

"My… body… won't…" Natsu grunted.

"To walk the path of magic… is to sink into the deepest depths of darkness." Hades explained, "Beyond the depths, shining in the deep abyss is the One Magic. Just a little more… and I'll reach the One Magic. But that infinitesimal distance… is the deepest stretch of my path. The Great Magic World fills that depth, the world that Zeref resides. Tonight, with Zeref's awakening, the world will change, and soon, I will obtain the One Magic!"

"One Magic…?" Erza wonders.

'That's right, I remember hearing this somewhere before…' Lucy remembered, '…Mama…?'

"You little ones cannot pass into the Great Magic World." Hades stated as he moved his arms in a circular pattern in a chant, "You lack the resolve to step into the abyssal depths!"

"What is he doing?-!" Gray cried.

"From chapter 4, Scripture 12 of the Grimoire of Zeref… Hidden Magic, The Punishers of Heaven: Nemesis!" From the rocks in the rubbles, dark demonic beings arise all around them, "He's creating demons from the rubble?-!" Gray cried.

"N-No… No!" Wendy stuttered, scared stiff.

"With the magic power of the abyss, I can spawn demons from even the lowest of rocks." Hades states, "They are at once the dancing children of demons, and judges of heaven. This, is Hidden Magic."

"Demons…?" Len muttered. He then felt his right arm pulsating, resonating with the demons around them, "Diablo…"

"Oh, that's right. There is a Demon Slayer among us." Hades said, "Well, it would be trouble if you use that magic." All of the sudden, a dark blast strikes Len's right shoulder, severing the demonic arm from his body.

"GUAAAAAAAAAAAA!-!-!" Len cried out in pain, the feeling on his right arm completely disappeared.

"Nii-san!-!" Lucy cried.

"My arm… my arm!-!"

"Hang in there, Len-san!" Wendy cried.

"Len!" Erza cried.

"It is done. Your last hope is completely extinguished." Hades said, the aura increasing around them, "Your end is near, Fairy Tail."

'Each and every one of those things…has so much power that it's pointless to resist…' Erza thought in fear, 'Impossible!'

'I'm scared… I'm scared…!' Wendy cried.

'Even I… am shaking in fear…?' The scarlet knight looked at her trembling hands.

'What the hell am I scared for…? Darn it!' Gray thought angrily.

'I can't… I'm too frightened…' Lucy thought scared.

'Damn… is this it…?' Len thought, 'Am I going to die unable to protect anyone again…? Darn it! Anyone, just anyone, give us the strength to fight!'

Natsu grabs on Lucy's arm, "Natsu…?" Lucy muttered.

"It looks like… I have got a comrade beside me after all…" Natsu said, "Fear isn't evil. It only shows us our weaknesses. When we learn about our weakness… people can grow stronger and kinder…" Len's eyes widen in realization of his words, the same words Gildarts told him.

"We learned our weakness right now. So what do we do next?" Natsu got up on his feet, "Grow stronger! Face them head on! When we're alone, it might be too frightening to bear, but we're all right beside each other. We have comrades, right here!"

"There's nothing left to fear! For we are not alone!-!"

"A delightful empty set of words." Hades said, "But even that ends now!"

'As long as we have each other…' Erza struggles on her feet.

'We don't have to fear anything…' Gray too gets up.

'That's right, Natsu?' Lucy is getting up as well.

'Even if we don't have any magic left…' Wendy too is getting back up.

'We won't ever give up…' Len too is getting up on his feet.

'For THAT is Fairy Tail!'

"LET'S GO!-!"

"RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH!-!" Everyone dashes forward towards Hades at full throttle.

"What can you accomplish with such miniscule power?" Hades muttered with his hands now in front of him in a hand-sign, "Dance! Demons of rubble and stone!-!"

All the dark beings fires at them, Len grabs his Motor Knight with his remaining arm and races forward in front of them, the blade splits up a few centimeters and green flames shoots out between them, blocking the blasts with a green aura shield. Natsu tripped on the end and nearly fell, Lucy and Wendy saw that and support him by grabbing both his wrists and pulls him forward in one go.

The fire dragon slayer came up to Erza and Gray, the two turned to him. They wait for him to pass, and swings their legs in front of them and onto Natsu's feet, before giving a huge kick and pushes him even further up.

Lastly, he came to Len, the blonde stopped putting up the shield and caught Natsu by his sword, "GO!-!" He roared as he swings his sword at him and rocketing the fire dragon slayer towards Hades.

"Send everything to the depths of darkness…" Hades chanted, "Your sun has set, Fairy Tail!-!"

That leads a huge explosion on ship, completely obliterating the top of the ship. As the smoke clears, to their shock, Natsu has landed a hit, a sucker punch to Hades' face. "Natsu!" Lucy cheered. She then noticed his scarf fluttering away in the wind, and ran to grab it with nearly falling off the ship if Wendy didn't grab her in time.

"I…Impossible!" Hades cried, "The Hidden Magic has no effect on him?-!" Natsu roars out as he lands another hit at him, "This can't be… my magic is…" He felt his right eye, realizing what happened, "It can't be!-!"

Downstairs, Happy and Carla looked shocked at the broken container in front of them, the large heart inside sliced clean through. Vonca swats the water and blood off his katana, "It's over…" He muttered.

"Who…?" Happy asked.

"A fallen angel." Vonca smiled.

"W-What have you done, Vonca-sama?-!" One of the goons cried.

"T-That is…"

"It's already over." Vonca said sheathing his sword, "Fairy Tail is unbeatable, with this out of the way." He looked at the damaged heart, 'The secret to Hades' great magic powers and longevity, the devil's heart. Once this is out of the way…'

Back up, Hades now knows, 'Vonca…?-! How could he…?-!' The earth devils starts to disintegrate into the wind.

Natsu carries on with his attack on the old mage, Wendy then notices the island, "What's wrong, Wendy?" Lucy asked.

"Look at that!" She cried.

They all turned to the island, "No way…" Gray muttered in shock, Len too is shocked.

The entire island is back the way it supposed to be, the great tree back where it is as if nothing have happened, "The island is back too normal!-!" Len cried.

On the island at the base of the great tree, Ultear is out there with countless magic arrays in front of her as the tree is returned back to its original state, 'With this… I am… reborn anew…'

Behind her at the tree, Meredy stare emotionlessly at her.

At the ship, the Fairy Tail emblems all glowed brightly, "W-What's going on…?" Lucy wonders.

"The marks are glowing!" Wendy cried.

"Our magic power…" Erza muttered in shock.

"…Has returned!" Gray said.

Len's got back up his mark glowed as his energy restored, grabbing on his sword tightly.

Natsu dashes forward again, his magic power returned to its max power, 'I… Have I… lost to Makarov?-!' Hades thought in shock.

"This victory is ours!-!" Natsu shouted as he punches at him.

"NO!-!" Hades shouted as he punches Natsu back, preparing to fire another blast, "Until those of you that follow this path of magic finally reaches its peak, the Devil will not sleep!-!" He was silenced when Laxus is back up and lands a sucker punch to his face.

"Laxus!" Natsu cried.


"This is the final attack!-!" Erza shouted.

"Let's end this with all the magic we got back!-!" Gray shouted.

"You'll face my wrath for all of this!-!" Hades shouted, blasting at them.

"We don't have a contract yet, but…" Lucy brought out her newest key, "Open, the Gate of the Goat: Capricorn!" She summons out the goat-human, wearing a butler.

"As you wish, Lucy-sama." Capricorn states.


"Yes." He dashes forward at Hades.

"You're…?-!" He cried.

"I am not Zoldy!" Capricorn shouted as he strikes and kicks at Hades, "Meh is Lucy-sama's spirit, Capricorn!" That sends Hades up into the air, where Wendy is waiting.

"I learn this from watching!" Wendy cried, "Sky Dragon's Wing Slash!-!" She attacks at Hades, with the typhoon sending him flying all around and rolling on the ground, Gray already ready to strike.

"Ice Magic Swords: Icebringer!-!" Gray slices down at him with two ice swords, Erza running towards Hades next.

"Re-equip!" Erza changes her armor to the Heaven Armor, "Heaven Wheel: Pentagram Sword!" She slashes him in a star slash. Len leaps towards at him, both his arms emitting green flames.

"This is for Diablo!-!" Len cried, "Willpower: Spiral Repeater!-!" He punches forward, green flames impacts him that continues on and on and on like a machine gun all around and then the last hit sends him flying back and skidding on the ground. That leads for Natsu to end this who leaps forward at Hades.

"Grimoire Law!-!" Hades prepared the spell immediately.

"I won't let you!-!" Len shouted as he released the stored power in right eye, the magic all concentrates at Hades whose magic completely disappeared.

"M-My magic!"

"Secret Dragon Slayer Arts, Revised:" Natsu brought out lightning and fire on both hands, "Crimson Explosive Lightning Edge!-!" He spins all around; the fire and lightning merge in a final attack, sending Hades flying away. The final result is Hades completely defeated, for real this time. The sun slowly rises from the horizon, Natsu falling on his knees, "Gramps… We showed them…" He panted, "We showed them the power of the guild."


Len smiled, before feeling his empty shoulder socket, "Diablo…"

"It's finally over…" Gray said.

"Yeah…" Erza said re-equiping to her normal armor.

"We won, didn't we?" Wendy said.

"Here, your muffler." Lucy hands Natsu his scarf, who took with a thanks.

"WAHHHAAA!-!" Happy cried as he running towards them crying, "Save us, Natsu!"

"Jeez, you guys…" Natsu groaned.

"Aren't they…?" Lucy wonders.

They all turned around to find the rest of the Grimoire Heart's goons all chasing the three exceeds, "This is bad…" Gray muttered.

"Yeah, our magic levels are literally at zero…" Erza muttered.

"Sorry, but I'm out magic as well…" Lily panted.

"They are all angry!" Happy cried.

"Well, we can't really blame them though…" Carla stated.

"But it was that fallen angel guy with a katana that did it!-!" Happy whined.

"Hm?" That caught Len's attention, 'Could it be him…?'

"That's far enough!-!" That definitely caught their attention, at the ship edge stood the remaining Fairy Tail members, all ready to fight them.

"Gramps!" Natsu cried.

"Everyone!" Lucy cheered.

"Master! And Gajeel-san too!" Wendy cheered.

"I'm glad you're all alright!" Gray said.

"That's right…" Erza said, "With Tenroujima back to normal, the island's spiritual protection is back as well."

"T-There's more of them!" One of the goons cried.

"Isn't that Makarov?-!" Another cried.

"And look!" One of them cried.

"Isn't that Master Hades?-!"

"He's been defeated!-!"

"Get off this island at once!-!" Makarov commanded.

"Y-Yes sir, right away sir!-!" They cried as they ran for the engines.

"There's the signal!"

"Pardon the trouble!-!"

Everyone cheered for their victory, Mei running and tackling Len to the ground with tears overflowing, "Oh?" Gray looked around.

"What's the matter, Gray?" Freed asked.

"Um… Where's Juvia?"

"She never made it back to camp."

'Is she safe…?' Gray wonders worriedly, 'What happened to Zeref…?'

Makarov walks up to his grandson, Laxus looked away guilty, "It's good to have you back…" He said.

"…As if I'll say something like that, you shit-for-brains!-! What were you thinking setting foot on our sacred island while still being exiled?-!" He shouted angrily with his head enlarged like that of a balloon.

"Shut it, old man…" Laxus groaned.

"C-Calm down, Master…" Levy tells him.

"His head is huge!" Lily said in comment.

"Laxus…" Freed shook in joy.

"LAXUS!" The Raijinshuu glomp the poor blonde lightning mage.

"Master still has strict as ever…" Elfman sighs.

"I suppose." Mirajane said, "'Still' being exiled?"

"Okay, let's continue the exam!-!" Natsu shouted.

"Right now?-!" Happy cried.

"The last part of the exam was interfered so that doesn't count!" Natsu said raring to go, "So this time, let's handle it simply! We'll decide with a battle! Battle!"

"Did something get knocked loose in your head or something?-!" Gajeel shouted at him, the two faces slams at each other, "You really think you can win with those wounds?-!"

"Stop it Gajeel…" Levy tells the iron dragon slayer.

"No problem!" Natsu argued, "Now that I have the Fire Lightning Dragon-" He collapses immediately on the ground.

"Natsu!" Levy cried.

"Who the hell faints like that?-!" Gajeel cried.

"It's a side effect from eating any magic other than fire." Erza stated.

"For the time being, why don't we head back to the camp?" Wendy suggested.

"All your bodies could really use some rest." Carla added on.

"You got a point there." Erza stated.

"Let's go back!" Lisanna said as they walk away, leaving Natsu on Lucy's back.

"Eh? Wait! I'm going to carry Natsu on my own?-!" Lucy cried.

"Don't worry, I'll be cheering you on!" Happy said.

"So you won't help me…?" She groaned.

"If that's the case, leave this to meh, Lucy-sama." Capricorn said appearing and carrying the Lucy in his arm princess-style with one arm.

"Capricorn… T-Thank you…" Lucy muttered, a little embarrassed from being carried like that.

"Maybe it's my imagination, but Natsu's an afterthought?" Happy said, the goat carrying Natsu like a bag of potatoes.

"And are you Lucy-sama's classmate from school?" The goat asked.

"Aye! I'm her senpai!"

"Don't tell lies to him." Len states to Happy, "But still, Capricorn, you haven't changed at all."

"Is that bad, Len-sama?"

"Not really, though…" Len muttered.

"Hm, nii-san, you know Capricorn?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah." Len nodded, "Since I was young, I have played with him all the time. He was mom's spirit at one point, after all."

"I see…" Lucy muttered.

As they walk away, Hades spoke. "Makarov…" He said, stopping the Third Master in his tracks, "Finish me off."

"I've learned something important from you." Makarov stated, "In return, I'll overlook what you did this time. Leave this island at once."

"So naïve…" Hades said, "If you let me live, I'll certainly crush your guild the next time we meet."

"I lost to you." Makarov said, "But the brats defeated you."

"Not true." Hades retorted, "Vonca betrayed me and destroyed my heart, and Tenroujima gave them strength. If these coincidences didn't occurred, I wouldn't have lost to them."

"Why did you fall to darkness?" Makarov asked.

"I've told you before." Hades stated, "Magic true nature is darkness. Miracles that were born in that darkness have come to known as 'Magic'. When I retired from the guild, I wished to find the truth of this world be walking deep down the path of magic. This world that overflows with magic, is a false world. The Great Magic World is the true magic world!"

"I wanted to see that world. And for that goal, I obtained all the keys I needed to resurrect Zeref. Just a little more! I was so close! So close from reaching the One Magic!"

"Even if you find it, nothing will change." Makarov stated.


"If magic's true nature is darkness, then so be it." Makarov said, "If it's light, then so be it too. Magic is alive! Its role changes with time, it grows, along with us. Everyone has their own version of what 'Magic' really is… Each person thinks differently from each other… It would be darkness or light, even red or blue. Fairy Tail lives with it freely."

"That and everything, I learnt from you."

Len looked back, silently agreeing with what he said. For two years, he has travelled all round the country and several more, finding true strength, and redemption for what he has done. If he has thought like Hades, he might as well join a Dark Guild. But within that abyss of despair and guild, there are two lights that shone on him.

One is the promise he made to Mei to stay alive.

The other, is his sister, Lucy, who he promised to meet again.

And with those two lights, he has found his own path and strides on it with hope filling it. If Hades seems magic's true nature to be darkness, then he views it very differently. Magic, to him, is the power of the human's heart.

Well, if Hades has seen it that way, he probably wouldn't have stray off his path.

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